5th esa workshop on Satellite Navigation Technologies

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Название5th esa workshop on Satellite Navigation Technologies
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5th ESA Workshop on

Satellite Navigation Technologies

Multi-GNSS Navigation Technologies
The Beginning of a New Age

& European Workshop on
GNSS Signals and Signal Processing*

8-10 December 2010
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


The aim of this Workshop is to provide an open forum to space and terrestrial satellite navigation technology designers, developers, integrators, users, universities and agencies representatives.

Participants will have the opportunity to share their technical expertise and experiences by formal presentations, informal discussions and round tables. Furthermore, NAVITEC’2010 will provide an overview of satellite navigation technologies that are available, or being developed, especially in the frame of current research and developments programmes.

In view of the maturity of the different GNSS systems being developed around the world (GPS, GLONASS modernisations, Galileo, Compass, SBAS,…), special attention will be devoted in this edition to the multi-GNSS navigation  technologies and techniques. Also, special focus will be put on signal design, signal processing, GNSS payload technology impacts and integration of navigation technologies with communication services.

Preliminary Programme

Day 1 - Wednesday 8 December 2010



NEWTON 1 + 2


Welcome and Opening


Round Table: GNSS Challenges over the Next 10 Years                                                            
Moderator: Prof. Vidal Ashkenazi, Chief Executive, Nottingham Scientific Ltd


Coffee break


Plenary Presentations


Lunch break



Session 1A
Receiver Technology (I)

Session 1B
Space Receivers & Applications (I) 


Operational demonstration of the Galileo Test
User Receiver, using GIOVE signals
van den Berg, A. 1; Sleewaegen, J.M. 1;
van Bree, R.J.P. 2; Tiberius, C.C.J.M. 2;
Morgan-Owen, R. 3; Giordano, P.3
1Septentrio Satellite Navigation, (BELGIUM);
2Delft University of Technology, (NETHERLANDS); 
3European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)

Formation Flying Radio Frequency Instrument :
First Flight Results from PRISMA
Grelier, T. 1; Harr, J. 1; Thevenet, J.-B. 2;
Leyre, X. 2
2Thales Alenia Space, (FRANCE)


Key Performances Results of Galileo Test User
Polaert, O. 1; Crest, O. 1; Revol, M. 1;
Lopez-Risueno, G. 2; Morgan-Owen, R. 2
1Thales Avionics, (FRANCE);
2European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS) 

HiNAV Inertial / GNSS Hybrid Navigation System
for Launchers and Re-entry Vehicles
Broquet, R. 1; Fernandez, V. 2; Hyounet, P. 1;
Krauss, P.A.
3; Perrimon, N. 1; Polle, B. 1;
Drai, R.
4; Voirin, T. 4
1Astrium Satellites, (FRANCE);
2DEIMOS Space S.L.U., (SPAIN);
3Astrium Satellites, (GERMANY);
4European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)


Navigating in the Galileo Test Environment with
the first GPS/Galileo Multi-Antenna-Receiver
Cuntz, M. 1; Konovaltsev, A. 1; Sgammini, M. 1;
Meurer, M.
1; Hornbostel, A. 1; Dreher, A. 1; Kurz, L. 2;
Kappen, G.
2; Noll, T.G. 2

GRAS Radio Occultation Data: A Closer Look
at the Troposphere
Marquardt, C. 1; Bonnedal, M. 2; Benzon, H. 3;
Larsen, G.
3; Lauritsen, K. 3; Soerensen, M. 3;
Syndergaard, S.
3; Rosello, J. 4; Loiselet, M. 4;
Silvestrin, P.
4; Andres, Y. 1; von Engeln, A. 1;
Beyerle, G.
5; Wickert, J. 5; Zus, F. 5; Gorbunov, M. 6;
Jensen, A.
7; Carlstroem, A. 2; Christensen, J. 2;
Fritz, H.
2; Kirchengast, G. 8; Fritzer, J. 8
8University of Graz, (AUSTRIA)


Development of a Flexible real Time GNSS
Software Receiver
Monnerat, M. 1; Artaud, G. 2; Ries, L. 2
1Thales Alenia Space, (FRANCE);

AGGA-4: Core Device for GNSS Space
Receivers of the next Decade
Roselló, J. 1; Silvestrin, P. 1; Weigand, R. 1;
Lopez Risueño, G.
1; Heim, J 2
2EADS Astrium GmbH, (GERMANY)


Performance Assessment of Low Cost GPS
Receivers under Civilian Spoofing Attacks
Motella, B. 1; Pini, M. 1; Mulassano, P. 1;
Fantino, M.
1; Nicola, M. 2; Fortuny-Guasch, J. 3;
Kroener, U.
3; Wildemeersch, M. 3
1Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, (ITALY);
2Politecnico di Torino, (ITALY);
3Institute for the Protection and Security
of the Citizen, EC JRC, (ITALY)

Current Achievements and Future Evolution
of the ROSA Radio-Occultation Receiver
Zin, A. 1; Zago, S. 1; Landenna, S. 1; Scaciga, L. 1;
Mangolini, E.
1; Belgiovane, F. 1; Catalano, V. 2;
DeCosmo, V.
1Thales Alenia Space Italia, (ITALY);
2Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI), (ITALY)


Coffee break

Session 2A
Signal Processing (I)

Session 2B
Navigation Algorithms (I)


Analysis of Galileo E1 OS
unbiased BOC/CBOC tracking
Techniques for Mass Market Applications
Macabiau, C. 1; Bertrand, E. 2;
Julien, O. 1

Towards Modelling Phase Center Variations
for multi-Frequency and Multi-GNSS
Kersten, T. ; Schön, S.
Institut für Erdmessung, (GERMANY)


Acquisition of the PRS BOC(15,2.5) Signal in
Presence of Multipath-Test Results and Advances
Guichon, H. 1; Martin, N. 1; Crisci, M. 2
1THALES Avionics, (FRANCE);

Performance Improvement with Low-Cost
Multi-GNSS Receivers
Verhagen, S. 1; Teunissen, P.J.G. 2; Odijk, D. 2
1Delft University of Technology, (NETHERLANDS);
2Curtin University of Technology, (AUSTRALIA)


A Novel Evil Waveforms Threat Model for New
Generation GNSS Signals: Theoretical Analysis
and Performance
Fontanella, D. ; Paonni, M. ; Eissfeller, B.
Institute of Geodesy and Navigation,
University FAF Munich, (GERMANY)

Performance Improvements in Precise Point
Positioning using Multiple Systems and Frequencies
Sheridan, Kevin 1; van der Marel, Hans 2; Wales, Ben 1;
van Bree, Roel
2; Pattinson, Michael 1
1Nottingham Scientific Limited, (UNITED KINGDOM);
2Department of Earth Observation and Space Systems,
Delft University of Technology, (NETHERLANDS)


Position-Domain Joint Satellite Tracking
Giger, K. 1; Guenther, C. 2
1Technische Universitaet Muenchen, (GERMANY);
2German Aerospace Center and Technische
Universitaet Muenchen, (GERMANY)

Experimental Assessment of a PPP-based
P2-C2 Bias Estimation
Santos, M. C. 1; van Bree, R. 2; van der Marel, H. 2;
Verhagen, S.
2; Garcia, C. A. 1
1University of New Brunswick, (CANADA);
2Delft University of Technology, (NETHERLANDS)


Welcome Cocktail and Poster Session 

Poster session 1

Poster abstracts

Design Patterns for GNSS Software Receivers
Fernandez-Prades, C. 1; Avilés, C. 2; Esteve, L. 3; Arribas, J. 1; Closas, P. 1
1CTTC, (SPAIN);  2Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), (SPAIN); 3UPC, (SPAIN)

Kalman Filter-Based Tracking for High-Sensitivity GNSS Receivers
Del Peral-Rosado, J. A. 1; Lopez-Salcedo, J. A. 1; Seco-Granados, G. 1; Lopez-Almansa, J. M. 2; Cosmen, J. 2
1Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), (SPAIN); 2GMV, (SPAIN)
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