Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 82 of 468


Social studies curriculum guidelines; position National Council for the Social Studies


Improving in-service education: proposals and

procedures for change. Edited by Louis J. Rubin

The Liberal arts and teacher education; a

confrontation. Edited by Donald N. Bigelow

International guide to educational documentation, Unesco

1960-1965. Guide international de la documentation

pédagogique, 1960-1965. Guía

internacional de la documentación

pedagógica, 1960-1965

The tamarack tree. Illustrated by Bea Holmes Underwood, Betty, 1921-

Toward an aesthetic education

Interaction of color Albers, Josef

Research on programmed dental instruction / by Paulson, Casper Ferdinand, Jr., 1928-

Casper Ferdinand Paulson, Jr

Foundations of developmental guidance [by] Harold Munson, Harold L

L. Munson

The psychology of music teaching Gordon, Edwin, 1927-

The process of curriculum change [by] Dorothy J. Skeel, Dorothy J

Skeel [and] Owen A. Hagen

Auditory training handbook / Special Study Institute, Clarke School for the Deaf, Northampton, Mass

Curriculum Evaluation and Development Program,

Clarke School for the Deaf

Problems in school media management Sullivan, Peggy, 1929-

Beginning arts and crafts Seville, Renee

Northern schools and civil rights; the Racial Levy, Frank, 1941-

imbalance act of Massachusetts

The lonely teacher [by] Peter Knoblock and Arnold Knoblock, Peter, 1934-

P. Goldstein

Filmmaking for children; including Motion picture Rynew, Arden

production handbook. Written and illustrated by

Arden Rynew

Identifying and correcting reading difficulties in Miller, Wilma H

children [by] Wilma H. Miller

Aesthetics and problems of education, edited by Smith, Ralph Alexander

Ralph A. Smith

Humanizing schools: new directions, new decisions Heath, Douglas H

[by] Douglas H. Heath

Physical education for the mentally retarded [by] Drowatzky, John N

John N. Drowatzky. Illus. by JoAnne Royston

Musical instrument recipe book; elementary science Education Development Center


Systems and modeling: self-renewal approaches to Haefele, Donald

teacher education. Compiled by Donald Haefele

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 83 of 468


Schools are for children; an American approach to Hertzberg, Alvin

the open classroom [by] Alvin Hertzberg and

Edward F. Stone

Children's rights; toward the liberation of the child

[by] Paul Adams [and others] Introd. by Paul


Culture, society, and guidance [by] Harriet J. Kupferer, Harriet J

Kupferer [and] Thomas K. Fitzgerald

Readings in social studies education, edited by Zodikoff, David, 1933-

David Zodikoff

The education of a doctor; my first year on the wards MacNab, John, 1944-

Administrative and professional developments in the Brill, Richard G

education of the deaf, by Richard G. Brill

Indian students and guidance [by] John F. Bryde Bryde, John F

Personalized curriculum: method and design [by] O. Kopp, O. W. (Oswald W.), 1918-

W. Kopp [and] David L. Zufelt

New perspectives on Black studies, edited by John Blassingame, John W., 1940-

W. Blassingame

Practical guide to curriculum and instruction, by Christine, Charles T

Charles T. Christine and Dorothy W. Christine

Teaching physics: an insoluble task? Proceedings. International Congress on the Education of

Edited by Sanborn C. Brown, F. J. Kedves [and] E. Teachers of Physics in Secondary Schools (1970 :

J. Wenham

Report on the Oregon State School for the Deaf, Oregon Education Association. Commission on

July 9, 1971 / Oregon Education Association, Professional Rights and Responsibilities

Commission on Professional Rights and


Education and the personal quest [by] Lloyd W. Kline Kline, Lloyd W

The modern practical approach to teaching English Lund, Thomas A

[by] Thomas A. Lund

Reading and its difficulties; a psychological study, Vernon, Magdalen Dorothea, 1901-

by M. D. Vernon

The courts and the public schools : the legal basis Edwards, Newton, 1889-

of school organization and administration / by

Newton Edwards

The teacher moves; an analysis of non-verbal Grant, Barbara M

activity [by] Barbara M. Grant [and] Dorothy Grant


The writing of geography [by] T. W. Freeman Freeman, Thomas Walter

Microteaching: selected papers

Literature about the American Indian : a guide for Rickards, Montana Hopkins, 1913-

adult education leaders / Montana Hopkins Rickards

Research bases for oral language instruction; a National Conference on Research in English

research bulletin prepared by a committee of the

National Conference on Research in English.

Thomas D. Horn, editorial chairman

Child drama in action; a practical manual for Tyas, Billi


Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 84 of 468


Performance-based teacher education; what is the Elam, Stanley Munson

state of the art? By Stanley Elam for the AACTE

Committee on Performance-Based Teacher


Values and youth. Robert D. Barr, editor Barr, Robert D

The Ohio model and the multi-unit school, by Nussel, Edward Joseph

Edward J Nussel [and others]

Teacher education in Oregon : seventeen case Oregon State System of Higher Education.

profiles of exemplary teacher education programs / Teaching Research Division

authors, David D. Marsh ... []

The bears' house. Illustrated by Louis Glanzman Sachs, Marilyn

Mensch. English;"Man: teaching notes from the Schlemmer, Oskar, 1888-1943

Bauhaus edited and introduced by Heimo Kuchling

with a preface by Hans M. Wingler translated

[from the German] by Janet Seligman"

The future of teacher education; edited by J. W. Tibble, John William, 1901-


Activities for elementary physical education / Alice Jackson, Alice H

H. Jackson, Joan Randall

Disciplines of the curriculum; editor Richard Whitfield, Richard C. (Richard Charles)


Standards for social studies teachers; position National Council for the Social Studies


Theory and practice in the teaching of literature by Turner, Darwin T., 1931-

Afro-Americans [by] Darwin T. Turner [and]

Barbara Dodds Stanford

Problem-centered social studies instruction;

approaches to reflective teaching. Richard E.

Gross and Raymond H. Muessig, editors

Research into classroom processes; recent

developments and next steps. Ian Westbury & Arno

A. Bellack, editors

Family choice in education: a model State system Coons, John E

for vouchers, by John E. Coons [and] Stephen D.


Curriculum patterns in elementary social studies Thomas, R. Murray (Robert Murray), 1921-

[by] R. Murray Thomas [and] Dale L. Brubaker

The teacher's role [by] Ann Cook and Herb Mack Cook, Ann, 1940-

Communication and the art of teaching; a guide for Brody, David S

adult education leaders [by] David S. Brody

The coordinator [electronic resource] : bulletin of

the Oregon Coordinating Council on Social

Hygiene and Family Life

Teach for transfer : a programed book / Madeline Hunter, Madeline C


Teaching and media; a systematic approach [by] Gerlach, Vernon S., 1922-

Vernon S. Gerlach [and] Donald P. Ely

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 85 of 468


Piaget's developmental theory [videorecording] :

formal thought

Greek physical education [by] Clarence A. Forbes Forbes, Clarence Allen

The family life coordinator [electronic resource]

Human teaching for human learning; an Brown, George Isaac

introduction to confluent education

Teaching speech [by] Loren Reid Reid, Loren Dudley, 1905-

The social sciences and geographic education: a Ball, John M

reader. Edited by John M. Ball, John E. Steinbrink

[and] Joseph P. Stoltman

How to survive in your native land Herndon, James, 1926-

A world history of physical education: cultural, Van Dalen, Deobold B., 1911-

philosophical, comparative [by] Deobold B. Van

Dalen [and] Bruce L. Bennett

Teaching strategies and classroom realities. McClosky, Mildred G

Edited by Mildred G. McClosky, for the Graduate

Internship Program in Teacher Education,

University of California, Berkeley

The growth of understanding in mathematics: Lovell, K. (Kenneth)

kindergarten through grade three

Toward accountable teachers; their appraisal and McNeil, John D

improvement [by] John D. McNeil

Education & the new teacher [by] B. J. Chandler, Chandler, Bobby Joe, 1925-

Daniel Powell [and] William R. Hazard

The psychological consequences of being a Black Wilcox, Roger, 1934-

American: a sourcebook of research by Black

psychologists [compiled by] Roger Wilcox

Contemporary thought on teaching, edited by Hyman, Ronald T

Ronald T. Hyman

Research in teacher education: a symposium.

Edited by B. Othanel Smith for the American

Educational Research Association. Contributors: S.

C. T. Clarke [and others]

Pickets, parents, and power; the story behind the Carter, Barbara

New York City teachers' strike

Revolution as theatre; notes on the new radical style Brustein, Robert Sanford, 1927-

[by] Robert Brustein

Confronting curriculum reform. Edited by Elliot W. Cubberley Conference (1969 : Stanford University)

Eisner. Contributing authors: Elliot W. Eisner [and


Elementary student teaching: readings. [Compiled Johnson, James Allen, 1932-

by] James A. Johnson [and] Louis D. Deprin

Unfinished rebellions [by] DeVere Pentony, Robert Pentony, DeVere Edwin, 1924-

Smith [and] Richard Axen

Sourcebook on prison education: past, present, and Roberts, Albert R

future, by Albert R. Roberts. With a foreword by

Peter P. Lejins

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 86 of 468


Secondary student teaching: readings. [Compiled Johnson, James Allen, 1932-

by] James A. Johnson [and] Roger C. Anderson

Creative teaching in health [by] Donald A. Read Read, Donald A

[and] Walter H. Greene. Assisted by Randolph E.


Physical education for the elementary school child; Fait, Hollis F

experiences in movement [by] Hollis F. Fait.

Illustrated by Gregory Fait and Gerry Fait

Teachers' guide to American Negro history Katz, William Loren

400 losers [by] Winton M. Ahlstrom and Robert J. Ahlstrom, Winton M


Social science education in the elementary school Ploghoft, Milton E

[by] Milton E. Ploghoft [and] Albert H. Shuster

How students rate their schools and teachers, by Sabine, Gordon A

Gordon A. Sabine

Mental retardation; readings and resources [edited Rothstein, Jerome H

by] Jerome H. Rothstein

Reading methods and teacher improvement. Nila International Reading Association

Banton Smith, editor

Folkloristische Arbeitsmethode. English;"Folklore Krohn, Kaarle, 1863-1933

methodology formulated by Julius Krohn and

expanded by Nordic researchers. Translated by

Roger L. Welsch"

Teaching English linguistically; principles and Malmstrom, Jean

practices for high school, by Jean Malmstrom and

Janice Lee

Elementary school art for classroom teachers [by] Sawyer, John R

John R. Sawyer and Italo L. deFrancesco

Organizing and operating special classes for Stone, Thomas E., 1923-

emotionally disturbed elementary school children

[by] Thomas E. Stone

Social studies education projects; an ASCD index. Taylor, Bob L., 1923-

Compiled by Bob L. Taylor and Thomas L. Groom

Challenge and change in the teaching of English. Daigon, Arthur, 1928-

Edited by Arthur Daigon [and] Ronald T. Laconte

Perspectives on secondary mathematics education. McIntosh, Jerry A

Edited by Jerry A. McIntosh

Biology teaching methods [by] Doris Falk Falk, Doris F., 1911-

Children discover arithmetic; an introduction to Stern, Catherine, 1894-

structural arithmetic, by Catherine Stern and

Margaret B. Stern. Illus. by Phillis Borea. Foreword

by W. W. Sawyer

Della famiglia. English;"The Albertis of Florence: Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472

Leon Battista Alberti's Della famiglia. Translated

and with an introd. and notes by Guido A. Guarino"

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 87 of 468


Mon village, ses hommes, ses routes, son Thabault, Roger, 1895-

école. English;"Education and change in a

village community: Mazières-en-Gâtine,

1848-1914. Translated by Peter Tregear"


Commitment to teaching [by] James C. Stone [and] Stone, James Champion, 1916-

Frederick W. Schneider

1971 1950

Culture brasileira. English;"Brazilian culture an Azevedo, Fernando de, 1894-

introduction to the study of culture in Brazil.

Translated by William Rex Crawford"

1971 1970

Essays on art and learning [by] Robert Jay Wolff Wolff, Robert Jay, 1905-

1971 1991 printing

The Civil War / compiled by David Johnson Johnson, David, 1927-

1971 or 2

Symposium on the Changing Needs in the Symposium on the Changing Needs in the

Education of Women in the Second Development Education of Women in the Second Development

Decade; [report]

1971, 1957

How to solve it; a new aspect of mathematical Pólya, George, 1887-1985

method [by] G. Polya

1971, 1969

The acquisition of syntax in children from 5 to 10 / Chomsky, Carol

Carol Chomsky

1971, 1972

English as a foreign language: history, Darian, Steven G

development, and methods of teaching, by Steven G.


Coping with conflict; supervising counselors and Mueller, William J

psychotherapists [by] William J. Mueller [and] Bill L.


Adapted physical education / Gene A. Logan Logan, Gene A. (Gene Adams), 1922-


Proceedings of the International Congress on International Congress on Education of the Deaf

Education of the Deaf, Stockholm, 1970 (1970 : Stockholm)


Report of the Controller for the year ended ... / Oregon State System of Higher Education

Oregon State Board of Higher Education


Erziehung durch Farbe und Form. Tritten, Gottfried

English;"Teaching color and form"

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Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education iconGrade-level Map of Oregon’s Common Curriculum Goals, Content Standards, and Benchmark Standards April 2003 Oregon Department of Education Science Grade-level Mapping

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