Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Leadership training in intergroup education : Taba, Hilda, 1902-1967

evaluation of workshops / Hilda Taba


The social studies


Experiment in education: what we can learn from Hocking, William Ernest, 1873-1966

teaching Germany

Price of freedom Johnson, Ozie Harold

Speech in the elementary school / Mardel Ogilvie Ogilvie, Mardel, 1909-

How we fought for our schools, a documentary novel Darling, Edward

Building human relationships through art Yochim, Louise Dunn, 1909-

Emerging practices in mathematics education National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Successful teaching, its psychological principles Mursell, James L. (James Lockhart), 1893-1963

The teacher-pupil relationship Bush, Robert Nelson

Geographical essays. Edited by Douglas Wilson Davis, William Morris, 1850-1934


Modern dance in higher education Hawkins, Alma M

George Pierce Baker and the American theatre Kinne, Wisner Payne

American geography: inventory & prospect. Preston James, Preston Everett, 1899-

E. James & Clarence F. Jones, editors; John K.

Wright, consulting editor. Maps by John C.


Teaching speech in the secondary school Robinson, Karl Frederic, 1904-

Creating a good environment for learning

Art for the family [by] Victor D'Amico, Frances D'Amico, Victor, 1904-1987

Wilson [and] Moreen Maser

Red Moon called me: memoirs of a school teacher Golden, Gertrude

in the Government Indian Service. Edited by Cecil


Methods and materials in physical education and Bucher, Charles Augustus, 1912-

recreation; school and community activities

Corrective physical education Rathbone, Josephine Langworthy, 1899-

The children's art book Holme, C. Geoffrey (Charles Geoffrey), 1887-1954

Guidance through drama. [Six plays] With a Weiss, M. Jerry (Morton Jerry), 1926-

foreword by Ruth Strang

Freedom and loyalty in our colleges Summers, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1918-

Child drama. With a foreword by Dame Sybil Slade, Peter

Thorndike. [Edited by Brian Way]


Merrill-Palmer quarterly


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The arithmetic teacher


Faculty rights and obligations in eight independent Dennison, Charles P

liberal arts colleges / by Charles P. Dennison

Science activities for elementary children [by] Leslie Nelson, Leslie Weldemar

W. Nelson and George C. Lorbeer. Drawings by

Harry Horowitz

Teaching high school social studies Hunt, Maurice P

Speech in the elementary classroom, by Charles Van Riper, Charles, 1905-

Van Riper and Katharine G. Butler

Organizing the teaching profession; the story of the American Federation of Teachers. Commission on

American Federation of Teachers Educational Reconstruction

The courts and the public schools; the legal basis Edwards, Newton, 1889-

of school organization and administration

Growth of art in American schools Logan, Frederick M

Children and the language arts, edited by Virgil E. Herrick, Virgil E

Herrick [and] Leland B. Jacobs

The study of public administration Waldo, Dwight

Speculative instruments Richards, I. A. (Ivor Armstrong), 1893-

Adventures in line and tone Hill, Adrian Keith Graham, 1895-

Between man and man. Translated by Ronald Buber, Martin, 1878-1965

Gregor Smith

Now is the time Smith, Lillian Eugenia, 1897-1966

Working in the core program in Burris Laboratory Toops, Myrtle Dewey


When teachers face themselves Jersild, Arthur Thomas, 1902-


History of Oregon Congress of Parents and

Teachers : 1905-1925


South after Gettysburg; letters, 1863-1868. Edited Hancock, Cornelia, 1840-1926

by Henrietta Stratton Jaquette. Foreword by Bruce

Catton. Drawings by Edward Shenton

The child and physical education [by] Ellen D. Fraser, Ellen D

Fraser, Joan B. Bransford [and] Mamie Hastings

Teen-agers and alcohol; a handbook for the educator McCarthy, Raymond Gerald, 1901-

Diagnostic and remedial teaching in secondary Blair, Glenn Myers, 1908-

schools;"Diagnostic and remedial teaching : a

guide to practice in elementary and secondary

schools / Glenn Myers Blair"

Teaching for results Edge, Findley B. (Findley Bartow), 1916-

Positions in the field of reading / Kathryn Imogene Dever, Kathryn Imogene


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Basic principles of student teaching [by] Harold P. Adams, Harold P., 1912-

Adams [and] Frank G. Dickey

Dimensions of character Ligon, Ernest Mayfield, 1897-

The teacher of English, his materials and Warren, James Edward, 1908-


Art education, its philosophy and psychology; Munro, Thomas, 1897-

selected essays

Social studies for children: citizenship, Association for Childhood Education International

conservation, geography, history, human relations

The Negro potential, by Eli Ginzberg assisted by Ginzberg, Eli, 1911-

James K. Anderson, Douglas W. Bray [and] Robert

W. Smuts

The teacher's treasure chest Deuel, Leo

Teacher education for a free people / Russell M.

Cooper [

The teaching of geography Gopsill, G. H

Studies of reading and arithmetic in mentally

retarded boys. I. A comparison of the reading

processes of mentally retarded and normal boys of

the same mental age [by] Lloyd M. Dunn. II.

Quantitative and qualitative analyses of endogenous

and exogenous boys on arithmetic achievement [by]

Rudolph J. Capobianco

The liberal and technical in teacher education : a Borrowman, Merle L

historical survey of American thought / Merle


The uses of drama; a historical survey of drama and Coggin, Philip A

education from ancient Greece to the present day

Murals for schools; sharing creative experiences. Randall, Arne W

Illustrated by author

Education as a profession Lieberman, Myron, 1919-

The intellectual life of colonial New England Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887-1976

The essentials of educational statistics Cornell, Francis G. (Francis Griffith), 1906-


AAUP bulletin : quarterly publication of the

American Association of University Professors


More than social studies; a view of social learning Miel, Alice, 1906-

in the elementary school, by Alice Miel and Peggy


How to read a novel Gordon, Caroline, 1895-

America learns to dance; a historical study of dance Marks, Joseph E

education in America before 1900

Helping people learn English; a manual for Stevick, Earl W

teachers of English as a second language

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Physical education handbook for elementary Roberts, Nan H

teaching, by Nan H. Roberts, Jeanette Wieser [and]

Harriet K. Garrett

Recreation activities for the elementary classroom

and playground

The teaching of speech and by speech in public Schunhoff, Hugo Frederick, 1907-

residential schools for the deaf in the United States,


Playmaking with children from kindergarten through Ward, Winifred, b. 1884

junior high school / by Winifred Ward

Workshops for teachers; a handbook for all O'Rourke, Mary A

participants, by Mary A. O'Rourke and William H.


Seven steps to creative children's dramatics Walker, Pamela Prince

The wonderful world of energy / Lancelot Hogben ; Hogben, Lancelot Thomas, 1895-

artists: Eileen Aplin ... [et al.]

Insights into modern mathematics / National

Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Teaching Spanish in the grades MacRae, Margit W

Social growth through play production Simos, Jack

Educational guidance and the deaf child / edited by

A. W. G. Ewing

Teaching English grammar Pooley, Robert C. (Robert Cecil), 1898-

Guiding language learning / Mildred A. Dawson, Dawson, Mildred Agnes, 1897-

Marian Zollinger

Making and using charts, by Alice O. Liechti [and] Liechti, Alice O

Jack R. Chappell

Toward the liberally educated executive. Robert A. Goldwin, Robert A., 1922-

Goldwin, editor, and Charles A. Nelson, Consultant

Language teaching in grades 1 and 2 Dawson, Mildred Agnes, 1897-

The craft of old-master drawings Watrous, James, 1908-

Famous Indian chiefs / by John W. Moyer; Moyer, John W. (John William)

illustrated by James L. Vlasaty

Early adolescent art education Reed, Carl

Four philosophies and their practice in education Butler, J. Donald (James Donald), 1908-

and religion

The student teacher in action / Sam P. Wiggins Wiggins, Samuel Paul, 1919-

Creative and mental growth Lowenfeld, Viktor

Children's art education [by] Knudsen & Christensen Knudsen, Estelle Hagen

In-service education for teachers, supervisors, and National Society for the Study of Education.

administrators. Edited by Nelson B. Henry Committee on In-Service Education


Slavic and East European journal


Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 32 of 468


Creative power; the education of youth in the Mearns, Hughes, 1875-

creative arts. With an introd. by Winifred Ward

Teaching in the secondary school; a revision of Klausmeier, Herbert J. (Herbert John), 1915-

Principles and practices of secondary school


Three-dimensional drawing Loomis, Andrew, 1892-

Art education: its means and ends De Francesco, Italo Luther, 1901-

The history of India : its study and interpretation / by Crane, Robert I

Robert I. Crane

How to teach in the elementary school Kelner, Bernard G

Skills and techniques for reading French [by] Seibert, Louise Cleret, 1892-

Louise C. Seibert [and] Lester G. Crocker

The Indian child goes to school; a study of Coombs, L. Madison

interracial differences, by L. Madison Coombs [and


Education through art Read, Herbert Edward, Sir, 1893-1968

Probing into the economic attitudes of college Knight, Willys Raymond, 1917-


Statistical analysis for students in psychology and Edwards, Allen Louis

education;"Statistical analysis"

The young devils; experiences of a school-teacher Townsend, John

Children and their art; methods for the elementary Gaitskell, Charles D

school [by] Charles D. Gaitskell, under the general

editorship of Willard B. Spalding

Indians of North America / Harry Tschopik, Jr. ; Tschopik, Harry, 1915-1956

illustrated by L.A. Williams

Indians and the Old West; the story of the first

Americans / Adapted from the pages of American

heritage, the magazine of history, by Anne Terry


Creative dramatics, an art for children Siks, Geraldine Brain

Brainwashing in the high schools; an examination of Root, Edward Merrill, 1895-1973

eleven American history textbooks

Recommendations on undergraduate curricula in Conference on Undergraduate Curricula in the

the biological sciences; report of a conference held Biological Sciences (1956 and 1957 : Washington,

at Washington, D.C., December 8-9, 1956, and

Chapel Hill, N.C., April 1-4, 1957. [Sponsored by

the] Committee on Educational Policies, Division of

Biology and Agriculture [National Research

Council] Editorial committee: Willis H. Johnson

[and others]

Natural language for deaf children / by Mildred A. Groht, Mildred A

Groht ; with a foreword by Clarence D. O'Connor

Child of the revolution; translated by C.M. Leonhard, Wolfgang


The teacher and school organization / Leo M. Chamberlain, Leo Martin, 1896-

Chamberlain, Leslie W. Kindred

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 33 of 468


Techniques of secondary school teaching Watkins, Ralph Knupp, 1893-


Modern high school physics; a recommended Columbia University. Teachers College. Science

course of study Manpower Project

It has happened here Blossom, Virgil T

World affairs and the college curriculum / Richard Swift, Richard N

N. Swift

Our priceless primaries ; making child teaching Harris, William J

more child reaching for primary leaders and

teachers. by William J. Harris

Field study in American geography; the Platt, Robert S. (Robert Swanton), 1891- ed

development of theory and method exemplified by


Working with animals. Illus. by Raymond Perlman Atkin, J. Myron

Occupational conditions among the deaf; a report Lunde, Anders Steen, 1914-

on a national survey conducted by Gallaudet

College and the National Association of the Deaf,

by Anders S. Lunde and Stanley K. Bigman

Birth of an island / pictures by Winifred Lubell Selsam, Millicent Ellis, 1912-

Children discover music and dance; a guide for Sheehy, Emma Dickson

parents and teachers

Teaching art to children; the values of creative Jefferson, Blanche


Breaking the reading barrier Gilbert, Doris W. (Doris Wilcox)

Teaching the language arts Tidyman, Willard Fred, 1888-

The Growth of mathematical ideas, grades K-12 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The teaching of speaking and listening in the Pronovost, Wilbert Lucien, 1914-

elementary school / by Wilbert Pronovost with

Louise Kingman

Discovering meanings in arithmetic [by] Foster E. Grossnickle, Foster E. (Foster Earl), 1896-

Grossnickle [and] Leo J. Brueckner

The student teacher at work : handbook for student Neal, Charles D

teachers / by Charls D. Neal

Come to our salmon feast / Martha Ferguson McKeown, Martha Ferguson, 1903-

McKeown; illustrated with photographs by Archie

W. McKeown

Backwardness in the basic subjects / Fred J. Schonell, F. J. (Fred Joyce)


Teacher's guide for remedial reading / by William Kottmeyer, William, 1910-


Counseling in the physical education program Cassidy, Rosalind Frances, 1895-

Education for child rearing Brim, Orville Gilbert, 1923-

A style of history for beginners / by Paul L. Ward Ward, Paul L

The teaching of high school English Hook, J. N. (Julius Nicholas), 1913-

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