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Sarah Coyne

April 20, 2009

ILS 504

Reference Questions 2

Answer Questions 1 – 5 Using PRINT Sources

  1. When will the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C. start in 2010?

A question such as this can best be answered by a resource which provides factual information. The best possible resource for this information in print format would be Chase's Calendar of Events which lists the events taking place in the world by date, but can be searched by event, as well. Unfortunately, the 2010 edition of this book will not be printed until October 2009. I searched my library catalog for books which featured “events” and “calendars.” Of the resulting materials, the New York Public Library Desk Reference provided me the answer. The 2010 festival will start on March 27, 2010.

New York Public Library. (1989). The New York Public Library desk reference. New York: Webster's New World.

  1. When will be the dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday (Western Churches) in 2087?

While this question does require information about when an event will take place, traditional chronological reference sources and calendars do not provide information that far into the future. As I wanted the Western dates for these events, I searched the library catalog for reference books related to Catholicism, as I knew that religion celebrated these events on the Western dates. According to the New Catholic Encyclopedia, the dates for Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday are determined by the “Dionysius Exiguus' Easter table,” a mathematical formula. In 2087, Ash Wednesday will be on March 5 and Easter will be on April 20. In verifying this information, I found a U.S. Naval website which also provides this information.

Gale Group, & Catholic University of America. (2001). New Catholic encyclopedia: Jubilee volume, the Wojtyła years. Detroit, MI: Gale Group in association with the Catholic University of America.

Dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. (2008). U.S. Naval Observatory. Accessed April 29, 2009 from

  1. At a regional conference of municipal officials, a dispute arose about the adequate proportion of city revenues to be budgeted for fire and police protection as well as sewer and solid waste treatment. Which resource may provide the officials with reliable information about different American cities?

The correct answer to this question will be a book which provides accurate and current statistics about what other American cities budgets are spent on. The best source for this query would be a government document, as that would make the statistics accurate. The reference book, The County and City Data Book would provide the best information about this subject. Without knowing exactly what the necessary information asked for is, I cannot provide it right now.

University of Virginia, & U.S. Census Bureau. (2007). County and city data book. Charlottesville, Va.: Geospatial & Statistical Data Center.

  1. My neighbor has just purchased 35 acres near Camp Wood, Texas, and is interested in the history of the area. Can you help us?

A geographical resource can best answer this question. An atlas would not be worthwhile as it would only provide locational information, not information about the area. A gazetteer would be the best print reference resource to use for finding this information. I search my library catalog for the term “gazetteer.” The best reference gazetteer available was the Columbia Gazetteer. I searched the index for Camp Wood, Texas, and found the relevant information. Camp Wood is a rural town located next to the Nueces River Canyon. It was originally the site of a army post, also called Camp Wood.

Cohen, S. B. (2008). The Columbia gazetteer of the world. New York: Columbia University Press.

  1. When was the first swimming pool built in the White House?

This question would be found in a factual reference book. I searched the library catalogs for books about “United States” and “facts.” Famous First Facts is a reference resource which provides information about famous firsts in American history. Searching the index for “White House”, I found many pieces of information about the White House, including that FDR built the first White House swimming pool in 1933.

Kane, J. N. (2005). Famous first facts: A record of first happenings, discoveries, and inventions in American history. New York: H.W. Wilson.

Answer the following questions using Online Databases in Buley Library for each question you will justify your choice of database. You will provide your pre-search analysis as well as your search STATEMENT.

  1. Find a book review of Jack Welch’s latest book

My first step in trying to locate a book review of Jack Welch's latest book in a database at the Buley Library is to look through the database related to “English.” The FirstSearch database: Book Review Digest, seems to be the database most relevant to my search for a book review. Using the search options, I used the term “welch, jack” under the author search. This search provided only one hit, for the book, Winning. Using the WorldCat database's author search, I verified that this was Jack Welch's most recently published book. Unfortunately, the single result provided no links to an actual review for the book. So I returned to the search home page and searched for the term “Winning” under a title search along with the term “Welch” as a keyword search. This gave me several results, including a book review of the book Winning that was published in Business horizons. The following is the citation for that article:

Dollinger, M. (2005). [Winning]. Business Horizons. 48(6), 549-50. Accessed April 28, 2009 from

  1. I need four recent articles on the Readers’ Services in Public Libraries. published in the past four years.

I first selected databases related to the “Library Science” field. From these options, I chose Emerald Library Suite. Under the advanced search, I searched for “Readers' services” AND “Public Libraries” without the quotation marks. I also limited my search to journals published between 2005 and 2009. There were many results to this query. I choose the most relevant to the search, eliminating articles about libraries in other countries or about academic libraries. The following citations are the four articles that best fit the requirements.

Cleyle, S. (2008). “Managing Facilities for Results: Optimizing Space for Services” The Electronic Library; 26(2). Accessed April 27, 2009 from

Peoples, A. & Ward, T. (2007). “'Inspiring Readers': a cross border reader development project.”New Library World; 108(5/6). Accessed April 27, 2009 from

Schallier, W. (2008). “Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service.” Program: electronic library and information systems. 42(1). Accessed April 27, 2009 from

Zhong, H. (2007). “Research on reader self-service in a public library.” Library Management. 28(1/2) Accessed April 27, 2009 from

  1. Identify some of the trends in the delivery of Reference Services in using social networking technology.

This topic requires the articles to be especially timely as the nature of anything based on the internet is that it will change quickly. I once again used the Emerald Library Suite to search for this “Library Science” related topic. I thought that journals would provide the most up to date information about this subject, as they are the most often updated. I used the advanced search feature of Emerald Library Suite and searched for the terms “Reference” and “social networking.” I limited my search to the past three years, as the more relevant sites have only gained mainstream popularity in the recent past. According to the articles I found through this search, social bookmarking is the most prevalent trend in reference social networking. Social bookmarking allows users to “shar[e] the web sites they find to be of the highest interest” (Maxymuk 2007). This technology extends to bookmarking library materials and library catalogs. Another trend that is discussed in these articles is that the internet has become the preferred method of communication for young library users. By using sites such as Facebook and MySpace, librarians and libraries can reach a wider audience of people in a manner that young people will be receptive to.

Joint, N. (2008). “Virtual reference, Second Life and traditional library enquiry services: ANTAEUS.” Library Review. 57(6). p416 – 423. Accessed April 30, 2009 from

Maxymuk, J. (2007). “Whose Space?”. The Bottom Line: Managing library finances. 20(2). Accessed April 30, 2009 from

Topper, E. (2007). “Social Networking in Libraries.” New Library World. 108(7/8). Accessed April 30, 2009 from

  1. I need some information for a report I'm doing for a college course. I need to know about the status of women in Germany from a historical perspective - say 1848 to post-WWII.

While I want a women's studies resource to answer this question, I also need the resource to provide more than just modern articles on feminism, and I also need a resource that will have a broader base than just American feminism studies. On Buley Library's database homepage, they feature a link to a new database, Women's Studies International. This resource combine the two necessary fields. I searched the database with the term “German OR Germany.” The results focused on reunified Germany, which was not the time period I was looking for. I added the term “historical” to my original search and found an article which was appropriate. In order to find more articles, I added the term “19th century” to the search and the database returned an appropriate book resource.

Canning, K. (1993, Spring). Dialogue: German particularities in women's history/gender history. Journal of Women's History, 5(1), 102-114. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from Women's Studies International database from

Drewitz I, Brinker-Gabler G, Crampton P. (1983). The German women's movement: the social role of women in the 19th century and the emancipation movement in Germany [e-book]. ; . Available from: Women's Studies International, Ipswich, MA. Accessed May 2, 2009 from

  1. Find an explanation of GPS (Global Positioning System), including a definition, a picture of the satelite , and a diagram of how a satellite determines position and time.

As I need a database that can provide information about technology, I used the subject search to find databases that focus on science and technology. I choose the Applied Science and Technology FirstSearch database, but the articles related to GPS were more technically advanced than what I needed. So I returned to the list of science databases and selected The article provides multiple pictures, as well as an explanation of what GPS is and how it works with a satellite: “Each time a GPS receiver locates itself on the planet's surface, it trilaterates (a cousin of triangulation) its precise distance from at least four GPS satellites using ranging signals broadcast from overhead. In essence, the specially coded radio signals serve as invisible rulers that measure the path from the satellites to the receiver...the navigation message, consists of data bits that identify the satellite's orbital location and the time the transmission was sent. These spatial and temporal coordinates are developed by GPS's ground-control segment, which employs a network of GPS receivers at known reference points to calculate them. These values are beamed up to the satellite and packed into the navigation message for subsequent transmission to all users.”

Enge, P. (2004, May). RETOOLING the Global Positioning System. Scientific American, 290(7), 90. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from Science Reference Center database from

  1. For a high school chemistry presentation, a student needs a picture and biographical information about Marie Curie, A Nobel laureate who discovered radium.

While the subject is looking for information for a chemistry class, a biographical source would be the best resource, rather than a scientific database. The resource also must be appropriate for use by a high school student, which means that a scientific database may provide too complex of an article. A biographical database will be more likely to have pictures and also to have information related to the life of Marie Curie. Credo Reference is a reliable database for biographical information, and it has a large search scope. I used the term “Marie Curie” and searched in the subject of science. The first result was a complete biography of Marie Curie, and the article also included a picture.

Curie, Marie. (2005). Science in the Early Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. Retrieved May 02, 2009, from

  1. Provide information on recent advances in breast cancer treatment.

A medical database will provide the best answer to this query, as that is the field of research that encompasses breast cancer treatment. The sources also have to have been published within the past few years, as articles from too long ago will not offer new information. I chose Medline as my database to search, as it is a medical database. I searched for the terms “breast cancer AND treatment” without quotation marks. I limited my search to articles that had been published between the years 2006 to 2009. The articles returned by my search were very helpful. There are several new drugs and procedures out that are both effective and cost efficient, including adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with lymph node negative breast cancer, aromatase inhibitors, tamoxifen, and hormone therapy.

Imai, H., Kuroi, K., Ohsumi, S., Ono, M., & Shimozuma, K. (2007). Economic evaluation of the prevention and treatment of breast cancer--present status and open issues. Breast Cancer (Tokyo, Japan), 14(1), 81-87. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from MEDLINE database from

Bertelsen, L., Bernstein, L., Olsen, J.H., Mellemkjaer, L., Haile, R.W., Lynch, C.F., et al. (2008, January 2). Effect of systemic adjuvant treatment on risk for contralateral breast cancer in the Women's Environment, Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology Study. Journal Of The National Cancer Institute, 100(1), 32-40. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from MEDLINE database from

Gonzalez-Angulo, A.M., Morales-Vasquez, F., Hortobagyi, G.N.. (2007). Overview of resistance to systemic therapy in patients with breast cancer. Advances In Experimental Medicine And Biology, 608, 1-22. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from MEDLINE database from

  1. Locate information about the American Revolution Library and American Civil War Library.

Buley provides a number of quality databases dedicated to the study of history. As history is a broad subject, I selected the “America: History & Life Ebsco” database. I searched both “American Revolution Library” and “American Civil War Library” and found no results. In changing my search terms, I found the David Library of the American Revolution, located in Pennsylvania is an archival library dedicated to the study of the American Revolution. I was unable to find any information on the American Civil War Library by searching any of the available databases. But by using the InfoPlease search, I was able to find the home page of the library, based in the United Kingdom.

Pencak, W. (1996). Guide to the Sol Feinstone Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution. Pennsylvania History, 63(2), 291-292. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from America: History & Life database at

American Civil War, Library. (2009). American Civil War Round Table Accessed May 2, 2009 from

  1. I need to write an article about the Olympic torch and its origin. Provide information about the torch and the location of the 2008 Olympic torch today.

I chose “Recreation” as the subject of the databases I wanted to search. Ebsco's SPORTDiscus was the most relevant database. I first searched for the term “olympic torch” and found an article on the origins and history of the torch. The modern torch originated in 1928, as a reinvention of the original ceremonies around the Olympic games. It travels a relay, starting in Greece, to get to the location of the year's Olympics. To find the most recent location of the 2008 torch, I repeated my search, but limited the results to July 2008 to present day. The most recent article said that the torch was carried up Mount Everest after the closing ceremonies. Another article discussed the newest torches that were unveiled for the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver.

Torch on roof of the world. Swimming Times (1750581X) [serial online]. July 2008;85(7):7-7. Available from: SPORTDiscus with Full Text, Ipswich, MA. Accessed May 2, 2009 from

Vancouver 2010 reveals Olympic torch, designed by Bombardier, and uniforms. (2009, March 4). Ski Racing, Retrieved May 2, 2009, from SPORTDiscus with Full Text database from

Yong-qin, U., & Xiu-ying, R. (2007, June). Historical Review and Value Analysis of Olympic Torch Relay. Journal of Beijing Sport University, 30(6), 729-731. Retrieved May 2, 2009, from SPORTDiscus with Full Text database from

  1. I need a biographical information on Winston Churchill. I hear he was an author, provide a list of two of his publications

A biographical database would be the most appropriate resource for this query. Credo Reference is an excellent source for biographical information. I searched Credo for the term “Winston Churchill” and received a multitude of results. There were a lot of good biographies, but Chamber's Biographical Dictionary provided the best information about his early life in England and his later career as the British Prime Minister. Marquis Who's Who provides a complete bibliography of his work, including his publications The Story of the Malakand Field Force (1898), and My Early Life (1930).

Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer. (2007). Chambers Biographical Dictionary. London: Chambers Harrap. Retrieved May 02, 2009, from

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer)). (2009). Marquis Who Was Who in America 1607-1984. New Providence, NJ: Marquis Who's Who LLC. Retrieved May 02, 2009, from

Answer the following questions using the Internet. Justify the tools you used. Provide your search strategy, the URL of your answers. Use the proper citation format for Internet Sources. I Goggled it is not an answer. You should show the logical steps used to locate the items. Long URLs should be shortened.

  1. If a male student asked you about preventive measures for HIV/AIDS, which website will you select the information from and why.

As I was looking for a number of quality websites about a topic that is fairly broad, I chose the Internet Public Library website to conduct an initial search. Through browsing search topics, I chose the health topic, and the “AIDS” subcategory. The resulting website listed over ten websites related to the topic of AIDS and HIV: There are many sites listed that are relevant to AIDS and HIV prevention. The following sites are the two most relevant and reliable websites as they are provided by either the United States Government or a reputable university.

AIDSinfo-HIV/AIDS Information. (April 28, 2009). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Accessed April 28, 2009 from

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, UCSF (CAPS) Prevention Toolkit. (April 28, 2009). University of California, San Francisco. Accessed April 28, 2009 from

  1. What are the ten leading causes of death in the US for the past ten years?

RefDesk is an excellent resource for finding statistics. It links to many websites and organizes them according to the topic. I searched the site for the phrase “leading causes of death in United States” without quotation marks. The first result was a link to a page which listed all of RefDesk's Population and Demographic Resources: A result on this page was the National Center for Health Statistics: Atlas of United States Mortality. The information on this website was compiled in 1997 and 2004 from the Census information available in those years. According to the information averaged and published in 2005, the top ten leading causes of death in the United States were: Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases), Chronic lower respiratory diseases, Accidents (unintentional injuries), Diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Influenza/Pneumonia, Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis, and Septicemia.

Deaths and Mortality. (April 2, 2009). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – FASTSTATS. Accessed April 28, 2009 from

  1. What is the latest award given to Paul Newman? offers specific and comprehensive information about a wide variety of famous people, so I choose this site to search for this information about Paul Newman. Paul Newman's biography was several pages long, but according to the information on that site, the last nationally recognized award Paul Newman received was a Best Actor Emmy in the miniseries “Empire Falls.” In cross referencing this information on with the terms "'paul newman' AND (honored OR award)” in quotation marks, I also found that in 2009, the United States Congress had posthumously “approved a resolution recognizing the iconic actor's life and achievements.”

Paul Newman (2009). Accessed April 28, 2009 from

“U.S. Congress honours late actor Paul Newman” (February 24, 2009). Reuters UK. Accessed April 28, 2009 from

  1. How can I find out which Libraries besides Buley Library own Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe in Connecticut?

The web version of WorldCat provides the locations of books based on one's geographic location. I first searched for the book using the term “Things Fall Apart” in quotation marks. I chose the first result, which was for the aforementioned book. On this page, there is an option to enter a zip code, and WorldCat will provide the names and locations of all nearby libraries which carry the book. According to the site, I may find the book at the Connecticut State Library, Trinity College, the University of Connecticut: Hartford, University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut: Storrs. The relevant information is located at the following website:

Things Fall Apart” (2009). OCLC. Accessed April 27, 2009 from

  1. Using the internet l locate the book ”Black Swan : The impact of the highly improbable” What is the book about? Can you find a review of the book? I will like to check the book out from a nearby library. Which Internet Resource can provide me with the holdings information as well as a cover page of the book?

Either Google Books or WorldCat would be able to provide most of this information, but Google Books is more accurate in the reviews and descriptions of most books. So I searched Google books for the title, “Black Swan : The impact of the highly improbable” and found the following page: This site provides a short summary of the book, as well as two links to reviews from Library Journal and a user. The site also displays an image of the front cover and a link to the WorldCat website where a user can find the local libraries which own this book. This site also offers a limited preview of the book, displaying some of the pages from inside the book.

“The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable.” (2009). Google. Accessed April 27, 2009 from

  1. What was the editorial in the New York Times of 4/11/09

The most accurate answer for this question would come from the home website of the New York Times. I logged onto the homepage: From here, I selected the Opinion section of the website. There was an option to few all previous editorials by date, so I selected that one. I browsed through the editorials until I reached April 11, 2009: According to the New York Times website, there were four editorials on April 11, 2009: “The Dysfunctional Human Rights Council,” “A Mission for Governor Paterson,” “Reviving the Motor Voter Law,” and “Dr. Lubchenco and the Salmon.”

Editorials. (2009). Accessed April 24, 2009 from

  1. I need the information on locating the Washington D.C. office of Senator Chris Dodd.

The Internet Public Library has a collection of links related to government and law. Due to the large number of resources related to this subject, there were a number of subheadings to weed through before finding a link to the official page of the United States Senate: Once on the homepage, there is an option of selecting a senator's state, which then leads to a page which provides the address and phone number of the senator's Washington office. Senator Chris Dodd's office is located at 448 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510 and the phone number is (202) 224-2823.

Senators of the 111th Congress-Connecticut. (2009). United States Senate. Accessed April 28, 2009 from

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