Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Classroom simulation: a new dimension in teacher Kersh, Bert Y

education; final report, title VII, project number 886,

National defense education act of 1958

Educational rhythmics for mentally handicapped Robins, Ferris

children; a method of practical application, by Ferris

and Jennet Robins

Teaching social studies in junior and senior high Lewenstein, Morris R

schools, an end and means approach

Physical education activities for college men and Miller, Kenneth Dayton, 1914-

women, by Mary Virginia Alexander [and others]

Edited by Kenneth D. Miller

Ways with art; 50 techniques for teaching children Stevens, Harold

Educationists and the evisceration of the visual arts Manzella, David

Guiding language learning [by] Mildred A. Dawson, Dawson, Mildred Agnes, 1897-

Marian Zollinger [and] Ardell Elwell

A correlated music and visual arts course of study Johnson, Gordon A

for the senior high school

Rosegarden and labyrinth; a study in art education. Robertson, Seonaid M. (Seonaid Mairi)

Foreword by Herbert Read

The historical profession in the United States Holt, W. Stull (William Stull), 1896-

The techniques of reading; an integrated program Judson, Horace

for improved comprehension and speed

Telling the UN story; new approaches to teaching Kenworthy, Leonard Stout, 1912-

about the United Nations and its related agencies

A workbook in language teaching, with special Stevick, Earl W

reference to English as a foreign language [by]

Earl W. Stevick

Gesprochenes Deutsch [von] Wolfhart Klee [und] Klee, Wolfhart Gotthold, 1909-

Magda Gerkin. [zeichungen von Hildegard Funke]

Jazz & blues, planned and correlated by Frances Kraehenbuehl, David

Clark. Louise Goss, ed

Analysis of human motion; a textbook in kinesiology Scott, M. Gladys (Myrtle Gladys), 1905-

Biology teachers' handbook Biological Sciences Curriculum Study

Prejudice and your child Clark, Kenneth Bancroft, 1914-

An experiment in education Marshall, Sybil

Philosophy and principles of physical education [by] Cowell, Charles Clarence, 1896-

Charles C. Cowell [and] Wellman L. France

Clay in the classroom; a means to creative Barford, George


Energy, by Mitchell Wilson and the editors of Life Wilson, Mitchell A

Themes, theories, and therapy: teaching of writing Kitzhaber, Albert R. (Albert Raymond), 1915-

in college. The report of the Dartmouth study of

student writing

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Art experiences; an experimental approach [by] Loughran, Bernice B

Bernice B. Loughran

The miseducation of American teachers. With an Koerner, James D

introd. by Sterling M. McMurrin

Teacher Ashton-Warner, Sylvia

Teaching in junior and senior high schools Billett, Roy Oren, 1891-

Folk dance teaching cues Czarnowski, Lucile Katheryn, 1897-

Toward excellence in college teaching [by] Earl V. Pullias, Earl Vivon, 1907-

Pullias and Aileene Lockhart [and others]

Physical education for children; a developmental Halsey, Elizabeth, 1890-

program [by] Elizabeth Halsey [and] Lorena Porter.

With a foreword by Paul J. Misner

Development of taste in literature, prepared by a National Conference on Research in English

committee: Nila Banton Smith, chairman [and others]

Teacher's handbook of indoor and outdoor games Edgren, Harry Daniel, 1899-

[by] Harry D. Edgren [and] Joseph J. Gruber

Techniques of drawing Simon, Howard, 1903-

Discovering meanings in elementary school Grossnickle, Foster E. (Foster Earl), 1896-

mathematics [by] Foster E. Grossnickle [and] Leo J.



Report of the International Clearinghouse on International Clearinghouse on Science and

Science and Mathematics Curricular Developments Mathematics Curricular Developments


Sociology of education

Science and children


An evaluation of two methods using magnetic tape Spohn, Charles L

recordings for programed instruction in the

elemental materials of music, by Charles L. Spohn

[and] William Poland


Bulletin of African studies in Canada [electronic

resource] = Bulletin des études africaines au



The journal-newsletter of the Association of

Teachers of Japanese [electronic resource]


Educational beginnings with deaf-blind children, by Robbins, Nan

Nan Robbins

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 42 of 468


The experience of student teaching / John W. Devor Devor, John W

Foundations of behavioral research : educational Kerlinger, Fred N. (Fred Nichols), 1910-

and psychological inquiry / Fred N. Kerlinger

Medical sociology and cultural anthropology of Jokl, Ernst, 1907-

sport and physical education

Ten years of prelude: the story of integration since Muse, Benjamin

the Supreme Court's 1954 decision

Research design and the teaching of English; Conference on Research Design and the Teaching

proceedings. Sponsored by the University of of English (1963 : San Francisco)

California, Berkeley

Student teaching [by] L. O. Andrews Andrews, Leonard O

The cell / by John Pfeiffer and the editors of Life Pfeiffer, John E., 1915-

Illustrated gymnastic manual [by S. Hamada, M. Hamada, Seiichi, 1914-

Takemoto, A. K�no]

Gestaltende Kinderhände. English;"Art Tritten, Gottfried

techniques for children"

The process of art education in the elementary Conrad, George, 1916-


Germany after Adenauer / by Klaus Epstein Epstein, Klaus

Contemporary research on teacher effectiveness.

Bruce J. Biddle [and] William J. Ellena, editors.

Contributors: Bruce J. Biddle [and others]

Readings in the language arts in the elementary MacCampbell, James C


Learning and teaching arithmetic Banks, John Houston, 1911-

Developing arithmetic concepts and skills [by] Shipp, Donald E

Donald E. Shipp [and] Sam Adams

Curriculum improvement: decision-making and Doll, Ronald C


Crafts for retarded: through their hands they shall McNeice, William C

learn. [By] William C. McNeice [and] Kenneth R.

Benson. Illustrated by Albert Mackevich

Realms of meaning : a philosophy of the curriculum Phenix, Philip Henry, 1915-

for general education / Philip H. Phenix

Readings in the language arts [by] Verna Dieckman Anderson, Verna Dieckman

Anderson [and others]

Why teach physics? Based on discussions at the International Conference on Physics in General

International Conference on Physics in General Education (1963 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Education. Edited by Sanborn C. Brown, Norman

Clarke [and] Jayme Tiomno

Great aspirations; the graduate school plans of Davis, James Allan, 1929-

America's college seniors, by James A. Davis

Contemporary history in the Soviet mirror; [papers] Conference on Contemporary History in the Soviet

Edited by John Keep and Liliana Brisby Mirror (1961 : Geneva)

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Topics in mathematics for elementary school

teachers / [Editorial Committee, Edwin F.

Beckenbach ... et al.]

Secondary school teaching : modes for reflective Smith, Herbert Frederick A., 1915-

thinking / Herbert F. A. Smith

Student teaching in secondary schools [by] Howard Schorling, Raleigh, 1887-1950

T. Batchelder, Maurice McGlasson [and] Raleigh


English for the rejected : training literacy in the Holbrook, David

lower streams of the secondary school / by David


Academic women, by Jessie Bernard Bernard, Jessie Shirley, 1903-

A psycholinguistic experiment in foreign-language Scherer, George A. C

teaching [by] George A.C. Scherer [and] Michael


American studies in transition. Edited by Marshall Fishwick, Marshall William

W. Fishwick

Handbook for geography teachers, prepared by the University of London. Institute of Education

Standing Sub-committee in Geography. General

editor: M. Long

The teaching of American history in high schools, Baxter, Maurice G. (Maurice Glen), 1920-

by Maurice G. Baxter, Robert H. Ferrell [and] John

E. Wiltz

The Celtic cross; studies in Irish culture and Browne, Ray Broadus

literature, edited by Ray B. Browne, William John

Roscelli and Richard Loftus

Let's find out about George Washington / by Martha Shapp, Martha

and Charles Shapp; pictures by Lászlo Roth

Geography now and then Warntz, William, 1922-

No turning back; a true account of a Hopi Indian Qoyawayma, Polingaysi, 1892-

girl's struggle to bridge the gap between the world

of her people and the world of the White man, by

Polingaysi Qoyawayma (Elizabeth Q. White) as told

to Vada F. Carlson

Let's find out about Christopher Columbus / by Shapp, Martha

Martha and Charles Shapp; pictures by Gloria


Introducing gymnastics / written and illustrated by Harris, Rich

Rich Harris

Teaching secondary art Lanier, Vincent

Old school ties : the public school in British Reed, John R

literature / [by] John R. Reed

Asian religions; an introduction to the study of Morgan, Kenneth William

Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, and


Copyrights, clearances, and rights of teachers in Siebert, Fred S. (Fred Seaton), 1902?-1982

the new educational media; report of a study, by

Fred S. Siebert

Creative and mental growth [by] Viktor Lowenfeld Lowenfeld, Viktor

[and] W. Lambert Brittain

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 44 of 468


The radical tradition : twelve essays on politics, Tawney, R. H. (Richard Henry), 1880-1962

education, and literature / R. H. Tawney ; edited by

Rita Hinden ; with an appreciation by Hugh Gaitskell

English today and tomorrow; a guide for teachers of Guth, Hans Paul, 1926-


Auditory training in the Perkins Deaf-Blind Robbins, Nan

Department / by Nan Robbins

The internship in the preparation of elementary Corman, Bernard R

school teachers; a description and analysis of a

program. Bernard R. Corman and Ann G. Olmsted

Mein Vorkurs am Bauhaus; Gestaltungs und Itten, Johannes, 1888-1967

Formenlehre. English;"Design and form the basic

course at the Bauhaus. Translated by John Maass"

The mentally retarded child: identification, Willey, Roy De Verl

acceptance, and curriculum, by Roy DeVerl Willey

and Kathleen Barnette Waite

Adaptations of muscular activity; a textbook for Logan, Gene A. (Gene Adams), 1922-

adapted physical education, by Gene A. Logan.

Contributing author: James G. Dunkelberg.

Illustrated by Gene A. Logan

Designs for reading programs Umans, Shelley


Psychology in the schools


Research bulletin National Council for the Social Studies

Young children

1964 1931

The educational work of Thomas Jefferson Honeywell, Roy John, 1886-

1964 i.e.1965

History teaching, the era approach Carpenter, Peter

1964, 1963

Punkt und Linie. English;"Creative drawing, point Röttger, Ernst

and line [by] Ernst Röttger and Dieter Klante"


Strasberg at the Actors Studio: tape-recorded Strasberg, Lee

sessions. Edited by Robert H. Hethmon

Creative teaching in the elementary school Shumsky, Abraham, 1921-

Reading the manual alphabet : a research program Bornstein, Harry

for developing a filmed program for teaching the

manual alphabet / Harry Bornstein

Writing and literature in the secondary school. Gordon, Edward J

Edited by Edward J. Gordon

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 45 of 468


The nature and the study of history. With a Commager, Henry Steele, 1902-

concluding chapter suggesting methods for

elementary and secondary teachers by Raymond H.

Muessig and Vincent R. Rogers

Graduate education today Walters, Everett, 1915-

Prescriptive teaching [by] Laurence J. Peter Peter, Laurence J

Guidebook for the volunteer reading teacher Sleisenger, Lenore

Classroom simulation: further studies on Kersh, Bert Y

dimensions of realism [by] Bert Y. Kersh

New careers for the poor; the nonprofessional in Pearl, Arthur

human service [by] Arthur Pearl and Frank Riessman

Order and freedom on the campus, the rights and Institute on College Self Study (7th : 1965 :

responsibilities of faculty and students; papers and University of California, Berkeley)

discussions. Edited by Owen A. Knorr and W. John


Bases for effective reading, by Miles A. Tinker Tinker, Miles Albert, 1893-

Geographical dialogue: university viewpoints for

teachers. With an introd. by George S. Tomkins.

Edited by Walter G. Hardwick

Corrective physical education [by] Josephine L. Rathbone, Josephine Langworthy, 1899-

Rathbone [and] Valerie V. Hunt

Teaching French; an introduction to applied Politzer, Robert Louis, 1921-

linguistics [by] Robert L. Politzer

Family design; marital sexuality, family size, and Rainwater, Lee


Elementary Spanish ; an audio-lingual approach [by] Gordon, Alan M

Alan M. Gordon

The dramatic experience [by] J. L. Styan. Illustrated Styan, J. L

with drawings by David Gentleman

The African world; a survey of social research. Lystad, Robert A

Edited for the African Studies Association by Robert

A. Lystad

Teaching speech in today's secondary schools [by] Balcer, Charles Lewis, 1921-

Charles L. Balcer [and] Hugh F. Seabury

Journalists in the making; a history of the School of Turnbull, George Stanley, 1882-

Journalism at the University of Oregon, by George

S. Turnbull

Language programs for the disadvantaged; the National Council of Teachers of English. Task

report of the NCTE Task Force on Teaching Force on Teaching English to the Disadvantaged

English to the Disadvantaged. Richard Corbin [and]

Muriel Crosby, co-chairmen

Geography in undergraduate liberal education; a Association of American Geographers. Geography

report in Liberal Education Project

Adapted and corrective physical education Kelly, Ellen Davis

Music activities for retarded children; a handbook Ginglend, David R

for teachers and parents [by] David R. Ginglend

[and] Winifred E. Stiles

The professional education of teachers; a Combs, Arthur W. (Arthur Wright), 1912-

perceptual view of teacher preparation [by] Arthur

W. Combs

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