Natural phenomena of biological antigravitation and невидимости at insects and effect полостных of structures гребенникова

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НазваниеNatural phenomena of biological antigravitation and невидимости at insects and effect полостных of structures гребенникова
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( "Flight" - V the chapter from the book В.С. Гребенникова " MY WORLD ") Introductory comment Ю.Н. Чередниченко, ст.н.с. Laboratories of biophysics НИИ of a General(common) pathology and ecology of the man WITH РАМН

Виктор Степанович Гребенников -

Scientist - естествоиспытатель, professional энтомолог, artist and simply comprehensively advanced man with a wide spectrum of interests. It(he) is known much as первооткрыватель

Effect полостных of structures (ЭПС). But not all are familiar from it(him) by other opening also borrowed from among secret secrets of an alive Nature. In 1988 by him(it) were found out

Antigravitational effects хитиновых of covers of some insects. But the most impressing accompanying phenomenon of the given phenomenon is a phenomenon complete or partial невидимости or

The deformed perception(recognition) of the material object which is taking place in a zone of compensated gravitation. On the basis of this opening, with use бионических of principles, the author has designed and

Has constructed antigravitational платфому, and also practically has developed principles управояемого of flight. With speed up to 25 kms / mines. Since 1991-92 years the device was used by the author as a means of fast movement.

Biogravitational effects is a wide spectrum of the natural phenomena, on all visibility peculiar not only some kinds of insects. From многочисленых феноменологических of the data are known

Cases of downturn of weight or complete левитации of material objects during the directed any психо-physical influence of the man (психокинез), левитация йогов,

Practising трансцендентную meditation on Махариши. The cases левитации медиумов in time спиритических of sessions are known. But would be by a mistake to think, that similar opportunities

дарованы only to people, gifted from a nature. On my belief is unsufficiently investigated общебиологическая закономенрность. As is known, in condition сомнабулического of automatism

(лунатизма), weight of the man is considerably reduced. So сомнамбул in weight up to 80 - 90 kg during the night travels can pass on thin досточке, come on laying in next

койке of the man, not causing it(him) of physically unpleasant sensations (except for a fright). Some clinical cases генуинной эпилепсии during small (бессужорожных) of attacks frequently

Result in short-term convertible transformation of the person (in the people named одержанием), when худенькая, girl, exhausted by illness, or 10 years(summer) boys get

Physical opportunities trained атлета. Now this psychological phenomenon has received name мультиперсональности or multiple person, since it(he) considerably differs from

Classical variants эпилептического симптомокомлекса Such clinical cases are well known and are described. However, phenomena accompanying with change of weight of the man or

Material objects not always take place in conditions of pathological functioning организма. the Healthy people in condition of sharp psychological stress connected with

By threat to life or dominant motivation of emergency achievement, any vital purpose, are capable involuntarily to overcome insuperable in a usual condition

Obstacles to lift huge weights etc. it Is usual try to explain by extreme mobilization мышечной of force, though the exact accounts will not be coordinated to the similar assumptions.

Apparently, биоантигравитационные mechanisms are especially advanced at the sportsmen (прыгунов in height, тяжелоатлетов, бегунов). Productivity of their sports achievement in in many respects(much) (if not in

Basic) is defined(determined) not so much by degree тренированности, how many предстартовой by psychological preparation. If the correct scientific research problem of anomalies was put

Weights of the man in various психофизиологических condition the equipment of dynamic monitoring of weight also is created, we would receive the quite objective information on this unusual phenomenon. Are known

Also phenomena, short-term increase of weight of biological objects, including the men who have been not connected with массопереносом.

The book В.С. Гребенникова is written in высокохужожественном style and is illustrated by author. she(it) is original "дактилограммой" of system of spiritual values, ecological

Outlooks and энтомологической by the curriculum vitae of the author. Certainly, by many readers the book will be perceived(recognized), no more than популяризованное generalization of 60-year's experience of supervision

The expert in the field of secrets of the world of insects embellished by elements of a scientific fantasy. But this deep error. Being well familiar with Виктором Степановичем and his(its) works not

On наслышке (and we live no more than in 10 kms from each other), I can tell, that did not see more scientifically diligent, honour researcher and talented scientific - experimenter.

Is known Гребенников, also, and it is rather wide, in so-called scientific андеграунде (i.e. in that part of an advanced Russian scientific idea, which is in every possible way pursued in official

акакдемических circles). So, for example, in Новосибирскрм branch FROM WOUNDS the committee on struggle with лженаукой is created, which victims became many talented scientists ours

Академгородка. The situation and in Россельхозакадемии is those. To pay with a workplace of the scientific employee or manager by laboratory (despite of a scientific degree and ranks) it is possible,

Rather it is easy. To publish in any scientific collection or materials of a conference clause, for example, about evolutionary meaning(importance) of antigravitational mechanisms at insects enough.

But, the opening of such scale, on my deep belief, should not be buried in the manuscripts only because a pragmatism in a science while at authority. Let this scientifically popular book will be for

Them " by a scientific fantasy ". At everyone вера. But having eyes - yes will see. You see катастрофизм both in evolution of an alive nature and in a nature of human knowledge is and is radical ломка

Old representations outstripping the theoretical forecasts. Fanatical вера and идолопоклонничество роднит our present academic science with языческой by religion. But

гармоническое (in sense пневматосферы item. Флоренского) the development is not possible without destruction of old stereotypes on the basis of deep knowledge of wisdom and experience of previous generations.


The chapter V. FLIGHT

Silent steppe evening. The медно-red disk of the sun already has touched far мглистого of horizon. Home to get out late — has lingered over here I with

насекомьими by businesses also I prepare to dream, boon, in a flask there was a water and is противокомариная "«Дэта", which here is very necessary: on an abrupt coast солоноватого of lake great variety these надоедливых кусак.

(the above had the picture of the magnet and ant)

The business occurs in steppe, in Камышловской to a valley — the rest of former powerful inflow Иртыша, turned because of распашки of steppes and cutting down of woods in a deep and wide broad gully to a chain

Such salty lakes. Безветренно — not шелохнется even травинка. Above evening lake flash утиные стайки, is heard посвист куликов. High небосвод pearl

Colours has overturned above the calming down steppe world. As it is good here, on приволье! I am arranged at the breakage, on grassy лужайке: I spread a raincoat, I put рюкзак under a head; before that as

лечь, I collect a little dry cow лепешек, I put(fold) by their number(line) in кучку, I light — and romantic, unforgettable smell this dark blue дымка slowly

Is spread on falling asleep steppe. I am stacked on simple ложе, with pleasure I extend уставшие for day of a leg, anticipating one more (and it drops out to me

Infrequently) remarkable steppe night. Light-blue дымок silently carries away me in the Country of fairy Tales, and the dream comes quickly: I become that small small, from an ant, huge,

As all sky, and now should fall asleep; but why today these apparent " предсонные of change " of the sizes of my body what that unusual, very strong; to them

Something was added new: sensation of fall - as if from under me instantly have cleaned(removed) this high coast, and I fall in unknown and terrible бездну!

Suddenly have started gleaming any всполохи, and I open eyes, but всполохи do not disappear - пляшут on the жемчужно-silvery evening sky, on a grass. The sharp metal smack in a mouth - as if I has appeared

Has applied(put) in language contacts strong батарейки. Has rustled in ушах; the double impacts of own heart are clearly audible.

With what here dream!

I sit and I try отогнать these unpleasant sensations, but nothing leaves, only всполохи in eyes from wide and нерезких the sparks, not have turned also narrow precise not that

That the chains, also prevent to look around. And here I have recollected: very similar sensations I have tested some years back in Лесочке, namely in Заколдованной to a Grove (so the author names

Places in territory энтомологического заказника in Omsk area). It was necessary, to rise in to resemble On a coast: whether everywhere here such? Here, in meter from breakage — obvious influence

"Something", отхожу in глубь of steppe on ten meters — it - "something" quite clearly disappears. Becomes страшновато; one, in deserted steppe, at « Заколдованного

Lakes » to be going быстренько — and подальше from here. But the curiosity this time takes top; what it all the same such? It can, from a smell of lake water and ooze!

Спускаюсь downwards, under breakage, I sit at water, on large комок of clay. Rich сладковатый the smell сапропеля — of the rotted through rests of seaweed — envelops me

As if in грязелечебнице. I sit five minutes ten — anything unpleasant is not present. впору somewhere here улечься to sleep, but here below very much сыро. I get on top

Breakage — a former history! The head, again "гальванически" кислит in a mouth is turned, and as if my weight — that easy I incredibly, that, on the contrary, тажелый-heavy($тажелый-hardly) varies;

In eyes again разноцветно has started gleaming... Incredibly: it would be valid « гиблое a place », any bad anomaly — would not grow here, above, this rich

Grass, and not гнездились those large bees, норками which the abrupt clay breakage — and I you see is literally covered

Was arranged on ночлег just above their underground "пчелоградом", in недрах which, certainly, great variety of courses, chambers, личинок, куколок, alive and

Healthy. So that time I nothing has understood, not выспавшийся, with heavy head, early years(summer) morning — not yet(yet) взошло sun move(submit) in party of a path, that on попутке to leave in Исилькуль.

(photo of V shaped ocean view is with the paragraph above)

In that summer I have visited on « Заколдованной Lake » four times, in different time and in different weather. By the end of a summer(years) a bee mine раэлетались here in improbable

Quantity(amount), delivering in норки whence bright yellow flower pollen — by one word, felt perfectly. That will not tell about me: in meter from breakage above

By their jacks clear "«complex" of most unpleasant sensations, meters in five - without those... And again bewilderment: well why here

Feel perfectly plants, and these bees, гнездящиеся here and great variety, so the breakage is covered them норками, as невмеру ноздреватый cheese, and

By places — almost how губка? The solution has come many years later, when пчелоград in Камышловской to a valley was lost: пашня has risen to the breakage which because of it has fallen off,

And now there not only neither норки, nor травинки, but also huge meanest dump.

At me has remained only горстка old clay комков — .обломков those jacks — with

< Picture: 5s.jpg (4695 bytes) this is the dirt dobber nest image> by much numerical каморками-cells. The cells were located side by side and reminded small наперстки, or, faster кувшинчики with smoothly narrowed горлышками;

I already knew, that. The bees these concern to a kind Галикт четырехпоясковый — on number light колечек on oblong брошке. On my working table forced

The devices, dwellings of ants, кузнечиков, пузырьками with реактивами and everyone other всячиной, were a wide vessel filled by these

ноздреватыми комками of clay. It was required something to take, and I have carried by a hand above these дырчатыми By fragments.

(open drawing of dirt dobber nest with bee leaving it is next to paragraph below)

Also there was a miracle: above them I unexpectedly have felt heat... Has touched lumps by a hand — cold, above them — obvious sensation of heat; any in addition have appeared in fingers

Unknown to me earlier pushes, подергивания, "тиканья". And when I have moved a bowl with jacks on edge(territory) of a table and has declined above it(her) the person, has felt same, that on Lake: as if the head is done(made)

Easy and large - large, the body fails somewhere downwards, in eyes - скроподобные of flare, in a mouth - taste батарейки, easy nausea... I have put from above картонку — of sensation same. A cover from a saucepan — as if her(it) also is not present, and

It "«something" пронзает a barrier through. It was necessary immediately to study a phenomenon. But what I could make houses without any physical devices? To investigate гнездышки the employees helped me

Many institutes ours ВАСХНИЛ - городка (in Novosibirsk). But, alas, the devices did not react to them at all: neither most precise thermometers, nor registrars of ultrasound, electrometers, магнитометры. Have lead(carried out)

the most precise chemical analysis of this clay anything especial. Radiometer was silent also... But hand, usual human hands — and not only mine! — clearly felt above

гнездовьями that is warm, as though cold ветерок, мурашки, тики that richer, like киселя, environment(Wednesday); at one a hand "«тяжелела", at others as if something pushed

Her(it) upwards; at some немели fingers, reduced muscles предплечья, the head was turned, the saliva was plentifully allocated. By a similar image the bunch(beam) paper трубок behaved,

(the following has the image of the radiating straw bundled)

Entirely populated by bees - листорезами. In each tunnel a continuous number(line) многослойных стаканчиков from scraps листьев, closed concave round — too from листьев — крышечками was located; inside стаканчиков —

Silk овальные cocoons with личинками and куколками. I offered to the people, nothing knowing about my find, to take a palm or person above гнездовьем листорезов, and all in detail recorded. Results of these unusual experiments you can
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