Evaluation: 8 Assignments (20%) + 2 Exams (70%) + Project (10%) =100%

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НазваниеEvaluation: 8 Assignments (20%) + 2 Exams (70%) + Project (10%) =100%
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Mechanical Systems Engineering: Engineering Mechanics

Professor: Dr. Hamidreza Karbasi

Room: Doon campus, main building, 2A605

Phone: (519)748-5220 x2287

Office hour: TBD

Marks, assignments, and assignment sheet available at

Student portal and scratch drive/full time/Hamid/Eng Mechanics II/ ...

Welcome to OUR class,


  • Second half of a 2 part course

  • Done – statics - the study of forces on bodies that are NOT moving

  • To do - dynamics

    • Kinematics – the study of bodies in motion (without forces), this has been started in physics, we will continue.

    • Kinetics – the study of forces and resulting motion, a combination of kinematics and statics using Newton’s laws (F=ma), momentum and/or energy methods

    • In addition the above breaks down into particle motion (bodies that can be assumed to act as particles with a single point mass) and rigid body motion (a distributed mass that is rigid and does not deform)

    • Aside – deformable bodies is dealt with in SOM, so between the two courses, we have a complete study of objects and how they move.

Evaluation: 8 Assignments (20%) + 2 Exams (70%) + Project (10%) =100%

I will give you a practice Exam prior to each Exam in Review class to help you for getting ready.


Hibbeler, R.C., Engineering Mechanics – Statics & Dynamics, 12th Edition, Prentice Hall

Optional Resources:

Walker, Keith M., Applied Mechanics for Engineering Technology, 8th Edition, Prentice Hall

Beer & Johnson, Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics & Dynamics, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill


Your attendance at all classes is expected and the key to succeed in this course is to work out more problems. If you miss a class, this is your responsibility to update yourself about the important dates and dues which may be altered and announced in that class.


The purpose of the assignments is to confirm that you understand the course material and to make you ready for the tests. Make sure that you spend enough time to get them done properly.

Here they are some quick notes about the assignments:

  • Each assignment is due at the start of class according to Schedule of the course. Changes may be applied to this tentative schedule based on the progress in the course and announced in the class. Students are responsible to update themselves in case of absence.

  • Assignments must be written on the assignment sheet (you may print them from the scratch drive)

  • Make sure that you print your name at the top of your assignment (no name no mark)

  • Assignments not stapled together will not be accepted

  • Late assignments will not be accepted

  • Assignments will be marked completely by my marking assistant, Chris Martin-root

Each assignment is to be your own work. There is zero tolerance for copying – BOTH assignments will receive zero as well the coordinator will be sent notification to be placed in BOTH students’ permanent file. Rather than copy an assignment I prefer you contact me to discuss why you are unable to complete the assignment - an extension may be arranged. Extra help is always available.

I would love to answer any question that you may have regarding your assignments and encourage you to come to see me should you require assistant. Some class time will be allotted to working on your assignments and some exam samples. This is your best time to see me for assistance.

Guide to Assignments/Tests Solving- Systematic Approach

  1. GOAL- write down what you are required to find, e.g. for this course displacements, velocities, accelerations, forces …

  2. GIVEN- list the information that is already known.

  3. DRAW- FBD (free-body diagrams). A picture is worth a thousand words and usually a couple of marks as well! Don’t forget to indicate your coordinate system.

  4. ASSUME- list any assumptions. They are usually given in the problem statement. Often if you make the wrong assumption the question may turn out to be unsolvable with the information that you have been given.

  5. FORMULATE EQUATIONS & SOLVE- Now, having laid down the ground work you list the equation, simplify, substitute for the known values and solve. Round your answer to about 3 significant digits. Don’t forget to add the correct units.

  6. CHECK & CONCLUDE- Sometimes you will have another independent (3 equations and only 2 unknowns) and you can use the other equation to check your answer. ASK yourself: Is your answer reasonable? 100mm of snow falling in July in Arizona is unlikely. A person who is 20 ft tall is unreasonable. A high-tension cable that is 803 inches in diameter is unrealistic.

Web addresses for simulation examples:



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Evaluation: 8 Assignments (20%) + 2 Exams (70%) + Project (10%) =100% iconAssignments will be given in the class. Solutions will be placed in the library/under the instructor’s home page and the checked assignments will be returned in the class usually 1 week after the due date. Late assignments will be ignored. Laboratories

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