Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02)

НазваниеScattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02)
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16:20-18:30 POSTER SESSION 2


Convener: Piergiorgio Uslenghi (USA) Co-convener(s): Ludger Klinkenbusch (Germany)






Poster Presentation

27-Oct-05, 16:20 - 18:30


B02P.1(01015) SHORT WAVE ASYMPTOTIC EXPANSIONS OF THE RYTOV APPROXIMATION, Ilyushin Yaroslaw, Kunitsyn V.E., Moscow State University, Leninskie gory, Moscow, Russia, Russian Federation.

B02P.2(01301) FDTD STUDY ON REFLECTED WAVE DUE TO THE MICROSTRIP REFLECTARRAY, Maifuz Ali and Subrata Sanyal, Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, . Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-721302, India

A plane wave incident from an arbitrary direction on an element of a reflectarray is considered. The phase of the reflected wave was computed using FDTD method with Unsplit PML. This phase varies with the reflectarray element size. Beam formation requires focusing of several reflected rays of suitably varying phase. For obtaining a smoother reflected phase versus patch dimension curve, two layers reflectarray with inhomogeneous substrate was studied. The results obtained are compared with the available curves for perpendicular incidence case.

B02P.3(0131) MICROWAVE BEAM DIFFRACTION BY MOVING OBJECT IN BISTATIC RADAR APPLICATIONS, Andrey V. Zhuravlev and German A. Andreyev, Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences (IRE RAS), 125009, 11, build 7, Mokhovaya st., Moscow, Russia

The paper proposes a mathematical model describing signals in antenna output (signatures) in a bistatic microwave intrusion link. It shows that a signature is formed according to hologram record principle. The theory deploys Rayleigh’s method to describe electromagnetic wave diffraction on the moving silhouette of an intruder in the scalar approximation. The model uses 2d Fourier transform and it is easy to calculate using fast Fourier transform algorithm. Theoretical results were compared with experimental signatures obtained with a 3-cm bistatic radar. They are in a good agreement.

B02P.4(0251) DIFFRACTION COEFFICIENTS OF COMPOSITE WEDGE CONSTRUCTED BY VIRTUAL RAY OF DIFFRACTION, Se-Yun Kim, Korea Institute of Science and Technology 39-1 Hawolgok-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea

This paper presents a new method to construct the diffraction coefficients of a composite wedge composed of perfect conductor and lossless dielectric. At first, the ordinary ray-tracing provides the geometrical optics field. And then, the physical optics(PO) approximation provides the one-to-one correspondence between the actual rays and the PO diffraction coefficients. To correct the error posed in the PO diffraction coefficients; the actual ray-tracing in the physical region is extended to the virtual ray-tracing in the complementary region. It is assured that the extended diffraction coefficients approach zero in the complementary region.

B02P.5(0292) ON THE FEATURES OF THE ANGULAR SPECTRUM OF SCATTERED, G.V. Jandieri (1) , T.N. Bzhalava(1), I.N.Jabnidze(1) , N.Kh.Gomidze(1) and V.G. Jandieri( 2), (1)Physics Department, Georgian Technical University,380075 Tbilisi, Georgia, (2) Computer Science and Communication Engineering Department, Kyushu University,Fukuoka 812–8581, Japan.

B02P.6(0296) STATISTICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ANGULAR SPECTRUM OF SCATTERED ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IN A RANDOMLY INHOMOGENEOUS ABSORPTIVE LAYER, G.V. Jandieri(1) , N.Kh. Gomidze(1) , I.N. Jabnidze(1) , M.I. Davitadze(1) , M. Gobadze(1) and V.G. Jandieri (2) ,(1) Physics Department, Georgian Technical University,380075 Tbilisi, Georgi,(2) Computer Science and Communication Engineering Department, Kyushu University. 380075 Tbilisi, Georgia.

B02P.7 (0510) SCATTERING BY ATMOSPHERIC IRREGULARITIES AND THE PHENOMENA OF SHADOW BANDS, . Hari Om Vats(1), S. M. Bhandari (2) and S. P. Bagare (3), (1) Physical research laboratory Ahmedabad 380009 India, (2) Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad India, (3) Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Banglore India

On 23112003Indian solar eclipse team was very lucky to record the shadow bands of longest duration ever i.e. for 4 minutes prior to the totality and for 7 minutes immediately after the totality. This phenomenon takes place due to the scattering of Sun light by the irregularities in the local atmosphere. The spectrum analysis shows that turbulence had a power law distribution (spectral index ~ 2) which is different than the earlier report. The spectrum compares better with theoretical predictions of diffractive refractive scattering approach than those of the earlier shadow band observations.

B02P.8(0557) PHASE SPACE BEAM SUMMATION ANALYSIS OF HALF PLANE DIFFRACTION , Ehud Heyman and Michael Katsav, M. Katsav and E. Heyman, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv 69978, Israel.

An ultra-wideband Gaussian beam summation (UWB-GBS) representation for half plane diffraction is presented. The edge diffracted field is expanded into frequencies independent lattice of iso diffracting Gaussian beams (ID-GB) that emerge from the edge, plus geometrically reflected beams. Asymptotic expressions for the diffracted beams excitation amplitudes are derived, and are compared with exact numerical calculations. Applications to GBS modeling of UWB indoor propagation are discussed.


Monte Carlo (MC) numerical simulation has been applied to calculation of scattering and extinction coefficients, and the effective propagation constant K of random dense particles. These discussions are based on the case for ice grains of snowpack with. However, correlated scattering from very dense random particles such as has not been studied. In this paper, two MC methods (i.e. Sequential Addition Method and Random Shuffling Method) are adopted to generate randomly spatial positions of very dense spherical particles. Numerical approaches for calculations of and K for very dense particles are developed. Numerical simulations show that very dense particles demonstrate particles clustering and enhance scattering as bigger or clustered particles.

B02P.10 (0563) PHYSICAL INTRODUCTION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS WITH BIOLOGICAL: Applications to Detection and Identification of Threat Agents Bahar Ezekiel, Electrical Engineering Department University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

B02P.11(0936) MULTIPLE DIFFRACTION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES BY A WEDGE OF CONCAVE SHAPE, Yury A. Kravtsov (1,2), Ning Yan Zhu (3), (1) Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya 84/32, 117997 Moscow, Russia, (2) Maritime University of Szczecin, Waly Chrobrego 1/2, 70 500, Szczecin, Poland, (3) Institut f ¨ur Hochfrequenztechnik, Universit¨at Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 47, D–70550 Stuttgart, Germany.

Multiple diffraction of short-wavelength electromagnetic waves by a wedge of concave shape is analysed with the uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (UTD). The resulting wave field is a superposition of a variety of edge-diffracted and specularly reflected waves, treated as “channels of multiple diffraction”. The algorithms of UTD allow of describing birth and disappearance of diffraction channels under evolution of the wedge shape. Classification of diffraction channels is suggested and dominant channels are selected. The “four/five channels model” of scattering is proposed, which describes effectively diffraction of electromagnetic waves by steep and breaking water waves of mesoscale spectrum and embraces the main interference and polarization phenomena, characteristic of low-grazing angles of radar sounding, including enhanced backscattering, suppression of vertically polarized echoes due to Brewster effect and “super events”—gigantic spikes of radar cross-section (RCS). It is shown that RCS for plain individual mesowave of 30 cm height and of 1 m front width may reach as large value as 1-10 m.


End of the Session


Convener: Karl Langenberg (Germany) Co-convener(s): Jurgen Detlefsen (Germany) , Mitsuo Tateiba (Japan)






Poster Presentation

27-Oct-05, 16:20 - 18:30


B03P.1 (01525) MULTI-WAVEFORM VIDEO IMPULSE RADAR FOR LANDMINE DETECTION, A.G.Yarovoy, V. Kovalenko, A. A Lestari, A.D .Shuki, I. V. Kaploun, L. P. Ligthart, International Research centre for Telecommunication – Transmission and Radar, Delft University, Mekelweg 4, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.


End of the session

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Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconCowell, R. A., Bussey, T. J. and Saksida, L. M. (2006). Why does brain damage impair memory? A connectionist model of object recognition memory in perirhinal

Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconProf Ilse Truter, Dr Johan c lamprecht, Prof Jan hp serfontein, Dr V stuvig, Mr t serfontein, Prof Martie s lubbe

Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconProf pjjs potgieter Prof jl van der Walt Prof fj potgieter Assisted by a team of teaching experts

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Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconProf ph fick Lecturer: Prof j smit

Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconAuthors: Mrs a de Wet, Dr/Adv em serfontein, Prof hj steyn, Dr L meyer, Prof pj mentz, Mrs n morake

Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconEducational Preparation
[Investigating the localization of masked noise and speech signals in the horizontal plane by utilizing virtual sounds sources in...

Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconI. Overview of Diffraction Theory

Scattering and diffraction in memory of prof. Roberto tiberio (B02) iconOse6115 Interference, Diffraction and Coherence

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