Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке

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НазваниеМетодические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке
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ТипМетодические разработки
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И.В. Никонова

Л.М. Никулина

А.Г. Новицкая

Л.Н. Терехова

О.В. Юрьева



(для студентов СГГА)



ББК 81.2 Англ.- 99

С 26

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английс-

ком языке (для студентов СГГА)/Никонова И.В., Никулина Л.М., Но-

вицкая А.Г., Терехова Л.Н., Юрьева О.В.- Новосибирск: СГГА, 2000.

- 40 с.

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английс-

ком языке (для студентов СГГА) составлены доцентом кафедры иност-

ранных языков СГГА Никулиной Л.М., старшими преподавателями Нико-

новой И.В., Тереховой Л.Н., преподавателями кафедры Новииц-

кой А.Г., Юрьевой О.В. и утверждены на заседании кафедры иност-

ранных языков 3 июля 1999.

Данные методические разработки представляют собой сборник

устных тем для развития монологической и диалогической речи на

английском языке. Информативная насыщенность текстов позволит

расширить кругозор студентов, углубит их знания о специальностях

академии и о странах изучаемого языка.

Рецензенты: А.Н.Реутов - старший преподаватель

кафедры русского языка

как иностранного, СГГА

И.Г.Григорьева - старший преподаватель

кафедры иностранных

языков СибУПК

Печатается по решению редакционно-

издательской коллегии СГГА

© Сибирская государственная геодезическая академия (СГГА), 2000

- 3 -


Word list

native town родной город

to be situated быть расположенным

attractive привлекательный, красивый

qualified квалифицированный

hostel общежитие

to specialize in... специализироваться в...

sociable общительный

nurse медсестра

fluently бегло, свободно

to look after заботиться, присматривать за

elderly преклонного возраста, пожилой

niece племянница

to be retired быть на пенсии

to manage управлять

to prefer предпочитать

to solve решать

wild дикий

experienced опытный

well-paid хорошо оплачиваемый

kind-hearted доброжелательный

honest честный

responsible ответственный

to respect уважать

china фарфор

book-keeper бухгалтер

besides кроме того

to try пытаться

to graduate from закончить (высшее учебное заведение)

ambitious целеустремленный

to dream мечтать

independent независимый

thrifty экономный, бережливый

- 4 -


My name is Victor Popov. I am from Russia. I was born in a

small Siberian town on May 11, 1981. My native town is situated

in an attractive suburb, not very far from a large industrial


I still live with my parents. Our family is not very big, we

are five: mother, father, granny and me. I have an older sister,

but she doesn't live with us, because she is married.

I am a first-year student1 of the Siberian State Academy of

Geodesy. I am studying to become a specialist in Information

Systems. I'd like to become a qualified computer programmer and

specialize in Geodesy or Cadastre. I live in a hostel.

I am a sociable person, and have a lot of friends.

It's a pity2, but I'm too busy with my studies.

It takes me a lot of time3 to get ready for practical

classes and seminars. In my spare time4 I like playing sports,

especially football and volleyball. I have a girl-friend, who is

studying to become an ecologist. She is very careful about5 her

health. She jogs every morning to keep fit6. We try to spend

weekends together. We enjoy listening to all types of music,

dancing and swimming. We both play the guitar. We are taking

English classes twice a week, so that we could speak more


My mother is a nurse. She works in a local hospital only

three days a week, because she's got a lot of work at home. She

has to look after7 her elderly mother and my five-year old niece.

My granny is a pensioner. She has been retired for 10 years, she

is glad that she can help my mother with cooking and in the

garden. She usually gets up very early. My mother is a practical,

thrifty woman, full of common sense8, that's why she manages the

house very well.

When she is free she prefers relaxing in front of the TV.

Her favourite programmes are: world news, concerts and the

programmes about wild nature.

My father is 47, he is a long-distance lorry driver9. He's

been a driver for more than 25 years, that's why he is very

experienced. His work is very difficult but well-paid. He is a

- 5 -

kind-hearted person, optimistic, honest and very responsible. My

father's main interests are gardening and fishing.

He prefers solving problems in a sensible and civilized

Manner10. He usually says:

"Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked and never

mended." People have to respect each other.

Our parents would like us to get a good education.

My sister's name is Nina. She is five years older than me.

She is a family woman.

My sister was very good at mathematics, that's why she

decided to become a book-keeper. Now she works as a book-keeper,

besides she does a correspondence course11 at our Academy. She is

in her fourth year. She is a very busy woman, because she has to

combine her work with studies. She tries to spend as much time as

possible with her daughter and husband. In winter they are fond

of skiing and in summer they usually go for long country walks.

My sister's husband has graduated from the University and

has a degree in economics12. He works for the engineering

company13 as an economist. He decided to get serious about14

economics, because he was very good at maths at school. He is

ambitious and initiative and works hard. He is very good at

dealing with people15 and reams of being at the head of16 a

planning department. He is an independent sort of person. He is

keenly interested17 in economics and reads a lot in his


Our family is very friendly.


1. first-year student студент первого курса

2. it's a pity жаль

3. it takes me a lot of time у меня уходит много времени

4. in my spare time в свободное время

5. is careful about her health заботится о здоровье

6. keep fit сохранять форму, быть здоровой

7. to look after заботиться

8. full of common sense полная здравого смысла

- 6 -

9. a long-distance lorry driver водитель на дальние

расстояния, дальнобойщик

10. in a sensible and civilized деликатно и цивилизованно


11. does a correspondence course учится заочно

12. a degree in economics диплом экономиста

13. for the engineering company в строительной компании

14. to get serious about заняться чем-либо серьезно

15. is good at dealing with хорошо ладит с людьми


16. dreams of being at the head мечтает руководить (быть во

of... главе)...

17. is keenly interested in очень интересуется


I. Pronounce the following words and word combinations:

Russia, Russian, was born in Russia;

Siberia, Siberian, a small Siberian town;

suburb, suburban, an attractive suburb;

in a suburb, a small attractive suburban town;

industry, industrial, industrialist, an industrial centre;

marry, married, get married;

geodesy, geodetic, geoid, geography, ecology, ecologist;

qualify, qualification, qualified, quality;

social, sociable, special, speciality, specialize, especially;

manage, manager, managed, management, managing;

first, firm, an engineering firm, nurse, prefer;

nature, culture, future, teacher;

experience, experienced, an experienced engineer;

busy, business, a busy woman, busy women;

economy, an economist, economical, works as an economist;

II. Find the English words and word-combinations in the text

corresponding to the following Russian equivalents:

мой родной город, небольшой сибирский город;

в красивом пригороде, расположен в красивом пригороде;


учиться заочно, учиться, чтобы стать экономистом;

- 7 -

квалифицированный программист;

серьезно чем-то заняться;

его работа хорошо оплачивается.

III. Complete the following sentences:

1. I am from...

2. I am a...

3. I am fond of...

4. I am studying to become...

5. I was born...

6. This town is situated...

7. I'd like to specialize in...

8. It takes me a lot of time to...

9. She looks after...

10. He enjoys...

11. She manages the house very well because she...

12. He is an experienced...

13. My sister's main interest is...

14. He is keenly interested in...

15. She does a correspondence course at the...

16. He has a degree in...

17. He is very good at...

IV. Translate into English:

1. Он родился в Сибири, в крупном промышленном центре.

2. Они живут в небольшом городке, расположенном на большой реке.

3. Он бы хотел стать высоко-квалифицированным программистом


4. Она учится заочно на факультете экономики.

5. Она решила серьезно заняться экономикой.

6. Она - студентка первого курса.

7. Он - студент второго курса.

8. Наши родители хотели бы, чтобы мы получили хорошее


9. Наши родители намерены дать своим детям хорошее образование.

10. Он очень честный и ответственный человек.

11. У меня уходит много времени на подготовку к занятиям.

12. Мы серьезно решили заняться спортом, чтобы быть в хорошей форме.

13. Легкий бег (jogging) - прекрасный вид физической подготовки.

14. Очень важно заботиться о здоровье.

- 8 -

V. Make up your own sentences with the following


to be situated, to get (receive) a good education, to be

from (come from), to get serious about, to be born, to deal with,

to be responsible, to be at the head of, I'd like to..., to be

keenly interested in, in my spare time, to specialize in, to look

after, it takes a lot of time, to be retired, to take classes

(courses), to be experienced, an independent sort of person,

to graduate from.

VI. Answer the following questions:

1. What country is Victor from?

2. Where was he born?

3. Is his native town situated in a large industrial centre?

4. How many people are there in his family?

5. Where does Victor study?

6. What would he like to be in future?

7. In what field is he going to specialize?

8. What do his parents do?

9. What does Victor like doing in his spare time?

10. What sort of person is his father?

11. What sort of person is his mother?

12. What are his sister and her husband?

VII. Practice the dialogue:

- Hello Ann. How are you?

- Everything's all right, Nina. I hear you've become a

medical student?

- Yes, that's true. And, how are you getting on with your

studies at the Academy?

- I'm happy that I'm a student of the faculty of economics.

I was very good at mathematics at school, that's why it's

not difficult for me to study economics.

- Would you like to go to the concert?

- I'm sorry, I'm afraid I shan't be able to keep you a

company. I've been so ill lately. May be in a couple of


- O.K. Agreed. Bye.

- Bye-bye.

- 9 -


 Word list

to graduate from заканчивать учебное заведение

test зачет, контрольная работа

term (semester) семестр

training course курс обучения

to enter (the Institute,Academy) поступать (в институт,

учебное заведение)

experience навыки, опыт

in accordance with в соответствии с

entrance requirements требования на вступит.экзаменах

to take an exam (in) сдавать экзамен (по)

to pass an exam (in) сдать экзамен (по)

correspondence department заочное отделение

preliminary department подготовительное отделение

department отделение, кафедра

post-graduate course аспирантура

to do one's best делать все возможное

research worker научный сотрудник

to guide руководить, направлять

degree степень (зд.ученая)

activity деятельность

national economy народное хозяйство

youth молодежь

workshop мастерская

well-equipped хорошо оборудованный

grant, scholarship стипендия

vacation, holidays каникулы

final project дипломная работа

to borrow the books from the брать книги в библиотеке


curriculum учебная программа

оpportunity возможность

well-stocked хорошо укомплектованный

career профессия, занятие

- 10 -


The doors of our higher educational establishments are open

to all who wish to continue their study after graduating from

secondary schools.

The Siberian State Academy of Geodesy was founded in 1932 in

Omsk but a year later it was moved to Novosibirsk. And now it is

one of the two geodetic institutes in our country which trains

highly qualified specialists.

The majority of our students enter the Academy after

graduating from secondary schools, but some of them have some

experience in the chosen career.

In accordance with the entrance requirements applicants

should take exams in Mathematics and Russian. If they pass them

successfully they become first-year students.

In our Academy there are evening, correspondence and

preliminary departments. The present day Academy includes four

Institutes: Cadastre and Geographic Information Systems, Optics

and Optical Technologies, Geodesy and Management and

Aerophotogeodesy. We have a post-graduate course as well. So the

best graduates may continue their studies and carry on research

work in well-equipped laboratories. Research workers of our

Academy guide students scientific societies. Many of our

scientists have candidate's and doctor's degrees.

Thus, our students have a wide choice of jobs opportunities,

they may work in different fields of national economy or research


The training course at the Academy lasts 5 or 6 years. There

are two terms in each academic year and at the end of each term

the students take tests and exams.

The state grant is distributed among those students who have

good exam results. When the exams are over the students have

their vacation, winter and summer. At the end of the fourth year

students are sent for a few months to a plant or research

institute in order to get some practical experience in business.

The whole training course is followed by a final project. After

graduating from the Academy students become engineers in their

chosen field.

- 11 -

In accordance with the curriculum students are to study

different general sciences such as History of Russia,

Mathematics, Physics, Foreign Languages, etc. In the third and

forth years of their program students are taught special subjects

which are necessary for the given profession.

At our Academy there are many study aids: a well-stocked

library where students can borrow any books they need, a large

reading room, well-equipped laboratories, a number of workshops

for practical training, lecture rooms, hostels, a large

refectory, sports ground and a gym. Sport plays a very important

role in the life of the youth and students of our Academy go in

for sports.

Our country needs highly-qualified and educated specialists

in Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Optics, GIS and Cadastre.


1. Pronounce words and word combinations:

highly-qualified, to graduate from, entrance requirements,

correspondence, preliminary, guide, grant, curriculum,

opportunity, well-equipped, youth, refectory.

2. Translate into Russian:

a) post-graduate, vacation, youth, faculty, experience, to

graduate from, activity, grant, refectory, department, test,

applicant, opportunity, term.

b) well-stocked library, entrance requirement, national

economy, higher educational establishment, training course, to

take an active part in, final project, preliminary department, to

do one's best, scientific society, to take an exam, to pass an


3. Translate into English:

a) закончить (вуз), навыки, факультет, аспирантура,

деятельность, семестр, зачет, стипендия, каникулы, возможность,

молодежь, кафедра;

b) Сибирская Государственная Геодезическая Академия, высшее

учебное заведение, требования на вступительных экзаменах, сдавать

экзамен, сдать экзамен, подготовительное отделение, народное

хозяйство, курс обучения, дипломная работа, принимать активное

участие, делать все возможное, библиотека с богатым книжным

фондом, научное общество.

- 12 -

4. Fill in the blanks with prepositions:

1. My brother graduated ... the University last year.

2. Today we are going to pass an exam ... Philosophy.

3. In accordance ... the plan we are to do this work.

4. At the end of the fourth year students are sent ... a plant to

get some experience ... the business.

5. The graduates carry ... research work ... well equipped


6. He is a student ... the Siberian State Academy ... Geodesy.

7. There are two terms ... each academic year and ... the end ...

each term students take exams and tests.

 5. Answer the questions:

1. What are you?

2. Where do you study?

3. When was the Academy founded?

4. Are there many geodetic institutes in our country?

5. What exams must applicants pass to enter the Academy?

6. What does the present day Academy include?

7. How long does the training course last?

8. When do the students take their tests and exams?

9. Who usually gets a scholarship?

10. What is the whole training course followed by?

11. What subjects do the students study?

12. What facilities are there in the Academy?

 6. Translate from Russian into English:

1  Я студент Сибирской государственной геодезической академии.

2. Академия была основана в 1932 г.

3. Чтобы поступить в Академию, необходимо сдать экзамен по

математике и русскому языку.

4. В настоящее время Академия включает в себя Институт геодезии и

менеджмента, Институт кадастра и геоинформационных систем,

Институт оптики и оптических технологий, Институт фотограмметрии

и дистанционного зондирования.

5. В конце каждого семестра студенты сдают экзамены и зачеты.

6. Курс обучения в Академии 5-6 лет.

7. Студенты, успешно сдавшие экзамены, получают стипендию.

8. Полный курс обучения завершается дипломной работой.

9. Студенты первого и второго курсов изучают общеобразовательные

предметы, а студенты старших курсов - специальные предметы.

- 13 -


 Word list

to deal with иметь дело с

astrogeodesy (geodetic astro- астрономогеодезия

nomy, field astronomy)

determination of position определение координат точек,


determination of azimuth определение азимута

aster светило

astronomical fixation астрономическое определение

(A.E. astrofix)

to determine coordinates определять координаты

to determine latitude, определять широту, долготу,

longitude, azimuth азимут

astronomical point астрономический пункт

Laplace point (station) пункт Лапласа

initial data исходные данные

orientation of the state ориентирование государственной

geodetic network геодезической сети

grade measurements градусные измерения

figure-of-the earth study изучение формы Земли

remote regions удаленные районы

poor geodetic network слаборазвитая геодезическая

provision сеть

to recover geodetic control восстанaвливать пункты

points геодезической сети

to detect an angle определить угол

bearing angle дирекционный угол

space exploration космические исследования

spatiаl triangulation пространственная


base adjustment разбивка базиса

to fix coordinates определять координаты

artificial satellite искусственный спутник Земли (ИСЗ)

reference point опорная точка, репер

applied geodesy прикладная геодезия

geodetic coverage геодезическое обеспечение

- 14 -


Astrogeodesy is the part of astronomy which deals with

determination of azimuths and positions on the earth's surface

based on observation of asters. This section of astronomy is very

important for solving economic and practical tasks of geodesy.

Astronomical fixations (astrofixes) are inseparable from

surveying and mapping. They are used to determine coordinates of

different points on the earth's surface as well as their latitude

and longitude. For this purposes it is necessary to know exact

local time at the moment of observation. Determination of azimuth

is very important for geodesy and cartography. The point with

coordinates determined by means of astronomical observations is

called an astronomical point (Laplace point). Laplace azimuths

are considered as geodetic azimuths of triangulation lines

determined by astrogeodetic observations.

Astrofixes together with geodetic and gravimetric

determinations provide initial geodetic data and orientation of

the state geodetic control network. They are useful for grade

measurements and figure-of-the earth study.

Star observations are an integral part of the geodetic

control network.

Not long ago astrofixes were necessary for topographical

surveys in the remote regions with a poor geodetic network

provision. Nowadays when the amount of large-scale surveys is

growing, many of the geodetic control points are being recovered.

To do this, bearing angles should be detected by astronomical


Methods of astrogeodesy are utilized in space exploration

for base adjustment of spatial triangulation and for setting

astronomical coordinates of spatial triangulation points. The

methods may also be used to fix coordinates of artificial


Astronomical observations make it possible to determine

positions of reference points on the earth's surface to be used

for topographical surveys.

Astronomical fixations of geographic coordinates and

azimuths are widely used in applied geodesy for geodetic coverage

of engineering works.

- 15 -


1. Find English equivalents in the text for the following

word combinations:

определение координат и азимутов из наблюдений светил;

  1   2   3   4

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Английский язык: методические указания по развитию навыков устной речи для студентов I курса Института лесного и лесопаркового хозяйства....

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке iconКлуб Дебатов на Английском языке
Приглашаем на встречи клуба дебатов на английском языке, где Вы сможете обсуждать, спорить, высказывать свою точку зрения по заданному...

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке iconУчебное пособие по развитию навыков устной речи для студентов I курса технических специальностей Издательство Алтгту
Учебное пособие по развитию навыков устной речи для студентов технических специальностей I курса / Э. М. Кузнецова, И. М. Лысакова,...

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке iconУчебное пособие по развитию навыков устной речи для студентов I-II курсов технических специальностей Изд-во Алтгту
Учебное пособие по развитию навыков устной речи для студентов I-II курсов технических специальностей / Кафедра английского языка...

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке iconМетодические указания по развитию навыков устной и письменной речи для студентов младших курсов всех специальностей
Министерство сельского хозяйства российской федерации федеральное агентство по рыболовству

Методические разработки по развитию устной речи на английском языке iconМетодические указания по обучению устной речи для студентов 1 курса всех специальностей
Методические указания предназначены для студентов 1 курса всех специальностей неязыкового вуза. Основная цель указаний развить навыки...

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