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6.4 The Chemically Sensitive

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Section 7. Past Mistakes and the Precautionary Principle

7.1 The Precautionary Principle

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7.2 Learning from Past Mistakes

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Section 8. Alternative Waste Technologies

8.2 Producing Less Waste

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8.7 Adavanced Thermal Technologies (ATT) and Plasma Gasification

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8.8 Greenhouse Gases

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Section 9. Costs of Incineration

9.1 Direct and Indirect Costs

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9.2 Health costs of Incineration

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9.3 Financial Gains from reducing Pollution

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9.4 Other Studies of the Health Costs of Pollution

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Section 10. Other Considerations of Importance

10.1 The Problem of Ash

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10.2 Radioactivity

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10.3 The Spread of Pollutants

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10.4 Cement Kilns

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Section 11. Monitoring

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Section 12. Risk Assessment

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Section 15. Recommendations

329) Friends of the Earth Briefing. Incinerators and Deprivation, Jan 2004.

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