Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Audiology and education of the deaf; a research Joint Committee on Audiology and Education of the

project and training manual sponsored by the Joint Deaf

Committee on Audiology and Education of the Deaf,

[a committee established by the American Speech

and Hearing Association and the Conference of

Executives of American Schools for the Deaf]

Editor: Ira M. Ventry

Source book for geography teaching Unesco

Vocational adjustment and the deaf: a guide and Lerman, Alan

annotated bibliography

Using literature with young children. Edited by Jacobs, Leland B. (Leland Blair), 1907-

Leland B. Jacobs

Art aids for elementary teaching, a handbook Paine, Irma Littler

Planning areas and facilities for health, physical National Facilities Conference (3rd : 1965 : Indiana

education, and recreation University)

Modes of thinking in young children; a study of the Wallach, Michael A

creativity-intelligence distinction [by] Michael A.

Wallach and Nathan Kogan

Improving English composition. Edited by Arno Jewett, Arno Joseph, 1907-

Jewett [and] Charles E. Bish

The motion picture and the teaching of English. National Council of Teachers of English

Marion C. Sheridan, director. Harold H. Owen, Jr.,

chief writer; Ken Macrorie, associate writer; Fred

Marcus, associate writer

The teaching of ethnic dance : Macedonia, Greece, Joukowsky, Anatol M

Serbia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Czechoslovakia,

France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine / by Anatol M.

Joukowsky ; illustrated by Serge Smirnoff

Political science: an informal overview [by] Francis Sorauf, Frank J. (Frank Joseph), 1928-

J. Sorauf. Charles S. Hyneman, consultant. With a

concluding chapter suggesting methods for

elementary and secondary teachers, by Raymond H.

Muessig and Vincent R. Rogers

James Watt and steam power : a collection of Langdon-Davies, John, 1897-

contemporary documents / compiled and edited by

John Langdon-Davies

Increasing your accuracy in teacher evaluation, by Brighton, Stayner Frates, 1916-

Stayner F. Brighton

Teaching reading: selected materials. Edited by Barbe, Walter Burke, 1926-

Walter B. Barbe

Mathematical learning : report of a conference Conference on Mathematical Learning (1962 :

sponsored by the Committee on Intellective Berkeley, Calif.)

Processes Research of the Social Science

Research Council / edited by Lloyd N. Morrisett &

John Vinsonhaler

Corrective gymnastics for schools; a manual for Schrecker, K. A

physical education teachers who have qualified in

the subject and for physical education students

intending to do so [by] K.A. Schrecker

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Connotations of movement in sport and dance; a Metheny, Eleanor, 1908-

collection of speeches about sport and dance as

significant forms of human behavior

Drawing the human head Hogarth, Burne

Fitness for elementary school children through Dauer, Victor Paul, 1909-

physical education [by] Victor P. Dauer

Geography: its scope and spirit [by] Jan O. M. Broek, Jan Otto Marius, 1904-1974

Broek. With a concluding chapter suggesting

methods for elementary and secondary teachers, by

Raymond H. Muessig and Vincent R. Rogers

From thoughts to words. Illustrated by David Ratner Glaus, Marlene

Practical reading; some new remedial techniques Webster, James William Arthur, 1925-

[by] James Webster

The study of folklore / Alan Dundes Dundes, Alan

Studies in management education [by] John B. Miner Miner, John B

Piano teacher's professional handbook [by] Gordon Terwilliger, Gordon B

B. Terwilliger

Manpower and education; country studies in Harbison, Frederick Harris

economic development. Frederick Harbison [and]

Charles A. Myers [editors]

Freehand drawing; a primer Thiel, Philip

Better English usage a guide for the deaf by Greenberg, Bernard L

Bernard L. Greenberg and Sara Withers

Science education for elementary school teachers Tannenbaum, Harold E

[by] Harold E. Tannenbaum, Nathan Stillman [and]

Albert Piltz

Conducting in-service programs in reading, by Ira Aaron, Ira E. (Ira Edward), 1919-

E. Aaron, Byson Callaway, and Arthur V. Olsen

We teach in Alaska [ed. and comp. by Eunice Logan Logan, Eunice

and Dorothy Nadeau Johnson]

Consumer problems and personal finance [by] Arch Troelstrup, Archie William, 1901-

W. Troelstrup

Orientation to drawing and painting Henkes, Robert

Spanish-speaking children of the Southwest: their Manuel, Herschel Thurman, b. 1887

education and the public welfare, by Herschel T.


Spanish for teachers; applied linguistics [by] Bull, William Emerson, 1909-

William E. Bull

Art education, by the yearbook committee and National Society for the Study of Education.

associated contributors. Edited by W. Reid Hastie. Committee on Art Education

Editor for the society, Herman G. Richey

Source book for art teachers La Mancusa, Katherine C

On teaching English to speakers of other Conference on Teaching English to Speakers of

languages. Series I. Papers read at the TESOL Other Languages (1964 : Tucson, Ariz.)

Conference. Virginia French Allen, editor

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Research monograph National Art Education Association

1965, 1961

A picture has a special look / Helen Borten Borten, Helen

1965, 1964

Delinquency and child guidance; selected papers. Aichhorn, August, 1878-1949

Edited by Otto Fleischmann, Paul Kramer, and

Helen Ross

1965, 1966

The student, the interview, and the curriculum; Sachs, Benjamin M

dynamics of counseling in the school [by] Benjamin

M. Sachs, with the assistance of Genevieve Van

Strom Pitcock

Teaching the short story / by Wallace Stegner Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909-


Social dialects and language learning; Shuy, Roger W

proceedings of the Bloomington, Indiana,

conference, 1964. Roger W. Shuy, editor; Alva L.

Davis, director; Robert F. Hogan, assistant director


Academic therapy quarterly


Paedagogica Europaea [electronic resource]


Studying history: how and why [by] Robert V. Daniels Daniels, Robert Vincent

Toward better teaching in the secondary schools Walton, John, 1910-

Social studies through problem solving; a Dunfee, Maxine

challenge to elementary school teachers [by]

Maxine Dunfee [and] Helen Sagl

The authentic teacher; sensitivity and awareness in Moustakas, Clark E

the classroom [by] Clark Moustakas

Methods of teaching physics in Soviet secondary Institut metodov obucheni︠i︡a

schools; proceedings of the Institute of Teaching (Akademi︠i︡a pedagogicheskikh

Methods. V.F. Yusʹkovich, editor. Translated

from Russian by A. Moscona

Teaching geography, by M. Long and B. S. Long, Iris L. M


Improving principal-faculty relationships, by George Redfern, George B

B. Redfern. [With a foreword by Lewis E. Harris

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Towards more creative science; new college Hutchings, Donald William

conference, June 1966. Editor: Donald Hutchings

Language and meaning; papers. Edited by James Curriculum Research Institute (10th : 1964 and

B. Macdonald and Robert R. Leeper 1965 : Miami Beach, Fla. and Detroit)

Professional standards for personnel in the Council for Exceptional Children. Professional

education of exceptional children; professional Standards Committee

standards project report. Accepted by the Delegate

Assembly of the Council for Exceptional Children,

Toronto, Ontario, April 21, 1966

Values and teaching: working with values in the Raths, Louis Edward

classroom [by] Louis E. Raths, Merrill Harmin [and]

Sidney B. Simon

The student teacher's reader; a collection of Perrodin, Alexander Frank

readings, edited by Alex F. Perrodin

The English language in the school program, Hogan, Robert F

edited by Robert F. Hogan

An assessment of quality in graduate education [by] Cartter, Allan Murray

Allan M. Cartter

Conference on curriculum and instruction

development in art education: a project report. Alice

A.D. Baumgarner, Director

A common purpose: the teaching of English in International Conference on the Teaching of

Great Britain, Canada, and the United States; a English (1965 : Boston)

report. Edited by James R. Squire

Science, government, and the universities. Introd. by National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)

Frederick Seitz

A list of the needs of the visual arts in higher College Art Association of America. Resources

education; a report submitted to the Board of and Planning Committee

Directors of the College Art Association of America

by the Resources and Planning Committee,

February, 1966; James Watrous, Otto Wittmann

[and] Seymour Slive (chairman)

The dissemination of health information; a case Feldman, Jacob J

study in adult learning, by Jacob J. Feldman

Teaching the disadvantaged; new curriculum Loretan, Joseph O

approaches [by] Joseph O. Loretan [and] Shelley


The teacher and integration Noar, Gertrude

Learning to draw; a creative approach to expressive Kaupelis, Robert


Discovering the structure of social studies [by] Womack, James G

James G. Womack

The study of history / Henry Steele Commager Commager, Henry Steele, 1902-

Introduction to the study of history Langlois, Charles Victor, 1863-1929

Communication training in childhood brain damage, Mecham, Merlin J

compiled and edited by Merlin J. Mecham [and


Chinese intellectuals and the West, 1872-1949, by Wang, Y. C. (Yi Chu), 1916-

Y.C. Wang

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 50 of 468


Teaching public issues in the high school [by] Oliver, Donald W

Donald W. Oliver [and] James P. Shaver

Curriculum change; direction and process. Edited Association for Supervision and Curriculum

by Robert R. Leeper Development

The disabled reader; education of the dyslexic child. Money, John, 1921-

John Money, editor. Gilbert Schiffman, advisory


The new media and education; their impact on Rossi, Peter Henry, 1921-

society. Edited by Peter H. Rossi and Bruce J.

Biddle. With contributions by Neal Balanoff [and


Diagnosing classroom learning environments [by] Fox, Robert S

Robert Fox, Margaret Barron Luszki [and] Richard


China the surprising country Roper, Myra

72 college teaching procedures / by Delmer M. Goode, Delmer M


Corrective reading in the high school classroom.

Compiled and edited by H. Alan Robinson and

Sidney J. Rauch. Prepared by a committee of the

International Reading Association

Social study: inquiry in elementary classrooms [by] Clements, H. Millard

H. Millard Clements, William R. Fielder [and] B.

Robert Tabachnick

Physical education for blind children, by Charles E. Buell, Charles E. (Charles Edwin), 1912-

Buell. With forewords by Genevie Dexter and James

R. Bancroft

Bilingualism and primary education: a study of Irish Macnamara, John Theodore


The Seattle Conference : the role of the State Seattle Conference: The Role of the State

Department of Education in teacher education and Department of Education in Teacher Education

certification : an evaluation of the Conference by

members of the Conference : abstracts of findings

and tabulations

The language of the classroom [by] Arno A. Bellack Bellack, Arno A

[and others]

Setting conditions for creative teaching in the Smith, James A

elementary school [by] James A. Smith. Foreword by

E. Paul Torrance

What can I do for an art lesson? A practical guide Peck, Ruth L

for the elementary classroom teacher, by Ruth L.

Peck and Robert S. Aniello

Education and the spirit of science Educational Policies Commission

John F. Kennedy on education, selected and edited Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963

by William T. O'Hara. With a foreword by John


Automation, education, and human values, edited by Brickman, William W

William W. Brickman and Stanley Lehrer. Introd. by

Maxwell H. Goldberg

Elementary school student teaching; a casebook [by] Keach, Everett T

Everett T. Keach, Jr

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 51 of 468


The real world of the beginning teacher. Report of National Commission on Teacher Education and

the Nineteenth National TEPS Conference, Hotel Professional Standards (U.S.)

Commodore, New York City, June 22-25, 1965

Inquiry in social studies, [by] Bryon G. Massialas Massialas, Byron G., 1929-

[and] C. Benjamin Cox

Improving the teaching of art appreciation [by a]

research and development team for the improvement

of teaching art appreciation in the secondary

schools. David W. Ecker, project director

Genetic and environmental factors in human ability; Meade, J. E. (James Edward), 1907-

a symposium held by the Eugenics Society in

September-October 1965, edited by J. E. Meade

[and] A. S. Parkes

Teaching the new social studies in secondary Fenton, Edwin

schools; an inductive approach

A Seminar in Art Education for Research and Seminar in Art Education for Research and

Curriculum Development; [papers] Edward L. Mattil, Curriculum Development (1965 : Pennsylvania State

project director

Conflict resolution and world education. Edited by

Stuart Mudd

The Teaching of geography Gopsill, G. H

Labor and liberty; the La Follette Committee and the Auerbach, Jerold S

New Deal [by] Jerold S. Auerbach

Getting better results from substitutes, teacher Perkins, Bryce

aides, and volunteers

Teaching contemporary mathematics in the Howard, Charles Frederick

elementary school [by] Charles F. Howard [and]

Enoch Dumas

The supervising teacher; recommended standards Association for Student Teaching. Commission on

for selection and function Standards for Supervising Teachers and College

The teacher of brain-injured children; a discussion Cruickshank, William M

of the bases for competency. William M.

Cruickshank, editor

Teaching the new mathematics Crescimbeni, Joseph

History of physical education [by] C. W. Hackensmith Hackensmith, Charles William, 1906-

Readings in art education [by] Elliot W. Eisner [and] Eisner, Elliot W

David W. Ecker

Printmaking activities for the classroom [by] Arnel Pattemore, Arnel W

W. Pattemore

The visual arts in higher education [by] Andrew C. Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff

Ritchie [and others

Statistics in psychology and education [by] Henry E. Garrett, Henry Edward, 1894-

Garrett. With an introd. by R. S. Woodworth

Art and education in contemporary culture Kaufman, Irving

Guide to science teaching in secondary schools Lacey, Archie L

The new and more open outlook for the mentally Catholic University of America. Workshop on

retarded; the proceedings. Edited by Elizabeth M. Mental Retardation (1965)


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