› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea

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21/11/2011 19:15:36 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› MBanach/Ezekiel: Enough to sell it to James, which is more than I generally do otherwise.  I'm more a "gardener" style writer and I often have the ending of a story change in the writing as I discover a different better ending than the one I first conceived.

21/11/2011 19:15:40 ‹Rathendar› LOL

21/11/2011 19:15:40 ‹Rathendar› 27,000

21/11/2011 19:15:50 ‹Dave Gross› Ed Greenwood: I heard that a friend of ours once wrote an 80,000-word outline for a 100k novel.

21/11/2011 19:16:11 ‹Russ› Lady Elaine: kick her in the butt with the plot a few times.

21/11/2011 19:16:17 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Heheh, let me be the judge of that.

21/11/2011 19:16:21 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Not yet

21/11/2011 19:16:22 ‹Matthew Morris› @Lady Elaine Give her a beta male to beat on.

21/11/2011 19:16:24 ‹GameMaster's Kip› Oh, Ed! Are you going to be making Paizocon this year? My wife and I are going and it's our first con ever!

21/11/2011 19:16:27 ‹Dave Gross› Lady Elaine: Throw her out and choose the character who's active as your protagonist.

21/11/2011 19:16:38 ‹Bill Ward› MBanach/Ezekiel: more than I might normally do -- it needs to be cleared by the powers-that-be afterall, so you can't leave too much to chance

21/11/2011 19:16:39 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Let's hear the wisdom, listen to the wit.

21/11/2011 19:16:40 ‹Ed Greenwood› Well, it's like this. After 180-something books, I just ask what's preferred and "do it that way." I have written novels on a one-line idea that the editor said to me over drinks, just to show how far it can go the other way.

21/11/2011 19:16:47 ‹Lady Elaine› Pathfinder Chronicler (Away): I'm not touching it yet, but I really want to.

21/11/2011 19:17:02 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› good to know about the outlines. I've been attempting my latest with a full, explicit outline format, but I'm worried that I'm getting bogged down in the exercise at the expense of creative momentum

21/11/2011 19:17:06 ‹JC Hay› Lady Elaine: I think it was Dashiel Hammet that said if the characters sit too long, bad guys kick in the door and start shgooting

21/11/2011 19:17:22 ‹Ed Greenwood› Dave, you heard right. :}

21/11/2011 19:17:28 ‹Erik Mona› Ezekiel: I won't even consider writing a piece of fiction without an outline. So I outline meticulously.

21/11/2011 19:17:46 ‹Mulban› I have a question for the authors: Do any of you have problems "Switching Gears" mentally when you write for different worlds?  Or if there is a conflict, do you just let the editors handle it?

21/11/2011 19:17:51 ‹Ed Greenwood› Kip, I'm not sure. My wife's health continues to decline, and that affects my trips away from home in a big way.

21/11/2011 19:17:56 ‹Bill Ward› MBanach/Ezekiel: That can happen, I do a bit of back and forth -- generally by the time I actually start the story, find my voice and theme, the later parts of it become much clearer

21/11/2011 19:18:00 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Lady Elaine: I have no trouble with a passive protagonist so long as they're engaging and tell a good story.  It's all what works for the tale.

21/11/2011 19:18:13 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› I must admit, outlines are good for writing in between the outline until it is illegible.

21/11/2011 19:18:16 * Troll joins PFTales

21/11/2011 19:18:27 ‹Matthew Morris› I'm sorry to hear that Ed. (Fights the urge to write "Mr. Greenwood."

21/11/2011 19:18:28 ‹GameMaster's Kip› I'm so sorry to hear that. =( Best wishes

21/11/2011 19:18:33 ‹Ed Greenwood› Mulban, I lways have about eikth different things on the go, so I switch gears so often it's like driving: you just do it without thinking about it. However, YMMV...

21/11/2011 19:18:59 ‹Erik Mona› I have a 35-chapter Pathfinder Tales novel outline I ultimately abandoned. It had become a pointless act of onanism, and wasn't going anywhere. Mostly because I didn't know where I was going when I started it.

21/11/2011 19:19:04 ‹Erik Mona› So I abandoned it.

21/11/2011 19:19:10 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Ed Greenwood: Sorry to hear that.

21/11/2011 19:19:18 ‹Erik Mona› What I'm saying is that it's definitely possible to spend too much time on an outline.

21/11/2011 19:19:20 ‹Matthew Morris› ?Onanism?

21/11/2011 19:19:24 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Ed Greenwood: Sorry to hear that Ed, every moment is precious. Use it.

21/11/2011 19:19:33 ‹Dave Gross› Erik Mona: Phil Foglio once called to ask me how carefully I'd read his latest strip. I read it again and okayed it.

21/11/2011 19:19:35 ‹Ed Greenwood› Heh. Sorry for the typo: that should be "eight." And belay all thoughts of "Mr. Greenwood." Makes me feel OLD. ;}

21/11/2011 19:19:45 ‹Erik Mona› Matthew: Masturbation.

21/11/2011 19:19:45 ‹JC Hay› Props for using Onanism in a sentence, Erik

21/11/2011 19:19:50 ‹Troll› Lord Greenwood?

21/11/2011 19:19:51 ‹Dave Gross› Erik Mona: He was afraid I wanted him to take out the word "Onanistic." When I called his bluff, he chickened out and removed it himself.

21/11/2011 19:19:55 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Erik Mona: I knew it.

21/11/2011 19:19:58 ‹Gulo› "Mr. Greenwood is my father, heh heh."

21/11/2011 19:20:11 ‹Gulo

21/11/2011 19:20:15 ‹Erik Mona› Huh.

21/11/2011 19:20:20 ‹Lady Elaine› I'll refrain from asking how old people are as that inevitably makes people feel old

21/11/2011 19:20:30 ‹Erik Mona› I'm 36!

21/11/2011 19:20:32 ‹Lady Elaine› Although lately, I'm the one who feels old...

21/11/2011 19:20:36 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› 42

21/11/2011 19:20:42 ‹Andrew | Dev Mode› 29!

21/11/2011 19:20:43 ‹Ed Greenwood› Uh-oh. One of these days I'll figure out what causes babies, and then...

21/11/2011 19:20:45 ‹Matthew Morris› True, I remember that from when I met you at Origins, but I'm a 1950's kind of guy so it's a fight to not say 'Mr. Greenwood' 'Mr. Mona' etc.

21/11/2011 19:20:45 ‹JC Hay› Let's just say I have the first red box D&D

21/11/2011 19:20:47 ‹Mulban› Erik Mona: we're the same age

21/11/2011 19:20:47 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› 45

21/11/2011 19:20:48 ‹Lady Elaine› not in this crowd though heh

21/11/2011 19:20:54 ‹Matthew Morris› 40 and two days!

21/11/2011 19:20:54 ‹Lady Elaine› Andrew | Dev Mode: Yeah, you're a baby

21/11/2011 19:21:05 ‹Gulo› No, no .. it's like you people have never visited a chat room.

21/11/2011 19:21:07 ‹xellos› I'm 35.

21/11/2011 19:21:09 ‹Gulo› It's "ASL??"

21/11/2011 19:21:12 ‹Gulo

21/11/2011 19:21:14 ‹Dave Gross› In this crowd, I think I'm the second eldest.

21/11/2011 19:21:16 ‹Matthew Morris› So consider it a sign of the respect I have for your work.

21/11/2011 19:21:19 ‹Ed Greenwood› And I'm 52. Yes, I have no secrets at all.

21/11/2011 19:21:21 ‹GameMaster's Kip› 16/F/California!

21/11/2011 19:21:22 ‹Bill Ward› 36

21/11/2011 19:21:26 ‹Lady Elaine› 32

21/11/2011 19:21:28 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Elder Dave

21/11/2011 19:21:30 ‹GameMaster's Kip› ...sorry, what just happened? I think some sort of reflex kicked in.

21/11/2011 19:21:33 ‹Andrew | Dev Mode› Ed Greenwood: Steven once told Lady Elaine and myself we make him feel old ... as he had messed up and added roughly 10 years to each of our ages and I had to correct him

21/11/2011 19:21:37 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› I shall refer

21/11/2011 19:21:38 ‹NebulousMistress› lol

21/11/2011 19:21:39 ‹Troll› When is the next PF Tales book coming out and who is writing it?

21/11/2011 19:21:50 ‹JC Hay› 41, to be specific.

21/11/2011 19:21:50 ‹Troll› I flew through everything this past week, including the short stories

21/11/2011 19:21:53 ‹Troll› I need my fix

21/11/2011 19:21:57 ‹Dave Gross› Troll: James Sutter's Death's Heretic just came out.

21/11/2011 19:21:58 ‹Rathendar› 39

21/11/2011 19:22:03 ‹Lady Elaine› Andrew | Dev Mode: I don't know, I think he was pretty close to how old I was, he just had you pegged for older

21/11/2011 19:22:08 ‹Troll› Already read it

21/11/2011 19:22:15 ‹Troll› I'm a Venture-Captain

21/11/2011 19:22:17 ‹Pygon› 44.

21/11/2011 19:22:17 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Err, which book, they have like 5 almost

21/11/2011 19:22:31 ‹Lady Elaine› I'm just glad I'm not getting carded for cough syrup anymore.

21/11/2011 19:22:37 ‹Matthew Morris› Amusingly I've not cracked a single Pathfinder tales novel after Prince of Wolves.

21/11/2011 19:22:40 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Hmm, maybe 6 methinks

21/11/2011 19:22:41 ‹Dave Gross› Troll: The next is Hugh Matthews' Song of the Serpent, in February I believe.

21/11/2011 19:22:47 ‹Matthew Morris› I've read them all in PDF between calls at work.

21/11/2011 19:23:01 ‹Troll› But that's like, four months away

21/11/2011 19:23:01 * Mulban is like 3 pages into Prince of Wolves, but finally has time to read it!

21/11/2011 19:23:03 ‹Troll› Oh well

21/11/2011 19:23:09 ‹Troll› I'll just re-read it all

21/11/2011 19:23:11 ‹NebulousMistress› I'm sad.  I haven't been carded in 5 years.  They're legally supposed to card me for another year

21/11/2011 19:23:13 ‹Dave Gross› In May it's City of the Fallen Sky by Tim Pratt.

21/11/2011 19:23:15 ‹Ed Greenwood› Heh. Lots of things make Steven feel old. What a great guy. And any of you who haven't read Death's Heretic yet, be sure to sit down and enjoy it. That book is a "Wheeee!" fantasy yarn.

21/11/2011 19:23:25 ‹Dave Gross› Troll: And in August it's Liane Merciel's Nightglass.

21/11/2011 19:23:40 ‹JC Hay› And now it's my turn to become a pumpkin

21/11/2011 19:23:47 ‹Dave Gross› Troll: After that, I don't think I'm allowed to mention a title, but some familiar characters will return.

21/11/2011 19:23:47 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Ed Greenwood: It has a great start I have to admit, grabs you fast

21/11/2011 19:23:49 * Andrew | Dev Mode needs to restart Prince of Wolves

21/11/2011 19:24:00 ‹Gulo› JC Hay, Night!

21/11/2011 19:24:02 ‹Ed Greenwood› Farewell, blithe pumpkin!

21/11/2011 19:24:02 ‹Lady Elaine› NebulousMistress: I was carded until about two years ago.  Then I got pregnant and now I look my age.

21/11/2011 19:24:03 ‹Troll› I particularly like how everyone's writing styles is so different

21/11/2011 19:24:03 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Ed Greenwood: Steamy death...heheh

21/11/2011 19:24:07 ‹JC Hay› Thanks for the opportunity to share, and chat everyone. This was a blast.

21/11/2011 19:24:07 ‹Matthew Morris› Sounds like Troll needs a planet stories subscription

21/11/2011 19:24:12 ‹Lady Elaine› kids do that to you I guess

21/11/2011 19:24:24 ‹Dave Gross› Troll: Don't forget all the free web fiction, and if you don't already have the APs, the Pathfinder Journals from the first five or six APs are available in e-format.

21/11/2011 19:24:27 ‹Matthew Morris› Night JC.

21/11/2011 19:24:37 ‹NebulousMistress› Elaine: Ya but I looked 30 before I was legal

21/11/2011 19:24:39 ‹Bill Ward› Bye JC

21/11/2011 19:24:48 * tensor joins PFTales

21/11/2011 19:24:48 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Troll: Haven you posted any comments/reviews on the fiction yet?

21/11/2011 19:24:53 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› JC Hay: Bye, thank you

21/11/2011 19:24:55 ‹tensor

21/11/2011 19:24:55 ‹Dave Gross› Ed Greenwood: I'm not dedicating another book to you until you catch up reading mine.

21/11/2011 19:24:57 ‹Troll› Dave Gross: As a VC, I have access to all that already. But the APs are definitely something I'm getting into

21/11/2011 19:24:57 ‹Ed Greenwood› Carded? Heh! Grow a beard, and carding stops. Or at least it did for me, thirty-nine years ago!

21/11/2011 19:24:58 * TadK joins PFTales

21/11/2011 19:24:59 ‹Justin Sluder› Dave Gross: do we finally get our Azra book?

21/11/2011 19:25:03 * _JC Hay was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 19:25:04 ‹Lady Elaine› NebulousMistress: I had the opposite problem...but I have a very round face and I'm really short

21/11/2011 19:25:06 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Also support the web fiction by buying the eBook versions. Really cool to have all that on a Kindle or eBook.

21/11/2011 19:25:08 ‹xellos› Justin Sluder:  +1

21/11/2011 19:25:17 ‹Troll› Kevin Andrew Murphy: I probably should

21/11/2011 19:25:19 ‹tensor› i'm 19.

21/11/2011 19:25:23 ‹Dave Gross› Justin Sluder: No Azra novel anytime soon.

21/11/2011 19:25:32 ‹Justin Sluder› Dave Gross:

21/11/2011 19:25:34 ‹Justin Sluder

21/11/2011 19:25:42 ‹Troll› I'm assisting with thinking of PFS boons for some of the books

21/11/2011 19:25:43 ‹tensor› check out this dead wizard   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...ucation

21/11/2011 19:25:53 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Ed Greenwood: I'll quote you on that.

21/11/2011 19:25:54 * Matthew Morris mutters "I have t-shirts older than tensor."

21/11/2011 19:26:00 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Grow a beard!

21/11/2011 19:26:07 ‹NebulousMistress› lol

21/11/2011 19:26:22 ‹Andrew | Dev Mode› tensor: 19 ...

21/11/2011 19:26:30 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› Troll: Are you doing that for the webfiction too?

21/11/2011 19:26:36 ‹NebulousMistress› I'm 29.  I've had gray hair for exactly half my life

21/11/2011 19:26:37 * Panda joins pftales

21/11/2011 19:26:38 ‹Dave Gross› Justin Sluder: Maybe if the people clamoring for an Azra novel weren't also the ones harassing me online ...

21/11/2011 19:26:41 ‹Matthew Morris› How about an Azra and Arnie book?  It would be the Brian and Stewie of Golarion!

21/11/2011 19:26:47 ‹Troll› No, as of right now, I think the PFS boons are only for the books

21/11/2011 19:26:47 ‹TadK› gahh I have game books older than most of this chat room I bet

21/11/2011 19:26:49 ‹Ed Greenwood› Well, it is Movember. Ladies, comb your eyelashes very long and never trim them, and you, too, can . . . or mayhap not. ;}

21/11/2011 19:26:52 ‹Lady Elaine› I think I shall refrain from growing a beard...that would be wrong

21/11/2011 19:26:54 ‹GameMaster's Kip› ED: Any chance we'll ever see Elminster visit Golarion? Did I say Elminster? Because I meant Minelster, who may or may not be accquainted with Fizban and/or Zifnab.

21/11/2011 19:26:56 ‹xellos› Dave Gross: hmmmmm?

21/11/2011 19:26:58 ‹Dave Gross› Matthew Morris: Yeah, now you've put me right off the characters.

21/11/2011 19:27:00 ‹Mulban› I had a beard when I was 17, never got carded until I turned 21, and it was for a rated R movie

21/11/2011 19:27:07 ‹Justin Sluder› Dave Gross: dude! I haven't given you any crap for what....a week?

21/11/2011 19:27:14 ‹Andrew | Dev Mode› Lady Elaine: yes dear, please no beards

21/11/2011 19:27:18 * Justin Sluder slides Dave a

21/11/2011 19:27:19 * _MBanach/Ezekiel was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 19:27:20 ‹Dave Gross› Justin Sluder: I think it's less than an hour, actually.

21/11/2011 19:27:26 ‹Wes Schneider› Well! Headed out! Nighty night all!

21/11/2011 19:27:30 ‹Matthew Morris› Mustache at 13, beard at 16

21/11/2011 19:27:32 ‹NebulousMistress› night

21/11/2011 19:27:33 ‹Matthew Morris› Night Wes.

21/11/2011 19:27:35 ‹GameMaster's Kip› Take it easy, Wes!

21/11/2011 19:27:35 ‹Pygon› bye Wes

21/11/2011 19:27:36 ‹Dave Gross› Wes Schneider: Cheers!

21/11/2011 19:27:38 ‹xellos› Wes Schneider: Night.

21/11/2011 19:27:40 ‹Wes Schneider› Davem when are we going to see you down in Sea-town next!?

21/11/2011 19:27:45 ‹Justin Sluder› Dave Gross: oh yeah, the gross comment

21/11/2011 19:27:47 * Justin Sluder shrugs

21/11/2011 19:27:51 ‹Ed Greenwood› Kip, there are these sinister scary monsters called IP lawyers, and I think they turn wizards inside out and backwards all by themselves...

21/11/2011 19:27:56 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Mulban: bleach white certain hair and then put in random perms and you pretty much look old and moldy

21/11/2011 19:27:59 ‹Justin Sluder› Wes Schneider: laterz dude

21/11/2011 19:28:02 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› I have a friend who never got carded, but that was because he was seven feet tall at eighteen.

21/11/2011 19:28:10 ‹Pygon› Spoooooky lawyers

21/11/2011 19:28:19 ‹Ed Greenwood› Bye Wes!

21/11/2011 19:28:40 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Wes Schneider: Wes? Noooo

21/11/2011 19:28:44 ‹xellos› Some of my best friends are IP lawyers. But the nice ones.

21/11/2011 19:28:44 ‹Lady Elaine› I remember once when I was about 28 or so, Andrew was 26, and he was buying something that he needed his license for.  He didn't get carded, but the clerk demanded to see my license and refused to sell it to us because I didn't have it with me.

21/11/2011 19:28:51 ‹Justin Sluder› Dave Gross: overall, I think I've behaved tonight, so

21/11/2011 19:28:56 ‹Andrew | Dev Mode› I don't think I've ever been carded

21/11/2011 19:28:56 ‹NebulousMistress› lawyers aren't spooky.  never seen a ghost lawyer

21/11/2011 19:29:16 ‹NebulousMistress› seen rakshasa lawyers tho

21/11/2011 19:29:22 ‹Bill Ward› Bye Wes

21/11/2011 19:29:31 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› NebulousMistress: You haven't played Munchkin then.  There's the ghost lawyer, M. T. Suit

21/11/2011 19:29:34 ‹GameMaster's Kip› That sounds grisly!

21/11/2011 19:29:53 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› My favorite part in ghost writer is when he runs off and a car smacks him and all you see is papers everywhere in the shot. Heheh.

21/11/2011 19:29:57 ‹NebulousMistress› only played munchkin cthulhu

21/11/2011 19:30:03 ‹Russ› belatedly, I am 40. handlign child drama

21/11/2011 19:30:11 * _Wes Schneider was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 19:30:33 * Justin Sluder is 31

21/11/2011 19:30:42 ‹Erik Mona› Ok, folks, I'm headed home to grab some dinner. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks again to Dave Gross for setting this up!

21/11/2011 19:30:53 ‹Pygon› bye Erik

21/11/2011 19:30:54 ‹Matthew Morris› food's overrated Erik.

21/11/2011 19:30:54 ‹Lady Elaine› Erik Mona: have a good night

21/11/2011 19:30:56 ‹GameMaster's Kip› Thanks so much Erik! This was awesome.

21/11/2011 19:31:02 ‹Justin Sluder› Erik Mona: later dude. I look forward to the Nex sourcebook.

21/11/2011 19:31:09 ‹Bill Ward› Bye Erik, and thanks

21/11/2011 19:31:17 ‹NebulousMistress› night

21/11/2011 19:31:17 * Troll quit

21/11/2011 19:31:20 ‹Erik Mona› Not when it's Pagliacci Pizza!

21/11/2011 19:31:20 ‹FionaErik Mona: thanks and good evening

21/11/2011 19:31:29 ‹tensor› What are we tryinng to accomplish here?  A we seeding ideas, or talking about sales strategies?

21/11/2011 19:31:32 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› to the authors: any tips for writing wizards and other magic users? The issue I'm considering is how, when the POV character is a spellcaster, to keep the mystery and "magic" of magic alive

21/11/2011 19:31:37 * Justin Sluder is hungry for pizza now....

21/11/2011 19:31:41 ‹Erik Mona› And thanks, Justin. I'm sure I'll do a Nex sourcebook eventually, but my Pathfinder Tales novel is in pole position at the moment. Nothing else until that is done.

21/11/2011 19:31:43 ‹Matthew Morris› Oh!  Erik!  We need an Arnisant mini!

21/11/2011 19:31:46 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Erik Mona: cya bud

21/11/2011 19:31:50 * Justin Sluder goes to turn the oven on

21/11/2011 19:31:52 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› Erik Mona: thanks

21/11/2011 19:32:01 ‹Mulban› Erik Mona: Good night

21/11/2011 19:32:02 ‹tensor› Erik Mona:  I have a facemask of you.  For next time I guess.

21/11/2011 19:32:04 * tombxoom quit

21/11/2011 19:32:08 ‹Ed Greenwood› Yummm! Have some pizza for me, Erik! And keep those comic reviews coming! Loved your take on Catwoman 1!!!!

21/11/2011 19:32:09 ‹xellos› Erik Mona: Night.

19:32:16 * _Gulo was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 19:32:32 * _Erik Mona was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 19:32:47 * _cydthemagi was consumed by the Chatbeast (NOM!)_

21/11/2011 19:32:57 * tensor quit

21/11/2011 19:33:19 ‹Lady Elaine› everybody's leaving

21/11/2011 19:33:35 ‹Kevin Andrew Murphy› MBanach/Ezekiel: Remember that a wizard is an arcane scientist.  All the magic they know is a science to them and happens for logical reasons, but they do not know all of magic, and discovering it is their passion and joy.

21/11/2011 19:33:36 ‹Mulban› MBanach/Ezekiel: Have you read Dresden Files? (And yes, I'm not a writer)

21/11/2011 19:33:37 ‹Matthew Morris› Ok, after tonight, I know what Arnisant is...

21/11/2011 19:33:46 ‹Mulban› Lady Elaine: Not the cool people

21/11/2011 19:33:53 ‹GameMaster's Kip› Sorry! Distracted by making reservations at the Mariott for Paizocon.

21/11/2011 19:34:10 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› Mulban: not read, but I'm familiar with Dresden Files

21/11/2011 19:34:19 ‹Matthew Morris› *sigh*  Paizoconm maybe 2013.

21/11/2011 19:34:26 ‹GameMaster's Kip› This was so cool already. I'm absolutely riddled with Pathfinder fever at the moment.

21/11/2011 19:34:32 ‹Bill Ward› MBanach/Ezekiel: that's a bit tough, since you are talking about a POV character. One thing is to try to emphasize the sort of unusual things such a character must do to master their art -- and another is to contrast them with a more powerful magician or magic, stuff that seems incomprehensible or overwhelming ot the protagonist

21/11/2011 19:34:35 ‹Ed Greenwood› MBanach/Ezekiel: consider how it FEELS, mentally, to cast a spell, and keep close to that focus...in turn keeping hard infor shared with the reader to a minimum, and the "mystery" of magic left at the max...

21/11/2011 19:34:36 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› Kevin Andrew Murphy: good thought

21/11/2011 19:34:45 ‹Mulban› He's basically a Evocation Specialist, sort of

21/11/2011 19:34:56 ‹Lady Elaine› I have never been listed in the cool crowd

21/11/2011 19:35:09 ‹MBanach/Ezekiel› nods, nods

21/11/2011 19:35:15 ‹Rathendar› sort of? he's basically an evoker in any interpretation

21/11/2011 19:35:29 ‹Pathfinder Chronicler (Away)› Ed Greenwood: Totally onboard with spell casting done that way.

21/11/2011 19:35:34 ‹Matthew Morris› I've been listed
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› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconReplica agli interventi di Accame e Beltrame sui wp n° 143

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconClkt2005 Talk Titles

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconA. P. H. (Arthur Platt Howard), b. 1869

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconPublications List for Howard E. Aldrich

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconTalk about taking the long way home…

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconOpening ceremony and plenary talk #1

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea icon1. You have been seen talking to cats. They talk back, and you know what they are saying

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconEdwin howard armstrong achievement award

› no, sadly, I tried to talk Howard into carting a 1: 5 scale replica of me around, but I think he was embarrassed by the idea iconProfessor C. V. Howard. Mb. ChB. PhD. Frcpath

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