Submitted by: Wang Xiaojian

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Project No: W1135-102

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EMS software development

for micro grid-III

Submitted by: Wang Xiaojian

Matriculation Number: N1002344E

Supervisor: Wang Peng

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

A final year project report presented to the Nanyang Technological University

in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of

Bachelor of Engineering


Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Abstract 3

Acknowledgements 4

Acronyms 5

List of Figures 6

Chapter 1
Introduction 7

1.1Motivations 7

1.2Objectives and Scopes 8

1.3Organisations 10

Chapter 2
Literature Review 11

2.1Power System Analysis 12

2.1.1Introduction 12

2.1.2Power Flow Problem 13

2.1.3Newton-Raphson Method 17

2.1.4Gauss-Seidel Method 18

2.2Introduction to Micro Grid 20

2.3Modeling of WTG, PV and ESS 21

2.3.1The Mathematical Model of WTG 22

2.3.2The Mathematical Model of PV 24

2.3.3ESS and Its Modeling 32

2.4Conclusion 32

Chapter 3
Software Implementation 34

3.1Overall Construction 35

3.1.1The NShape Project 35

3.1.2Assemblies, Namespaces and Classes 37

3.2GUI Design 39

3.3Implementation of Power Flow Algorithms 46

3.3.1An Use Case of Micro Grid Power Flow Problem 46

3.3.2Admittance Matrix Formation 49

3.3.3Implementation of Nonlinear Solvers 50

3.4Finding Feasible Power Flow Solution 52

3.4.1Introduction 52

3.4.2An Isolated Micro Grid Use Case 53

3.4.3The Algorithm and Its Implementation 57

3.5Implementation of Continuous Simulation 60

3.6A Definitive Use Case of Grid-Connected Micro Grid 62

3.7Conclusion 65

Chapter 4
Conclusions and Future Work 65

4.1Conclusions 65

4.2Recommendation in Future Work 67

References 68


Due to environment problems and rapid deletion of conventional sources, renewable energy sources are increasingly brought into service commonly in the form of distribution generation within micro grids. Micro grid, with its characteristics caused both by distribution generation and instable nature of renewable sources, depends on its energy management system (EMS) for reliable and efficient operation. While there are many software products of general power system simulation, software specially designed for the purpose of simulation and management of micro grid is rare. The aim of this project is to develop a software implementation of power flow evaluation for micro grid and its management. Specifically, this project consists of the overall construction of the software, GUI design, implementation of micro grid components modeling, implementation of nonlinear power flow algorithms, design and development of an algorithm to find feasible power flow solution of isolated micro grid, and development of continuous simulation. The software was developed in C# programing language, upon the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. By the time of this report, most of the objectives have already been achieved. However, this work can be improved in many aspects by future development. Some unpractical modeling approaches could be revised and more electric components could be added. The algorithm of feasible power solution finding could also be focused on to increase the practicality of the simulation and management functionality of this software.

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Submitted by: Wang Xiaojian iconZhu, Xian^Wang, Bin^Miao, Ling^Zhang, Zhang^Wang, Fang|

Submitted by: Wang Xiaojian iconAuthor(s): Wang, w (Wang, Wei); Wu, qr (Wu, Qunrong); Ding, lq (Ding, Liqin); Yang, zl (Yang, Zhilan); Zhang, aq (Zhang, Aiqing)

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Submitted by: Wang Xiaojian icon* Nicholas Meyer,1 Xufeng Kou,2 Liang He,2 Murong Lang,2 Yong Wang,3 Xinxin Yu,2 Alexei V. Fedorov,4 Jin Zou,5 and Kang L. Wang2*

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