3. Disaster Response- officer at Division 10-21

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It is likely that something unlikely

will happen


Page No.

1. Disaster 7

2. Preparedness and resources 8-9

3. Disaster Response- officer at Division 10-21

4 Disaster Response Instant Action Team. 22-32

5. Site Management Plan-I 32-38

6. Site Management Plan-II 39-58

7. Locations Of ARMVs/ARTs. 59-62

8 . Disaster response- Overview 63-65

9. Disaster response- Assistance from

Adjoining Divisions/Zones. 66-67

10. Passenger Care 68-72

11 List of Telephones Nos 73-122

12. Road approach map.& Locations of Stations &

Level crossings.




Disaster Management Plan should be referred to, in case of declared disaster. In cases of ordinary accidents, the provisions of Accident Manual and other related rules / Manuals in vogue should be followed.

A Disaster shall mean an unusual occurrence characterized by sudden calamity : huge material damage, loss and distress to society : as a result of collapse of precautions of normal life and working. Disaster may be caused by human / equipment failure. Disaster in the railway context shall be a major train accident leading to serious casualties and long duration of interruption to traffic.





As Railway Personnel, we are expected to exercise spontaneous initiative and utmost devotion in accident management. Clear-cut-guidelines and standing instructions to meet disaster can go a long way in minimizing the after-effects of accidents & disasters. This plan brings out in detail the action to be taken in the aftermath of an emergency and steps required to provide prompt & effective relief to the affected people.

A plan of this kind cannot possibly foresee and provide instructions for every eventuality, but an attempt has been made to visualize the various situations that are likely to arise in emergency working and lay down clear-cut instructions to meet the same.

This book does not supersede or alter in any way the rules contained in different Railway Manuals and policy circulars.

Every railway employee of Lucknow division connected with train working & also connected with relief and rescue operations in case of a disaster should go through it carefully and act upon it. The contents will be helpful in tackling the problems that arise in abnormal situations.

( V.K.Yadav)

Divisional Railway Manager

North Eastern Railway



Any well- managed organization should take all steps to avoid disasters. At the same time, it should also be fully prepared to meet with any unexpected situation, if it arises during the course of working. In Railways, the Disaster Management Plan has to focus on :

  1. Train accidents (including fire cases)

  2. Floods & breaches.

  3. Cyclones.

  4. Earth-quakes.

In many cases of accidents, Railways have been criticized for poor handling of relief measures. The main reasons for criticism have been as under :-

  1. Late medical relief to injured passengers.

  2. No food or delay in supply of eatables/clean water to stranded passengers & rescue workers.

  3. Incorrect/untimely/inadequate information regarding dead/ injured passengers.

  4. Delay in restoration of normal working.

  5. Unsatisfactory arrangements for preservation & transportation of dead bodies.

  6. Poor handling of Emergency Cells opened at stations.

This Disaster Management plan does not aim at suggesting measures to avoid disasters but, it clearly lays down various measures, which are to be taken by various railway officials in the post-disaster situation. The aim of the Disaster Management Plan is to effect :

  1. Minimizing the effects of disaster.

  2. Saving lives.

  3. Dealing with post accident trauma of :

    1. affected passengers.

    2. Staff

    3. Kith & Kin of affected passengers.

  4. Proper and timely dissemination of information to public in the aftermath of disaster.

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