As I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other

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НазваниеAs I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other
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Sunday, August-23-09

As I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other cost have been appreciated in the proper kind of a sense. I can’t understand any kind of reluctance that is out there. And yet, Of course I do. Their effort is coincidental with everyone else’s. That’s how they lie to us. TV, or moving pictures – a very recent invention – is their most effective tool and money is the goal.

A great deal can be done immediately. I will win, and I will set the people free. My purpose is still greater because my work and ideas will save many people alive.

Monday, August-24-09

When I went to see Mother yesterday, again, there was a police car right on the highway toward the cemetery and on the way back one of those dark coloured multi-terrain vehicles met me; presumably, out of the city limits. These kinds of vehicles have again been surrounding me lately as I have been noticing, but nothing will defeat me. I have promised and I will.

When I was cycling home through St Boniface along Marion, another police cruiser car met me right the same construction spot.

I still am searching for DD-14, but fear that it may be lost.

Tuesday, August-25-09

I did not mention that they had entered my unit (even with two locks on my door) while I was out on Sunday. They want to know first-hand – and triple or multi-play – what I have written so that they can falsely accuse me.

The CTV Newsnet said yesterday that the Liberal Party is laying low. This is where Dr Axworthy made woeful explanations how Great West Life Insurance (2nd largest in Canada) was not making enough profits. Meanwhile BNN said they had made over a billion dollars last year (profits) and CBC Newsworld on Business Report with Fred Langin announced they were into 300 million+ dollars for the last quarter.

Wednesday, August-26-09

I came across a lot more sites on the web where my content is shown. All of these sites appear first in a Google search.

Thursday, August-27-09

I went to hand out info packages (50) yesterday. Most were to Churches – but not only.

I also tried to find at least one person to speak to and it all took me so long yesterday. Several people showed understanding of political issues and did express verbal concerns.

The truth is that I will not take no as an answer from anyone. The Canadian government is corrupt to its very core and we have an opportunity unlike any one before.

But I also need to point out that all my work pays off, so they falsify information about me. The threats always follow my efforts.

Friday, August-28-09

Well, I did go to the Crown’s Office to drop off my charges against the Federal grants to research and their squandering our money. Every institution is corrupt to its foundation. Nobody checks on them. They do leave a terrible paper trail. Politics across Canada is so wicked in every area of enterprise. I know the police protect them.

I distributed many more info pamphlets. I want to talk to people about the message while I hand it to them. It gets exhausting – but what a privilege. I know we can solve all the problems.

I also went to the Sussex Property Management to mention the stuff going on in the block at 45 Hargrave.

Sunday, August-30-09

I wanted to make an entry yesterday but I did much else; at home and outside.

I had an unwanted entry while I was away.

The neighbours love the authorities hammering on a person – when that one is telling the truth. People trust the government, police, and anyone else. It’s a psychological thing. I am working with purpose – for everyone. The suffering is very real. The items on the News are trash; true garbage. There is not one anywhere to be found with ideas past their own interests. This is true.

Tuesday, September-01-09

I did not make an entry yesterday – although I did need to.

They had sent one of my own inserts in the info package I had sent to people around the area and circled just one word. I know people understand things are terribly wrong. They let me have it. I will still win.

Wednesday, September-02-09

I have so much to inform on you and inform the public about.

I have been so glad that they don’t send me info from the federal political parties.

I was surprised to get an e-mail, however yesterday, from CNIB; although I should not be. Everyone gets weeks of paid leave at our expense.

The Broadway bunch band together too, similar to the U and government.

Thursday, September-03-09

I was told by a prosecutions secretary that my answering machine does not work. She had returned my call and told me she had let the phone ring several times.

I left a message for Russ Ridd at 945-2852.

When I left the apartment they threatened me with their car as I was walking and approached the lane that cuts across the sidewalk. These were the federal boys.

Saturday, September-05-09

Again I managed to forget all the items be reported for you yesterday.

There are a number of specifics in the News. Politically, there needs to be leadership. Input is pathetic. Administratively; well it’s even more one-sided.

In Health and Finance, they have not the slightest; and the News reports the things as though they have put things together. The University is clueless but everybody believes the trash in their words.

All the institutions rip the government off – in the multi-millions.

The Green Party said in yesterday’s e-mail what I have been proclaiming; the environment is inseparable. We have to solve all the problems, and one person; an ordinary someone will have to do it.

Figure everything out and all the solutions appear. Again, solutions are plural.

Sunday, September-06-09

I forgot to mention that someone triggered the in-house fire alarm Friday evening – a first.

My work and my ideas will prevail.


Many, many things need to be brought to your attention. These are not but a very few.

They tampered with my computer and printer also this time.

We will go into an election. I am well ahead of our leaders.

So much violence and it has occurred to me I will have to be willing to suffer it all.

Saturday, September-12-09

There is a strange irony that I need to go to the very same people to sequester their help in solving social problems who themselves have treated me so very badly.

I did this with the Crown Prosecutors in the Province. If I was honest to say; there were points to laugh. He (Russ Ridd) had so many comments that all reflect the terrible situations people face and he defends the system; the workings, mechanisms and the ones who uphold it; like they are barricading themselves. He did make a couple of big mistakes though.

Several more info packets went out also in these last few days and I try to speak to at least one and hope at least one other person is also listening in.

Monday, September-21-09

So much; yes, so much to write.

A lot of mail and work is coming through.
No matter how they treat me.

I was followed by police cruisers to Mom’s resting place yesterday.

The News conference on H1N1 was a sham. They have missed it so completely.

The Federal executives are even more irresponsible.

Universities are both lying to Winnipeggers so badly.

Tuesday, September-22-09

It really strikes me how they are able to lie. Equally, they are cowards. The governing bunch is very pretentious, yet they lie effectively.

I found an e-mail sent to me from Kenya on a Google search. My website is tampered with.

Wednesday, September-23-09

I noticed that Service Canada computers do not allow me to apply for government jobs.

They also restrict the number of opportunities if I click on a government job opening.

Also, the computer system is designed to get mistakes on jobs and application in the electronic system of filing. When I spoke to an attendant they said “it was not in their jurisdiction”.

EI is ripping Canadians very, very badly.

When I make a long distance call to Ottawa, the authorities intercept (the call does not show on phone bill).

There are a number of opportunities that need to be recognized.

To this end also I will win.

I have no doubts at all.

I did forget to make mention they were trying and had tampered with my apartment lock.

Saturday, September-26-09

I made several calls to Ottawa.

I know to expect a certain kind of a run-around from them but I will be sure to get what I ask for. My asking is not for myself. There is nobody who leads others. I will do it by myself and do it right. It may seem wrong to others and impossible to still others, but I have no doubts.

I have so much to write about all things happening around me. I know what all has to happen that the people will be free. Even on Friday p.m. there was a commentator who was interviewing someone about the environment and for a second the interviewee sounded like me in what they were saying. And also the comments were very similar that I had spoken on the phone to Kelly Cyr in Ottawa. There is hope, we can solve the problems. I can in fact save so many people alive. They don’t have to like me one bit. They don’t even need to know me or I them. This is right at our fingers. And the interviewee also said that Nature would be able then

to repair itself.

Sunday, September-27-09

The pleasure of writing to try and tell you all that has to be done are all too indescribable. In a world where all the people are out for themselves, and someone tries to explain a better way. We are on the doorstep of doing exactly what everyone seems to think impossible to accomplish. The Globe and Mail tells readers there is no real solution to pollution, and asks the readers to consider what the cost is to do nothing..? These ideas hover all around us. The lawyers are the same.

Wednesday, September-30-09

It is truly amazing the length that they go to in order to violate a person. This has been a constant experience; every day.

I went to attend a meeting at Service Canada. Every word is meant to uphold the “integrity” of the fund. Sweet! They have no idea how much the Companies and their associates get from the deal. So, I told her. This is all true. She had words to keep the focus on the task to keep all the people on theirs. It works. They have been lied to so badly and they lie to us.

I phoned the PMO today

Thursday, October-01-09

A lot has happened in one day. All the News is so full of __it. They have this idea that all professionals are up to good and all others are no good. This version is unacceptable.

Politics in Canada is weird. There is absolutely no hint of leadership.

The H1N1 is being treated in humorous and sickening ways by the medical professionals.

They are setting up displays of what people should do to prevent. They have received 10s of millions of dollars.

Friday, October-02-09

When I called the PMO yesterday a.m. the answering service did not start up for me.

Sunday, October-04-09

I really did mean to make an entry. There is so much that I nearly can’t keep up. I do however love all the work that is expected of me.

I know the problems are very real – for the people – and the solutions are readily at hand.

There is an event at UW with the premier’s candidates I‘ve been invited to attend. We can solve all the problems now.

There was also a breach in the confidentiality at my apartment that the manager has given access to others living in the block to enter her unit. The related problem is that these tenants are friendship/related with those living in the next building.

Wednesday, October-07-09

When I spoke to someone at UW they immediately knew about $18 million to be spent on the new environment science.

Thursday, October-08-09

There are so many things in the News that distort so much. The people don’t have the wherewithal to determine truth and fact from the distortions they promote.

Friday, October-09-09

I did telephone The PMO (613-992-4211) again yesterday. They refuse to answer.

Monday, October-12-09

I should also point out already that my answering machine has been left to function lately. This does not say how much interference in my life they impart on me to deal with. I will defeat them. I will set the people free.

Tuesday, October-13-09

Yes, to all!

I will win!

I will not Fail

Wednesday, October-14-09

So much indeed that has happened to my own Father. He has not ever had the courage to deal with all the difficulties, but he has always known. The government has tortured him so wickedly. Governments do that. They do that only and especially to the smart-and-poor. This is by design and purpose – to keep us away.

They have tried to get my neighbours to turn against me. They do the same at work. They know I know exactly how corrupt the whole system is. Nobody dares to take a stand.

Thursday, October-15-09

Friday, October-16-09

There have been a lot of those who have risen to oppose me. My work will continue. More of my ideas prove to be showing in what is on the News. One has to look for.

Monday, October-19-09

All around me I see how much the work is paying off. I find more and more online – especially regarding my own site. I know I will win.

Tuesday, October-20-09

I went into the Service Canada office yesterday and I told two military members “do not kill; that is an order”, while I held up my right index finger. One said yes, from whom? And I replied “from the authority”. The government and all their staff have to respond to the needs. I will win. I will set all the people free. I can see that many people will be saved alive.

Wednesday, October-21-09

I know I have made no mention in a very long time of how badly CSIS has dealt with me. This is a very wicked organization. They are somewhere in the ‘torture’ Father has suffered. I know that the family would oppose any effort to bring this fact out into the open. People do not know how completely corrupt Canada is.

Thursday, October-22-09

I finally got a call from Ottawa from Industry Canada yesterday.

I always throw out all the letters the government sends. I know I’m right. My work and my ideas will save many, many people alive.

Friday, October-23-09

I need to realize that the level of corruption in the organization of our society is so intense they want people to mind their own affairs. In this way anyone who gets government support is subject to any and all kinds of mistreatment by whoever is involved in the process. All professions are linked to the State and the cash cow that all businesses are attached to so that every door is a gate and every door has to be fortified with legislation. These laws in turn create the opportunity for more exploitation and enhances the control of the people while it provides pleasure and privilege for those who benefit.

Saturday, October-24-09

So much is happening – every day. They have released another one from prison for a crime he did not do. He is another German person too. Mennonite Pastors let everything happen too. Right after this item came across the air the next item was “a special prosecutor..” who is going to; of course set another innocent person – and this is government, RCMP, lawyers and the judges who commit these acts. A lot is being kept secret. Pastors don’t care. Professors are totally illiterate to what’s going on along Broadway.

Right when I left the apartment another ass-licker (as from previous News announcements that I am working with) stood right at the door as if to threaten me or warn me of dangers I am facing. He is another asshole like all those who just watched while they chased and harassed me for finding out what the Feds have secretly been doing to the people.

I had a death threat in the mail from the federal government.

There was an ad in the mail from a knife Company – very impressive looking literature.

Sunday, October-25-09

It is so interesting that all environment and human rights and law and morals – all dear – are so badly handled. The News talks about the events that people are involved to try and improve; then the News walks away and people all go about their own affairs.

I had an e-mail about the success of Make Poverty History campaign. OK: but were there fewer people hungry the day before that the day after ; were there fewer the week before or after? The campaign and even funds can be called a success.

The environment is to shock people into thinking and then there is a nice picture and a TV show or documentary and then it’s business-as-usual. This bothers me a lot. The 60 Minutes talks about all the wonderful things people are doing for the environment then there is not another word. It’s simple; there is no work being done.

Monday, October-26-09

The Green Party of Canada does the exact same thing as the others. They join together and the public believes them. The funding they receive and donations from people go into their own playful, wasteful desires. There is no research; it is all scams. They are so corrupt without knowing it. The system needs to be corrected and made responsible. Then every problem and solution would show itself immediately. In a corrupt system the lies and further lies continue to profit those who control the system’s mechanisms. It’s all just a hoax. Our leaders are idiots – all of them. Doctors make a lot from this scheme; Lawyers fatten up with perverted laws: Accountants pretend and don’t even check; Managers are scheming; Politiciand and Government Officials sit there and grant them their wishes – within only the limits that they themselves get their share. This is the real Canada.

Tuesday, October-27-09

There is so much that is happening all around me each and every day. What a joy; let mesay the day is here for me to win; to set the people completely free.

Nobody has to like me. It is not the most important thing. All that matters is to solve all the problems for everyone.

Wednesday, October-28-09

The neighbour below me got a different idea when I let them know that I am aware how they spy on me when I come home in the eve. These activities are a different type but I have to bear this as well since Donna has given them keys to her apartment. This is because she is never home and yet there are always people in the suite. The other dilemma is that they are acquaintance with the neighbours in 45 Hargrave Street. These are very serious relationship issues where my apartment was being visited (which I also suspected) and when I tested it with a second lock there was a different behaviour. When I tested the response from those who were going in, that I could in fact alarm the door, a different attitude and response emerged.

These will all be dealt with. I do love people, but they are hard to like. Donna has treated me so very badly for years. She tried to frame me with the police; tried to frighten me one time; accused me of breaking into the laundry; and wanted to get me out; and on numerous occasions has tried to neglect every small request. I myself have improved a lot of the apartment from where it was when I moved.

Thursday, October-29-09

I know there are so many items that I need to enter. I got quite a lot done again yesterday. Unpopular though my work might be, but the truth and the ideas have to be made public.

Friday, October-30-09

I did telephone the Police (986-6222) yesterday to explain that false investigations really are. I also phoned to the Free Press and got through to the City Desk. It is really quite a scene at the Newsroom. They are all out for getting their story. They are vicious and there is no substance there either. It is the same way at the University. It is this way also in Law, at Court, and in Government and Politics as in Business; record profits.

I received a call from Jackie at Ombudsman Manitoba (982-9251) for the claims that at the University.

Nobody is checking on the government expenses and nobody asks for any accuracy.

This is why pollution can go forward.

The only direct democracy is lobbying or plebiscites.

Sunday, November-01-09

There is an important point that a red light appeared on my phone while I was phoning.

This happened very frequently last week; a warning, perhaps or something similar, i do not know. A lot was accomplished all week.

I did phone the P.M. Office again.

I also saw the article on what goes on in the Justice Department and the Police that relates to my work.

Monday, November-02-09

There is also the fact in justice that people just accept government for whatever reasons, and these people become great allies to their cause. Neighbours, workers, friends, and even family will go along with the lies in the establishment.

Never trust anyone in the professions. So much injustice exists in every one.

Tuesday, November-03-09

A lot truly happened to me yesterday. It is almost as though all the things since the very first day I ever came to Canada and played with children and the RCMP were there and they are pure unadulterated evil. Nobody stops them. The government can do what they want. All the nice people just stand and watch - pure evil.

I will still win; against the RCMP, government and everyone who stands opposed to me.

I am glad some of my work is getting through – although through much labour.

I did phone the Free Press crime reporter to comment on his work; even though I suffer.

Thursday, November-05-09

When there are so many things to write, I know that it is very difficult to keep up.

So much that gets done and people oppose.

Monday, November-09-09

I sent a letter to P.M> Harper today.

I also sent a similar copy to Vic Toews, President of Treasury Board.

CBS 60 Minutes had an item of FBI investigating $19million International fraud.

What if they did the same to ordinary business in N.A.?

Friday, November-13-09

My apartment was entered again yesterday.

At the University, the security is almost as bad as the administrators want them.

P.S. The CBC News just commented how the Federal Government is going to spend on H1N1.

Also, U.S will be monitoring a Foundation worth $500million as affront for Iran’s nuclear tests.

Whatever wil be, the truth is out.

fThese are very real and very trying times with the very best solutions that we have ever known. Nobody cares. Nobody even cares that nobody cares what happens to the people.

A new report on a new Immigrant handbook by the Federal Government and the Immigrant Organization’s leaders say it is too hard. Too hard to understand? Is that the truth?

I could perhaps mention a perfect dream this a.m. when I got up; I was called before the authorities to answer my action based on an economic stance against the leading business class, when I noticed in my sight all the tall buildings and a tower that over-towered the tall buildings. I then woke up; but I gave them an unarguable answer to their questioning.

Everybody is just out for themselves – that’s all. I only need to answer to defend all others. I will win. There is no doubt; everybody will win. I will really save the people alive.

Saturday, November-14-09

When I came home yesterday there was somebody waiting for me in my neighbours’ apartment.

Sunday, November-15-09

Much, much is going on. I will win!

Wednesday, November-18-09

So Much is going on!

Wednesday, November-25-09

Government “ass-licker boy and the false investigator” tried to impress with his use of intelligence yesterday. I was leaving the U and I had dared to just speak up in defence of the innocent workers and proved what the Chemistry Department is doing with Canadian tax payers’ dollars. Ass licker boy and false investigator wanted to show me how close they are on the case. The government are really trying to completely enslave the population. The University is a career-centred institution; it’s easy to see how pretentious these people are. They are doing exactly what the government wants and this tells a terrible double standard – but it’s real.

As I arrived, our building manager met me as I entered the apartment. She participated with the false investigators.

Thursday, November-26-09

I made several calls again yesterday and it is interesting how all the nice community organizations are actually helping the power structure to violate the people; to lie to us; to steal from the people; to harass and abuse. All these are the realities for their own careers. Yet we all believe how nice and professional they all are.

I spoke about meaningful difficulties with Vic Toews (326-9889).

I have no doubts about the outcome; I will win and set the people free.

Friday, November-27-09

I did forget to mention that on Wednesday all day when I went out a police car was right there in front of me; in my face. At each corner – it seemed. Every communication and every single word I speak and even my thoughts are being violated by the authorities. They know I am completely right.

No matter how difficult it may be at times, the work is all worth it. I know many people will really be saved alive.

The entire system is devoted to enslaving and exploiting people. Every well-intentioned person working in their particular career aids their plans and not one person questions anything or makes any effort to improve the lot of others. This is so strange.

Saturday, November-28-09

A lot of times they have used the neighbours and recently again even, co-workers to bear false testimony.

There has been continuous tampering on me answering machine.

Friday, December-04-09

A lot of things that are before us do come together quickly. We can do everything in the right attitude. This is the reality today.

Wednesday, the city police were all around me on every street and every street corner.

There is a very real move to try and suppress the truth.

Saturday, December-05-09

All political parties have stopped sending their e-mail updates.

My Hotmail e-mail account on the Google sign-in had counted down my visits to my e-mil messages the last few days.

Sunday, December-06-09

Yesterday I was speaking to a business retailer about the problems and the false investigators called the business while I was standing there. This is how closely they follow me.

My Live Messenger was back on last night while I was away – this is curious.

Saturday, December-12-09

A very significant Day today!

Someone is continually tampering with my answering machine.

They have persuaded the neighbours to violate me.

All along Hargrave Street the apartment owners have been leasing out and contracting to agencies and management outfits their properties. They have no responsibilities and the result has been very bad. They all make money. This has to be brought to the authorities.

Monday, December-14-09

There has been continuous interference in the communications – internet and e-mail included.

The implants have altered human chemistry. This sounds shocking – but true.

What Germany wanted before WW2 has been used by the victorious allies of that war to subject all people and enslave them for the market; shocking, but true.

Wednesday, December-16-09

It does not stop to amaze me how completely the government interferes with people and their lives. This fact is displayed continually in the phone conversations and all the personal interactions; no different than in Communist Soviet Union. All our community leaders are identical – they will protect themselves.

All the solutions to current problems and nobody gets involved; all the opportunities, and everything is business and money; all the prospects for fairness and openness, and people all cower. These are strange times. One person will do it.

Lawyers are just as phoney and pretentious as professors. The people in our churches are totally as unfulfilling as all others. The career mindset has taken that position and it leads to mutual destruction because nobody is responsible.

Thursday, December-17-09

It continues to amaze me how the interference is carried out. I know they don’t want people to know. The real stuff is terrible; they lie and deceive.

My e-mail and the “junk” folder has nothing for days and then up to 5 or 6 in one day.

An ordinary person will have to do everything.

They will have to do a little something at Copenhagen – but look back at Kyoto Protocol.

I have and offer nothing but hope. A living hope does not demise.

Friday, December-18-09

I am making another entry that seems to repeat; the interference is incredible.

They would not allow me to reply – for certain – with Trinity College for my Masters degree in Theology. It is an unaccredited University and it is located in India but the knowledge far exceeds in traditional doctrine. But I have been able to communicate,

They would not allow me to even navigate away from my own home page last night. No other website would open. This whole technology is a scam – a lemon, really.

Saturday, December-19-09

There is so much that happens; so much to do; and keep in mind that may be to inform.

Every day there are interferences.

They have almost succeeded to bring the Climate Summit (Copenhagen) to a farce.

Nobody can distract the truth.

Sunday, December-20-09

Some students at University eagerly listen and even ask for what I have to say.

Solutions are ready. The leadership is missing. Everyone is too busy with careers and what it all means. Nothing else matters to me but to proceed. The need demands that I do so even if the truth is so unpopular.

Monday, December-21-09

The moment you approach a Government of Canada website they snag your computer.

They RCMP and CSIS share space on Portage Avenue.

There has not been a single “junk” e-mail in Hotmail account several days; very strange.

Wednesday, December-23-09

At Christmas time there are a number of things people do to harm others.

The province takes no responsibility to ensure legislation protects the people in apartments.

Property Management has become a huge injustice. People from other buildings can exchange keys and enter into other people’s places. Nobody is responsible.

Thursday, December-24-09

There has been considerable violence again. They won’t let me sleep; I get very little rest.

There is no doubt that I will win.

I met George DeMoisiac (federal crown lawyer) and another lawyer facing me would not acknowledge me but George did not reply to his greeting in a public space.

I did get a reply from the RCMP on Hotmail account – this is strictly business, I realize.

Friday, December-25-09

I spoke to landlord, Rocco Rosati, yesterday. There are real problems the way things are set up.

All these property managers – and owners – love the government. The laws favour them. The same laws discriminate and allow them to violate the people.

Saturday, December-26-09

I went to give a bit of Christmas for Dad and 2 of his Church members and 1 former work colleague. The atmosphere was quite good. I took several photographs.

I went along Hargrave to take a few photos of the buildings. The government assholes have spread false (0r more false) accusations around here. Then as I arrived at Broadway, I sang London Bridge... as I walked past the Revenue Canada Building.

Thursday, December-31-09

There have been so many incidents again; my phone, e-mail and computer, etc,

The government assholes were present at UW DC yesterday.

The false investigators have spread lies and rumours to satisfy their taste for blood.

I will prevail against these enemies of us, the people.

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As I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other iconPhil265/Rels265 Final Exam 31 Multiple choice or True-False worth 1 mark each 3 Short Answer Questions from choice of 5 worth 3 marks each (paragraph or two in length) Introduction to Philosophy

As I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other iconPrepared as a cooperative effort by

As I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other iconFair Work Information Statement Russian
«Fair Work» всем новым сотрудникам вскоре после их поступления на работу. В бюллетене представлена основная информация о том, что...

As I sit to look at the work done so far, I want to be honest with myself and you; the effort is tremendously worth everything. Risks, threats and any other iconManaging Threats from Cybercrime to Cyberwar

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