Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Education & treatment of children

Journal of law & education

Resources in education

Anthropology & education quarterly

Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of National Society for the Study of Education



The Oregon mathematics teacher

The Rural educator

Teaching sociology

Urban education


American educator

Electrical continuing education training calendar

New trends in biology teaching

Consumers' research magazine

Undergraduate and graduate programs Portland State University. School of Engineering

and Applied Science

The Journal of environmental education

Day care and early education

Review of allied health education

Journal for research in mathematics education

Higher education contract clause finder; four and University of Hawaii. Industrial Relations Center

two-year colleges and universitites

Journal of college science teaching

Early years

Science activities

School media quarterly

Instructional science

The History teacher

Academic therapy

The Journal of Negro education

Teaching of psychology

Social studies for secondary school teachers

Grade teacher

Teaching English to the deaf

The Journal of school health

Cooperative learning

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Educational horizons

Exceptional child education resources

Developments in school finance NCES State Data Conference

(Online);"Developments in school finance

[electronic resource] : fiscal proceedings from the

Annual State Data Conference / National Center for

Education Statistics"

Commissioner's report on the education professions United States. Office of Education

The Gifted child quarterly

Journal of teacher education

CAS review

Journal of educational measurement

Economic education experiences of enterprising Joint Council on Economic Education


Journal of research in science teaching

The Journal of special education

Journal of college student personnel

Journal of thought

Annual report to Congress (Online);"Annual report United States. Dept. of Education. Office for Civil

to Congress [electronic resource] / U.S. Rights

Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights"

ENC focus review / Eisenhower National

Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science


Integrated postsecondary education data system

[electronic resource]

Bibliographies [electronic resource]

Grant application for the undergraduate

international studies and foreign language program

[electronic resource]

AITC notes [electronic resource] / United States

Department of Agriculture ; Cooperative State

Research, Education, and Extension Service


Contemporary education


TESOL resource packet : is your school helping its

language minority students meet the national

education goals? / TESOL Task Force on the

Education of Lanugage Minority Students (K-12) in

the United States.


Professional school counseling

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Library computing


A plan by which to establish specifications for

managing the development, implementation and

operation of a model elementary teacher education

program and the derivation of cost estimates on the

basis of those plans : a proposal for Phase II of the

Bureau of Research Elementary Teacher Education





American annals of the deaf


The Pedagogical seminary


The Biblical world [electronic resource]


The School review


Poetry in the elementary school Witucke, Virginia


Bakke & the politics of equality : friends and foes in O'Neill, Timothy J

the classroom of litigation / Timothy J. O'Neill


Neue Architektur und das Bauhaus. English;"The Gropius, Walter, 1883-1969

new architecture and the Bauhaus. Translated from

the German by P. Morton Shand, with an

introduction by Frank Pick"


Aural habilitation : the foundations of verbal learning Ling, Daniel

in hearing-impaired children / Daniel Ling and

Agnes H. Ling


Teaching styles as related to student achievement / Silvernail, David L

by David L. Silvernail


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Guernica [videorecording] : tres horas que

conmovieron al mundo / TVE

Aerobic dance-exercise instructor manual /

Naneene Van Gelder, editor ; Sheryl Marks,

supervising editor


The learner-centred curriculum : a study in second Nunan, David

language teaching / David Nunan


Opportunities in teaching careers / Janet Fine ; Fine, Janet

foreword by Judith Berman Brandenburg


Unwrapping Japan : society and culture in

anthropological perspective / edited by Eyal Ben-

Ari, Brian Moeran and James Valentine


Thinking in education / Matthew Lipman Lipman, Matthew

Curwin & Mendler's Discipline with dignity

[videorecording] / by Dr. Richard L. Curwin and Dr.

Allen N. Mendler


Careers in education / Roy A. Edelfelt ; revised by Edelfelt, Roy A

Blythe Camenson


Since 1856 ... / historical views of the College at Stebbins, Ellis A.

Monmouth / by Ellis A. Stebbins and Dr. Gary



The course of study [electronic resource] : a

monthly publication for teachers and parents

devoted to the work of the Chicago Institute,

Academic and Pedagogic


The elementary school teacher and the course of

study [electronic resource]


School science


The elementary school teacher [electronic resource]

The Elementary school teacher


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How to judge architecture : a popular guide to the Sturgis, Russell, 1836-1909

appreciation of buildings / by Russell Sturgis

Lectures on the logic of arithmetic, by M. E. Boole Boole, Mary Everest, 1832-1916

1903, 1900

Dickens as an educator / by James L. Hughes Hughes, James Laughlin, 1846-1935


The School arts book


The principles of art education; a philosophical, Münsterberg, Hugo, 1863-1916

aesthetical and psychological discussion of art

education, by Hugo Münsterberg


School science and mathematics


Gleanings of fifty years ; the Sisters of the Holy Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Names of Jesus and Mary in the Northwest, 1859- Province of Oregon



What to do at recess / by George Ellsworth Johnson Johnson, George Ellsworth, 1862-


The School arts magazine


What to draw and how to draw it / by E.G. Lutz Lutz, E. G. (Edwin George), 1868-


The Elementary school journal


Bulletin of the American Association of University American Association of University Professors



Outlines in dictionary study for fourth, fifth, sixth, and Rice, Anna Lucy, 1859-

seventh grades. By Anna L. Rice


The Journal of educational research


Drawing made easy; a helpful book for young Lutz, E. G. (Edwin George), 1868-

artists; the way to begin and finish your sketches,

clearly shown step by step, by E. G. Lutz

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The salvaging of civilization; the probable future of Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946

mankind, by H. G. Wells

The American spirit in education; a chronicle of Slosson, Edwin Emery, 1865-1929

great teachers, / by Edwin E. Slosson


Supervision and the improvement of teaching, by Burton, William H. (William Henry), b. 1890

William H. Burton


Year book / American Association of Teachers American Association of Teachers Colleges



Educational research bulletin [electronic resource]


Journal of chemical education


Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of

Italian [electronic resource]


The Elementary English review


The Pedagogical seminary and journal of genetic



A method of directing children's study of Reeder, Edwin Hewett, 1892-

geography, by Edwin Hewett Reeder ..

The psychology of middle adolescence : a textbook Moxcey, Mary Eliza, 1875-

in teacher training, conforming to the standard

outlined and approved by the International Council of

Religious Education, third year specialization

series / by Mary E. Moxcey


The supervision of instruction; a general volume, by Barr, A. S. (Arvil Sylvester), 1892-

A. S. Barr and William H. Burton

Physical education for primary schools; informal Ocker, William August, 1870-

gymnastics in lesson form with piano accompliment,

by W.A. Ocker

Primary industrial arts / Della F. Wilson Wilson, Della Ford


Italica [electronic resource] : bulletin of the

American Association of Teachers of Italian


Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 14 of 468


An introduction to the reading of Shakespeare Boas, Frederick S. (Frederick Samuel), 1862-1957

American masters of social science; an approach to Odum, Howard Washington, 1884-1954

the study of the social sciences through a

neglected field of biography, by Howard W. Odum,

William R. Shepherd, Jame Quayle Dealey [and

others] edited by Howard W. Odum


The Journal of educational sociology : a magazine

of theory and practice


Project lessons in orchestration, by Arthur Edward Heacox, Arthur Edward, 1867-1952


Selected topics in the teaching of mathematics

Geography and our need of it, by J. Russell Smith Smith, J. Russell (Joseph Russell), 1874-1966

A teacher's geography Branom, Mendel Everett, 1889-

Unfathomed Japan; a travel tale in the highways and Foght, Harold Waldstein, 1869-

byways of Japan and Formosa. by Harold & Alice

Foght; with maps and numerous illustrations by the

authors and others

American idealism, by Luther A. Weigle Weigle, Luther Allan, 1880-1976


Creative activities in physical education; correlated Horrigan, Olive Katherine, 1898-

and integrated games and dances from many

countries, by Olive K. Horrigan ; drawings by Verne


Developed lessons in psychology, including Meltzer, Hyman, 1899-

objective tests with norms, by H. Meltzer ... and

Edwin Maurice Bailor

Music for young children, by Alice G. Thorn .. Thorn, Alice G. (Alice Green), 1890-1942

The measurement of attitude; a psychophysical Thurstone, L. L. (Louis Leon), 1887-1955

method and some experiments with a scale for

measuring attitude toward the church, by L.L.

Thurstone ... and E.J. Chave ..

Personal traits and success in teaching, by Morris, Elizabeth Hunt, 1892-

Elizabeth Hunt Morris

Significant changes and trends in the teaching of

mathematics throughout the world since 1910

Modern methods in teaching geography, by Claude Crawford, Claude C., 1897-

C. Crawford ... and Lois P. McDonald ..

Literature for oral interpretation, with introduction

and notes by Richard Dennis Teall Hollister


The Journal of business education

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 15 of 468


Science education


Creative dramatics, for the upper grades and junior Ward, Winifred, b. 1884

high school, by Winifred Ward ..

Notes on the Oregon trail, arranged as new Fox, Florence Cornelia, 1861-

materials of instruction in geography, civics, and

history for elementary schools, by Florence C. Fox,

associate specialist in elementary education, Office

of education

Ways to teach English, by Thomas C. Blaisdell .. Blaisdell, Thomas Charles, 1867-1948

Some methods of teaching in six representative Chandler, Paul Gladstone, 1889-

state teachers colleges of the United States / Paul

G. Chandler

Drawing with pen and ink, and a word concerning Guptill, Arthur Leighton, 1891-1956

the brush. Introd. by Franklin Booth

The development of guiding principles for the Rutledge, Samuel Albert, 1888-1941

administration of teachers colleges and normal

schools : and the development of administrative

practices consistent with these principles / by

Samuel A. Rutledge

Content and form of original compositions dictated Betzner, Jean, 1888-

by children from five to eight years of age, by Jean


The training of college teachers, including their Gray, William S. (William Scott), 1885-1960

preliminary preparation and in-service improvement,

edited by William S. Gray


Oregon school directory


Diagnosing personality and conduct, by Percival M. Symonds, Percival Mallon, 1893-1960

Symonds ..

The art of the child, by Alfred G. Pelikan, M.A Pelikan, Alfred George, 1893-

Art appreciation for junior and senior high schools Collins, Mary Rose, 1879-

[by] M. Rose Collins ... [and] Olive L. Riley

Geography for public school administrators, by Reeder, Edwin Hewett, 1892-

Edwin H. Reeder ..

Indian life and the Dutch colonial settlement, by Keelor, Katharine Louise, 1886-

Katharine L. Keelor and Mayme Sweet

Making bolsheviks Harper, Samuel N. (Samuel Northrup), 1882-1943

A children's symphony, as developed in the creative Coleman, Satis N. (Satis Narrona), 1878-1961

music classes of Lincoln school of Teachers

college, with the themes composed entirely by

children of elementary school, and played by them

on instruments of their own making and other simple

instruments; by Satis N. Coleman, PH.D

Mathematics in modern life

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Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education iconOf the regular meeting of the board of city commissioners

Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education iconOf the regular meeting of the board of city commissioners held

Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education iconGrade-level Map of Oregon’s Common Curriculum Goals, Content Standards, and Benchmark Standards April 2003 Oregon Department of Education Science Grade-level Mapping

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