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Florida FBLA-PBL Association Inc.

Official State Handbook


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Introduction 7

Fact Finder

2009 National Winners 13

State Adviser 16

General Information 17

Important Dates 19

Charter and Organization Guidelines 20

Dues 21

Leadership Conferences 23

Scaled Quota for FBLA Competitive Events 25

FBLA State Officers 26

FBLA District Directors and District Presidents 27

PBL General Information 32

PBL State Executive Council 33

Board of Directors 34

Business Education Supervisors 35

Other Important Phone Numbers 37

Professional Division Information 39

Professional Division Application 41

Policies and Procedures

State Officer Campaign Rules and Regulations 45

State Officer Conduct, Travel, Removal, and Reimbursement 47

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct 48

Dress Policy 49

Dues 51 Leadership Conferences 52

Scholarships 55

District Directors 57

Board of Directors Bylaws 59

FBLA Bylaws 67

PBL Bylaws 79

Professional Division Bylaws 89

Levels of Competitive Events 97

Standards of Mailability 101

FBLA (Middle Level) Competitive Events

ML American Enterprise 105

ML Business Math 111

ML Career Exploration 113

ML Community Service 115

ML Computer Slide Show 121

ML Desktop Publishing Application 125

ML FBLA Principles and Procedures 129

ML Introduction to Computers 131

ML Keyboarding Applications 133

ML Leadership/Parliamentary Procedure 135

ML Local Chapter Activities Report 137

ML Proofreading and Editing 143

ML Public Speaking 145

ML Spreadsheet 149

ML Web Page Creation 151

FBLA (High School) Competitive Events

Accounting I 157

Accounting II 159

American Enterprise Project 161

Banking and Financial Systems 167

Business Calculations 173

Business Communication 175

Business Ethics 177

Business Financial Plan 181

Business Law 185

Business Math 187

Business Plan 189

Business Presentation 195

Business Procedures 201

Businessperson of the Year 203

Client Service 205

Community Service 209

Computer Applications 213

Computer Game and Simulation Programming 215

Computer Problem Solving 219

Cyber Security 221

Database Design and Application 223

Desktop Application Programming 225

Desktop Publishing 229

Digital Video Production 231

E-business 237

Economics 243

Electronic Career Portfolio 245

Emerging Business Issues 249

Entrepreneurship 253

FBLA Principles and Procedures 257

Future Business Leader 259

Global Business 267

Help Desk 273

Honorary Life Member 277

Hospitality Management 279

Impromptu Speaking 281

Introduction to Business 285

Introduction to Business Communication 287

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure 289

Introduction to Technology Concepts 291

Job Interview 293

Largest Local Charter Membership 299

Local Recruitment of Charters 301

Management Decision Making 303

Management Information Systems 309

Marketing—Kurt S. Thomson Award 315

Network Design 317

Networking Concepts 323

Pansy B. Read Gold Seal Award of Merit 325

Parliamentary Procedure 327

Partnership with Business Project 331

Personal Finance 335

Public Speaking I 337

Public Speaking II 341

Roger H. Stubing Local Chapter Annual Business Report 345

Sports Management 349

Spreadsheet Applications 351

Technology Concepts 353

Virtual Business Challenge 355

Website Development 357

Who’s Who in FBLA 365

Word Processing I 369

Word Processing II 371

PBL (Post-secondary) Competitive Events

Accounting Analysis and Decision Making 375

Accounting Principles 377

Accounting for Professionals 379

Business Communication 381

Business Decision Making 385

Business Ethics 391

Business Law 395

Business Presentation 397

Businessperson of the Year 403

Christopher J. Heider Scholarship Award 405

Client Service 407

Community Service 411

Computer Applications 419

Computer Concepts 421

Computer Game and Simulation Programming 423

Contemporary Sports Issues 427

Cyber Security 429

Database Design and Applications 431

Desktop Publishing 433

Digital Video Production 435

Economic Analysis and Decision Making 441

Emerging Business Issues 443

Financial Analysis and Decision Making 447

Financial Concepts 449

Financial Services 451

Free Enterprise Project 455

Future Business Executive 463

Future Business Teacher 469

Help Desk 477

Honorary Life Member 481

Hospitality Management 483

Human Resource Management 487

Impromptu Speaking 491

Information Management 495

International Business 497

Job Interview 517

Justice Administration 505

Largest Local Charter Membership 507

Local Recruitment of Charters 509

Macroeconomics 511

Management Analysis and Decision Making 513

Management Concepts 517

Marketing Analysis and Decision Making 519

Marketing Concepts—Kurt S. Thomson Award 523

Microeconomics 525

Network Design 527

Networking Concepts 533

Pansy B. Read Gold Seal Award of Merit 535

Parliamentary Procedure 537

Project Management 543

Public Speaking 545

Roger H. Stubing Local Chapter Annual Business Report 549

Sales Presentation 553

Small Business Management Plan 557

Sports Management and Marketing 565

Statistical Analysis 567

Telecommunications 569

Website Development 571

Rob Kelleher Memorial Award 577

Who’s Who in Florida PBL 579

Word Processing 583

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Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a non-profit, local, district, state, regional, and national organization for all middle and high school students participating in business and business-related programs. In Florida, FBLA functions as an integral part of the instructional program of the business education program in secondary school.

This organization provides students with the opportunity to apply their classroom instruction in business practices and procedures to leadership development activities and competitive event experiences. The purpose of the organization is to:

"...provide, as an integral part of the instructional program, additional opportunities for secondary students (6-12) in business education to develop vocational and career supportive competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibility."

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