So what, he speaks, is your experience to you within your forces?

НазваниеSo what, he speaks, is your experience to you within your forces?
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independently of ideological brainwashing. A method instead of religion - «is a purgative, not disturbing sleep». I am such an optimist. Excuse me for the elevated style, but how else can I argue about spirituality and praise my practice?»

As the point is already about communication of yoga with spirituality, we shall touch the notorious «Living Ethics». The Roerichs asserted that it had in a wonderful way appeared into the world due to a phenomenon of involuntary writing. A medium from Brazil, Carmine (Carlos) Mirabelli (1889 - 1950), also showed in due time miracles of psychography, he wrote in languages which he never heard and understood, even in Chinese - one of the twenty six languages, which he knew in the altered state of consciousness, though personally knew only three («Modeling of States of the Person in Hypnosis», p. 245). These people fairly admitted that they do not know who dictates it to them and did not understand language and sense of "accepted".

A huge amount of texts of «The Living Ethics», "having condescend" to Helena Roerich, "were submitted" to her in Russian, and, what is already absolutely strange, it had a powerful pseudo-Slavic accent. The psychographic perception excludes simultaneous comprehension, hence she could not understand perceived. For it one needs a huge special work, about which there are no facts. Besides, the “clair scribant” behaved as the unique intermediary, the interpreter, and the manager of "space truths"; at the same time one who understands them is better than "senders", she at once got up on the same level with "teachers", calling them by a rich word "we". Today we know (and it's giving us the certain ideas) that «Foundations of Buddhism» by Natalie Rokotoff (one of the H. Roerich's pseudonyms) and the main fragment of the doctrine - the "Community", written by N. Roerich in 1927, were printed in the printing house of Urga (Ulan Bator) for money of the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the USSR and forwarded to Moscow through special channels of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD).

In the text of "Community" there is a great deal of very interesting passages, here is one of them: «Monolithic nature of thinking of fearlessness created to Lenin an aura both on the right and on the left. Even in illness, he was not left by his firm thinking (was it, when the leader was anew learned to speak and spoon-fed? - V. B.). His consciousness concentrated as in a cave; and instead of discontent and complaints, he surprisingly used last time. And devoted to strengthening work a lot of the silent emanation of his will. Even his last sigh he sent to people. Seeing imperfection of Russia, one can accept much for the sake of Lenin, for there was no another who could for the sake of general welfare accept a bigger burden. Not according to nearness, but to justice, he helped even in the cause of the Buddha» («Fight for the Himalayas», p. 234).

Even within a short fragment of the text the amazing literary wretchedness and huge quantity of stamps used out of place strikes the eye what is a characteristic attribute of psychopathology. Amusing texts were accepted by H. Roerich from «great teachers»! By the way, her spouse in April 1924 had been recognized by monks of Moruling monastery as a reincarnate of the Fifth Dalai Lama and had received the name Reta Rigden that literally means «tsar of Shambhala». These details of a secret operation of the Soviet Russia in Tibet became known only after seventy years. The first Central Asian Roerich's expedition was financed by OGPU (the Unified State Political Directorate), he was the courier and the personal representative of Narkomindel (the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs), but he always played his own double game, from establishment of «Maitreya Sanghi» in the USA up to "Pact". After long expeditionary wanderings, the family providently settled down in the Kulu Valley, due to this it managed to avoid the punishing sword of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD), and the active "spiritual" activity provided a constant stay in public view. Besides, statements of the Soviet authorities by the Roerichs were extremely loyal, not as an example to Bunin or the early Alexey Maksimovich.

Judging by texts of H. R., as deacon Kuraev has noted, great teachers and prophets of the past had almost in turn entered the name to communicate with her: «The best spirits from the astral dream to resort to our working monastic cells».

It is no secret that creativity can be based on pathology (a considerable quantity of examples of that had been cited by Lombroso in his book «Genius and Insanity»): «With a special piety, one spoke in the Martinist environment about Fuyama’s wife (Roerich's mystical order name) - Helena. A brilliant social butterfly, she was well-known as a medium too. Prophetess had epilepsy and the minutes previous to attacks of illness until the cramp squeezed the throat, she communicated with spirits and heard voices of extraterrestrial beings» (ibid, p. 23).

The Roerichs had, first of all, implemented their personal mithmaking, already then they had invented a legend that «Spiritual Teachers or as they named themselves - the Elder Brothers of humanity were together with Elena Ivanovna Roerich authors of books of the «Living Ethics», or «Agni Yoga» (H. Roerich, "Letters", 1992, vol.1, p. 11).

A quarter of a century before the Roerichs, Dayananda Sarasvati searched in the Himalayas a «true yogi», who would bear the living tradition and present a full spectrum of spiritual displays. Having found nothing, he had destroyed all collected texts, having taken them for distorted (62).

In a case of the «living ethics», we cannot be speaking of any spirituality, as the main attribute of the doctrine is a manic search of enemies and the struggle against them. It reminds not a moral and ethical opus, but more likely the Regulations Collection of Cheka-OGPU-NKVD, impregnated with absolute contempt for people, which are haughtily taught and intimidated like the worst cattle.

To esotericists and, first of all, to adherents of Agni Yoga, one can ascribe words of Jung: « … Group experience affects at lower levels of consciousness than experience of the individual (collective comprehension of the doctrine "makes hot" much more strongly than the single one - V. B.). …When many people gather together to test one general emotion, the total mind, being emanated by a group, lays below the level of psyche of the individual. If the group is very big, the collective mentality comes nearer to mentality of an animal, as a result of what ethical advantages of people of a big organization are a subject to doubt. The mentality of any big assemblage of people inevitably falls up to the level of psychology of throng. The stay in group is a simple and easy transit, but group experience does not reach more deeply than a cogitative level of the individual in this condition. Changes inside of you occur, but they are kept not for long. The regressive identification with the brute and most primitive states of consciousness invariably gets involved with finding of a higher meaning of life» («Synchronicity», p. 152).

The whole ethics of Roerich’s "doctrine" is completely exhausted in its name; any conversations about spirituality are pointless here.

It is known that the young Rene Descartes took part in scholastic debates; participants of one of them could not prove a certain theological position in any way and when it came his turn, he made it brilliantly. People around him admired. Then he at once proved the opposite, and again, nobody could refute him. He noticed then that at any moment in the world there are all words; it is possible to construct of them anything you like and it will be similar to the truth, however with equal probability it can be also a fiction. But if there is a basis - the laws showing restrictions, incorporated in the nature of things, are taken into account, and then it is not possible to create any design from words.

«Words, putting out their tongue, tease each other» (Exupéry). If the person, speaking about spirituality, has no personal experience, owning only a limited sense of intellectual markers, they are easily exchanged as pawns in chess, deprived of weight and substance. They sound so as if they are filled with something, but are actually empty inside.

The food including the spiritual one is necessary, but when there is too much of it or it is of poor-quality similarly to Agni yoga, it is much more dangerous than spiritual hunger.

Spirituality cannot belong to someone and be distributed as alms. In his work «About Spirit, Soul, and Body»,

St Luka, Confessor, Archbishop of Simferopol and of the Crimea Voyno-Yasenetsky has assumed that except for known forms of energy there is also the spiritual one whose presence allocates the person from biosphere.

Yoga is not a patented way of "acquisition" of spirituality; if this is shown in its adherents, so there are no visible causes for it. The only thing that can be established more or less authentically are some causes of its absence. In «Monday... » by Strugatsky brothers there is a character Savaof Baalovich One, who had in the year dot solved the equation of Perfection. Theoretically he could everything, practically – nothing, for one of the boundary conditions of the equation was a requirement that the miracle and process of its creation have not caused harm to any living being.

The true teacher is not the one who preserves others, but the one who, helping others, has managed to preserve himself. «To receive everything, one should give everything», the soul and force is a consumable material of those who transfer yoga to people. It is most difficult here, as well as in life, to see own mistakes. Aspiring to perfection, we try to imitate the great ones, not giving any account of what worthy admiration would not be someone's path of development, it is impossible to repeat it. And it is not necessary.

« … The main care of each teacher is not to allow his pupil to make something what will throw him to cloudiness of understanding and exhaustion. For the insurance, every pupil needs moderation and force» («Tales of Power», vol. 1 - 4, p. 572). «The constant task of each teacher (in this case, Castaneda speaks about magic, but this principle certainly spreads to yoga too - V. B.) is to do everything that the (pupil’s) mind felt safe» (ibid, p. 595).

One of my friends, whom yoga has helped to survive, always speaks to the beginners: «I advise to beware of instructors of yoga, teachers, and the guru, who:

- charge a large fee and declare their super abilities, having

condescended to them apparently "therefrom";

- Give out certificates on the right of teaching after several seminars;

- Suggest pranayama and "meditation" at initial stage of training;

- Advise to ignore people playing an important role in your life besides


- Are convinced that their way is the only true one, and speak of others


- Enjoy the feeling of own importance;

- Assert that they transfer secret knowledge only to initiates and make

their pupils swear to keep it secret;

- Try to make you dependent on themselves and their advices;

- Declare that they have understood all and sundry.

The true teacher of yoga does not see an essential difference between himself and others, because he knows: sooner or later life ends, but not the way».

Dear friends!
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