Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Art in elementary education, by Leon Loyal Winslow Winslow, Leon Loyal, 1886-


Intercultural education in American schools; Vickery, William E

proposed objectives and methods [by] William E.

Vickery and Stewart G. Cole; foreword by William

Heard Kilpatrick

Teachers enjoy the arts, by Ray N. Faulkner and Faulkner, Ray Nelson, 1906-

Helen E. Davis. Prepared for the Commission on

teacher education

Education and the people's peace. Educational Educational Policies Commission

Policies Commission

Art and materials for the schools; activities to aid Browne, Sibyl

the war and the peace, by Sibyl Browne, in

collaboration with Ethel Tyrrell, Gertrude M. Abbihl,

Clarice Evans, and others. Illus., by Marion

McEwan, Jerome Reich [and] Douglas Tatton

So you're going to teach Evans, Eva Knox, 1905-


Educational leadership : journal of the Department

of Supervision and Curriculum Development, N.E.A


The historic mission of Jesus, a constructive re- Cadoux, Cecil John, 1883-1947

examination of the eschatological teaching in the

synoptic Gospels, by Cecil John Cadoux


How to draw hands / by Oliver Senior Senior, Oliver, 1880-

William Shakspere's small Latine & lesse Greeke ... Baldwin, Thomas Whitfield, 1890-

By T.W. Baldwin

Teachers for our times, a statement of purposes by American Council on Education. Commission on

the Commission on Teacher Education Teacher Education


Poetry speaking for children / by Marjorie Gullan Gullan, Marjorie

and Percival Gurrey


Teacher in America, by Jacques Barzun Barzun, Jacques, 1907-

Cartooning for fun and profit, by Lois Fisher Fisher, Lois J

The use of the drama, by Harley Granville-Barker Granville-Barker, Harley, 1877-1946

Only by understanding, education, and international Carr, William George, 1901-

organization ..

Elementary statistics for students of education and Van Ormer, Edward Bunn, 1903-

psychology / by Edward B. Van Ormer and Clarence

O. Williams

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Modified activities in physical education, by Doreen Foote, Doreen


Philosophy in American education

A manual for remedial reading / by Edward William Dolch, Edward W. (Edward William), 1889-1961


Of course you can draw Kruckman, Herb, 1904-

Elementary costume illustration, by Ruth Austin ... Austin, Ruth Erma, 1905-

illustrated by the author


Great teachers : portrayed by those who studied Peterson, Houston, 1897- ed

under them / edited, with an introduction, by Houston


The improvement of teacher education / a final American Council on Education. Commission on

report by the Commission on teacher education Teacher Education

Why pupils fail in reading, by Helen Mansfield Robinson, Helen Mansfield, 1906-

Robinson ..

My country school diary, an adventure in creative Weber, Julia

teaching, by Julia Weber; foreword by Frank W. Cyr;

ill. by John R. Kollmar

Primitive education in North America, by George A. Pettitt, George Albert, 1901-


Teaching English usage, by Robert C. Pooley .. Pooley, Robert C. (Robert Cecil), 1898-

The modern parent and the teaching church, by Fallaw, Wesner

Wesner Fallaw

Problems of men Dewey, John, 1859-1952

Speech and the teacher, by Seth A. Fessenden .. Fessenden, Seth Arthur, 1903-

Anyone can draw animals, by Arthur Zaidenberg Zaidenberg, Arthur, 1908-

Herbartian contributions to history instruction in McMurry, Dorothy, 1899-

American elementary schools / by Dorothy McMurry

Art education for daily living, formerly Art training Russell, Mable

through home problems, by Mable Russell ... and

Elsie Wilson Gwynne ... Edited by William G.



Art & the child / by Marion Richardson ; With an Richardson, Marion Elaine

introduction by Sir Kenneth Clark


Yearbook / The Association for Student Teaching Association for Student Teaching


Birds in their homes / pictures by Sabra Mallett Webb, Addison, 1900-

Kimball ; text by Addison Webb

Exploring art, by Luise C. Kainz and Olive L. Riley Kainz, Luise C., 1902-

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Handbook for remedial reading / by William Kottmeyer, William, 1910-


Playmaking with children from kindergarten to high Ward, Winifred, b. 1884

school, by Winifred Ward ..

Unseen harvests, a treasury of teaching; ed. by Fuess, Claude Moore, 1885-1963

Claude M. Fuess and Emory S. Basford

Sketching is easy Zaidenberg, Arthur, 1908-

The college seeks religion Cuninggim, Merrimon, 1911-


College and university : the journal of the American

Association of Collegiate Registrars


Pictures, painters and you Bethers, Ray, 1902-

Education for musical growth Mursell, James L. (James Lockhart), 1893-1963

Large was our bounty: natural resources and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum

schools Development

1948, 1939

Elementary mathematics from an advanced Klein, Felix, 1849-1925

standpoint, geometry / Felix Klein ; translated from

the third German edition by E. R. Hedrick and C. A.

Noble, with 141 figures


Music and movement. With illus. drawn by Molly Driver, Ann

MacAthur and a preface by L.P. Jacks

Principles of art appreciation Pepper, Stephen C. (Stephen Coburn), 1891-

Helping children write, a thinking together about Applegate, Mauree

children's creative writing

Alcohol and social responsibility; a new educational McCarthy, Raymond Gerald, 1901-

approach [by] Raymond G. McCarthy [and] Edgar

M. Douglass

America's stake in human rights, by Ryland W. Crary, Ryland Wesley, 1913-

Crary and John T. Robinson

Life and education in early societies Woody, Thomas, 1891-1960

Training in community relations; a research Lippitt, Ronald

exploration toward new group skills

Parents and teachers view the child : a comparative Del Solar, Charlotte Fehlman, 1918-

study of parents' and teachers' appraisals of

children / by Charlotte Del Solar

Auditory training for children; a manual Whitehurst, Mary Wood, 1901-

Modern dance, techniques and teaching, by Shurr, Gertrude

Gertrude Shurr and Rachael Dunaven Yocom

Toward better teaching : a report of current practices Association for Supervision and Curriculum


Musical learning, a guide to child growth Flagg, Marion

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Science subjects made easy [by] Henry Thomas: a Thomas, Henry, 1888-

guide to the 10 basic sciences; illus. with line



Germany: promise and perils [by] Sigmund Neumann, Sigmund, 1904-

Neumann. Germany's political future [by] Robert W.


The draw anything book Zaidenberg, Arthur, 1908-

Kinesiology; by Laurence E. Morehouse and John Morehouse, Laurence Englemohr, 1913-

M. Cooper

The American tradition in religion and education Butts, R. Freeman (Robert Freeman), 1910-


The Journal / American Association for Health,

Physical Education, Recreation


Special events in the physical education program; American Association for Health, Physical

suggested organization and sample programs for Education, and Recreation. Division for Girls and

assemblies, demonstrations, and other feature

events. Marion Lafuze, editor

Physical education in the elementary school [by] Van Hagen, Winifred

Winifred Van Hagen, Genevie Dexter [and] Jesse

Feiring Williams

Maria Theresa, and other studies Gooch, G. P. (George Peabody), 1873-1968

Before the white man came: Pacific Northwest Jenkins, Mildred

Indian culture / by Mildred Jenkins; illustrated by

Will D. Jenkins

We teach English La Brant, Lou Le Vanche, 1893-

The wall of separation between church and state; an Moehlman, Conrad Henry, b. 1879

historical study of recent criticism of the religious

clause of the first amendment

Journey into light, the story of the education of the Ross, Ishbel, 1897-


Art in the schoolroom Keiler, Manfred L., 1908-

The school administrator and subversive activities; Reutter, E. Edmund, 1924-

a study of the administration of restraints on alleged

subversive activities of public school personnel

The school in American culture Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978

The artist in each of us Cane, Florence Naumburg, 1883-1952

William Heard Kilpatrick, trail blazer in education; Tenenbaum, Samuel, 1902-

with an introd. by John Dewey

Adventures into poetry Arnstein, Flora J

Balance and rhythm in exercise, by Maja Carlquist Carlquist, Maja Augusta Caroline, 1884-

and Tora Amylong; translated from the Swedish by

Madeleine Hamilton. Illustrated by Georg


Art is for everyone Eastlake, Martha Simpson

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Journal of geological education

1951; label: Peoria,

Self-expression through art; an introduction to Harrison, Elizabeth

teaching and appreciation


Journal of the American Association for Health,

Physical Education, Recreation


Bulletin / Association for Student Teaching


Mind your child's art; a guide for parents and Bannon, Laura


Education and the nature of man, by Earl C. Kelley Kelley, Earl Clarence, 1895-

and Marie I. Rasey

Creative dramatics in home, school, and community, Lease, Ruth

by Ruth Lease and Geraldine Brain Siks

Teaching-learning theory and teacher education, Monroe, Walter Scott, 1882-1961

1890 to 1950

Art for young America, by Florence W. Nicholas, Nicholas, Florence Williams, 1893-

Mabel B. Trilling, and Margaret Lee, in

collaboration with Elmer A. Stephan. Edited by

William G. Whitford

Intergroup education in public schools; American Council on Education. Intergroup

experimental programs sponsored by the Project in Education in Cooperating Schools

Intergroup Education in Cooperating Schools:

theory, practice, and in-service education. [By] Hilda

Taba, Elizabeth Hall Brady [and] John T. Robinson

Mo︠i︡a zhiznʹ v iskusstve. Stanislavsky, Konstantin, 1863-1938

English;"My life in art / by Constantin Stanislavski

[translated by J.J. Robbins]"

The school that built a town; with an introductory Page, Walter Hines, 1855-1918

chapter by Roy E. Larsen

Creative dramatics for children; a practical manual Durland, Frances Caldwell

for teachers and leaders

Crowd culture; an examination of the American way Bell, Bernard Iddings, 1886-1958

of life

The English language arts National Council of Teachers of English.

Commission on the English Curriculum

The unending journey / by Elizabeth Wallace Wallace, Elizabeth, 1865-1960

A primer of visual art; the basis of advertising, Mundt, Ernest

posters, typography, textiles, display, interiors, ind.

design, architecture, sculpture, photography,

drawing [and] painting

A handbook of perspective drawing by James C. Morehead, James Caddall, 1877-

Morehead and James C. Morehead, Jr

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 27 of 468


Audio-visual drawing program : the way to McIntyre, Bruce

education through drawing / Bruce McIntyre

The great conversation; the substance of a liberal Hutchins, Robert Maynard, 1899-


Windows for the Crown Prince Vining, Elizabeth Gray, 1902-

Art for the child; for the development of an adequate White, Eugene, 1908-

teacher background

The range of human capacities Wechsler, David, 1896-


British journal of educational studies [electronic



Corrective reading in classroom and clinic; Conference on Reading (1953 : University of

compiled and edited by Helen M. Robinson Chicago)

Education and art, a symposium Ziegfeld, Edwin, 1905-

The experience of poetry in school; six essays on Brown, Victoria V

various ways of presenting poetry in secondary


Creative teaching in art D'Amico, Victor, 1904-1987

Human development and education Havighurst, Robert James, 1900-

How to become a better reader Witty, Paul Andrew, 1898-

The teaching of philosophy, an international inquiry Unesco

of Unesco

Choral speaking arrangements for the lower Abney, Louise


Schools and the development of good citizens [by] Citizenship Education Study, Detroit

Stanley E. Dimond; the final report of the

Citizenship Education Study

Design for artists and craftsmen Wolchonok, Louis

The technique of handicraft teaching. With a Glenister, Sydney Haywood

foreword by H. A. T. Simmonds

Rough steps on my stairway; the life history of a Spellman, Cecil Lloyd, 1906-

Negro educator

An introduction to teaching / William R. Lueck Lueck, William Rudolph, 1900-

The learning of mathematics : its theory and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

practice / [Howard F. Fehr, editor]

What to do with your preschooler; enjoyable Frankel, Lillian Berson

activities for children 2 to 5 years old, by Lillian and

Godfrey Frankel. With drawings by Doug

Anderson; introd. by Gunnar Dybwad

Emotional adjustment, a key to good citizenship [by] Citizenship Education Study, Detroit

Elmer F.Pflieger [and] Grace L. Weston; a report

The student teacher in the elementary school, by Michaelis, John Udell, 1912-

John U. Michaelis [and] Paul R. Grim in

collaboration with Marilyn Anderson [and others]

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