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by Joseph Done

I show this list as evidence that I have found and examined in my literature search-and-read activities, and for the most part found to be compelling evidence for the validity of continuing life and on-going communication with residents of continuing life. As I pointed out, these are just a smattering of what exists. Logic dictates that if only one of the hundreds of thousands of testimonies of communication with inhabitants of the next life is valid, then said communication is a reality.

Books Including a Few Papers on Life after Life Available for download on the internet

1. 21 Days Into The Afterlife-Piero Calvi-Parisetti MD

2. A Critical Examination of The Belief in a Life After Death-C. J. Ducasse

3. A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife-Victor James Zammit

4. A Matter of Death and Life-Tom Shroder

5. A Question and Answer Session-Newsletter, Noah’s Ark Society

6. A Rational Scientific Explanation For “Psychic Phenomena”-Michael Roll

7. A Sitting With Lincoln-Newsletter, Noah’s Ark Society

8. A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands-Franchezzo, Transcribed by A. Farnese

9. About the Mediumship of Stainton Moses-Newsletter, Noah’s Ark

10. About the Physical Medium George Chapman-Newsletter, Noah’s Ark

11. After Death Communications-L. M. Bazette*

12. After the Storm-Divaldo P. Franco*

13. Afterlife 101-Anchor, Webmaster of Afterlife

14. An Anthology of the Spirit World-Compiled by Kagiso, & Michael*

15. An Interview With Leslie Flint-George Cranley of Noah’s Ark Society

16. Antiquity Unveiled-Jonathan M. Roberts

17. Autobiography of Kathleen Long-Kathleen Long

18. Beyond the Vail-William W. Aber, Jabez Hunt Nixon

19. Broadcasting From Beyond-A.E. Perriman

20. Camp Silver Belle Booklet-Lena Barnes Jefts*

21. Claude’s Book-Edited by L. Kelway-Bamber

22. Claude’s Second Book-Edited by L. Kelway-Bamber

23. Communication With The Next World-William T. Stead, Estelle Stead,

24. Communication With The Spirit World-Johannes Greber*

25. Dawn of Another Life-The Spirit World Star Circle, E.J.Shellhous, Ed.

26. Dawn of the Awakened Mind-John S. King

27. Dead for Three Days-Dr. George Rodonaia MD, Ph.D.

28. Death Bed Visions-Sir William Barrett

29. Death of a Comic Genius-Kevin Williams

30. Do We Survive-Sir Oliver Lodge

31. Dr. Kenneth Ring’s NDE Research of the Blind-Dr. Kenneth Ring MD

32. Ectoplasm: A Report From Experience-John R. Crowley*

33. Emmanuel, The Path of Light-Emmanuel, Channeled by Gerrit Jahn*

34. Eternal Progression: The Way From Earth To Infinity-Justin Titus*

35. Evidence for the Validity of NDE’s-Dr. Kenneth Ring, MD, M. Lawrence

36. Facts-Hugh Benson, Recorded by Anthony Borgia

37. Ferry Over Jordan-Margery Lawrence

38. Fifty Years a Medium-Estelle Roberts

39. Flashes of Light From Spirit Land-Allen Putnam*

40. Four Spirit Teachers-Recorded by John Mainwood, Transcr. J. Byrne

41. Frontiers of the Afterlife-Edward C. Randall, LLB

42. Getting the Hell Out of Here-Geoff Cutler

43. Ghosts in Solid Form-Gambier Bolton*

44. Glimpses of the Next State-Vice Admiral W. Usborne Moore

45. Gone West-J.S.M. Ward BA*

46. Heaven and Earth-Hugh Benson, Recorded by Anthony Borgia

47. Here and Hereafter-Leon Denis*

48. Illuminating Messages From The Beyond-Compiled by J. Korngold*

49. In the Light of Spiritual Ascension-Steven E. York*

50. In the Next World-A.P. Sinnett*

51. Intelligence Behind the Universe-Ronald D. Pearson

52. Into the Spirit World-Bob Olson

53. Letters From Julia-William T. Stead

54. Letters From Men Killed in the War-Lord Dowding

55. Letters From The Light-Recorded by Elsa Barker*

56. Letters From the Other Side-Edited by Henry Thibault*

57. Life After Death-James Hyslop*

58. Life After Death-Neville Randall

59. Life and Destiny-Leon Denis*

60. Life Beyond Death With Evidence-The Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas

61. Life Beyond the Veil Vols I-IV-Rev. G. Vale Owen*

62. Life Here and Hereafter-Edited by Fred Rafferty*

63. Life in the Spirit World-Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis*

64. Life in the World Unseen-Hugh Benson, Recorded by Anthony Borgia

65. Life in Two Spheres-Hudson Tuttle*

66. Life Review-Jody A. Long, J.D.

67. Life’s Triumph-Chico Xavier*

68. Light From the Spirit World-Charles Hammond*

69. Man—The Triune God-Geoffrey Hodson*

70. Mansion of Love-Maria Rainwater*

71. Many Bodies of Man-David Ash

72. Materializations-Harry Bodington*

73. Materialized Apparitions-E.A. Brackett

74. Meslom’s Messages-Mary A. McEvilly

75. More about Life in the Spirit World-Hugh Benson, and Anthony Borgia

76. More Light-Hugh Benson, Recorded by Anthony Borgia

77. My Experiences While Out of My Body-Cora Richmond*

78. My Life in Two Worlds-Gladys Leonard

79. My Mission by Red Cloud-Red Cloud Through Estelle Roberts

80. My Travels in the Spirit World-Caroline D. Larsen

81. NDE Visions and Memories Occur While Brain Dead-Dr. M. Sabom

82. Nature of the Greater Reality-Unknown

83. Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram-Edgar Mitchell Ph.D. Astronaut

84. Nothing Better Than Death-Kevin R. Williams

85. OMNI Magazine Interview With Ian Stevenson-Meryle Secrest

86. On the Asserted Difficulty of the Spiritualist Hypothesis-Sir Oliver Lodge

87. On the Edge of the Etheric-Arthur Findlay

88. Opening to Divine Guidance-Suzanna Solomon*

89. Origin of Mind-Ronald D. Pearson

90. Our Unseen Guest-Anonymous

91. Out of Body Experiences-Robert Peterson*

92. People From The Other World-Henry S. Olcott

93. Pheneas Speaks-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

94. Private Dowding-Wellesley Tudor Pole

95. Problems Raised by the Idea of Survival-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

96. Proof-V.G. Duncan

97. Psychic Adventures in New York-Neville Whymant

98. Psychic Detectives, Evidence-Danny Penman

99. Psychic Science-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

100. Psychical Investigations-J. Arthur Hill*

101. Psychical Research—Science and Religion-Stanley de Brath*

102. Quantum Consciousness and Your Immortality-James L. Forberg

103. Quantum Mechanics, Non-locality, Invisible World-Rinaldo Lampis

104. Quantum Physics and the Afterlife-Victor Zammit

105. Quantum Physics, Buddhism Intersection-Post by Dave*

106. Quantum Reality-Shaun O’Kane*

107. Questions and Spirit Guide Answers-Webmaster Afterlife 101

108. Raymond-Sir Oliver J. Lodge*

109. Rayson and Friends Vols I & II-Duane Faw*

110. Real Ghost Stories-Estelle Stead*

111. Reflection-Dr Gordon Greenwood, Steve Kinniburgh*

112. Rending the Vail-J.H. Nixon

113. Report of Evidential Communication Through Mona Van Der Watt-*

114. Researches Into the Phenomena of Spiritualism-Sir William Crookes

115. Seattle’s Psychic Wonder-Suzy Smith*

116. Shadowland-Elisabeth d’Esperance*

117. Solid Proofs of Survival-Einer Nielsen

118. Some of My Journeys in Medicine-Dr Ian Stevenson

119. Spirit Guide Commentary on NDE Research Results-Anonymous

120. Spirit Power and Matter-Edited by Catharina, Adelma and Oedoen*

121. Spirit Teachings-William Stainton Moses*

122. Spirit World-Anonymous

123. Spirit World and Spirit Life-Edited by Fred Rafferty

124. Spirit World—Nature and Philosophy-Eugene Crowell, MD*

125. Spiritual Ascension-S.E. York*

126. Spiritual Enlightenment-Pete*

127. Spiritual Path-P. Jaroslav*

128. Technology Explains the NDE and Afterlife Phenomena-C. McClain

129. The Astral City-Andre Luiz

130. The Astral World-Swami Panchdasi*

131. The Betty Book-Stewart Edward White

132. The Blue Island-Recorded By Pardoe Woodman and Estelle Stead

133. The Blue Room-Clive Chapman*

134. The Car of Phoebus-Robert James Lees

135. The Dead Have Never Died-Edward C. Randall

136. The Doorway-Fred the Soldier Recorded by Dr. Margaret Vivian

137. The Eternal Pilgrim-Ripley Webb

138. The Fabrics of Consciousness-R.N. Boyd

139. The Gate of Heaven-R.J. Lees*

140. The Ghost Machine-Tim Haigh

141. The Gospel According to Spiritism-Allan Kardec*

142. The Great Harmonia-Andrew Jackson Davis*

143. The Great Reality-John Henry Remmers

144. The Greater Reality-Website

145. The Guiding Star-Philip Nadig

146. The Heart of the New Thought-Ella Wheeler Wilcox*

147. The Heavenly Spheres-Martha Washington

148. The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit-Ralph Waldo Trine*

149. The History of Spiritualism I-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle*

150. The History of Spiritualism II-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle*

151. The Hopi Way-Dan Evehema*

152. The Ideal Made Real-Christian D. Larson*

153. The Invisible Helpers-C.W. Leadbeater

154. The Last Crossing-Gladys Osborne Leonard

155. The Life Beyond the Veil-Rev. G. Vale Owen*

156. The Life Elysian-R.J. Lees*

157. The Life Experience in Part of Overah-From Dawn of Another Life

158. The Life of Apollonius of Tyana-Philostratus

159. The Light-Body-William Pelley*

160. The Little People-Susan Martinez*

161. The Mechanism of Survival-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

162. The Medium’s Book-Allan Kardec

163. The Mediumship of D.D. Home-Noah’s Ark Society*

164. The Mediumship of Estelle Roberts-Noah’s Ark Society

165. The Mediumship of Etta Wriedt-Noah’s Ark Society

166. The Mediumship of Eusapia Palladino-Noah’s Ark Society*

167. The Mediumship of F. Kluski-Noah’s Ark Society*

168. The Mediumship of Florence Cook-Noah’s Ark Society*

169. The Mediumship of Frank Decker-Noah’s Ark Society*

170. The Mediumship of George Spriggs- Noah’s Ark Society*

171. The Mediumship of George Valiantine- Noah’s Ark Society*

172. The Mediumship of Helen Duncan- Noah’s Ark Society

173. The Mediumship of Hunter Selkirk- Noah’s Ark Society*

174. The Mediumship of Indridi Indridason- Noah’s Ark Society*

175. The Mediumship of Jack Webber- Noah’s Ark Society*

176. The Mediumship of John Meyers- Noah’s Ark Society*

177. The Mediumship of Leslie Flint- Noah’s Ark Society

178. The Mediumship of Margery Crandon- Noah’s Ark Society*

179. The Mediumship of Maria Silbert- Noah’s Ark Society*

180. The Mediumship of Minni Harrison- Noah’s Ark Society*

181. The Mediumship of Mme D’Esperance- Noah’s Ark Society*

182. The Mediumship of Mollie Perriman- Noah’s Ark Society*

183. The Mediumship of Rudi Schneider- Noah’s Ark Society*

184. The Mediumship of Stella Cranshaw-Noah’s Ark Society*

185. The Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters- Noah’s Ark Society

186. The Mediumship of the Eddy Brothers- Noah’s Ark Society

187. The Mediumship of William Eglinton- Noah’s Ark Society*

188. The Mediumship of Willy Schneider- Noah’s Ark Society*

189. The Mode of Future Existence-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

190. The Ministry of Angels-Mrs. Joy Snell*

191. The Nature of Personal Reality-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

192. The Nature of Spiritual Gifts-Cora Richmond*

193. The NDE and Heaven-Kevin Williams

194. The New Earth Book I-Lawrence and Michael Sartorius*

195. The New Earth Book II-Lawrence and Michael Sartorius*

196. The New Earth Book III-Lawrence and Michael Sartorius*

197. The New Revelation and Vital Message-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

198. The Next Beyond-Anonymous

199. The Only Planet of Choice-Phyllis V. Schlelmmer

200. The Penetralia—Answers to Questions—A.J. Davis*

201. The Philosophy of Creation-H.G. wood*

202. The Physician-Andrew Jackson Davis*

203. The Planes of Spirit-Sanat Kumara*

204. The Power and Use of Thought-C.W. Leadbeater*

205. The Profit and Loss of Dying-Clyde Irion*

206. The Return of Bessie Manning-Noah’s Ark Society*

207. The Return of Jenny-Noah’s Ark Society*

208. The Road I Know-Stewart Edward White

209. The Road to Immortality-F.W.H. Meyers

210. The Science of Mind-Ernest Shurtleff Holmes*

211. The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death-Michael Roll

212. The Secret of Secrets-U.S. Andersen*

213. The Silver Birch Anthology-Silver Birch

214. The Spirit World Descriptions by Early Spiritualists-Barbara N. Starr

215. The Spirit’s Book-Allan Kardec

216. The Spiritual Teacher-R.P. Ambler*

217. The Stars are Still There-Stewart Edward White

218. The Survival of Man-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

219. The Theory of Reality-Rinaldo Lampis*

220. The Thinning of the Veil-Mary Bruce Wallace

221. The Trigger of Psychic Vision-Emanuel Swedenborg*

222. The Universe as a Hologram-Posted as reality.asc on KeelyNet BBS

223. The Unobstructed Universe-Stewart Edward White

224. The Various Realms of Spirit-Mark Macy*

225. The Vital Message-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

226. The Voices-Admiral Usborne Moore

227. The Vortex Within-From the Elders Through Wayne*

228. The Way of Life-Arthur Findlay

229. The Witness-Jessie Platts

230. The World of Spirit-Fransisco Xavier*

231. There is no Death-Florence Marryat

232. These Mysterious People-Nandor Fodor

233. They Walked Among Us-Louie Harris

234. Thirty Years Among the Dead-Carl Wickland

235. Thirty Years of Psychical Research-Charles Richet

236. This Is My World-Kenny Ensor

237. Thoughts are Things-Prentice Mulford*

238. Thoughts Create Experience-Gerald O’Donnell*

239. Through the Mists-R.J. Lees

240. To Woman From Meslom-Mary McEvilly

241. Trance Teachings-Mrs. Speer

242. Transcript of Tape of Jenny Wilson-Enabled by Leslie Flint

243. Travels in the Spirit World-Caroline Larson*

244. Twixt Two Worlds-John S. Farmer*

245. Two Years in Heaven-Dr C.H. Carson*

246. Vanishing Night-Juliet Goodenow*

247. Visits By Our Friends From the Other Side-Tom Harrison

248. Wayne’s Trance Addresses-Wayne Sturgeon*

249. Where Two Worlds Meet-Arthur Findlay

250. Why I Believe in Personal Immortality-Sir Oliver J. Lodge

251. Why I Know Reincarnation is Real-Robert M. Stone

252. Wife Makes Speedy Return-Nick McGlynn

253. With Folded Wings-Edward White

254. Your Eternal Self-R. Craig Hogan Ph.D.

Conventional Bound Books on Life after This Life in my Library

*Books I Have Not Read Qty Read = 46

1. 20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation-Dr. Ian Stevenson

2. A World Beyond-Ruth Montgomery*

3. Adventures Beyond the Body-William Buhlman

4. Adventures in Consciousness-Jane Roberts

5. Adventures in Immortality-George Gallup, Jr.

6. Astral Projection For Beginners-Edain McCoy*

7. At the Hour Of Death-Karlis Osis, PhD

8. Beyond the Darkness-Angie Fenimore

9. Beyond the Light-PMH Atwater

10. Beyond the Veil-Lee Nelson

11. Born Again and Again-John Van Auken

12. Closer to the Light-Melvin Morse, MD

13. Coming Back to Life-PMH Atwater

14. Death’s Door-Jean Ritchie

15. Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation-Noel Langley

16. Embraced by the Light-Betty J. Eadle

17. Go Toward the Light-Chris Oyler

18. God and the New Physics-Paul Davies

19. Here and Hereafter-Ruth Montomery

20. How to do Automatic Writing-Edain McCoy*

21. How to Uncover Your Past Lives-Ted Andrews*

22. Intimates Through Time-Jess Stearn

23. Journey of Souls-Michael Newton, Ph.D.

24. Journeys Out of the Body-Robert A. Monroe

25. Life after Life and Reflections-Raymond Moody Jr. MD

26. Life Between Life-Joel L. Whitton M.D. Ph.D.

27. Life on the Other Side-Sylvia Browne

28. Lifetimes-Fredirick Lenz Ph.D.

29. Living Your Past Lives-Karl Schlotterbeck*

30. Man’s Concern With Death-Arnold Toynbe

31. Many Mansions-Gina Cerminara

32. On Death and Dying-Elizabith Kubler-Ross

33. One With The Light-Brad Steiger

34. Our Shared World Of Supernatural-Brad Steiger

35. Past Lives, Future Healing-Sylvia Browne

36. Past Lives Future Lives-Dr. Bruce Goldberg

37. Psychic Summer-Arnold Copper

38. Reincarnation: Your Secret Life-John Van Auken

39. Reliving Past Lives-Helen Wamback Ph.D.

40. Return From Tomorrow-George G. Ritchie

41. Science and the Akashic Field-Erwin Laslo Ph.D.

42. Strangers Among Us-Ruth Montgomery*

43. Talking to Heaven-James Van Praagh

44. The Conscious Universe-Menos Kafatos and Robert Nadeau

45. The Dead Are Alive-Harold Sherman

46. The Light Beyond-Raymond Moody Jr. MD

47. The Meaning of Death-Edited by Herman Feifel

48. The Seat of the Soul-Gary Zukav

49. The Tibetan Book of the Dead-Compiled & Edited by W. Evans

50. The Unknown Reality-Jane Roberts

51. We Don’t Die-Joel Martin & Patricia Romanowski

52. Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation-Jess Stearn*

53. You Have Been Here Before-Dr. Edith Fiore

So what has this to do with world peace?

I am convinced that of those who take the time and effort to investigate the validity of on-going communication—if only by reading a dozen or so books on the subject—most will not be able to genuinely deny the validity of such communication. The information provided by those on the other side will result in a progressively more peaceful society when people on earth understand the importance of consequences affecting their never-ending lives.

I also have another “understanding”, and that is the large inertia that needs to be overcome for people to accept the fact of other-worldly communication. A common statement I hear back from those I expose to this fact is “there is a lot we don’t know”. This is a true statement, and always will be—but the fact of the matter is—there is a lot we DO know, and what we do know is the actuality that there are hundreds of thousands of testimonies of prominent and ordinary people who say they have had extensive, normal, two-way communication with friends, relatives and new acquaintances who are residents of the next life. This mountain of evidence cannot be credibly denied, and should not be ignored. To deny the validity of communication in the face of this evidence, one would have to believe that all this evidence is fabricated/imagined rantings by intelligent and credible people, for whatever reasons.

Exposing people to this information will result in a cumulative effect of additional understanding of reality. Exposure is happening now, and world peace will be achieved eventually, but this inevitable outcome could be accelerated by normalizing the information by inclusion in school curriculum and news media. Along with this, communication with the other side needs to be made available to any who desire by developing those individuals who have a latent ability for enabling communication. We need colleges where talent can be developed until communication sessions or séances are common place with continuous improvement until normal, everyday communication can be established, and becomes as common as using the telephone, e-mail and etc.

The process of achievement of world peace will accelerate when people of the earth at large, are enabled to communicate with people on the other side. Peaceful conditions will result in capability of such communication to become as natural as communicating between friends and relatives here on earth. During the process of achieving the reality of communication, people of earth will be exposed to the higher laws that govern all life, which is continuing progress in the “understanding of reality”.

Along with these higher laws will be simple facts to be learned, such as:

All humans survive physical death irrespective of their beliefs

Friends and Relatives who have passed over will greet us

Continuing Life has nothing to do with religion

We are the same personality immediately after transition as directly before

Life on the other side is more vivid and solid than this one

No physical infirmities exist in the next life

Mental infirmities are treated and cured

Music and color are indescribably beautiful

No one “meets their maker”

The 72 virgin doctrine is a myth

There is no judge or panel of judges

People enter the next life in the realm they belong and continue from there

Suicide creates problems in the afterlife for ones self

Acts of kindness enhance quality of life here and hereafter

Selfishness darkens personal reality

Unselfish service is the key to happiness here and hereafter

Education, service projects and entertainment are abundantly available

Higher laws are mentioned in the literature from the next life, but this is also another example where understanding is a never-ending process of learning and evolving. The two laws I am aware of are Universal Love and Eternal Progression.

To sum up—I am firmly convinced that the achievement of world peace would be accelerated by exposing all people to the fact of continuing life and communication therewith. This exposure is slowly happening, as pointed out, but the implementation of means by which people are provided, and would avail themselves of this information, given the fact they don’t want to hear about it, is the real problem.

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