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CLKT2005---Talk Titles

  1. Francois Bouchut: An Entropy Satisfying Relaxation/HLLC Solver for Gas Dynamics That Computes Vacuum Without Correction

  2. Shuxing Chen: Some Reviews on Nonlinear System of Conservation Laws

  3. Li Chen: Zero-electron-mass Limit in the Hydrodynamic Model for Plasmas

  4. Jian Deng: Geometric Properties and Non-blowup of 3D incompressible Euler Equations

  5. Mikhail Feldman: Existence of Global Solutions to Regular Shock Reflection for Potential Flow

  6. Heinrich Freistuehler: Effects of Surface Tension on the stability of Dynamical Liquid-vapor Interfaces

  7. Seung-Yeal Ha: Collision Potentials and $L^1$-Stability of Some Kinetic Equations

  8. Feimin Huang: Stability of Contact Discontinuity for Gas Motion

  9. John Hunter: Weak Shock Mach Reflection

  10. Song Jiang: Vanishing Viscosity Limit to Rarefaction Waves for the Navier-Stokes Equations of One-Dimensional Compressible Heat-Conducting Fluids

  11. Quansen Jiu: On Strong Convergence in Vortex Sheets Problem for 3-D Axisymmetric Euler Equations

  12. Eun Heui Kim: Transonic Problems for Two Dimensional Self-Similar Potential Flow

  13. Dexing Kong: The dynamics of relativistic strings moving in Minkowski space R^{1+n}

  14. Chiu-Ya Lan: Propagation of Viscous Shock Waves Away From Boundary

  15. Ming-Yi Lee: Large-time Behavior of Solutions for the Boltzmann Equation with Hard Potential Models

  16. Philippe G. LeFloch: Introduction to Nonclassical Shocks and Kinetic Relations

  17. Hailiang Li: Quantum Hydrodynamics: Well-posedness and Asymptotics

  18. Jiequan Li: Recent Development of the Generalized Riemann Problem (GRP) Scheme

  19. Tong Li: On Traffic Instabilities

  20. Yachun Li: On the Qualitative Behavior of Solutions to the Equations in Gas Dynamics

  21. Huey-Er Lin: The Green's Function for One- Dimensional Broadwell Equations

  22. Tai-Ping Liu: Some Thoughts on Shock Wave Theory and Boltzmann Equation

  23. Pierangelo Marcati: Analysis of Quantum Hydrodynamic Models

  24. Vera Miljanovic: On a Shockley-Read-Hall Model for Semiconductors: Convergence to Equilibrium

  25. Irina Potapenko: Conservation Laws and Completely Conservative Difference Schemes for the Nonlinear Kinetic Landau-Fokker-Planck Equation

  1. Yuming Qin: Global Attractor for a Nonlinear Thermoviscoelasticity with a Non-convex Free Energy Density

  2. Bruno Rubino: Linear and nonlinear viscoelastic models with memory term

  3. Tommaso Ruggeri: Acceleration Waves and Weaker Kawashima Condition

  4. Kyungwoo Song: Two Dimensional Transonic Flows Through a Nozzle for the Steady Full Euler Equations

  5. Anders Szepessy: Hamilton-Jacobi Equations in Infinite Dimension for Approximation of Optimal Control and Hydrodynamical Limits

  6. Mohamed Lazhar Tayeb: Approximation by Diffusion and Homogenization for Semiconductor Boltzmann-Poisson System

  7. Konstantina Trivisa: On a Multidimensional Model for the Dynamic Combustion of Compressible Reacting Fluids

  8. Huiying Wang: $L^1$ Stability of Shock Waves in the Keyfitz-Kranzer System

  9. Zhouping Xin: On Multi-Dimensional Transonic Shock Waves in a Nozzle

  10. Tong Yang: Cauchy Problem for Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann System

  11. Xiaozhou Yang: Non-selfsimilar Multi-Dimensional Elementary Waves and Global Solutions of Conservation Laws

  12. Huicheng Yin: Global Singularity Structures of Weak Solutions to the Semilinear Dispersive Wave Equations

  13. Yanni Zeng: Fundamental Solutions of Hyperbolic-Parabolic Systems and Shock Wave Stability

  14. Shu-Yi Zhang: Reflection of Multi-D Shock Fronts and Phase Boundaries in a van der Waals FLuid

  15. Yongqian Zhang: Steady Supersonic Flow Past a Curved Cone

  16. Huijiang Zhao: A Case Study of Global Stability of Strong Rarefaction Waves for $2\times 2$ Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Artificial Viscosity

  17. Yuxi Zheng: Two-Dimensional Regular Shock Reflection On a Wedge

  18. Yi Zhou: Global Classical Solutions to Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems With Weak Linear Degeneracy

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Clkt2005 Talk Titles iconA list, arranged 6 V title, of all renewal registrations made during the period cohered by this issue. References from variant titles and from other titles

Clkt2005 Talk Titles icon*The number of titles means the number of new titles issued during the year

Clkt2005 Talk Titles iconOpening ceremony and plenary talk #1

Clkt2005 Talk Titles icon1. You have been seen talking to cats. They talk back, and you know what they are saying

Clkt2005 Talk Titles iconTalk about taking the long way home…

Clkt2005 Talk Titles iconTalk Interstellar Dusts and their Laboratory Analog

Clkt2005 Talk Titles icon› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea

Clkt2005 Talk Titles icon3. 3 Survey research: let’s talk about tools, styles, techniques, plan, method or methodology? 9

Clkt2005 Talk Titles icon3. 3 Survey research: let’s talk about tools, styles, techniques, plan, method or methodology? 9

Clkt2005 Talk Titles iconWe need exercise physiologists to write, talk, and present lectures on the importance of participation, including the topic of professionalism. Why are we so short on doing this? Where are we going to find them?

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