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(smooth surface, as opposed to "cold" or "warm", which have nubbly surfaces

for watercolor painting), "acid free", and "100% rag". Test your paper,

whatever you pick, first! Cheap paper can make your ink bleed, and get

warped by the paint.

I have had good luck with Pelikan brand ink. True india inks are

pigmented (as opposed to dyes, which are transparent), and contain shellac.

The shellac rises to the top as the ink dries, and makes the ink mostly

waterproof. Gold inks made of bits of metal suspended in a carrier imitate

"shell gold" well. You must shake these inks very well!

> I'm not real sure how picky to be for real competition and so -any- help you

> can give me to nudge me in the right direction would be wonderful.


> Lilith

I'm not sure how picky you should be, either. All kingdoms seem to have

different standards as to judging. If you haven't had the opportunity to see

an average entry in your kingdom before, you might want to ask the

callig/illum people in your kingdom. Good luck! I will be happy to answer

any questions you might have.


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 03:17:36 -0600

From: Roberta R Comstock

To: sca-arts at

Subject: Re: Illumination questions

I've seen actual period manuscripts as small as 3 x 5 inches and as large

as about 18 X 30 inches. The page size is pretty much up to you. If

you want it to look like a book page, be sure to leave adequate margins,

with extra space on the 'bound' side of the page (left side of a recto,

right side of a verso).

The thing many beginners seem to have trouble with is getting their

calligraphy hand to be consistent with their illumination style. For

example, using late period calligraphy with early period borders,

sometimes mixing cultures as well. Gothic French will be entirely

different from Visigothic Spanish, early Hiberno-Saxon, Renaissance

Italian and so on.

Look at as many examples of different styles as you can find. Sometimes

you can find them in art history books or illustrated 'coffee table'

books such as those published by Time-Life. Pay attention to details

such as spacing of letters and lines of text, whether illuminated

capitals are set into the text block or 'hung' out in the margin,

relative sizes of margins, placement of ornamental borders, whether there

is a text-related illustration.

When I began, I started doing illuminations on pieces that others had

lettered. I eventually took up calligraphy because I couldn't get the

scribes I knew to do the layouts I wanted to illuminate or the hands

consistent with the type of illuminations I liked to do. Have been away

from C&I for some time now - other interests (plus carpal tunnel

syndrome) edged it out.

Good Luck! and don't forget to have fun!


Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 11:47:59 -0500

From: "Helen Schultz (KHvS)"


Subject: Re: Stained glass and celtic knotwork

This is slightly off the subject of stained glass, but in reference to the

comment by Slaine "I'm not the sort of person who goes ballistic when

knotwork/interlace patterns show up in later period pieces..." I thought

I'd slip in with a piece of illumination trivia. The Italians and Flemish

of the early 15th Century were using their rendition of knotwork in their

illuminations... and got almost as intricate as the original Irish



(a calligrapher & illuminator)

Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 13:14:29 EST


To: sca-arts at

Subject: Re: Manuscript copies?

J. Neal Books, and Paper & Ink books also sell facsimiles of medieval

manuscripts; their prices are usually good. They also both carry a wide

range of calligraphy supplies.

John Neal, Bookseller

Paper & Ink Books


Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 19:50:13 -0500

From: rmhowe

To: sca-arts at, medieval-leather at,

Anna.Troy at

Subject: Parchment Supplies and Scribal Links

Parchment and Scribal Links to the Kingdoms.

Subject: Scribes Web Page Update

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 22:11:40 -0500

From: "Linda Pancrazio"

To: "Merry Rose" ,

"Scribe List"

Greetings to the Rose and to the Quill and Scroll,

I'm writing to let you all know about some of the updates and additions to

the Atlantian Scribes page.

Most of the on-line scribes handbook has been updated to include color

badges and navigation buttons. It's "pretty" up though the Orders of Merit.

(page 22 if you have the printed version handy.) We've also added texts for

all the new awards.

We added a Scrivener Royal page to provide information about the position &

the upcoming competition at Spring Crown and there's a link to some samples

of our current scrivener's beautiful work.

Genevieve d'Evreux

p.s. for those scribes on the Merry Rose but not the Atlantian Scribes

list - The Quill and Scroll (scribes at is a list created

especially for Atlantian Scribes to talk about Atlantian Scribe Stuff. The

volume is quite low - we're using it mostly for general announcements and

Atlantian specific questions (although general questions are welcome as

well). There is also an interkingdom scribes list based in Caid

(scribes at with a high volume and tons of good information. Links

to subscription information for both of these lists can be found - you

guessed it - on the Atlantian Scribes page. :)

Linda Pancrazio | SCA: Lady Genevieve d'Evreux

Selma NC, USA | Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia

lindap at |

From: Celestria LeDragon [celestria_ledragon at]

Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 7:29 PM

To: bryn-gwlad at

Subject: [Bryn-gwlad] Medieval Writing link

I found this site about the different tools and documents used.


From: rachel luce

Date: January 9, 2005 10:48:50 PM CST

To: Ansteorra , Barony of Raven's Fort

Cc: Subject: [Ansteorra] Renaissance handwriting


Insomnia sometimes turns up some wonderful

websites. This one has to do with palaeography in the

english rennaisance.

Thought I'd share it with everyone. For those of you

who are into caliigraphy it isn't exactly calligraphy

or illumination but it does have a lot of images

scanned directly from period documents.


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