Title Digital Signal Processing

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Digital Signal Processing




7 (Master's level)

Credit rating

15 7-level credits




Single (taught) module


  • To inculcate an appropriate understanding of the theoretical principles underlying the technology of digital signal processing

  • To enable students to design and simulate digital-signal-processing systems

Learning outcomes/objectives

On successful completion of the module the student will be able to:

  1. Exploit theoretical concepts in order to analyse signal-processing systems

  2. Use a variety of design techniques for the synthesis of digital-signal-processing systems

  3. Simulate signal-processing systems using MATLAB


  • The representation of signals and the system response

  • Time-domain descriptions of systems and convolution

  • The transfer function and system characterisation

  • Sampled-data systems and the 'z' transform

  • Infinite-impulse-response digital filters

  • Finite-impulse-response digital filters

  • The analysis of random signals

  • Adaptive filters

  • The Fourier transform and spectral analysis

  • The fast Fourier transform

  • Multi-rate signal processing

  • Wavelets

Teaching and learning strategies

Lectures and laboratory exercises

Learning support

  • Mulgrew, B., Grant, P.M. and Thompson, J.S., 1999, Digital Signal Processing – Concepts and Applications (Basingstoke, U.K.: Palgrave), ISBN: 0-333-74531-0.

  • Oppenheim, A.V., Willsky, A.S. and Hamid-Nawab, S., 1997, Signals and Systems, second edition (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Prentice-Hall), ISBN: 0-13-651175-9.

  • MATLAB software


End-of-course examination: 70% weighting (LO 1, 2); coursework: 30% weighting (LO 2, 3).

Brief description of module and/or aims

To build on undergraduate levels of DSP understanding in order to provide an in-depth analytical and practical treatment of transforms, compression, over-sampling and adaptive filtering.

Area examination boards

Digital Electronics

Module team/authors

Dr. D.H. Lawrence

Semester offered

Autumn Term with examination at beginning of Spring term.

Date of first approval

May 2006

Date of last revision


Date of approval of this version

May 2006 and School of Engineering School Board

Version number


Replacement for previous module


Field for which module is acceptable and status in that field

Digital Electronics

Course(s) for which module is acceptable and status in course

PgCert in Digital Systems (DS); - optional

PgDip in DS/DEC/PDS; - optional

MSc in Digital Electronics and Communications (DEC); - compulsory

MSc in Programmable Digital Systems (PDS); - compulsory

School Home

School of Engineering at University of Brighton

External examiner

Dr. Mike Shaw, John Moores University, Liverpool

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