Florida Studies: Proceedings of the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Florida College English Association

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Part One: Victorian Turns focuses principally on some of the major novelists of the period—George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë—while placing them in a wide cultural context, in particular that provided by the intellectual journals to which many of the novelists contributed. Reflecting the diversity of debate in the Victorian period, contributors’ essays range across key topics of the day, including the “woman question”, class relations, language, science, work, celebrity, and travel. English writers’ consciousness of the challenging contemporary developments in French literature forms a significant and persistent theme.

In Part Two: NeoVictorian Returns, the rich and varied afterlife of Victorianism is touched on. NeoVictorianism in contemporary literature and film demonstrates an ongoing and productive engagement with an age which established the social and cultural directions of the modern world. In rewritings, appropriations, and colonial writings-back, and in the persistent power of nineteenth-century images and stories in modern cinema, the period’s social, cultural and political modernity continues to flourish.



Natural Law: Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches

Alejandro Néstor García Martínez, Mario Šilar and José M. Torralba, 9781847186430

Modern moral and political philosophy is in debt with natural law theory, both in its ancient and mediaeval elaborations. While the very notion of a natural law has proved highly controversial among 20th Century scholars, the last decades have witnessed a renewed interest in it.

Indeed, the threats and challenges as result of multiculturalism, plural societies and global changes have generated a renewed attention to natural law theory. Clearly, it offers solid basis as possible framework to a better understanding of human goods without contradictions and partial bias.

The purpose of the present volume is to provide an overview of the history of this concept (Cicero, St. Paul, Aquinas, Melanchthon, Montaigne, Descartes, Leibniz, Hume, Burke, Kant, MacIntyre, etc.) as well as a deep understanding of ongoing research, both in Europe and in America. Furthermore, the specificity of these studies will be of particular value to philosophers, law-philosophers, historians, anthropologists, sociologists and theologians, and those concerned on such issues as the relation between law and moral norm, law and practical reason, and the presence of the idea of natural law in several prominent thinkers. It includes a selected bibliography on natural law.

The book also provides an excellent introduction to several of the major topics in natural law theory making it useful both as a reference text and as a sourcebook for academics alike.

"Natural law is a rich, complex, and highly disputed term. Since its first appearances in the history of Western civilization, it has been used both to point to God as the source of the moral order and to assert that there is an objective order of justice in nature that men and their laws ought to respect. In modern times, natural law theory gave birth to what we usually call “human rights.”

Unlike the meaning of the term, the importance of an ongoing debate on natural law and on the theories related to it is undisputable. This is why I welcome today this new collection of essays edited by Alejandro Néstor García Martínez, Mario Šilar and José M. Torralba.

Natural Law: Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches includes a wide variety of studies, covering key authors and issues in natural law theory. Younger students will appreciate the clarity of the chapters, and more trained readers the detailed and accurate bibliographical references that each of them offers. The editors’s choice to go from a historical approach to contemporary theories, and then to theoretical and more practical issues is also commendable. Students in philosophy and in legal theory will greatly benefit from this book."

—Fulvio Di Blasi, author of God and the Natural Law: A Rereading of Thomas Aquinas



Anglicisms in Europe: Linguistic Diversity in a Global Context

Roswitha Fischer and Hanna Pułaczewska, 9781847186560

The present volume deals with the influence of the English lexis on other European languages in various fields of discourse, social attitudes towards this phenomenon and its reflections in recent lexicographical work. It contains some of the papers read at the conference Anglicisms in Europe 2006, which took place at the University of Regensburg, Germany. It links linguistic aspects with psychological, social, political and cultural issues, tracing relationships and differences between the respective research interests and findings. Its aim is to put the influx of anglicisms into languages other than English into a wide perspective encompassing the European heterogeneity of cultures, traditions and developments.

The volume is divided into four parts, which reflect the particular foci of interest in the recent research on anglicisms in the languages of Europe: I. 'Cognitive and Semantic Approaches to Anglicisms', comprising articles that deal with the cognitive, communicative and semantic motivation for contact-induced innovation; II. 'Attitudes Towards the Influx of Anglicisms', with contributions about various national attitudes towards anglicisms and their reflection in the respective languages; III. 'The Use of Anglicisms in Specialized Discourse', with articles focussing on particular practices and domains such as business, sports, the sciences, and on language varieties used in communication within particular subcultures; and IV. 'Anglicisms in Dictionaries', comprising articles that deal with the existing dictionaries of anglicisms in European languages and provide a future-oriented perspective by making suggestions and recommendations regarding future lexicographic works.


Aspects of Iranian Linguistics

Simin Karimi, Vida Samiian and Donald Stilo, 9781847186393

Aspects of Iranian Linguistics introduces readers to recent research into various properties of a number of Iranian languages. The volume consists of twenty chapters that cover a full range of Iranian linguistics, including formal theoretical perspectives (from a syntactic and morphological point of view), typological and functional perspectives, and diachronic and areal perspectives. It also contains papers on computational linguistics and neurolinguistics, as well as the modern history of lexicography in Iran. Various Iranian languages are discussed in this volume, including Hawrami and Kermanji, two of the major dialects of Kurdish, Medival, Classical and Modern Persian, Balochi, Taleshi and Pamir. With the exception of Persian, other Iranian languages had not received much attention in the past. Thus this work, as the first volume ever published on various aspects of these languages and their linguistic properties, is a valuable contribution to our understanding of a less commonly studied language family. The theoretical, descriptive, and applied approaches pursued by various authors in this volume, together with the colorful range of languages discussed, provide a unique perspective that is appealing to researchers in different domains of linguistics and language studies.


Collected Articles of the IInd International Linguistics Conference (Taganrog, Russia)

Galina T. Polenova and Olga E. Bondarets, 9781847186522

This book is a collection of articles which were presented at the II-nd International Linguistic Conference in Taganrog, Russia. The most interesting and the most important ideas and researches are represented. The book consists of five parts: Historical linguistics, Lexicology, Grammar, Pragmatics, Ethnolinguistics and Translation.

In the first part there are articles of the yenisseic phenomenon from historical point of view by prof. H.Werner (Germany), the role of mythology in the linguistic researching, the diachronic approach to the typological analysis of mental vocabulary, the expression of possessivity in the paleoaisatic languages, the diachrony of grammatical categories in different languages, historical linguistics and Lev Gumilev’s theory of ethnogenesis.

The second part deals with a concept-centered approach to the researching of the vocabulary on the base of cognitive theory, some articles are devoted to the problems of lexicography. In the third part articles consider different grammatical problems, for example – the problem of the zero-sign by Pyotr Tschesnokov.

The next part deals with problems of pragmalinguistics, and the last part considers the questions of etnolinguistics and translation, as simultaneous interpreting, ethical Concepts formation of national linguo-cultural communities.

The book appeals to philologists, teachers and students.


New Approaches to Teaching Italian Language and Culture: Case Studies from an International Perspective

Emanuele Occhipinti, 9781847186386

New Approaches to Teaching Italian Language and Culture fills a major gap in existing scholarship and textbooks devoted to the teaching of Italian language and culture. A much-needed project in Italianistica, this collection of essays offers case studies that provide a coherent and organized overview of contemporary Italian pedagogy, incorporating the expertise of scholars in the field of language methodology and language acquisition from Italy and four major countries where the study of Italian has a long tradition: Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States.

The twenty four essays, divided into six main parts, offer a tremendous variety of up-to-date approaches to the teaching of Italian as a foreign language and L2, ranging from theoretical to more practical, hands-on strategies with essays on curricular innovations, technology, study abroad programs, culture, film and song use as effective pedagogical tools. Each case study introduces a systematic approach with an overview of theory, activities and assessment suggestions, collection of research data and syllabi. The book addresses the needs of instructors and teacher trainers, putting in perspective different examples that can be used for more effective teaching techniques according to the ACTFL guidelines and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



Conversations in Philosophy: Crossing the Boundaries

F. Ochieng’-Odhiambo, Roxanne Burton, and Ed Brandon, 9781847186300

Conversations in Philosophy: Crossing the Boundaries consists of essays that revolve around the question of the nature and meaning of philosophy, even as it demonstrates philosophy’s significance and relevance to some fundamental human problems and issues. The essays present diverse views of what philosophy might be and might aspire to be, with contributors being influenced by a wide range of philosophical approaches and traditions. The conversations also cut across disciplinary boundaries to interrogate and utilize ideas taken from ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, literary studies, cultural studies, and the sociology of science. Traversing regional boundaries, the essays show philosophical analysis at work in exploring some issues pertinent to African, Caribbean, European and American experiences, even while not ignoring Asian traditions. The collection presents interesting and intriguing views on how philosophical inquiry can illuminate various pressing problems: development, conflict, the discriminating preservation of worthwhile traditions, and the prevalence of apathy. It also reflects the vitality and multifaceted nature of philosophical discourse in grappling with live issues. Conversations in Philosophy is a comprehensive, balanced, and unique anthology of readings capturing the diversity of philosophical investigation.


Descartes and the Modern

Neil Robertson, Gordon McOuat and Tom Vinci, 9781847181527

Descartes is not simply our iconic modern philosopher, mathematician or scientist. He stands as the cultural symbol for modernity itself. As such, Descartes is widely read in and out of universities as the definitive moment in the birth of what we take to be the Modern.

Yet, recent scholarship has presented numerous challenges to the Cartesian image. Some question the legitimacy of calling Descartes a founder of modernity. Others have questioned the very legitimacy of Modernity itself, using Descartes as a way into that critique This collection of original papers by leading philosophers and historians of early modern thought opens up these questions, exploring them in new and markedly interdisciplinary ways, offering fresh insights into the important relationship between Descartes and the Modern, and the very meaning and status of Modernity itself.

This collection assembles together for the first time leading representatives from what might be called the “naturalist” or Anglo-American school with those of the continental “phenomenological” school in a dialogue concerning Descartes’ place. The papers explore crucial questions and recent disputes regarding Descartes’ relationship to his predecessors, to his contemporaries and to modern thought, to the philosophy of mind, to questions of metaphysics and natural philosophy. Descartes and the Modern helps bridge solitudes drawn between these traditional approaches to Descartes.


Political Science

Geographical Dimensions of Islamicjerusalem

Khalid El-Awaisi, 9781847186331

Islamicjerusalem has been at the heart of the Muslim religion from its early days. “The Geographical Dimensions of Islamicjerusalem” brings new dimensions and horizons to the relations between Islam and this Holy region. It delves into topics that have been overlooked in much of modern scholarship. It reinvestigates concepts and translates them into something that can be understood both physically and geographically. This work is an attempt to shed light on some of these concepts and the way they were perceived in early and later centuries. It lays the foundation and raises more questions for further scholarship.

The book introduces the concept of Islamicjerusalem and the background development of this new field and presents some of the latest research to the reader. One of the main contributions of this book is the unveiling of the fact that Bayt al-Maqdis (Islamicjerusalem) is not a single city only; rather this work testifies to its long existence as a large spiritual region encompassing various cities, towns and villages. The book also contrasts the region of Islamicjerusalem with the sacred regions of Makkah and Madinah; particular attention is paid to the physical similarities between the Ka‘bah and al-Aqsa Mosque. A further asset of this book is the study of the various names and their connotations in early and later periods of Muslim rule. These evocative ideas and findings are supported with explanatory maps and diagrams.


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