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Zonta Club of Caboolture Inc

Charter Date: August 3, 1993

District 22 … Area 1

Club Number 1428

JULY 2010

President: Sara Allard – 0439 866 682

Treasurer: Glenda Moor – 3385 6160

Secretary: Patricia Clunes – 5498 6066

Newsletter Editor: Patricia Clunes- 5498 6066


Our Grey Man luncheon was another successful event and I thank all those members who were able to attend and assist on the day. Geoff McGlashan was sincerely thankful and has already been booked for another event by one of our guests. If we have played even a small part in helping to spread the word on the wonderful work this Brisbane based charity does then we have achieved our goal. Let’s hope they reap more funds for their needs.

This Saturday is our Murder Mystery night and I know there are a few members really excited about this one. If you’re looking to hire a costume for the night then try Janinas at Gawain Road, Bracken Ridge. She is always helpful and prices are about $30.

The guest speaker this month is President of Dragons Abreast Bribie Island (DABI), Dawn Worley. She will be giving us an update on what their club has been doing for the last 12 months since we helped them purchase their Dragon Boat. See you all Thursday.



You should have received this from Glenda by now.

– I will be collecting money for shirts, as well as dinner $20 and raffle $2 ea or 3 for $5.

A reminder that if you miss a meeting, regardless of apology, you need to pay $5.00 at the next available meeting. If you are unable to attend a meeting please give Patricia a telephone call on 5498 6066 or 0410 617 825. If she doesn’t hear from you by Monday evening she will presume that you are coming and therefore you will be liable for the meal that we have ordered for you..



Chris – 10 Aug; Sue D – 13 Aug

Lee – 17 Aug; Audrey 30 Aug


Patricia & Neil – 8 Aug – 40 years

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


The speaker for the Greyman Luncheon was Geoff McGlashan who is Treasurer and a Director, Chapter Co-ordinator

The group works mainly in Thailand and Cambodia at the moment. They have a Board of three Directors and set up Chapters to raise funds. They have quite a few Chapters set up throughout Australia including Newcastle, Melbourne, Sydney, Albany, Canberra and Brisbane which is the “Home Base.” The name “Greyman” was given because they operate under the radar and blend into the background.

John Curtis is the original “Greyman” but that is not his real name as he has had to change his name for safety reasons. He operated alone at his own expense for a considerable time till Russell Hawksworth came on the scene and offered to help him set up a company to raise funds to assist as he was always running out of money. Originally they used to buy the girls out of the system. They now have around 2000 volunteers who work for them at various times. They are a registered Charity with a 5 star rating which means that little or no funds are used for personal use and volunteers pay own air fares etc.. 93% of revenue is used for operations, 7% goes in Bank Fees and Government funds etc.

The primary goal of the group is to rescue children from prostitution and to put them in a safe situation where they can be housed and educated. The group does not work against prostitution, and deals with only with women or girls who want to get out of the situation they are in. Often they have been lied to or duped into moving to the work situation with the lure of money for household work etc. They are then put straight into brothels.

Greyman is staffed primarily by ex SAS, Federal Police and Soldiers. The work is difficult and dangerous, as they have no police powers and have to work at all times with the local political and police system. The current statistics indicate that 2000 girls are currently being trafficked into China with the idea of going to a job. People trafficking (mainly women and girls) is the third largest source of criminal income (UNICEF statistics).

Some sales take place with parental consent. Girls and women experience all types of violence and children often become confused about parents who have sold them into slavery or prostitution, and often they will not go home, but have to be found a safe place to live and be educated. They try to have pimps arrested. Finding honest police is often difficult but they now have many really good contacts. They are especially looking at problems with Nepal and India, as people are being moved into these areas now.

Greyman operates in three areas:

  • Finding a solution to the immediate problem.

  • Finding a safe place and education.

  • Prosecution of the criminals and they are having more success in this area now. They are operating especially in the area of pedophilia in Australia.

They operate through fund raising, donations and grants. The program on Australian Story was especially helpful. The future of the The Greyman depends on:

  1. Creating an awareness that the trafficking problem exists and also exists here.

  2. The ability of the group to raise funds to continue.

It closely aligns with the ZISVAW goals of Zonta, and that is why our Club was so interested in looking at them first hand. We were advised at the Area meeting to put the money into the Zonta projects which have the elimination of gender based violence as a basic goal If you look at the last Zontian, Program 1 has ......... and Gender Based Violence in Rawanda and Program 3 has Safe Cities in Guatemala City and San Salvador included in their Goals. But without the help of men willing to work in this difficult and dangerous area, I question how far they will get, especially given the level of corruption in some of these cities.

Because this group operates out of Australia, and we know what they are doing from the checks and balances here, we feel that our money has been well spent. I am also asking the Club to consider raising the contribution to Greyman to $2000 dollars. As I will be sitting in the bush at Imbil next meeting, will you move this motion please Marie Brady, from the Service Committee. Sara has been advised and supports the motion, but it has not been to the Board. Would Service Committee Members please advise Sara directly as to their views on this matter so Marie can take it to the meeting and the money can be paid from this meeting.

Other Matters:

Trudy Cooper will be speaking at the August meeting.

Shirley has asked for the funds for her Camp to be sent as they are going.

Sara will bring forward a recommendation from the Board for $2000 to be given to the Young Carer’s Project.

Sara will talk to Marie and the education Committee re the introduction of a Tertiary Bursary for full time external student (similar to Zonta Club of Longreach).

Birthing Kits – will be packed at Seventh Day Adventist Church – Turn left at Morayfield State School – on the Right not far down the road, Date August 29th (Sunday) Pre pack at Sara’s place on Wednesday previous.

Edith Fogg (Chair Service)



Birthdays in July are Ann Teale and Pam Termont-Schenk Ecards will be sent on the day

Date to remember September 9th for the Introduction to Zonta Meeting. We haven’t selected a theme for the meeting as yet. More information later.

The yellow rose bought for the last meeting was presented to the two guest speakers by Cecil. I understand they share accommodation. Nice thought Cecil.

OMC are looking to put together another 5yr survey required by the rules set down by Marion De Forrest.

This would review ideas and the general direction members would like the club to proceed. The OMC committee would hope to have this available around March for the use of the Incoming Board

Also required a 3month follow through with new members. Although our Club has not undertaken this before the OMC committee would like to introduce this around September for our 2010 new members

What are the Welcome Host Responsibilities? This was asked by a member at the June meeting.

An addendum sheet is being organised by the OMC committee to be added to the Club Member Booklet

A few suggestions to assist members performing this Task

1. To warmly welcome all persons attending the meeting paying special attention to guest speakers and guests attending as prospective members.

2. To introduce guest speakers to the President

3. To assist guest speakers with any set up requirements [another member can be delegated to help host if necessary.

4. To assist guest with ordering meals and drinks

5. To advise where the amenities are located

6. To introduce and seat guests with a member of our Zonta Club who will be able to assist them throughout the meeting.

7. To keep the entrance doorway clear to allow easy access

Hope this helps

Registry of Members

Our next meeting will be at the storage area with the hope of finding the missing information referring to the membership of our club.

OMC currently have files of 1995 and from 2005. Missing are 1996 to 2005

The committee hope to put together a complete history of the membership of Caboolture Club

Meeting closed 11am

Next meeting 3rd August at our storage area at Morayfield.

Christine Ellis Chairman – OMC


No report as Kate is Overseas.

Kate - Publicity Chairman



Thank you to everyone who supported the Grey-Man luncheon on 12th July 2010. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the numbers that we would have been preferred, however the lunch was very enjoyable and the guest speaker was informative. It was a great cause to support.

This coming Saturday night is our Murder Mystery Dinner at Storey Brook Cottages at Woodford and I’m sure those of us able to attend will enjoy the mystique of the night and great fellowship. If you haven’t already paid for your ticket can you please see Glenda at the Dinner Meeting.

Looking ahead we have our Bunnings BBQ on Father’s Day in September at the Morayfield Store. If you are able to volunteer for a shift can you please let Patricia know.

We also have our High Tea & Fashion Parade on Friday afternoon 15th October. Proceeds of this function will be going to Mummy’s Wish who have promised to promote the function with notices to be put on their Facebook page, Twitter and in their Newsletter. The Fundraising Committee will be asking for your support of sweet and savoury delights for the afternoon tea (more information closer in the lead-up to the event). The event will be held in the Burpengary Community Centre and tickets will be $20. Fashions are from Bella Vie Designs at Old Petrie Town. They have some wonderful garments, shoes and handbags at reasonable prices. Sara and I attended a parade that they did in aid of Breast Cancer the other Thursday night and we were both impressed. The style of garment presentation was different to what we have had in the past, with the parade themed to music to match the garments eg like out of Africa for the animal prints and 60’s music for some of the trendy day wear and ‘hey big spender’ for their evening wear…they had some lovely things plus we saw the custom made bridal range which was beautiful. Kirsti expects their spring and summer range to be in store within the next 5 to 6 weeks so I encourage you all to go and have a look.

Please note that the Fundraising Committee has decided not to proceed with the Warehouse Shopping Tour, increased charges and given that a large percentage of the warehouses are now open to the public are the major factors behind this decision.

The Fundraising Committee looks forward to your continued support.

Thanks Joanne


United Nations Committee Report

AUGUST 9th - International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

“On 23 December 1994, the General Assembly decided that the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People shall be observed on 9 August every year during the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People (resolution 49/214 [pdf]).

By its resolution 59/174 [pdf] of 20 December 2004, in which the Assembly proclaimed the Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People (2005-2014), it also decided to continue observing the International Day of Indigenous People every year during the Second Decade, in New York, Geneva and other offices of the United Nations. The Assembly asked the Secretary-General to support observance of the Day from within existing resources, and to encourage Governments to observe the Day at the national level.”

12th – International Youth Day

“In 1999, in its resolution 54/120, the General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) that 12 August be declared International Youth Day. The Assembly recommended that public information activities be organized to support the Day as a way to promote better awareness of the World Programme of Action for Youth, adopted by the General Assembly in 1995 (resolution 50/81).”

Message of the Secretary General on International Youth Day 2010
“This year’s International Youth Day is a particularly important day for youth around the world. In December 2009, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/64/134 proclaiming the Year commencing this International Youth Day (12 August 2010) as the International Year of Youth.

In line with the theme for the International Year, the theme for this year’s International Youth Day is “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”. The choice of theme reflects the General Assembly’s appreciation of the value of dialogue among youth from different cultures as well as among different generations.

International Youth Day will be celebrated at United Nations headquarters in New York with the global launch event of the International Year of Youth. The event will be a celebration of young peoples’ energy, imagination and initiatives and will recognize their crucial contributions to enhancing peace and development. The event is an opportunity for the international community and the UN system to demonstrate their commitment to young people. But it will also be a fun occasion with musical guests and performances. A photo exhibit entitled “Visual Voices – Youth perspectives on Global Issues” will be inaugurated in the UN visitors lobby. The exhibit will be open to the public until early September.

In addition to the global launch event at UN Headquarters, there will be celebrations all over the world, which will highlight opportunities and challenges for youth throughout the International Year of Youth in different regions and countries.”

23rd - International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Pam Termont-Schenk

For the United Nations


No report for this meeting.

Sandra Cooke

Chairman By-laws/ Constitution Committee

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Chris – 10 Aug; Sue d – 13 Aug iconAccountants' Truth: Knowledge and Ethics in the Financial World by Matthew Gill (Hardcover Aug 31, 2009)

Chris – 10 Aug; Sue d – 13 Aug iconFiled united States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit aug 14 2000 patrick fisher clerk

Chris – 10 Aug; Sue d – 13 Aug iconAt residence of Elma Breading Apt No 8 Whyel Bldg (Old Methodist Church) No. Morgantown St Uniontown, Pa Aug 29, 1926 8: 11 pm

Chris – 10 Aug; Sue d – 13 Aug iconFiled united States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit aug 25 2000 patrick fisher clerk

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