1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme

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(15 credits)

Academic Session 2010-11

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Information on the course

This course handout tells you about the organization of the course. Please read it carefully and keep it.


1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme Page 2

2 Essential Information Page 3

3 Introduction to the Course Page 3

4 Course Aims and Intended Learning

Outcomes Page 4

5 Teaching and Learning Methods Page 4

6 Assessment Page 4

7 Absences from Class on Medical Grounds Page 5

8 Class Certificates and Resit Eligibility Page 5

9 Plagiarism Page 5

10 The Role of the Course Co-ordinator Page 6

11 The Role of the Tutors Page 6

12 Essay Titles Page 6

13 Essays: Submission Arrangements, Late

Submission, Extensions & Feedback Page 6

14 Select Bibliography Page 7

15 Class Representatives Page 23

16 The Co-Curriculum and Erasmus Page 23

17 Student Support Page 24

Departmental Home Page

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme

For timetabling information on this course please see the online timetable.

Week 1: Vikings and other animals

Introduction; What is a viking? Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Barbarians in the north Prof Jane Stevenson

Romans and Scandinavians Dr Frederik Pedersen

Week 2: Encounters in the East

Russia and Byzantium Prof Jane Stevenson

Introduction to library resources Dr Gilian Dawson

Vikings and the Arab World Prof Jane Stevenson

Tutorial: Introductory meeting

Week 3: Encounters in the West: Election of class representatives

England Dr Ralph O’Connor

Scotland and Ireland Prof Jane Stevenson

Normandy and Brittany Dr Tarrin Wills

Tutorial: Raiding and trading: changing patterns of interaction

Week 4: Viking Religion

Norse Heathen Religion and World View Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Norse Mythology: the narrative sources Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

St Michael and the Conversion of Iceland Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Tutorial: Before Christianity: worldview and sources

Week 5: Christianity and conversion

Vikings and Western Christendom Prof Jane Stevenson

Vikings and Eastern Christendom Prof Jane Stevenson

The politics of conversion in Scandinavia Prof Michael Gelting

Tutorial: From heathenism to Christianity

Week 6: Ships: Class meeting

Scandinavia and the sea Prof Angelo Forte

Vessels of the Viking Age Prof Angelo Forte

Shipbuilding in the Viking Age Prof Angelo Forte

Tutorial: How to write a professional essay

Week 7: Trips

Sailing and seamanship Prof Angelo Forte

Viking voyages Prof Angelo Forte

Trading and urbanization Prof Michael Gelting

Tutorial: No tutorial

Week 8: The North Atlantic adventure: Year meeting

Iceland, Greenland, America Dr Ralph O’Connor

The settlement of Iceland Dr Tarrin Wills

Bloodfeud and lawlessness in Iceland Dr Tarrin Wills

Tutorial: Exploration & Settlement

Week 9: Emperors and bastards: 11th century developments: Essay due on 24 November 3.00 pm; Course Evaluation Form Exercise

Cnut and his empire Prof Michael Gelting

1066 and all that Prof Michael Gelting

Pre-Christian sources: runes and place names Dr Tarrin Wills

Tutorial: 11th century England, Normandy and Scandinavia

Week 10: Lore, legend and literature

The Icelandic sagas Dr Ralph O’Connor

The Kings’ sagas Dr Tarrin Wills

Skaldic Poetry Dr Tarrin Wills

Tutorial: Old Norse literature and historiography

Week 11: Scandinavian Society: Staff-Student Liaison Committee meeting

The Law and the Church Dr Frederik Pedersen

Women Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Women and textiles Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Tutorial: Women and society

Week 12: Where did all the vikings go?

Scandinavia after the vikings Dr Frederik Pedersen

What is the end of the Viking Age? Dr Karen Bek-Pedersen

Modern images of the vikings Dr Tarrin Wills

Tutorial: After the Viking Age

2 Essential Information


The full set of school regulations and procedures is contained in the Undergraduate Student Handbook which is available online at: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/sdhp/ugradstudenthandbook/. Students are expected to familiarize themselves not only with the contents of this leaflet but also the contents of the Handbook. Therefore, ignorance of the contents of the Handbook will not excuse the breach of any school regulation or procedure.

You must familiarise yourself with this important information at the earliest opportunity.

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1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconYou are expected to attend this lecture strand as part of your English programme

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconLa lecture des œuvres au programme de chaque U. E est indispensable avant la rentrée

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconLa lecture des œuvres au programme de chaque U. E est indispensable avant la rentrée

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconLecture Manuscript By Iain Watson No. 961681970 Lecture of Tuesday January 11, 2000 Factors that Influence the Polarity of Metal Carbon Bonds

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconOn the annual financing of the expenditure of the "Community action programme to promote activities in the field of the protection of the Community's financial interests (Hercule II programme)" for 2012

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconAt the conclusion of the tutorial

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconCompuCell3d manual and Tutorial

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconCompuCell3d manual and Tutorial

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconCompuCell3d manual and Tutorial

1 Lecture and Tutorial Programme iconGuide to tutorial quizzes

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