This page will contain the questions and answers asked by Computerji/Amitabh Bachchan in kbc4

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This page will contain the questions and answers asked by Computerji/Amitabh Bachchan in KBC4.

Question: Put these words of a Hindi Proverb in the correct order
A. Bimaar B. Anaar C. Ek D. Sau
Answer: Ek Anaar Sau Bimaar

Question 1: Which of these hindi idioms means ‘falling in love’
A. Aankh Pherna B. Aankh Tarerna C. Aankh Lagana D. Aankh Churan
Answer: C. Aankh Lagana

Question 2: By which of these nicknames is Nagpur also known as?
A. Diamond City B. Orange City C. Pink City D. City of Lakes
Answer: B. Orange City

Question 3: What is Mehngai called in the song from the film ‘Peepli (Live)’?
A. Daakini B. Dusht C. Dayan D. Chudail
Answer: C. Dayan

Question 4: Which pieces are maximum in number at the start of a chess game
A. Rook B. Knight C. Pawn D. Bishop
Answer: C. Pawn

Question 5: Identify the actor from this audio clip?
(the audio clip was “ek baar menein commitment kar di to phir mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta”)
A. Sanjay Dutt  B. Salman Khan C. Saif Ali Khan D. Farhan Akhtar
Answer: B. Salman Khan

Question 6: What was the name of India’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft launched in October 2008?
A. Chandravahaan 1  B. Chandrayaan 1 C. Chandravimaan 1 D. Chadrakhoj 1
Answer: B. Chandrayaan 1

Question 7: The scheme for rural employment NREGA has been named after which leader?
A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Rajiv Gandhi C. Jawahar Lal Nehru D. Indira Gandhi
Answer: A. Mahatma Gandhi

Question 8: Gyaneshwari, Lichchavi, Gorakdham and Sarayu are all names of what?
A. Saree Types B. Rivers C. Express Trains D. Buddhist Monasteries
Answer: Express Trains

Question: Arrange these ornaments as they are normally worn by women from their toes to their head.
A. Chudi B. Bichhua C. Jhumka D. Maang Tika
Right Order: BACD

Question 1: If you are ‘Awwal’ in a competiton what position would you get?
A. First B. Second C. Third D. Fail
Answer: A.First

Question 2: What kind of animal is Shera, the mascot of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games?
A. Bear B. Leopard C. Lion D. Tiger
Answer: Tiger

Question 3: Which of these films has the tag line ‘Every Child is Special’?
A. Paa B. Koi…Mil Gaya C. Taare Zameen Par D. Paathshaala
Answer: Taare Zameen Par

Question 4: What can you hear when a bell rings in a vaccum?
A. Loud Sound B. Usual Sound C. No Sound D. Vibrating Sound
Answer: No Sound

Question 5: Which politician’s voice is this?
(Mein hamesha kehta hu ki aatankvaad ko eet ka jabaav pathar se milna chaiye, aantanvaad ke prati zero tolerance hona chaiye)
A. Praveen Togadia B. Narendra Modi C. Varun Gandhi D. Raj Thackeray
Answer: Narendra Modi

Question 6: Which of these cricketers holds the record for playing the highest number of test matches.
A. Stephen Flaming B. Alan Border C. Steve Waugh D. Sachin Tendular
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

Question 7: Which temple is believed to have been first built in gold, then silver, then wood and finally stone?
A. Somnath B. Kashi Vishwanath C. Khajuraho Temple D. Mahakaal Temple
Answer: Somnath

Question 8: Which among these never became President of Pakistan?
A. Mohammad Ali Zinnah B. Iskander Mirza C. Asif Ali Zardari D. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Answer: Mohammad Ali Zinnah

Question 9: What word did Gandhi refuse to correct through prompted by his school teacher, during an inspection by a high ranking official?
A. Kennel B. Kettle C. Knitting D. Kitten
Answer: Kettle

Question 10: What yajna did Yudhishthira perform after the battle of Kurukshetra to free himself of his sins?
A. Vajpeya B. Ashwamedha C. Agnistoma D. Sarpamedha
Answer: Ashwamedha

Question 11: How many languages feature on the language panel of contemporary Reserve Bank of India currency notes?
A. 15 B. 10 C. 12 D. 18
Answer: 15

Fastest Finger First Question: Arrange these processes involved in the making of an ‘aaloo paratha’ in the correct order.
A. Boil potatoes  B. Make the potato dough C. Fry on tawa D. Mash potato
The correct order is:  ADCB

Question 1: According to Hindi saying, ‘Doodh ka jala bhi phoonk phoonk ke peeta hai’?
A. Chhachh  B. Shahad C. Ghee D. Icecream
Answer: Chhachh

Question 2: The plant bearing which of these fruits is a vine?
A. Mango  B. Watermelon C. Apple D. Banana
Answer: Watermelon

Question 3: What does ‘S’ stand for in a ‘SIM’ card used in mobile phones?
A. Service  B. Smart C. Science D. Subscriber
Answer: Subscriber

Question 4: Which lyricist won an Oscar for the song ‘Jai Ho’?
A. Gulzaar  B. Prasoon Joshi C. Piyush Pandey D. Javed Akhtar
Answer: Gulzaar

Question 5: Identify the talk show host from this audio clip?
A. Vinod Dua  B. Prabhu Chawla C. Pankaj Pachauri D. Rajat Sharma
Answer: B. Prabhu Chawla

Fastest Finger First Question: Arrange these names in increasing order of the numbers represented in them.
A. Chaturanan
B. Panchanan
C. Dashabahu
D. Ekanga
The correct order is:  D,A,B,C

Question 1: Which of these is worn in waist?
A. Bichhua B. Laung C. Nath D. Tagdi
Answer: Tagdi

Question 2: Which of these roles does Salman Khan play in the film ‘Partner’?
A. Tech Guru B. Palmist C. Love Guru D. Career Counseller
Answer: Love Guru

Question 3: Which of these vegetables is also called ‘Vilaayati Baingan’?
A. Apple Gourd B. Onion C. Drumstick D. Tomato
Answer: Tomato

Question 4:  Which of these town hosted the Kumbh Mela in 2010?
A. Nasik B. Allahabad C. Ujjain D. Hardwar
Answer: Haridwar

Question 5: What is the name of the character giving this speech?
(A audio clip from 3 Idiots)
A. Ranchi B. Virus C. Chatur D. Milimeter
Answer: Chatur

Question 6: Which of these is a name of a finger on your hand?
A. Avantika  B. Ananya C. Anamika D. Aditi
Answer: Anamika

Question 7: Painter M.F. Hussain accepted the citizenship of which country in 2010?
A. Oman B. Qatar C. UAE D. Bahrain
Answer: Qatar

Question 8: What designs on the walls of Maharani Ahiltya Bai’s palace became the inspiration for the patterns of which kind saree?
A. Kota Doria B. Maheswari C. Gadwal D. Paithani
Answer: Maheswari

Question 9: Which of these women has not partnered Leander Paes winning Mixed Doubles titles at Grand Slam tennis?
A. Martina Navratilova B. Cara Black C. Lisa Raymond D. Rika Hiraki
Answer: Rika Hiraki

Question10: What is the meaning of the Arabic word ‘suf’ from which the team ‘Sufi’ is obtained?
A. Wood B. Worship C. Work D. Wool
Answer: Wool

Finger First Question: Starting with the oldest, arrange the following actors according to their age?
A. Rishi Kapoor B. Kareena Kapoor C. Shashi Kapoor D. Ranbir Kapoor
Right Order: C,A,B,D

Question 1: If we mix saffron in milk, then what color will the milk turn to?
A. Pink B. Red C. Yellow D. Green
Answer: C. Yellow

Question 2: What is the full form of Dibakar Banerjee’s film ‘LSD’?
A. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide B. Lalu, Shalu aur Dolly C. London se Dreams D. Love, Sex, aur Dhokha
Answer: D. Love, Sex aur Dhokha

Question 3: Other than ‘King’, what word is common to the names of the two IPL teams?
A. Knight B. Rider C. Royal D. Challenger
Answer: C. Royal

Question 4: Where was Lord Rama and Lakshman’s sasural?
A. Hastinapur B. Mithila C. Ayodhya D. Mathura
Answer: C. Mithila

Question 5: With reference to the human body what is ‘raktchaap’?
A. Blood Test B. Blood Circulation C. Blood Donation D. Blood Pressure
Answer: D. Blood Pressure

Question 6: To Which country does this singer belong?
(It was Shakira’s song)
A. USA B. South Africa C. Colombia D. Puerto Rico
Answer: Colombia

Question 7: Which section of IPC addresses the hubject of homosexuality?
A. 302 B. 301 C. 377 D. 372
Answer: C. 377

Question 8: Which of these politicians was a pilot in the Indian Air Force?
A. Rajiv Gandhi B. Jaswant Singh C. Suresh Kalmandi D. Capt. Satish Sharma
Answer: Suresh Kalmadi

Question 9: What is the color of octopus blood?
A. Blue B. White C. Red D. Yellow
Answer: Blue

Question 10: Which premier even in India has the official motto ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’?
A. Internatiional Film Festival Of India B. India Internnational Trade Fair C. Pravasi Bhartiya Divas D. Commonwealth Games
Answer: A. Internatiional Film Festival Of India

Question: Starting from the top, arrange these songs by the body parts mentioned in their opening lines.
A. Honton Pe Aisi Baat B. Sar Jo Tera Chakraye C. Pag Ghungroo Baandh D. Saathi Haath Badhana
The correct order is: B,A,D,C

Question 1: What pair name has the media coined for Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor?
A. Saifoo B. Aleena C. SAK3 D. Saifeena
Answer: Saifeena

Question 2: What is ‘T’ in an ATM, with respect to banking?
A. Transaction B. Telebanking C. Teller D. Teleporting
Answer: Teller

Question 3: In a tweet, the economy section of what sector did Shashi Tharoor refer to as ‘cattle class’?
A. Hotels B. Airlines C. Railways D. Shipping
Answer: Airlines

Question 4: Which music director team composed this song?
(audio clip from My Name is Khan)
A. Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy B. Vishal Shekhar C. Salim Suleiman D. Sajid Wajid
Answer: Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy

Question 5: According to the Mahabharata, who crowned Karna, Kunti’s son, the King of Anga?
A. Dhritarashtra B. Pandu C. Yudhishtira D. Duryodhana
Answer: Duryodhana

Question 6: Which of these was purchased by Vijay Mallya in 2009from an auction in New York?
A. Ranjit Singh’s Crown B. Kohinoor Diamond C, Sword of Tipu Sultan D. Gandhi Memorabilia
Answer: Gandhi Memorabilia

Question 7: Which of these constitutional positions has never been held by a woman in India?
A. President B. Vice President C. Chief Minister D. State Governor
Answer: Vice President

Question 8: Which Indian company acquired the British luxury car-maker Jaguar Land Rover in 2008?
A. Mahindra and Mahindra B. Maruti Udyog C. Ashok Leyland D. Tata Motors
Answer: Tata Motors

Question 9: Whose birthday is celebrated as ‘Engineers’ Day’ in India?
A. A P J Abdul Kalam B. John C. Gammon C. M Visvesvarayya D. Soren Krisitian Toubro
Answer: M Visvesvarayya

Question 10: Which of these states shares its border with only one other Indian State?
A. Sikkim B. Jammu and Kashmir C. Tripura D. Himachal Pradesh
Answer: Sikkim

Question 11: Who was the first woman to score a century in international T20 cricket?
A. Deandra Dottin B. Shanel Daley C. Stacy-Ann King D. Cordel Jack
Answer: Deandra Dottin

Fastest Finger First Question: Starting from the least, arrange these mythological figures according to the number of real or step brothers they had.
A. Rama
B. Kusha
C. Duryodhana
D. Yudhisthira
The correct order is: B,A,D,C

Question 1: Which of these did an Iraqi reporter throw at American President George W Bush in 2008?
A. Tomato B. Stone C. Shoe D. Egg
Answer: Shoe

Question 2: Which historical character’s name appears in a song in the film ‘Ishqiya’?
A. Iltutmish B. Al-Beruni C. Almasud D. Ibn Battuta
Answer: Ibn Battuta

Question 3: Which of these sportsmen has his ‘sasural’ in India?
A. Shoaib Akhtar B. Shoaib Malik C. Wasim Akram D. Mohammad Amir
Answer: Shoaib Malik

Question 4: Which politicians voice is this?
A. Sachin Pilot B. Omar Abdullah C. Rahul Gandhi D. Milind Deora
Answer: Rahul Gandhi

Question 5: H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 are all types of what?
A. Visa Forms B. Virus strains C. Vest Sizes D. Video Games
Answer: Virus Strains

Question 6: Which of these pairs have been members of the Rajya Sabha?
A. Rajesh Khanna, Dimple Kapadia B. Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi C. Hema Malini, Dharmendra D. Sunil and Nargis Dutt
Answer: Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi

Question 7: In which country will the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP and the 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES to be held?
A. Argentina B. Mexico C. Portugal D. Brazil
Answer: Brazil

Question 8: Which is the largest passenger airliner in the world?
A. Boeing 767 B. Airbus A380 C. Ilyushin IL-96 D. Boeing 787
Answer: Airbus A380

Question 9: Which mountain was formerly known as Peak 15?
A. Mount Rushmore B. Kanchenjunga  C. Mount Everest D. K2
Answer: Mount Everest

Question 10: Which Indian athlete’s silver medal was taken away after failing a gender test at Doha Asian?
A. Santhi Soundarajan B. Sunita Rani  C. HM Jyothi D. K M Beenamol
Answer: Santhi Soundarajan

Fastest Finger First Question: Starting with the uppermost, arrange these parts of the human body from top to bottom.
A. Fingers B. Elbow C. Shoulders D. Wrist
The Correct order is: C,B,D,A

Question 1: During which festival would you be most likely to hear chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Moriya’?
A. Durga Visarjan B. Vaishno Devi Yatra C. Amarnath Yatra D. Ganesh Chaturthi
Answer: Ganesh Chaturthi

Question 2: Gajodhar Bhaiyya is a fictional character popularized by which of these stand-up comedians?
A. Ahsaan Qureshi B. Raju Srivastava C. Sunil Pal D. Sudesh Lehri
Answer: Raju Srivastava

Question 3: Which of these does not fall on the same day every year, according to the western calender.
A. Teacher’s day B. Gandhi Jayanti C. Buddha Purnima D. Bal Diwas
Answer: Buddha Purnima

Question 4: Which of these is the name of a place in Madhya Pradesh famous for its diamond mines as well as a green gemstone?
A. Panna B. Pukhraaj C. Neelam D. Billor

Answer: Panna

Question 5: On which of these actors is this song picturised?
(Meri Saamne Wali Khidki Mein Ek Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai Afsos Yeh Hai Ki Woh Hum Se Kucch Ukhda)
A. Dev Anand B. Sunil Dutt C. Rajesh Khanna D. Dilip Kumar
Answer: Sunil Dutt

Question 6: In which of these states have father and son not been chief minister?
A. Bihar B. Karnatkaka C. Orissa D. Haryana
Answer: Bihar

Question 7: What is the middle name of Sachin Tendulkar?
A. Ravi B. Ramesh C. Rajesh D. Ramakant
Answer: Ramesh

Question 8: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s Birthday on 11 November is celebrated in India as what?
A. National Education Day B. National Integration Day C. National Minority Day D. National Sports Day
Answer: National Education Day

Question 9: To whom did Jawaharlal Nehru dedicate his book ‘The Discovery of India’?
A. Mill workers of Ahmedabad B. Prisoners of Ahmed Nagar Jail C. Family in Alahabad D. People of India
Answer: Prisoners of Ahmed Nagar Jail

Fastest Finger First Question: From bottom to top, arrange these cosmetic items in the order in which they are normally applied.
A. Kaajal B. Sindoor C. Bindi D. Alta
The correct order is:D,A,C,B

Question 1: Which of these  nursery rhyme character is usually portrayed as an egg?
A. Jill B. Jack C. Humpty Dumpty D. Incy-Wincy Makda
Answer: Humpty Dumpty

Question 2: The player of which game is called a ‘shuttler’?
A. Tabble Tennis B. Badminton C. Boxing D. Wrestling
Answer: Badminton

Question 3: Which of these prime minister was the grandchild of another prime minister?
A. Benazir Bhutto B. Indira Gandhi C. Rajiv Gandhi D, Chandrika Kumartunga
Answer: Rajiv Gandhi

Question 4: What is the national tree of India?
A. Sandalwood B. Peepal C. Mango D. Banyan
Answer: Banyan

Question 5: Who is the music director of this song?
(In aankhon ki masti ke mastaane hazaaron hain
Mastaane hazaaron hain
In aankhon se vaabasta
In aankhon se vaabasta afsaane hazaaron hain
Afsaane hazaaron hain)
A. O.P. Nayyar B. S.D. Burman C. Naushad D. Khayyam
Answer: Khayyam.

Fastest Finger First Question: Arrange the following words to form the title of a song from the film ‘Don’?
A. Paan B. Banaras C. Khaike D. Wala
The correct order is: C,A,B,D

Question 1: According to a popular Hindi film song, “Pappu can’t …….. Saala.
A. Sing B. Love C. Think D. Dance
Answer: Dance

Question 2: In which of these games can a referee officially whistle on the field?
A. Chess B. Cricket C. Tennis D. Football
Answer: Football

Question 3: On a bottle of sunscreen lotion, the abbreviation ‘UV’ is most likely to mean what?
A. Ultravoice B. Ultra vires C. Ultraviolet D. Unveil
Answer: Ultraviolet

Question 4: Indian national Song ‘Vande Mataram’, written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee , is in which language?
A. Hindi B. Sanskrit C. pali D. Maithili
Answer: Sanskrit

Question 5: Who is this classical singer?
A. Pt. Jasraj B. Pt. Bhimsen joshi C. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan D. Kumar Gandharva
Answer: Pt. Bhimsen joshi

Fastest Finger First Question: Beginning with the dawn, arrange the following songs according to the time of day indicated in their title.
A. Raat Akeli Hai B. Woh subah Kabhi to Aayegi C. Jeth ki Dopahari D. Sham-e-gam ki Kasam
The correct order is: B,C,D,A

Question 1: Which of these is not obtained from wheat?
A. Aata  B. Maida C. Besan D. Sujee
Answer: Besan

Question 2: In which film does Rajesh Khanna tell his heroine, “Pushpa, I hate tears’?
A. Aradhana B. Kati Patang C. Amar Prem D. Daag
Answer: Amar Prem

Question 3: In telecommunications, what does the ‘G’ in 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G stand for?
A. Gadget B. Generation . Geo-Stationary D. Geometric
Answer: Generation

Question 4: Identify the personality from the audio?
(Dekhiye Guru location – vocation ka koi farak nahi padta, prem parichay ko pehchaan bana deta hai, veeranein ko gulistan bana deta hai, mein aap=beeti ko kehta hu gero ki nahi, prem insaan ko bhagwaan bana deta hai)
A. Navjot Singh Sidhu B. Shakeel C. VIP D. Bishen Singh Bedi
Answer: Navjot Singh Sidhu

Question 5: In which deity’s honor is the Tarnetar fair held annually in Gujarat?
A. Krishna  B. Shiva C. Sita D. Hanuman
Answer: Shiva.

Question 6: What product, essential to elections in India is solely manufactured by Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd?
A. Indelible Ink B. EVM C. Voter ID cards D. Ballot Boxes
Answer: Indelible Ink

Question 7: How many pairs of ribs does a human body usually have?
A. 12 B. 10 C. 8 D. 6
Answer: 12

Question 8: Who has had the longest tenure as Prime Minister of India?
A. Indira Gandhi  B. Atal Bihari Vajpayee . Jawaharlal Nehru D. Manmohan Singh
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

Question 9: Which of these businessmen was a French citizen by birth?
A. Jamsetji Tata B. J R D Tata C. Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy D. Neville Wadia
Answer: J R D Tata

Question 10: Which actress made her debut in the Gujarat film ‘Ranakdevi’?
A. Aruna Irani B. Asha Parekh C. Nirupa Roy D. Dina Pathak
Answer: Nirupa Roy

Question 11. Which year in the western calender corresponds to the beginning of the Saka Era, on which the Indian National Calender based?
A. 78 B.C. B. A.D. 78 C. A.D. 1757 D. A.D. 1947
Answer: A.D. 78

Diwali Week Special

Question 1: According to a popular Bhajan, who is referred as ‘Shirdi Waale’?
A. Guru Nanak B. Gautam Buddha C. Kabir D. Sai Baba
Answer: Sai Baba

Question 2: In the phrase ’24/7′, if 24 stands for the number of hours, what does ’7′stand for?
A. Day B. Month C. Year D. Date
Answer: Day

Question 3: What sport were the hero and heroine playing in this song?
(dhal gaya din ho gayi shaam jaane do jana hain
abhi abhi toh aayi ho abhi abhi jana hain
dhal gaya din ho gayi shaam jaane do jana hain
abhi abhi toh aayi ho abhi abhi jana hain
dhal gaya din ho gayi shaam jaane do jana hain)
A.Swimming B. Cricket C. Badminton D. Skating
Answer: Badminton

Question 4: What are Kalkatta, Magahi and Banarsi varieties of?
A. Katha B. Paan C. Supari D. Elaichi
Answer: Paan

Question 5: Which of these God is believed to be a ‘Bal Brahamchaari’?
A. Ganesha B. Rama C. Vishnu D. Hanuman
Answer: Hanuman

Question 6: Who hosted the reality TV show ‘Lift Kara De’?
A. Adnam Sami B. Karan Johar C. Sajid Khan D. Farah Khan
Answer: Karan Johar

Question 6: Which film poster is this?
A. Aurat B. Mother India C. Aah D. Do Bigah Zameen
Answer: Mother India

Question 7: Which of these sporting evens have Doubles and Mixed Doubles bategories?
A. Netball B. Rugby Sevens C. Handball D. Squash
Answer: Squash

Question 7: Which of these sporting evens have Doubles and Mixed Doubles bategories?
A. Netball B. Rugby Sevens C. Handball D. Squash
Answer: Squash

Question 9: Which Country’s national Flag is this?
A. Singapore B. Luxemberg C. Switzerland D. Maldives
Answer: Switzerland

Question 10: Who is the singer of this song?
pee loon tere geele geele honthon ki sargam
pee loon hai peene ka mausam
tere sang ishq kaari hai
tere sang ek khumari hai
tere sang chain bhi mujhko
tere sang bekaraari hai
tere sang ishq kaari hai
tere sang ek khumari hai
tere sang chain bhi mujhko
tere sang bekaraari hai
A. Ali Zafar B. Mohit Chauhan C. Atif Aslam D. K K
Answer: Mohit Chauhan

Question 11: Curve Javelin, Storm and Bold are varieties of which of these instruments?
A. iPhone B. Sony Digital Camera C, BlackBerry D. iPod
Answer: BlackBerry

Question 12: Which of these states has a separate winter and summer capital?
A. Himachal Pradesh B. Jammu and Kashmir C. Punjab D. Rajasthan
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Question 13: Which of these is a traditional Sikh Maritial Art named after a stick used to practice sword fighting?
A. Gatka B. Hola Mohalla C. Shakhl D. Kakaar
Answer: Gatka

Question 14: What does Kesari mean in ‘Punjab Kesari’ – a popular title of Lala Lajpat Rai?
A. Lion B. Gold C. Light D. Father
Answer: Lion

Fastest Finger First Question: Arrange these Hindi Villains in the order in which they made their first appearance.
A. Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan)
B. Mogambo (Amrish Puri)
C. Ghajini (Pradeep Rawat)
D. Shakal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda)
Answer: A D B C

Question 1: If you are your parents ‘Iklauti Aulaad’ then how many siblings would you have?
A. One B. None C. Two. D. Eleven
Answer: None

Question 2: Which of these spices has two varieties called ‘badk’ and ‘choti’?
A. Saffron B. Cardamom C. Clove D. Cumin
Answer: Cardamom

Question 3: Which Singh is the central character in the film ‘Singh is King’?
A. Merry  B. Chirpy C. Happy D. Peppy
Answer: Happy

Question 4: Which of these words literally means ‘surrender’ in Arabic?
A. Khalifa B. Islam C. Ramadan D. Muhammad
Answer: Islam

Qustion 5: In which state would you find the districts of Bastar and Dantiwada?
A. Chattisgarh  B. Jharkhand C. Orissa D. Andhra Pradesh
Answer: Chattisgarh

  1. History –Mainly Indian and then world’s

Independence Day quiz:


1. When the British Government made their policy statement on its intention to quit India? 

Answer: February 26, 1947


2. Who sung the “Vande Mataram” song during the special session of Parliament on August 14, 1947?


Answer: Sucheta Kripalani


3. Who was the first Governor General of Independent India?


Answer: Lord Mountbatten


4. Who was the first Indian Governor General of India?


Answer: C. Rajagopalachari. He is the only Indian Governor-general of India and the last Governor-general of India.


5. Who was the first External Affairs minister of Independent India?


Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru. Dr.Rajendra Prasad is the first agriculture minister of Independent India.


6. Where was Mahatma Gandhi on August 15, 1947?


Answer: He was in Kolkata to stop the Hindu – Muslim violence.


7. When was the Indian constitution passed by the Constituent Assembly?


Answer: November 26, 1949. It came into effect from January 26, 1950.


8. Who founded the Independent Labour Party which won 15 seats in the 1937 elections?


Answer: B.R. Ambedkar


9. Parliament building was opened on the 18th January, 1927. Who was the Governor-General of India at that time?


Answer: Lord Irwin


10. Who wrote the book, Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence?


Answer: Jaswant Singh


11. Who were the designers of the Parliament building?


Answer: Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker


12. Who was the first Chief Justice of India?


Answer: H.J. Kania

12 quiz questions and answers for KBC 4:


1. When were the first Loksabha elections held in Independent India?


Answer: 1951-52 (October, 1951 to February, 1952)


2. Arrange the following four states in the ascending order basing on the number of Loksabha constituencies they have?


Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu


Answer: Tamil Nadu (39), Bihar (40), Andhra Pradesh (42), Maharashtra (48)


3. When Election commission of India was formally constituted?


Answer: January 25, 1950


4. Who was the first Election commissioner of India?


Answer: Sukumar Sen (1950)


5. Where were EVMs first used on experimental basis in India?


Answer: In 1982 in Parur Assembly by-election in Kerala.


6. In which Loksabha polls, EVMs were first used in all polling stations in India?


Answer: In 2004 (14th general elections)


7. Highest number of candidates contested in which elections?


Answer: Modakurichi assembly election (Tamil Nadu) in 1996. 1,033 candidates contested in that segment.


8. Highest number of candidates contested in which Loksabha election?


Answer: Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh) in 1996. 480 candidates contested in that Loksabha segment.


9. Who got elected to Loksabha for maximum number of times?

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee & Somnath Chatterjee. Both got elected to Loksabha for 10 times (both of them not contested in 2009 polls). Giridhar Gamang and George Fernandes elected to Loksabha for 9 times (both of them lost in 2009 elections).


 10. Which party recently lost the National party recognition?


 Answer: RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal)


 11. Maximum number of votes an EVM can record?


Answer: 3,840


 12. What is the security deposit for Loksabha election?


Answer: ` 10,000. SC and ST candidates need to pay ` 5,000 only. Candidate will lose security deposit when he fails to one sixth of valid votes.


Quiz Questions

Current affairs and quiz questions for KBC 4: 


1. Who is the first Indian woman shooter to win gold medal at the World Championships?


Answer: Tejaswini Sawant. She won gold medal in 50 m rifle prone event. She even equalled the world record in the event.


2. Who directed the top two all-time box-office hit movies?


Answer: James Cameron (Avatar & Titanic). Avatar collected $ 273 crore while Titanic collected $ 183 crore.


3. Which Indian cricketer scored highest number of triple centuries?


Answer: Virender Sehwag. No other Indian cricketer scored even a single triple century.


4. Who is the only bowler to take 800 wickets in test cricket history?


Answer: Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)


5. Who is the director of 3 idiots which is the biggest box office hit in the Indian movie history?


Answer: Rajkumar Hirani


(KBC tip: You should have complete idea on recent Bollywood movies, casting and technicians. South Indians face problems in facing Bollywood questions.)


6. In the movie Ghajini, hero suffers from which psychological illness?


Answer: Anterograde Amnesia.


7. Which Purana contains Lalitha Sahasranamam?


Answer: Brahmanda Purana.


8. What are the two new teams in the 2011 Indian Premier League (IPL)?


Answer: Pune & Kochi.


9. Which stadium will host 2011 ICC Cricket world cup final?


 Answer: Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. PCA ground in Mohali will host one semi-final.


10. Who was the first cricketer to receive Arjuna Award? 


Answer: Saleem Durani in 1961.


11. When were EVMs (electronic voting machine) used for the first time in an Indian election?



Answer: Parur assembly by-election (Kerala) in 1982 and in Shadnagar assembly (Andhra Pradesh) in 1983. But, according to Election commission of India website, EVM was first used in 16 segments in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi in 1998 Assembly elections.



12. Who was the first Asian to win Nobel Prize?



Answer: Rabindranath Tagore in 1913 (Literature). Tagore was not only the first Indian but he was the first Asian to receive Nobel prize.
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