Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology

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НазваниеProfessor of Philosophy of Science and Technology
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Rip, Arie

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology,

University of Twente

P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, Netherlands,

tel. [31] 53 4893345,

telefax [31] 53 4894775,


(April 2002)


Born 13 June 1941, married, two children.


University of Leiden, Faculty of Sciences (Ph.D., doctoral dissertation on "Social Responsibility of Chemists", 1981)

University of Leiden, Department of Chemistry (M.Sc. physical chemistry, with theoretical physics and mathematics (cum laude), 1965)

University of Leiden, Department of Philosophy (B.A. (cum laude), 1964)

University of Leiden, Department of Chemistry (B.Sc. (cum laude), 1962)

Municipal Gymnasium, Schiedam (1959)


Full Professor, University of Twente, September 1987 -

(Honorary) Visiting Professor, University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), January 1998-

Visiting professor, Centre Sociologie de l'Innovation, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France (April-June 1996).

Guest Professor of Science Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, Nov. 1984  August 1987

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Society (tenured), Department of Chemistry, (50%) and senior researcher, Institute for Social Policy Research (Faculty of Social Sciences), (50%), University of Leiden (1982 1984)

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Society (tenured), Department of Chemistry, Universi­ty of Leiden (1974 1982)

Junior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry and Chemistry and Society (tenured), Department of Chemistry, University of Leiden (1971 1974)

Junior Lecturer in Pysical Chemistry (tenured), Department of Chemistry, University of Leiden (1967 1971)

Research Fellow in Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Leiden (1965 1967)

Instructor in Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Leiden (1961 1965)

Additional Experience

Research/study visits to:

· Vacation student project, Unilever Research Laboratories, Welwyn, UK (July August 1963).

· Research fellow, Program on Science, Technology and Society, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. (August September 1977).

· Summer seminar fellow, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria (July 1983).

· Guest researcher, Center for Social Research, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (August 1984).

· Guest researcher and lecturer, Australian Centre for Innovation and International Competitiveness, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia (September-November 1993).

· Visiting professor, Centre Sociologie de l'Innovation, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France (April-June 1996).

· Visiting researcher, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (August 1996, October 1997).

· (Honorary) Visiting Professor, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and MSc Science and Technology Studies, University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), 1998 - .

Examinations abroad:

External examiner for M.Sc. course, Department of Liberal Studies in Science (now Department of Science and Technology Policy), University of Manchester, UK (1980 1982);

External examiner for M.A. course Science, Technology and Society, Department of Social Sciences, Brunel University, UK (1989-1991) and for the CRICT Ph.D. Programme there (1992-1997).

External examiner for Ph.D. examinations in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of Keele, UK (1983), the Department for Theory of Science, University of Gøteborg, Sweden (1986), the Centre Sociologie de l'Innovation, École des Mines de Paris (1991), the Department of Administrative, Higher and Adult Education Studies, University of New England, Australia (1995), SPRU, University of Sussex, UK (2000).


Consultant to the Office of Science Policy, Government Ministry of Education and Sciences, The Hague, Netherlands (February July 1984), preparation of the policy memorandum Integration of Science and Technology in Society.

Member, Evaluation Panel of the COS (Consultative Committee for the Sectoral Advisory Councils), January-May 1998.

Consultant to the University of Natal at Durban, Republic of South Africa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, on the new research policy, July-August 1998.

Consultant to NIFU, Oslo, Norway, on the research programme of the institute, October 1998.

Consultant (with Wim Smit) to Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (WRR) (Scientific Council for Government Policy), Perspectives on Environmental Risk (2001).

Chairman of the Panel assisting the evaluation team, led by Erik Arnold (Technopolis), evaluating the Research Council of Norway (2001).

Expert review for the German BMBF programme Politik, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft (2002)

Professional Activities

Academic and research council activities:

ZWO, now NWO (Netherlands Research Council):

Standing panels ("werkgemeenschappen") on social studies of science (chairman, 1982 86, board member 1986-1993) and philosophy of science (board member, 1981 1982). [Note: From 1994 onward, the standing panels have been abolished.] Member of the Board of cluster CSOC, Foundation for Economic, Social and Spatial Sciences (ESR), 1996-1997 [until this Board was abolished].

Member of the Program Development Committee ‘Societal Component of Genomics Research’, 2001.

Netherlands Graduate School in Science and Technology Studies, Board Member (1988-1994) and Chairman (1991-1993).

[In December 1994, the Graduate School was transformed into a Research School (a format to organize and coordinate excellent research and advanced research training in the Netherlands) which now includes most of the academic science and technology studies activities in the Netherlands (but not the historians); it was certified by the Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, June 1995.]

Research School WTMC ("Science, Technology and Modern Culture"), Chairman of the Board (1995-1998), Director (2000- ).

European Science Foundation, Standing Committee for the Social Sciences, subject representative for science and technology studies (1990-1993). [From 1994 onward, ESF Standing Committees did not include subject representatives anymore.]

Advisory Board for the Research Councils (UK), Member, Subcommittee on Science Policy Studies (1992-1993). [The ABRC was dissolved by the end of 1993.]

Research Evaluation Steering Group (since 1996, Research Evalutation Committee), Economic and Social Research Council (UK), member (1992-2000).

Universität Bielefeld, Institut für Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung (Mitglied, Wissenschaftlicher Beirat, 1994- )

Commission of the European Communities, Human Capital and Mobility Programme, Member of the Panel for Economic and Social Sciences (1994); Transfer and Mobility through Research Programme, Member of the Panel for Economic, Social and Human Sciences (1995), and Chairman (1996-1997).

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France), Programme 'Gestion de l'Innovation, Politiques publiques de la science et de la technologie et appropriation des savoirs,' Membre Comité Scientifique (1996-1999).

Economic and Social Research Council (UK), Programme Committee Public Understanding of Science (1997- 2000)

Inter-University Research Center for Technology, Work and Culture, Summer Academy on Technology Studies, Advisory Committee, 1999- .

South-Africa Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development (SANPAD), member of the Dutch National Committee, 2001- .

UK Research Assessment Exercise 2001, Member of the Subgroup Science Policy to the Panel Politics and International Studies, 2001.

Board and advisory committee membership:

Commissie Beleidsgerichtonderzoek Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (CBHW): Advisory Committee for Policy Oriented Research, Office of Higher Education and Research, Government Ministry of Education and Sciences (member for science studies, 1984 1997). (The Committee was dissolved by the end of 1997.)

Raad van Advies voor Arbeid en Technologie (RAAT): Advisory Council on Labour and Technology, Netherlands Federation of Trade Unions (1987-1993), Member of Council.

Steering Group, Netherlands Organization for Technology Assessment (1986 1994). [In 1993, NOTA changed its name to Rathenau Institute.]

Platform Telewerken Nederland (1992-1995), Member of the Board

Stichting Biowetenschappen Maatschappij, Member of the Board (1990-1995).

Raad voor Volksgezondheid en Ziekte (RVZ), member, Klankbordgroep Nieuwe Risico’s (2000-2001).

International Advisory Committee on Science and Technology Policy, UNESCO (member, 1988-1991).

Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques, Paris (Member, Scientific Committee, 1990-1999)

Brunel University, Centre for Research into Innovation, Culture & Technology (CRICT) (Member, Advisory Panel, 1993-1998)

Nederlandse Biotechnologische Vereniging (Dutch Biotechnological Society), 'vertrouwensman' (confidential adviser to members for issues related to the professional code of the Society) (1995- ).

Belgian Federal Government, Dienst Wetenschappelijke, Technische en Culturele Aaangelegenheden (DWTC), Interuniversitaire Attractie Polen Programma, member of the Steering Committee, 2001- .

Commission of the European Communities, Programme “Improving the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base”, Member of the External Advisory Board, 2001 –

Organisation of conferences, workshops, and networks (selection: only major international activities):

First and Second Twente Workshops in Technology Studies (1984, 1987), member of organising committee. Papers from the workshops have been revised and published (Bijker, Hughes & Pinch 1987; Bijker & Law 1992).

Co-director NATO Advanced Study Institute "Science in a Steady State?" (Il Ciocco, Tuscany, October 1989). Papers and panel discussions have been published (Cozzens, Healey, Rip and Ziman 1990).

Network Coordinator (with Bernard Bobe, Paris) of the CEC SPEAR Network on Training for R&D Evaluation (1989-1993).

Organizer and Director of training courses on R&D (Programme) Evaluation (University of Twente, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 16-18 February 1998, February 2000, 4-7 March 2002; Tecnopolis, Bari (Italy), 1992; Brasilia, 10-14 December 2001).

Co-organizer and member of programme committee (with Johan Schot and Tom Misa), International Workshop on Constructive Technology Assessment (the Twente III workshop), Enschede, The Netherlands, September 1991. A selection of the papers have been published (Rip, Misa & Schot 1995).

COST Activity A4, "Social Shaping of Technology" (1991-1997), member of the Management Committee. Follow-up study (1998-1999), member of the study team.

European Community Human Capital and Mobility Network "The Evaluation of Science and Technology Policy in Europe" (1993-1996), network member.

Co-director of NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Military R&D after the Cold War: Conversion and Technology Transfer in Eastern and Western Europe" (Budapest (Hungary), August 1994). The papers have been published (Gummett et al. 1996).

Director, European Research Conference on Science Policy (Il Ciocco (Tuscany), November 1994).

Co-organizer and member of programme committee (with Ellen van Oost, Cynthia Cockburn and Ruth Oldenziel), International Workshop on "Mutual Shaping of Gender and Technology" (the Twente IV workshop), Enschede, The Netherlands, 6-9 October 1995.

European Community Targeted Socio-Economic Research Programme Network, "Advanced Science and Technology Planning and Policy" (1996-1999), network member.

Anchor teacher, Training Seminar on R&D Management and Administration, Durban (South Africa), 14-16 October 1997, and Workshop on Research Evaluation, Stellenbosch (South Africa), 27-28 July 1998.

Co-organizer and member of programme committe (with Philip Breij, Tom Misa and Andrew Feenberg), International Workshop on "Technology anf Modernity: The Empirical Turn" (the Twente V workshop), Enschede, The Netherlands, 18-20 November 1999. A selection of papers will be published by MIT Press (2002).

Professional societies:

European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (secretary treasurer (1981 1986) and newsletter editor (1981 1990); Council member 2001- .

International Council for Science Policy Studies, Council Member (1986-).

International Sociological Association, Research Committee on the Sociology of Science (board member, 1982 1986).

Society for Social Studies of Science (president elect, 1987, president 1988-1989).

Member of a number of national professional societies:

Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV); Working Group Philosophy of Chemistry, member of the board (19xx-2000); Section Chemistry in Context, member of the Board (2000 - ).


Nederlandse Vereniging voor Wetenschapsfilosofie

Scholarly journals:

Chemisch Weekblad, member, Redactieadviesraad (1972-1980).

Social Studies of Science, collaborating editor (1982 1992), editorial adviser (1993- ).

Zeitschrift für Wissenschaftsforschung, Beirat (1983-2000).

Social Epistemology, member, editorial board (1986  ).

Technologies, Idéologies, Pratiques, Comité de Lecture (1986- ).

Knowledge in Society, Senior Editorial Advisor (1988-1991).

Science Studies Series (DSWO Press, Leiden), member, Editorial Board (the Series was stopped in 2000)

Knowledge and Society: Studies in the Sociology of Science Past and Present (JAI Research Annual), general editor, 1991-1992.

Public Understanding of Science, member Editorial Advisory Board (1991-1996).

Journal of Risk Research, member Editorial Board (1998- ).

New Genetics and Society, member Editorial Board (1999- ).

Science, Technology and Society, member Editorial Board (2001- )


Reviewer to a number of scholarly journals, including Social Studies of Science, Science, Technology & Human Values, Research Policy, Scientometrics, Organization Studies, American Sociological Review.

Reviewer for conference submissions, including US Academy of Management.

Reviewer for scientific publishers, including Kluwer Academic, MIT Press, University of Chicago Press, Ashgate, Sage Publications.

Reviewer of research proposals and other submissions for funding to:

NWO (Netherlands Research Council)

College voor Zorgverzekeringen

Economic and Social Research Council (UK)

USA National Science Foundation

Australian Research Council

Belgian (Flemish) Foundation for Scientific Research

Belgian Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Commission of the European Communities, Fourth Framework Program

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment (France)

Reviewer for positions (and promotions and tenure decisions):

University of Edinburgh

University of Manchester

University of Lancaster

University of Michigan

Harvard University

Rutgers University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology

National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTAD), New Delhi, India

Ongoing research

Current research themes:

· Research management and R&D evaluation, in relation to quality control in science and the interest in (societal) relevance

· Comparative analysis of (national) research systems, their historical and contemporary dynamics, and future developments

· Dynamics of technological development, especially the role of expectations and of "niche" management in the introduction of new technologies and their embedding in society

· Technology assessment as a societal function and possibilities to influence ongoing technological developments (Constructive TA).

· Sociology of risk, including institutional and cultural responses to risk issues

· Narrative analysis; story telling in science and technology (including foresight exercises).

Programme leader:

"Development and societal embedding of science and technology," the five-year research programme of the Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Twente, 1995-1999, successor of the preceding five-year research programme of the same title (1990-1994). In 1997, the title of the programme was changed to "Societal Construction of Science and Technology."

"On the way to micro-optics: technological and societal implications," a specially University-funded research programme, University of Twente, 1992-1997 (with A. Driessen).

"History of Technology in the Netherlands in the 20th Century," an internally and externally funded research programme of a consortium including the Universities of Eindhoven, Twente, Delft, and Limburg, supported by the Foundation for the History of Technology, 1993-2002 (with H. Lintsen, J.W. Schot).

"A social-science design methodology," a special University-funded research programme, University of Twente, 1994-2000 (until 1998 with F.A. van Vught and J. Moonen).

EU, Fifth Framework Programme: Societal Robustness (with Philippe Larédo)

Netherlands Research Council NWO: Hidden novelties in agriculture (with Jan-Douwe van der Ploeg)

Dissertations supervised as "promotor" or "second promotor"

(In the Netherlands, being "promotor" and supervising a Ph.D. thesis has an element of shared responsibility for the final product. The thesis itself is sometimes a monograph or a book. It is always published, but often privately and in a limited edition.)

Vet, P.E. van der, The aborted takeover of chemistry by physics. A study of the relations between chemistry and physics in the present century, University of Amsterdam, 11-03-1987. 293 pp. Second promotor, with Jon Dorling as promotor.

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Elzen, B., Scientists and Rotors - The development of biochemical ultracentrifuges, University of Twente, 30-06-1988. 450 pp, ISBN 90-9002289-9. Assistant promotor H.W. Lintsen (Technical University of Eindhoven).

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Hutter, J.J., Toepassingsgericht onderzoek in de industrie. De ontwikkeling van kwikdamplampen bij Philips, 1900-1940, Technical University of Eindhoven, 09-12-1988. 390 pp. ISBN 90-90002515-4. Second promotor, with G. Vossers as promotor.

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Stoelhorst, Jan-Willem, In Search of a Dynamic Theory of the Firm. An evolutionary perspective on competition under conditions of technological change, with an application to the semi-conductor industry. University of Twente, 03-12-1997, 415 pp. Second promotor, with Peter Idenburg as promotor. (cum laude)

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PhDs currently (co-)supervised:

Heide Hackmann, Comparison of science policy structures in European countries (late 2002)

Frank Geels, Technology Dynamics and Socio-Technical Scenarios (autumn 2002)

Jasper Deuten, Intermediary Actors and Forums in Emerging Technological Regimes (late 2002)

Swen Stoop, Constructive TA of ICT in Command & Control Systems (late 2003)

Femke Merkx, Positioning processes and emerging new roles and responsibilities – in biotech and genetics (early 2004)

Dag Aksen (Oslo, Norway) Highly Cited Papers, Citation Indicators and the Progress of Science (2004)

Lara Tauritz, Mutual shaping of electronic services and users (early 2005)

Invited member of Ph.D. Committees (in UK: external Ph.D. examiner)


Williams, R.J., The Matter-of-Fact in Science: A Sociological Ethnography of a Biochemistry Laboratory, University of Keele, 28 September 1984.

Søderqvist, Thomas, The ecologists. From Merry Naturalists to Saviours of the Nation. A sociologically informed narrative survey of the ecologization of Sweden 1895-1975 (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1986), University of Gothenburg, 6 June 1986.

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in the Netherlands

Leydesdorff, Loet, Werknemers en het technologisch vernieuwingsbeleid, University of Amsterdam, 12-10-1984.

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Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconProfessor of Chemical Engineering and Head, Center for Research in Nano Technology and Science

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconAll volumes contain a new preface by Professor Robert I. Rotberg, Department of Political Science and History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconDoris Silbert Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, Smith College

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconDoris Silbert Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, Smith College

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconTribhuvan University Institute of Science and Technology Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconPhilosophy of Mind and Post-Reductionist Philosophy of Science

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology icon2 gce ‘A’ Level Passes in Mathematics and one of the following subjects: Physics, Physical Science, Engineering Science, Physics with Chemistry, Design & Technology (Technology). (I) Minimum Requirements for Degree Award – 133 Credits

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconAlfred p. Sloan foundation фонд альфреда п. Слоуна направление
Наука и техника, высшее образование, экономика, математика, физика, проблемы женщин, иммиграции. Science and Technology, Standard...

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology iconZifeng LI et al. The Essence of Special Relativity and Its Influence on Science, Philosophy and Society // Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance. 13
Сущность специальной теории относительности и ее влияние на науку, философию и общество

Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology icon1995) Feminist and Constructivist Perspectives on New Technology [Special issue]. Science, Technology and Human Values 20 (3)

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