Regular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education

НазваниеRegular meeting of the Oregon State Board of Oregon State Board of Higher Education
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Reading for children without: our disadvantaged Whipple, Gertrude, 1895-

youth. Compiled by Gertrude Whipple and Millard

H. Black

Collective negotiations for teachers; an approach to Lieberman, Myron, 1919-

school administration [by] Myron Lieberman [and]

Michael H. Moskow

Geography in the teaching of social studies: Hanna, Paul Robert, 1902-

concepts and skills [by] Paul R. Hanna [and others]

The museum and the art teacher : final report / Hausman, Jerome J

Jerome J. Hausman

Problem solving to improve classroom learning [by] Schmuck, Richard A

Richard Schmuck, Mark Chesler [and] Ronald


Plant science; a study guide with an audio tutorial Postlethwait, S. N. (Samuel N.), 1918-

approach, by Samuel N. Postlethwait, Harvey D.

Telinde [and] David D. Husband

Guide to social studies teaching in secondary Kenworthy, Leonard Stout, 1912-

schools [by] Leonard S. Kenworthy

Creative ways to teach English, grades 7 to 12 [by] Wolfe, Don Marion, 1902-

Don M. Wolfe

How to use the overhead projector in mathematics Krulik, Stephen


The making of citizens [by] Charles E. Merriam. Merriam, Charles Edward, 1874-1953

Introd. and notes by George Z. F. Bereday

Marriage and family, a developmental approach [by] Stroup, Atlee L

Atlee L. Stroup

Teacher self-evaluation [by] Ray H. Simpson Simpson, Ray Hamill, 1907-

1966, 1965

Drawing: a search for form [by] Joseph Mugnaini Mugnaini, Joseph A

and Janice Lovoos


Texte für den Deutschunterricht : Geschichten

/ Herausgegeben von Anna Krüger


Ina und Udo : Deutsche Schulfibel / von Rudolf Schröter, Rudolf



Elites in Latin America, edited by Seymour Martin Lipset, Seymour Martin

Lipset and Aldo Solari

Conceptual models in teacher education; an Verduin, John R

approach to teaching and learning

Language concepts and personality measurement Harris, F. Edward

in the deaf using the S-O Rorschach test / F.

Edward Harris

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Improving teacher education in the United States; Elam, Stanley Munson

the report of a symposium sponsored jointly by Phi

Delta Kappa International, Stanford University, and

the Stanford University Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa.

Edited by Stanley Elam

Form, space, and vision; discovering design Collier, Graham

through drawing. Foreword by Herbert Read

Research needs in geographic education; National Council for Geographic Education

suggestions and possibilities

New careers and roles in the American schools; Bowman, Garda W

report of phase one, a study of auxiliary personnel in

education. by Garda W. Bowman and Gordon J.


The master teachers and the art of teaching [by] Colman, John E

John E. Colman

The innocent consumer vs. the exploiters Margolius, Sidney, 1912-1980

Reinforcement theory for teachers : a programed Hunter, Madeline C

book / Madeline Hunter

Unrequired reading; an annotated bibliography for Tiedt, Iris M

teachers and school administrators [by] Iris M.

Tiedt and Sidney W. Tiedt

The teacher and the public school system [by] Percy Burrup, Percy E., 1910-

E. Burrup

Improving mathematics education for elementary

school teachers; a conference report. Edited by W.

Robert Houston

A dynamic approach to language arts [by] Lillian M. Logan, Lillian M

Logan and Virgil G. Logan

New directions in elementary English; papers

collected from the 1966 spring institutes on the

elementary language arts of the National Council of

Teachers of English

Diagnostic and remedial reading for classroom and Wilson, Robert M

clinic [by] Robert M. Wilson

History and the social sciences; new approaches to Krug, Mark M., 1915-

the teaching of social studies [by] Mark M. Krug

English and the disadvantaged, edited by Edward R. Fagan, Edward R


Discord in teacher-counselor relations; cases from Kushel, Gerald

the teacher's view

TAP; the teacher aide program, a role sensitivity

approach to training aides for classroom work with

children in elementary schools. A project of the

Model School Division of the District of Columbia.

Conducted by the Washington School of Psychiatry

Teaching the process of management: the Seminar on Teaching the Process of Management

proceedings of an international seminar ; edited by (1964 : Amersfoort, Netherlands)

T. M. Mosson

Elementary school science; a guide to current Dunfee, Maxine


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How to read a city map / Photography and Rhodes, Dorothy

cartography by Aerial Surveying and Engineering Co

The teacher's survival guide / by Jenny Gray ; Gray, Jenny

drawings by Robert Haydock

The Preparation of teachers in Australia. Edited by

J.A. Richardson and James Bowen

International study of achievement in mathematics; a Husén, Torsten, 1916-

comparison of twelve countries. Edited by Torsten

Husén; associate editors: Benjamin S. Bloom

[and others]

Teacher education and the new media, by Herbert Schueler, Herbert

Schueler and Gerald S. Lesser assisted by Allen L.


Role-playing for social values: decision-making in Shaftel, Fannie R

the social studies, by Fannie R. Shaftel. Stories by

George Shaftel

Creative history; an introduction to historical study, Nugent, Walter T. K

by Walter T. K. Nugent

Gymnastics for elementary school children O'Quinn, Garland

Interpersonal orientation of elementary teachers Cooke, Edwin David, 1922-

with Mexican-American pupils / Edwin David Cooke,


Reading and remedial reading [by] A. E. Tansley Tansley, A. E

The new social studies Fenton, Edwin

The absorbent mind. Translated from the Italian by Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952

Claude A. Claremont

Building curricular structures for science Brandewein, Paul Franz, 1912-

Teaching general mathematics [by] Max A. Sobel Sobel, Max A

Concepts and structure in the new social science

curricula. Irving Morrissett, editor

A child's pursuit of art; 110 motivations for drawing, Herberholz, Donald W

painting, and modeling [by] Donald W. Herberholz

[and] Barbara J. Herberholz

The i.t.a. symposium: research report on the British National Foundation for Educational Research in

experiment with i.t.a., by John Downing; evaluations England and Wales

on the report, by A. Sterl Artley [and others];

introduction: H. L. Elvin; summary: W. D. Wall

Writing history. Rev. with the assistance of James Kent, Sherman

T. Schleifer

Social studies for young adolescents: programs for Aldrich, Julian Carter, 1901-

grades 7, 8, and 9. Julian C. Aldrich [and] Eugene

Cottle, co-editors

The environment of learning; conflict and Richardson, Joan Elizabeth, 1915-

understanding in the secondary school [by]

Elizabeth Richardson

Developing vocational instruction [by] Robert F. Mager, Robert Frank, 1923-

Mager [and] Kenneth M. Beach, Jr

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Teaching science creatively in the secondary Washton, Nathan Seymour, 1916-

schools [by] Nathan S. Washton

New partners in the educational enterprise : report Bowman, Garda W

of phase one of a study of auxiliary personnel in

education / Garda W. Bowman and Gordon J. Klopf

New developments in the teaching of economics.

Edited by Keith G. Lumsden

Social studies in the United States; a critical Cox, Charles Benjamin

appraisal, edited by C. Benjamin Cox [and] Byron G.

Massialas. Contributors: Mark Chesler [and others]

A new look at elementary school science; Science Karplus, Robert

Curriculum Improvement Study [by] Robert Karplus

[and] Herbert D. Thier. Photos. by the authors

Education, interaction, and social change [by] Hodgkinson, Harold L

Harold L. Hodgkinson

Deaf children at home and at school [by] D. M. C. Dale, D. M. C. (Dion Murray Crosbie)


Social-studies instruction in the elementary school Servey, Richard E

[by] Richard E. Servey

Teaching science at the secondary stage: a Association for Science Education. Secondary

handbook on the teaching of science to the average Modern Schools Subcommittee


Safety games and exercises, [by] E. Guillen; Guillen, Emile

translated [from the French] by Eric Northcott

Faculty participation in academic governance; AAHE Task Force on Faculty Representation and

report of the AAHE Task Force on Faculty Academic Negotiations

Representation and Academic Negotiations,

Campus Governance Program

Academic freedom and tenure; a handbook of the Joughin, Louis

American Association of University Professors,

edited by Louis Joughin

Guidelines for elementary social studies. Prepared Jarolimek, John

for the ASCD Elementary Education Council

Studying teaching [by] James Raths, John R. Raths, James D

Pancella [and] James S. Van Ness

Contemporary teaching of secondary school Willoughby, Stephen S

mathematics [by] Stephen S. Willoughby

A Kwakiutl village and school [by] Harry F. Wolcott Wolcott, Harry F., 1929-

Conquering childhood deafness; a new technique Griffiths, Ciwa, 1911-

for overcoming hearing problems in infants and

children; report on ten years of HEAR Foundation


How to study history [by] Norman F. Cantor [and] Cantor, Norman F

Richard I. Schneider

Guiding discovery in elementary school Riedesel, C. Alan

mathematics [by] C. Alan Riedesel

Dimensions of dialect. Eldonna L. Evertts, editor Evertts, Eldonna L

Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 56 of 468


The middle-class Negro in the white man's world, Ginzberg, Eli, 1911-

by Eli Ginzberg [and others]

The education of hearing-handicapped children [by] Watson, Thomas J. (Thomas John), 1912-

Thomas J. Watson

Classroom grouping for teachability [by] Herbert A. Thelen, Herbert Arnold, 1913-

Thelen, with the assistance of: Henry Peterson [and


Methods in physical education [by] Hilda Clute Kozman, Hilda Clute

Kozman, Rosalind Cassidy [and] Chester O. Jackson

Clinical experiences in teaching for the student Tanruther, Edgar M

teacher or intern [by] Edgar M. Tanruther

A system for analyzing lessons [by] John Herbert Herbert, John David

Creative art activities; a handbook for the elementary Craig, Jennie E

teacher [by] Jennie E. Craig

Sociolinguistic factors in the history of American Stewart, William A. (William Alexander), 1930-

Negro dialects / William A. Stewart

The deaf-blind rubella" child, descriptive Robbins, Nan

characteristics of children with auditory-visual

impairments resulting from maternal rubella during

pregnancy and discussion of implications for

educational planning, by Nan Robbins [and]

Gertrude Stenquist"

The political life of American teachers Zeigler, L. Harmon (Luther Harmon), 1936-

Teacher aides at work Noar, Gertrude

Teaching biology [by] Jean Bremner Bremner, Jean P

Teacher selection methods. [Edited by] Harry B.

Gilbert [and] Gerhard Lang

Perceptual growth in creativity Yochim, Louise Dunn, 1909-

Goals for teachers' salaries in our public schools; a Keyserling, Leon Hirsch

vital test of the sincerity of our great national

purposes [by] Leon H. Keyserling

Creative teaching of the social studies in the Smith, James A

elementary school [by] James A. Smith. Foreword by

E. Paul Torrance

Growth through English; a report based on the Dixon, John

Dartmouth Seminar, l966

Introduction to experimental ecology, by T. Lewis Lewis, Trevor, 1933-

and L. R. Taylor

The mobile professors [by] David G. Brown Brown, David G

Speaking about teaching; papers from the 1965

summer session of the Commission on English

Improving college teaching, edited by Calvin B. T.


I do, and I understand Nuffield Mathematics Project

Teaching science by inquiry in the secondary Sund, Robert B

school [by] Robert B. Sund [and] Leslie W.


Friday, May 26, 2006 Page 57 of 468


The uses of English: guidelines for the teaching of Muller, Herbert Joseph, 1905-

English from the Anglo-American conference at

Dartmouth College [by] Herbert J. Muller

Children's writing: a sampler for student teachers Holbrook, David

Creative teaching of the creative arts in the Smith, James A

elementary school [by] James A. Smith. Foreword by

E. Paul Torrance

Educational and psychological measurement; Payne, David A

contributions to theory and practice, edited and with

introd. by David A. Payne [and] Robert F. McMorris

Teaching guide for the social studies;"Handbook Association of Teachers of Social Studies in the

for social studies teaching" City of New York

Television and related media in teacher education; Bosley, Howard Elmer, 1903-

some exemplary practices, edited by Howard E.

Bosley and Harold E. Wigren

The exploring word: creative disciplines in the Holbrook, David

education of teachers of English

Reading improvement program; a sequential Edwards, John L

program in efficient reading. [By] John L. Edwards

[and] Nicholas J. Silvaroli

The secondary teacher at work Douglas, Leonard M

Movement experiences for children: curriculum and Schurr, Evelyn L

methods for elementary school physical education

[by] Evelyn L. Schurr

Teacher education in a social context; a study of the Klopf, Gordon John, 1917-

preparation of school personnel for working with

disadvantaged children and youth [by] Gordon J.

Klopf and Garda W. Bowman

The school at Mopass; a problem of identity [by] A. King, Alfred Richard

Richard King

On student teaching. / Ed. by Richard E. Ishler and

Joan D. Inglis

Readings on contemporary English in the Tiedt, Iris M

elementary school. Editors: Iris M. Tiedt [and]

Sidney W. Tiedt

Drama: what is happening; the use of dramatic Moffett, James

activities in the teaching of English

Teaching for thinking; theory and application [by] Raths, Louis Edward

Louis E. Raths [and others]

36 children [by] Herbert Kohl. Illus. by Robert Kohl, Herbert R

George Jackson, III

Teaching elementary school mathematics [by] Spitzer, Herbert F. (Herbert Frederick), 1906-

Herbert F. Spitzer

Two approaches to teaching syntax, by Marshall L. Brown, Marshall L

Brown, Elmer G. White [and] Edward B. Jenkinson

The teaching of development economics, its Manchester Conference on Teaching Economic

position in the present state of knowledge: Development (1964)

proceedings. Edited by Kurt Martin & John Knapp

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