› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea

Название› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea
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17:54:00 ‹Bill Ward› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1:5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea

21/11/2011 17:54:06 ‹JC Hay› Hey Kevin, good seeing you again! Yeah, I had to limit my time out from home this year...

21/11/2011 17:54:36 ‹JC Hay› Glad for stuff like this though. It's nice to see people, even if it's just virtually

21/11/2011 17:54:44 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Bill Ward: Okay then.  I know I met someone else from Black Gate, but I didn't think it was you, but I forgot his name.

21/11/2011 17:55:09 ‹Bill Ward› John O'Neill

21/11/2011 17:55:23 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Ah, that's it!  Thanks.

21/11/2011 17:55:35 ‹Bill Ward› Yea, he's the head honcho

21/11/2011 17:56:15 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› I'm getting my ducks in a row for next year's cons.  Just decided to go to Chicon.  I've never been to Chicago.

21/11/2011 17:56:18 * Justin Sluder joins PFTales

21/11/2011 17:56:51 ‹Bill Ward› I need to start planning some cons as well, nothing decided yet. Maybe WFC

21/11/2011 17:57:05 ‹JC Hay› Where is it in '12?

21/11/2011 17:57:15 ‹Justin Sluder› Bill Ward: PaizoCon!!

21/11/2011 17:57:19 ‹Dave Gross› Bill Ward: I intend to be at WFC and a small Calgary-based con next year. Not sure if I can manage anything else.

21/11/2011 17:57:33 ‹Bill Ward› Toronto

21/11/2011 17:57:35 * James Sutter joins PFtales

21/11/2011 17:57:40 ‹Bill Ward› Justin Sluder: maybe!

21/11/2011 17:57:59 * Guy Humual joins PFTales

21/11/2011 17:58:43 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› I was juggling between WorldCon and WFC, but there's now plans in the works for a big Wild Cards get together and celebration of the movie deal, so that made the decision for me.

21/11/2011 17:59:13 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Plus one of the Wild Cards in Chicago also offered me crash space, which makes the traveling much easier.

21/11/2011 17:59:42 ‹JC Hay› That's always a huge help. Travelling on the cheap is nice.

21/11/2011 18:00:09 ‹Dave Gross› Wrangling a couple of cats, but if they don't saunter in soon, we'll begin.

21/11/2011 18:00:16 * Andrew | Dev Mode joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:00:19 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Oh yeah.  My father lives in Reno, so I was able to combine this last WorldCon with a visit.

21/11/2011 18:00:36 ‹JC Hay› Gulo: Thanks for the reminder on Battlelore - Just ordered Doombound.

21/11/2011 18:00:40 ‹Rathendar› he wasnt effected by the fire, i hope KAM?

21/11/2011 18:00:50 ‹Bill Ward› Thursty: Thanks for the recomendation of Mono, enjoying it on youtube right now.

21/11/2011 18:01:00 * GameMaster's Kip joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:01:01 ‹Gulo› JC, glad to help!

21/11/2011 18:01:03 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Rathendar: Fire?

21/11/2011 18:01:24 ‹Dave Gross› And away we go ...

21/11/2011 18:01:25 ‹GameMaster's Kip› Hey everybody.

21/11/2011 18:01:34 ‹Dave Gross› Welcome to Part II of our Pathfinder Tales chat dedicated to the web fiction Paizo has been posting for free almost every Wednesday. If you haven’t read all of the stories, please check them out soon, and leave a review on those that you like best.

21/11/2011 18:01:49 ‹Dave Gross› After a brief introduction of each author, I’ll ask a starter question. At any point after that, feel free to ask a question of your own. To help us see the questions directed at each of us, please type the name (or simply click on the name) of the author you’re addressing.

21/11/2011 18:01:54 ‹Thursty› Bill Ward:   All thanks to Monte.  He put it up on his facebook one day, and I adored it.  We chatted later on about it, and he got me the names of all their albums.

21/11/2011 18:01:56 ‹Dave Gross› If you have a question for everyone, please type ALL AUTHORS before the question.

21/11/2011 18:02:05 ‹Dave Gross› Without further ado, I’ll introduce our guests in the arbitrary order of which joined the chat room first.

21/11/2011 18:02:09 * Azmyth joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:02:14 ‹Dave Gross› J.C. HAY is the author of stories appearing in such anthologies as The Book of all Flesh, Up Jumped the Devil, and Dark Faith. His web story is “Blood Crimes.”

21/11/2011 18:02:34 ‹JC Hay› Hi everybody.

21/11/2011 18:02:38 ‹Dave Gross› JC Hay: Are you as big a fan of the undead as your stories suggest? How do you see the undead in Golarion differing from those in other settings?

21/11/2011 18:03:10 ‹JC Hay› I love the dead (in a purely legal and consensual manner)

21/11/2011 18:03:23 ‹JC Hay

21/11/2011 18:03:29 ‹Dave Gross› KEVIN ANDREW MURPHY is one of George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards authors, has a story in latest volume, Fort Freak. His web story is “The Secret of the Rose and Glove.”

21/11/2011 18:03:33 * weem joins PFtales

21/11/2011 18:03:46 ‹Dave Gross› Kevin Andrew Murphy: Your stories draw on historical research. How do you adapt real-world information to a fantasy world like Golarion?

21/11/2011 18:03:49 ‹GameMaster's Kip› (I think Monte wrote a feat for that, JC)

21/11/2011 18:04:28 * Richard Lee Byers joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:04:39 ‹Richard Lee Byers› Hi, everyone.

21/11/2011 18:05:10 ‹GameMaster's Kip› Hi Richard!

21/11/2011 18:05:27 * ElaineCunningham joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:05:31 ‹weem› hey all

21/11/2011 18:05:43 * Pygon is restin' joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:05:44 ‹Rathendar› hi elaine and byers!

21/11/2011 18:05:45 ‹Dave Gross› By day, BILL WARD is an editor at Black Gate. His web story is “The Box.”

21/11/2011 18:06:08 ‹Dave Gross› Bill Ward: (Apologies for recycling the question) As someone who writes about rogues, thieves, and scoundrels, what do you think the preponderance of these sorts of characters in fantasy fiction says about the genre?

21/11/2011 18:06:12 * Pygon is restin' changes his/her nickname to Pygon

21/11/2011 18:06:20 ‹JC Hay› As for Golarion's Undead - I think that there's an interesting change from most Fantasy settings, because you have several locations where they are "ordinary joes" instead of the over-the-top villains - Between Osirion and Geb you've got a lot of new ways to work them into adventures as challenges other than Combat

21/11/2011 18:06:29 ‹Bill Ward› Hey everybody!

21/11/2011 18:07:11 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› I'm trained as an anthropologist, specializing in ethnography and folklore.  To really bring a time period to life, you need to understand the way people lived then, even in a fantasy analogue.

21/11/2011 18:07:14 ‹Dave Gross› HOWARD ANDREW JONES is the managing editor of Black Gate and author of Desert of Souls and Plague of Shadows. His web story is “The Walkers from the Crypt.”

18:07:34 * Mulban joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:07:45 ‹Howard Andrew Jones› Hello everyone -- thanks for the invite, Dave.

21/11/2011 18:07:55 ‹Dave Gross› Howard Andrew Jones: A little bird tell us that you’re working on at least one sequel to a novel you published this past year. What can you tell us about it (them)?

21/11/2011 18:08:02 * JakeInTheGrass joins PFtales

21/11/2011 18:08:16 ‹Dave Gross› JAMES SUTTER is the Paizo Fiction Editor and author of Death’s Heretic. His web story will appear soon after a sample chapter from the novel appears this week.

21/11/2011 18:08:30 ‹Dave Gross› James Sutter: You’re enjoying some terrific early reviews for your first novel. Who are some of the authors who you think influence your taste in fantasy stories?

21/11/2011 18:08:49 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› To go with my story, Galt is based on France around the time of the French Revolution, but extending a bit into the Regency period.  Understanding the realities of that time I think helps to add verisimilitude.

21/11/2011 18:08:52 ‹Bill Ward› The great thing, I think, about a roguish character is he gives you access to a big spectrum of motivations -- rogues can even be heroes, but the reverse isn't always true. If you are trying to create serial fiction, something with a variey of adventures, that sort of character is probably ideal.

21/11/2011 18:08:53 ‹Howard Andrew Jones› Heh. Well, I'm finishing up the sequel to my Arabian fantasy for St. martin's, but I think the audience here is probably going to be more curious about the second Elyana novel I signed on for.

21/11/2011 18:08:58 ‹Dave Gross› RICHARD LEE BYERS is the author of Dissolution, The Year of Rogue Dragons, and the post-apocalyptic superhero eBook series The Impostor. His web story is “Lord of Penance.”

21/11/2011 18:09:06 ‹Dave Gross› Richard Lee Byers: Richard, you've published a lot of shared-world fiction and a lot of non-franchise fiction. Is there a difference in the way you approach the two?

21/11/2011 18:09:23 ‹Dave Gross› ELAINE CUNNINGHAM is the author of such novels as Elfshadow, Daughter of the Drow, Winter Witch, and the ongoing Tales of Sevrin. Her web story is “The Illusionist.”

21/11/2011 18:09:29 ‹Dave Gross› Elaine Cunningham: What made you decide to write a direct-to-ebook fantasy series?

21/11/2011 18:09:43 ‹ElaineCunningham› In a word?  Control.

21/11/2011 18:10:04 * Wes Schneider joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:10:04 ‹James Sutter› I think some of my biggest influences are probably Dan Simmons, Joel Rosenberg, China Mieville... honestly, there are too many to list.

21/11/2011 18:10:07 * Stormy joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:10:26 ‹James Sutter› For Death's Heretic, I was really influenced by Spawn and Clive Barker's Imajica

21/11/2011 18:10:56 ‹Richard Lee Byers› The big difference is that in a world that's all your own, you can wreak any kind of havoc you like. In a shared-world setting, you can't make big changes without the approval of the publisher. The publisher won't give such approval unless the change is good for the long-term viability of the setting, even if the story you want to tell is really nifty.

21/11/2011 18:10:58 ‹James Sutter› but I love any author who does really awesome world-building. New vistas are what fantasy's all about for me.

21/11/2011 18:11:09 ‹Dave Gross› Wes Schneider arrives just in time to tell us what it's like writing the Pathfinder Journal for Carrion Crown, as opposed to writing source material for Golarion.

21/11/2011 18:11:22 * _weem was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 18:11:26 ‹Wes Schneider› Uh! Uh! Oh hi!

21/11/2011 18:11:26 ‹JC Hay› James Sutter: Imajica is one of my all time favorites...

21/11/2011 18:11:49 ‹ElaineCunningham› I also like the idea of a series of short stories coming out at greater frequency. Ebooks work at any length.

21/11/2011 18:11:51 * Lilith joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:11:53 ‹JC Hay› Barker's the master of great world-building

21/11/2011 18:12:15 * Lilith peeks in, makes sure everybody's behaving.

21/11/2011 18:12:15 ‹Stormy› I find myself a world builder in the writing I do, mostly because my early readings were Tolkien and Asimov, the ultimate world builders

21/11/2011 18:12:19 ‹James Sutter› JC--Yeah, that one was the first book of his I read, and it really blew me away.

21/11/2011 18:12:33 ‹Richard Lee Byers› The amount of pure creativity that went into all the stories that make up Barker's six Books of Blood is truly awe-inspiring.

21/11/2011 18:12:45 ‹James Sutter› I love Tolkien, but fantasy worlds that totally ignore Tolkien excite my imagination more these days.

21/11/2011 18:13:04 ‹Stormy› Understandable, he was emulated for decades and its nice to see something new

21/11/2011 18:13:07 ‹Wes Schneider› Um. A completely different writing experience that I managed to stumble through only with the help of an incrediably patient fiction editor (who foolishly later encouraged me to do more - the big sucker).

21/11/2011 18:13:16 ‹Stormy› I really enjoyed Stan Nichols' "Orcs"

21/11/2011 18:13:28 ‹James Sutter› I read Imajica because Creative Director James Jacobs said it was his favorite book ever, and I had his copy on my shelf for a year at least before I cracked it open--that sucker is BIG.

21/11/2011 18:14:09 ‹James Sutter› Wes has the dubious honor of being the only web fiction author to sit within slapping distance, but without the ability to fire me on a whim (as Erik can)

21/11/2011 18:14:11 ‹Richard Lee Byers› Imajica is very good, but my favorite Barker novel is Weaveworld. That one blew me away.

21/11/2011 18:14:22 ‹James Sutter› He endured the process admirably

21/11/2011 18:14:35 ‹James Sutter› Scars heal, Wes. Tears will dry in time.

21/11/2011 18:14:52 ‹JC Hay› I like Weaveworld a lot. Also "Sacrament" though it's more overt horror

21/11/2011 18:15:03 * NSpicer joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:15:04 ‹Dave Gross› A couple of questions from Pathfinder Chronicler’s Ted for ALL AUTHORS: What kind of feedback that you get from James Sutter, positive or negative, has been helpful in crafting the stories Paizo wants. 

21/11/2011 18:15:09 * Thursty makes a mess for Lilith to clean up!

21/11/2011 18:15:11 ‹Richard Lee Byers› Nothing wrong with overt horror!

21/11/2011 18:15:12 ‹James Sutter› HA!

21/11/2011 18:15:19 ‹James Sutter› Dave Gross: asking the DANGEROUS questions.

21/11/2011 18:15:22 ‹James Sutter› Right off the bat

21/11/2011 18:15:29 ‹Dave Gross› ERIK MONA is the publisher of Paizo Publishing. His web story is “Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver.”

21/11/2011 18:15:32 * Sir Wulf joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:15:34 ‹James Sutter› ...proceed. O_o

21/11/2011 18:15:51 ‹Dave Gross› Erik Mona: You’ve gone back to work on an outline for your first novel recently. How does the process of outlining a novel compare with writing your web story?

21/11/2011 18:15:57 ‹Bill Ward› think i'll log off and log back on anonymously for that one

21/11/2011 18:16:01 * Erik Mona joins PFTales

21/11/2011 18:16:03 ‹JC Hay› James is cup filled to the brim with the cream of human kindness. He never has a cruel word for anyone...

21/11/2011 18:16:04 * Justin Sluder plans on just sitting back and waiting for the perfect time to ask a disturbing question or seven

21/11/2011 18:16:09 ‹Wes Schneider› Writing game stuff has become second nature that the outlining for that sort of stuff typically goes on in my head. Doing fiction I attempted to just go without an outline for exactly one day, before realizing, oh shit, I have to completely rethink how I'm going to do this. I have to say it was one of the most educational writing experiences I've ever had and I masochistically  hope I'll have...

21/11/2011 18:16:16 ‹Richard Lee Byers› I've only done one story so far, and what I remember most about James's editing was simply that he was very supportive of what I wanted to do.

21/11/2011 18:16:18 ‹Wes Schneider› the chance for a few similar lessons.

21/11/2011 18:16:31 ‹Dave Gross› Also from Ted for ALL AUTHORS: Is there a difference between a very hands on editor and an editor that just refuses works outright.

21/11/2011 18:16:32 ‹Erik Mona› Let's see.

21/11/2011 18:16:38 ‹Gulo› (JC: Hannover ..)

21/11/2011 18:16:49 ‹Erik Mona› It's a lot more difficult for me to figure out a novel, mostly because I have never written one before.

21/11/2011 18:17:09 ‹Erik Mona› There are more characters, more subplots, more blocking in fight scenes, basically more of everything, and that's been pretty intimidating.

21/11/2011 18:17:15 * Justin Sluder would bother Erik Mona about a
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