Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Reading for life; developing the college student's Conference on the Undergraduate and Lifetime

lifetime reading interest. Edited with a pref. by Reading Interest (1958 : University of Michigan)

Jacob M. Price

Art in education [by] Howard Conant and Arne Conant, Howard


Your student teaching in the secondary school / McGuire, Vincent

Vincent McGuire, Robert B. Myers, Charles L.

Durrance ; illus. by Mary Purser

Group methods in supervision and staff development Abrahamson, Arthur C

1959 1962 printing

1001 questions answered about the mineral Pearl, Richard Maxwell, 1913-

kingdom / by Richard M. Pearl


Play it by ear! Auditory training games, by Edgar L Lowell, Edgar L

Lowell and Marguerite Stoner, with the

collaboration of Edith M. McIntire, Jean M. McNeil,

Patricia M. Smith, and the editorial assistance of

Joan Hounsfield

Hand-built pottery Krum, Josephine R

Elementary statistical methods in psychology and Blommers, Paul J., 1910-

education [by] Paul Blommers and E. F. Lindquist

Qualities of experience and educational philosophy, Wynne, John Peter, 1888-

edited and supplemented by John P. Wynne

Destination teaching Blanchard, Birdsall Everard, 1909-

Junior science book of magnets / by Rocco V. Feravolo, Rocco V

Feravolo; illustrated by Evelyn Urbanowich

Essays on the teaching of English; reports of the Gordon, Edward J

Yale Conferences on the Teaching of English.

Edited by Edward J. Gordon [and] Edward S. Noyes

The Creative arts in American education: The

interrelation of the arts in secondary education [by]

Thomas Munro. The third realm of education [by]

Herbert Read

A to Z phonics: a teaching guide to the use of A to Z Cooke, Dorothy E

phonics charts

Graphic design Baranski, Matthew

Experiments in creative art teaching; a progress Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Dept. of

report on the Dept. of Education, 1937-1960 [by] Education

Victor D'Amico [director

Children with impaired hearing Streng, Alice

Improving patterns of language usage Golden, Ruth I

The music consultant at work Marvel, Lorene

The teacher and the public school system Burrup, Percy E., 1910-

The language of education Scheffler, Israel

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Student teaching in art, a handbook for student Gray, Wellington B

teachers and beginning art teachers

Science today for the elementary-school teacher [by] Navarra, John Gabriel

John Gabriel Navarra [and] Joseph Zafforoni

Growing with nursery and kindergarten children : a Gould, Josephine T

companion to Martin and Judy, volumes I, II, III / by

Josephine T. Gould ; drawings by Jannette Spitzer

Making number discoveries / by Leo J. Brueckner, Brueckner, Leo J. (Leo John), 1890-1967

Elda L. Merton, Foster E. Grossnickle ; assisting

the authors, Lyle S. Hance

The conquest of deafness; a history of the long Bender, Ruth E

struggle to make possible normal living to those

handicapped by lack of normal hearing

Shorthand fashion sketching Rowe, Patricia Lingane

Through art to creativity; art in the elementary Barkan, Manuel

school program

Curriculum development in the elementary school / Rucker, W. Ray

W. Ray Rucker

General education for personal maturity; the role of Morse, Horace Taylor, 1905-

courses in personal adjustment, preparation for

marriage, and vocational planning. Horace T.

Morse and Paul L. Dressel, editors

Aids to modern language teaching : devices for use Bateman, Gerald Cooper

in French classes / G. C. Bateman

Instruction in arithmetic National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Perspectives on English : essays to honor W.

Wilbur Hatfield / edited by Robert C. Pooley

Physical education in small schools, with Joint Committee on Health, Physical Education, and

suggestions relating to health and recreation. Recreation in Rural Schools

Edited by Elsa Schneider

Teaching aids and toys for handicapped children Dorward, Barbara


Art journal [electronic resource]

Lexington School for the Deaf education series

1960, 1957

Dependent plants / by Bertha Morris Parker; Parker, Bertha Morris

illustrations by Arnold W. Ryan; cover by G.I.


1960, 1958

Strange plants and their ways / by Ross E. Hutchins, Ross E

Hutchins; with 60 photographs by the author

1960, 1959

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Adaptation to environment \ by Bertha Morris Parker, Bertha Morris

Parker; checked for scientific accuracy by Orlin D.

Frank; Illustrations by Matilda Breuer; cover by C.J.


American teaching about Russia. Cyril E. Black Black, Cyril Edwin, 1915-

[and] John M. Thompson


Studies on Asia


Teaching machines and programmed learning; a Lumsdaine, Arthur A

source book, edited by A. A. Lumsdaine and Robert



Preparing objectives for programmed instruction Mager, Robert Frank, 1923-

The torch lighters: tomorrow's teachers of reading, Austin, Mary C

by Mary C. Austin [and] Coleman Morrison [with the

collaboration of] Helen J. Kenney [and others]

The philosophic process in physical education Davis, Elwood Craig, 1896-

Observations on life, literature, and learning in Peyre, Henri, 1901-


Early Christianity and Greek paideia Jaeger, Werner Wilhelm, 1888-1961

Art activities for the very young, from 3 to 6 years Hoover, Francis Louis, 1913-

Undergraduate curricula in psychology; report of University of Michigan

the Michigan conference supported by the National

Science Foundation Conference directors: W.J.

McKeachie [and] John D. Milholland. Participants:

Lawrence E. Cole [and others]

Beginning language arts instruction with children Shane, Harold Gray, 1914-

[by] Harold G. Shane, Mary E. Reddin [and]

Margaret C. Gillespie

Fifty-eight lonely men; Southern Federal judges and Peltason, J. W. (Jack Walter), 1923-

school desegregation. Introd. by Paul H. Douglas

Junior science book of rain, hail, sleet & snow / by Larrick, Nancy

Nancy Larrick; illustrated by Weda Yap

The profession of teaching [by] Harold W. Massey Massey, Harold Wallace, 1914-

and Edwin E. Vineyard

Creativity in teaching: invitations and instances Miel, Alice, 1906-

English in the secondary school Sauer, Edwin H

Success in student teaching [by] Loretta Byers [and] Byers, Loretta

Elizabeth Irish

Attitudes toward English teaching Mersand, Joseph E., 1907-

Social studies in secondary schools: curriculum Fraser, Dorothy McClure, 1913-

and methods [by] Dorothy McClure Fraser [and]

Edith West

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Plays and creative ways with children. Foreword by Kerman, Gertrude Lerner

John L. Miller. Pictures by Margaret Zimmerman

Issues, problems & approaches in the teaching of Stone, George Winchester, 1907-


New horizons for the teaching profession; a report National Commission on Teacher Education and

of the task force on new horizons in teacher Professional Standards (U.S.)

education and professional standards. Edited by

Margaret Lindsey

Conversations with children Hunter, Edith Fisher, 1919-

Planning schools for new media [by] Amo De De Bernardis, Amo

Bernardis [and others] in cooperation with U. S.

Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of


Informing the public about the English language National Council of Teachers of English.

arts. A report by the Committee on Methods of Committee on Methods of Working with the Public

Working with the Public of the National Council of

Teachers of English. Oscar M. Haugh, Chairman

Evaluation in mathematics National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Modern elementary school science: a Jacobson, Willard J

recommended sequence [by] Willard J. Jacobson

[and] Harold E. Tannenbaum

Art for the academically talented student in the Conference on Art for the Academically Talented

secondary school. Editor: Edwin Ziegfeld (1959 : Washington, D.C.)

Children's theatre and creative dramatics, edited by Siks, Geraldine Brain

Geraldine Brain Siks and Hazel Brain Dunnington

Schools for team teaching; [a report] prepared by Educational Facilities Laboratories

Evans Clinchy, editorial associate

The art of pictorial composition Wolchonok, Louis

The American myth and the European mind; Skard, Sigmund, 1903-

American studies in Europe, 1776-1960

Drawing with pen and ink. Edited and rev. by Henry Guptill, Arthur Leighton, 1891-1956

C. Pitz

The adolescent society; the social life of the Coleman, James Samuel, 1926-

teenager and its impact on education, by James S.

Coleman with the assistance of John W. C.

Johnstone and Kurt Jonassohn

New encyclopedia of drawing, painting, and the Zaidenberg, Arthur, 1908-

graphic arts

A modern approach to language study; English School District of Cheltenham Township, Pa

teacher's guide for teaching linguistics. [Written by

Edgar Schuster, staff writer]

The liberties of wit, humanism, criticism and the Lane, Robert Edwards

civic mind


Tests in print

1961, 1941

The natural way to draw : a working plan for art Nicolaïdes, Kimon, 1892-1938

study / by Kimon Nicolaïdes

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 38 of 468



Planning facilities for art instruction, prepared by a National Art Education Association. Information

committee on art room planning information studies Studies Committee. Committee on Planning of Art

program as part of the NAEA


Journal of secondary education


Safety education [by] A. E. Florio [and] G. T. Stafford Florio, A. E

Secondary school teaching / H. Orville Nordberg, Nordberg, H. Orville

James M. Bradfield, William C. Odell

Echo in my soul, by Septima Poinsette Clark with Clark, Septima Poinsette, 1898-1987

LeGette Blythe. Foreward by Harry Golden

The underachiever in reading. Compiled and edited Conference on Reading (1962 : University of

by H. Alan Robinson Chicago)

Poster ideas and bulletin board techniques for Coplan, Kate

libraries and schools. Original art by Constance

Rosenthal. Lettering art by Charles Cipolloni

The cooperating teacher at work Hunter, Elizabeth

Heal the hurt child. Foreword by Nathan W. Riese, Hertha, 1892-


Let them write poetry; a book about the teaching of Walter, Nina Willis, 1900-

poetry appreciation through the writing of poetry for

the teachers of children from kindergarten through

high school

Teaching in the elementary school / Herbert J. Klausmeier, Herbert J. (Herbert John), 1915-

Klausmeier and Katharine Dresden

Art for young America [by] Carl J. Heyne, Jr., Nicholas, Florence Williams, 1893-

Florence W. Nicholas, Margaret M. Lee [and]

Mabel B. Trilling

The education of historians in the United States [by] Perkins, Dexter, 1889-

Dexter Perkins, John L. Snell and Committee on

Graduate Education of the American Historical


Educating hearing-impaired children in ordinary Johnson, John Charles

schools / by J. C. Johnson ; with a foreword by Sir

Alexander Ewing

The barbarian within, and other fugitive essays and Ong, Walter J


Teaching reading to adults, by Edwin H. and Marie Smith, Edwin H

P. Smith

Using mass media in the schools. Edited by William National Council of Teachers of English.

D. Boutwell [chairman] Committee on the Use of Mass Media

Curriculum development; theory and practice. Taba, Hilda, 1902-1967

Under the general editorship of Willard B. Spalding

World tales for creative dramatics and storytelling

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 39 of 468


Growing up in New Guinea; a comparative study of Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978

primitive education

Methods and materials for teaching the biological Miller, David F. (David Franklin), 1892-

sciences; a text and source book for teachers in

training and in service [by] David F. Miller [and]

Glenn W. Blaydes

Seeing with pencil and brush Zaidenberg, Arthur, 1908-

Teaching elementary science; a sourcebook for Hone, Elizabeth B

elementary science [by] Elizabeth B. Hone,

Alexander Joseph [and] Edward Victor. Under the

general editorship of Paul F. Brandwein

Theory and practice of psychological testing Freeman, Frank Samuel, 1898-

The poles / by Willy Ley and the editors of Life Ley, Willy, 1906-1969

Conservation for camp and classroom Bale, Robert O

1962, 1961

Structural grammar in the classroom / by Verna L. Newsome, Verna Louise



Problems and methods in high school teaching Drayer, Adam M

English education today. Dwight L. Burton, editor Conference on English Education (1963 : Indiana


The journal of John Harrower, an indentured Harrower, John, 1733 or 4-1777

servant in the Colony of Virginia, 1773-1776. Edited,

with an introd., by Edward Miles Riley. Illustrated by

Fritz Kredel

The education of American teachers Conant, James Bryant, 1893-1978

Religion, a humanistic field Holbrook, Clyde A

Teaching elementary school science: methods and Kambly, Paul Eduard, 1908-

resources [by] Paul E. Kambly [and] John E. Suttle

Where, when, and why: social studies in American Mayer, Martin, 1928-


Basic procedures in teaching arithmetic [by] Howard, Charles Frederick

Charles F. Howard [and] Enoch Dumas

The education of teachers of English for American National Council of Teachers of English.

schools and colleges. Edited by Alfred H. Grommon Commission on the English Curriculum

Speech beginnings for the deaf-blind child : a guide Robbins, Nan

for parents/ by Nan Robbins

Unit teaching in the elementary school; social Hanna, Lavone Agnes

studies and related sciences [by] Lavone A. Hanna,

Gladys L. Potter [and] Neva Hagaman

Up from slavery : an autobiography / Booker T. Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915

Washington ; [foreword by William O. Douglas]

Movement education for infants Inner London Education Authority

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