Focus Group & Interview Research

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Advanced Business Research

A Bibliography


  1. General

  2. Writing a Dissertation

  3. Business Research Methods

  4. Qualitative Research

  5. Quantitative Research

  6. Focus Group & Interview Research


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  1. General

New Perspectives in International Business Research

Maryann P. Feldman & Grazia D. Santangelo, Eds.

HD30.4 N48 2008

HD30.4 N48 2008eb Electronic Book

Thought Leadership in Advancing International Business Research

Arie Y. Lewin, et al., Eds.

HD2755.5 T57 2008

Table of Contents

International Business Research

James P. Neelankavil

HD62.4 N434 2007

Table of Contents

  1. Writing a Dissertation


Making Supervision Work for You: A student’s guide

Jerry Wellington

LB2371 W45 2010


Dissertations Desk Reference: The doctoral student’s manual to writing the dissertation

Raymond L. Calabrese

LB2369 C273 2009

Qualitative Dissertation: A guide for students and faculty

Maria Piantanida, Noreen B. Garman

LB2369 P48 2009


Authentic Dissertation: Alternative ways of knowing, research, and representation

Four Arrows (AKA Don Trent Jacobs)

LB2369 J33 2008

Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation: A roadmap from beginning to end

Linda Dale Bloomberg & Maria Volpe

H62 B58555 2008

Revising Your Dissertation: Advice from leading editors

Beth Luey Ed.

LB2369 R49 2008

Stepping Stones to Achieving Your Doctorate: Focusing on your vita from the start

Vernon Trafford & Shosh Leshem

LB2386 T73 2008

LB2386 T73 2008eb Electronic Book

Theses and Dissertations: A guide to planning, research, and writing

R. Murray Thomas & Dale L. Brubaker

LB2369 T458 2008

Table of Contents


Practical Guide to the Qualitative Dissertation

Sari Knopp Biklen & Ronnie Casella

LB2369 B49 2007

Table of Contents

Proposals that Work: A guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals

Lawrence F. Locke, Waneen Wyrick Spirduso & Stephen J. Silverman

Q180.55 P7 L63 2007

Table of Contents

Researching and Writing a Dissertation: A guidebook for business students

Colin Fisher, with John Buglear [et al.]

LB2369 F537 2007

Writing the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: Entering the conversation

Irene L. Clark

LB2369 C52 2007

Table of Contents


Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The reality of researching and writing

Reva Berman Brown

LB2369 B73 2006

Helping Doctoral Students Write: Pedagogies for supervision

Barbara Kamier & Pat Thomson

LB2369 K313 2006

Table of Contents


Good Supervisor: Supervising postgraduate and undergraduate research for doctoral theses and dissertations

Gina Wisker

LB2371 W57 2005

Table of Contents


Dissertation Journey: A practical and comprehensive guide to planning, writing, and defending your dissertation

Carol M. Roberts

LB1742 R63 2004

Table of Contents

Portable Dissertation Advisor

Miles T. Bryant

LB1742 B79 2004

Revising Your Dissertation: Advice from leading editors

Beth Luey Ed.

LB2369 R49 2004

LB2369 R49 2004eb Electronic Book

Unwritten Rules of PhD Research

Gordon Rugg & Marian Petre

LB2386 R84 2004

LB2386 R84 2004eb


Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: A handbook for students and faculty

James E. Mauch & Namgi Park

LB2369 M377 2003


Guide to Writing Empirical Papers, Theses, and Dissertations

G. David Garson

LB2369 G27 2002

LB2369 G27 2002eb Electronic Book

Research Proposals: A guide to success

Thomas E. Ogden & Israel A. Goldberg

R853 P75 O35 2002


Dissertation Skills for Business and Management Students

Brian White

LB2369 W45 2000

Researching and Writing Dissertations in Business and Management

Michael Riely [et al.]

LB2369 R65 2000

Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation: Invisible rules for success

Rita S. Brause

LB2369 B72 2000eb Electronic Book

  1. Business Research Methods


Essentials of Business Research: A guide to doing your research project

Jonathan Wilson

HD30.4 W55 2010


Business Research: A practical guide for undergraduate & postgraduate students

Jill Collis & Roger Hussey

HD30.4 C65 2009

Research Methods: A concise introduction to research in management and business consultancy

David Crowther & Geoff Lancaster

HD30.4 C76 2009

Understanding Research Methods: A guide for the public and nonprofit manager

Donijo Robbins

HD30.4 R57 2009


Business Research Methods

Donald R. Cooper & Pamela S. Schindler

HD30.4 C655 2008

Table of Contents

Case Study Methodology in Business Research

Jan Dul & Tony Hak

HD30.4 D84 2008

Doing Business Research: A guide to theory and practice

Nick Lee & Ian Lings

HD30.4 L42 2008

Projective Techniques for Social Science and Business Research

Lawrence Soley & Aaron Lee Smith

H62 S7247338 2008

Table of Contents


Business Research Methods

Alan Byman & Emma Bell

HD30.4 B79 2007

Research Methods for Business Students

Mark Saunders, Phillip Lewis & Adrian Thornhill

HD30.4 S28 2007

Research Methods for Graduate Business and Social Science Students

John Adams, [et al.]

H62 R449 2007


Business and Management Research Methodologies

Phil Johnson & Murray Clark, Eds.

HD30.4 B87 2006


Designing and Managing a Research Project: A business students’ guide

Michael Jay Polonsky & Davis S. Waller

HD30.4 P65 2005

Table of Contents

Research Methods in Business Studies: A practical guide

Pervez Ghauri & Kjell Gronhaug

HD30.4 G49 2005

Research Methods in Management: A concise introduction to research in management and business consultancy

Geoff Lancaster

HD30.4 L35 2005


Guide to Management Research Methods

Mandy van der Velde, Paul Jansen & Neil Anderson

HD30.4 V44 2004

Table of Contents

Reviewing Research Practice

Ralph E. Stablein & Peter J. Frost, Eds.

HD30.4 R4595 2004

Table of Contents


Business Research Methods

Alan Byman & Emma Bell

HD30.4 B79 2003

Business Research Methods

William G. Zikmund

HD30.4 Z54 2003

Business Research: A practical guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Jill Collins & Roger Hussey

HD30.4 C65 2003

Essentials of Business Research Methods

Joseph F. Hair, [et al.]

HD30.4 E87 2003

Research Methods for Business Students

Mark Saunders, Phillip Lewis & Adriam Thronhill

HD30.4 S28 2003


Experimental Business Research (3 Vol.)

Rami Zwick & Amnon Rappoport, Eds.

HD30.4 E95 2002 Vol. 1-3

HD30.4 E97 2005eb Vol. 2 – Electronic Book

HD30.4 E97 2002eb Vol. 3 - Electronic Book

Research Methods in Business Studies

Pervez Ghauri & Kjell Gronhaug

HD30.4 G49 2002


Business Research Methods

Donald R. Cooper & Pamela S. Schindler

HD30.4 E47 2001


Research Methods for Business: A skill building Approach

Uma Sekaran

HD30.4 S435 1999


Doing Research in Business and Management: An introduction to process and method

Dan Remenyi [et al.]

HD30.4 D658 1998

Modern Methods for Business Research

George A Marcoulides, Ed.

HD30.4 M627 1998

HD30.4 M627 1998eb Electronic Book


Business Research through Argument

Mike Metcalfe

HD30.4 M477 1996


Research Methods in Business Studies: A practical approach

Pervez N. Ghauri, Kjell Gronhaug & Ivar Kristianslund

HD30.4 G49 1995


Principles and Practice in Business and Management Research

HD30.4 P74 1994


Research Methods for Business and Management

L.R. Gay & P.L. Diehl

HD30.4 G39 1992


Business Research Methods

C. William Emory & Donald R. Cooper

HD30.4 E47 1991

Guide to Business Research: Developing, conducting, and writing research projects

Charles B. Smith

HF5718.3 S65 1991

  1. Qualitative Research

Analyzing Qualitative Data: Systematic approaches

H. Russell Bernard & Gery Ryan

H62 B438 2010

Mixed Methods Design: Principles and procedures

Janice M. Morse & Linda Niehaus

H62 M6611 2009

Qualitative Methods in Business Research

Paivi Ericksson & Anne Kovalainen

HD30.4 E75 2008

Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business

Rebecca Marschan-Piekkari & Catherine Welch, Eds.

HD2755.5 H3718 2004

My Qualitative Dissertation Journey: Researching against the rules

Dean Garrett

LB2369 G265 2003

Writing the Qualitative Dissertation: Understanding by doing

Judith M. Meloy

LB2369 M38 2002

  1. Quantitative research

Quantitative Analysis for Management

Barry Render, Ralph M. Stair, Jr. & Michael E. Hanna

T56 R544 2009

Quantitative Models for Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking: data envelopment analysis with spreadsheets

Joe Zhu

HD58.9 Z48 2009eb Electronic Book

Data Analysis in Business Research: A step-by-step nonparametric approach

D. Israel

HD30.4 I87 2008

Introduction to Management Science: A modeling and case studies approach with spreadsheets

Frederick S. Hillier, Mark S, Hillier

T56 H55 2008

Table of Contents

Quantitative Methods for Business

Donald Waters

HD30.25 W384 2008

Quantitative Methods for Business

David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney & Thomas A Williams

T56 A54 2006

Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative approaches to decision making

David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney & Thomas A. Williams

HD30.25 A53 2000

HD30.25 A53 2000eb

  1. Focus Group & Interview Research


Questionnaire Design: How to plan, structure and write survey material for effective market research

Ian Brace

HF5415.3 B683 2008

HD5415.3 B683 2008eb Electronic Book


Design, Evaluation, and analysis of questionnaires for survey research

Willem E. Saris & Irmtraud N. Gallhofer

HN29 S29 2007

HN29 S29 2007eb Electronic Book

Focus Groups: Theory and practice

David W. Stewart, Prem N. Shamdasani & Dennis W. Rock

H61.28 S74 2007

Table of Contents


Power of Survey Design: A user’s guide for managing surveys, interpreting results, and influencing respondents

Giuseppe Iarossi

HM538 I37 2006

HM538 I37 2006eb Electronic Book


Cognitive Interviewing: A tool for improving questionnaire design

Gordon B. Willis

H61.28 W55 2005

Table of Contents


Focus Group Practice

Claudia Puchta & Jonathan Potter

H61.28 P83 2004

Methods for Testing and Evaluating Survey Questionnaires

Stanley Presser [et al.] Eds.

HM538 M48 2004

HM538 M48 2004 Electronic Book

Smart Questions: Learn to ask the right questions for powerful results

Gerald Nadler & William J. Chandon

HD30.29 N344 2004

HD30.29 N344 2004eb

Questionnaires: Practical hints on how to avoid mistakes in design and interpretation

T.L. Brink

HM538 B75 2004

Table of Contents


Using Focus Groups in Research

Lia Litosseliti

H61.28 L58 2003

Table of Contents


Beyond Listening: Learning the secret language of focus groups

Bonnie Goebert & Herma M. Rosenthal

HF5415.32 G64 2002

HF5415.32 G64 2002eb Electronic Book

Handbook of Interview Research: Context & method

Jaber F. Gubrium & James A. Holstein, Eds.

H61.28 H36 2002


Advanced Focus Group Research

Edward F. Fern

H61.28 F47 2001


Focus Groups: A practical guide for applied research

Richard A. Krueger & Mary Anne Casey

H61.28 K78 2000

Interviewing: A practical guide for students and professionals

Daphne M. Keats

BF637 I5 K43 2000eb Electronic Book


Focus Group Research Handbook

Holly Edmunds

H61.28 E36 1999

H61.28 E36 1999eb Electronic Book

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