Collaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference

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НазваниеCollaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference
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Professor David Adams

Australian Innovation Research Centre, UTAS

Ms Margaret Anderson

Chair, Council of Australasian Museum Directors (CAMD)

Professor Warwick Anderson


Professor Peter Andrews

Queensland Chief Scientist

Mr Nixon Apple

Industry and Investment Policy Advisor, Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

Ms Margot Bell

Director, Education Innovation and Infrastructure Policy, Schools Teaching, Students & Digital Education Revolution Group, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Ms Libby Benson

Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development, NT Government

Mr Tom Bentley

Deputy Prime Minister's Office, ANZSOG, former Director of Demos

Professor James Best

Chair of Research Committee, Member of Council – NHMRC

Dr Laurie Besley

Chief Executive, National Measurement Institute

Mr Akshay Bhandari

Director, CLASE Ventures Pty Ltd

Ms Margaret Birtley

CEO, Collections Council of Australia Ltd

Dr Don Brunker

Assistant Statistician, Economic Analysis and Reporting Branch, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Mr Duncan Buckeridge

Partner, Insight Economics, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Professor Tony Burgess

Director, Melbourne Branch of Tumour Biology, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Ms Leslie Butterfield

Chief Executive Officer, McLachlan Lister Pty Ltd

Ms Natasha Camphorst

Principal Policy Officer, Science Strategy, Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry

Mr Michael Carmody

CEO, Australian Customs Service, former Commissioner of ATO

Professor Bruce Chapman

Professor, Public Policy, Crawford School of Economics and Government, The Australian National University

Mr Darren Cleland

Acting Director, Cairns Regional Development Centre

Professor Tom Cochrane

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Technology, Information and Learning Support), Queensland University of Technology

Professor Chris Cocklin

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science, Engineering and IT, JCU

Dr George Collins

Chief of Research, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Professor Edwina Cornish

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Monash University

Dr Peter Crossman

Assistant Under Treasurer and Government Statistician, Office of Economic and Statistical Research, Queensland Treasury

Professor James Dale

Director , Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities, Queensland University of Technology

Kate Delaney

Delaney & Associates

Professor Mark Dodgson

Director, Technology and Innovation Management Centre, UQ School of Business, University of Queensland

Ms Jane Drake-Brockman

Executive Director, Australian Services Roundtable

Dr Terry Enright

Board member of Agricultural Research Western Australia (ARWA), Chair of ATSE Crawford Fund WA Committee, former Chair of Grains Research and Development Corporation and former Chair of Chairs of Rural Research and Development Corporations

Professor Anne Fitzgerald

Queensland University of Technology

Professor Brian Fitzgerald

School of Law, Queensland University of Technology

Mr Craig Fowler

Deputy Chief Executive, Department of Further Education, Employment, Science & Technology

Ms Rozanne Frost

Chief Information Officer, CSIRO

Dr Jan Fullerton

Director-General, National Library of Australia

Dr Joshua Funder

GBS Venture Partners

Mr Harold Furber

Desert Knowledge CRC, Alice Springs

Professor Stephen Garnett

Director, School of Environment, Charles Darwin University

Mr David Gaul

Previous CEO, CEA Technologies

Mr Rowan Gilmore

CEO, Australian Institute for Commercialisation

Dr Colin Grant

Executive Director, Bureau of Rural Sciences

Mr John Grant

Division Manager, Procurement Division, Department of Finance and Deregulation

Professor Janet Greeley

Faculty, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Arts, Education and Social Sciences, JCU

Dr Roy Green, AO

Chair of the WA Government Taskforce for Greenhouse Energy

Dr J. Patrick Greene

Chief Executive Officer, Museum Victoria

Dr Des Griffin

Former CEO, Australian Museum, Sydney

Professor Sandra Harding

Vice Chancellor, James Cook University

Professor John Hartley

ARC Centre of Excellence, Creative Industries and Innovation, QUT

Mr Erol Harvey

CEO, Minifab

Professor Greg Hearn

Associate Professor and Director of New Research Initiatives, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Ian Heath

Management Consultant, First Thoughts; Ex-Director-General, IP Australia

Mr Bob Herbert

Industry Capability Network Limited

Professor Nigel Haworth

Professor of Human Resource Development, The University of Auckland

Dr Rosita Henry

Head, Anthropology, Archaeology & Sociology

Dr Brian Hickman

Director, ARRB Transport Research Ltd

Neale Hooper

Office of Economic and Statistical Research, Queensland Treasury

Professor Terry Hughes

Federation Fellow and Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, JCU

Dr Richard Jefferson


Dr Paul Jensen

Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne

Dr Andrew Johnson

Group Executive for the Environment and a member of the Executive Team, CSIRO

Ms Mary Johnson

Regional Natural Resource Management Facilitator, Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority

Dr Russell Joshua

Project Director, Innovation Policy, Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development

Professor Brian Kay

Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Dr Bruce Kefford

Deputy Secretary Agriculture & Fisheries, Department of Primary Industries Victoria

The Hon John Kerin

Chairman, Weeds CRC and Tropical Savannahs CRC

Ms Rosemary Kirkby

Design Consultant

Professor Peter Langridge

CEO Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, University of Adelaide

Mr Steve Larkin

Principal, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

Mr Ted Loveday

Managing Director, Seafood Services Australia

Professor Tom Lyons

Environmental Science, Faculty of Sustainability, Environmental and Life Sciences, Murdoch University

Ms Henrietta Marie

Centre for Sustainable Indigenous Communities

Mr Ian McPhee

Auditor-General, Australian National Audit Office

Dr Sue Meek

Chief Executive, Australian Academy of Science

Mr Peter Mellor

Regional Director Northern, Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry, Queensland

Mr David Miles

Chairman, Innovation Australia

Dr Suzanne Miller

Director, Museum of South Australia

Dr Deborah Mitchell

Director, Australian Social Science Data Archive, Australian National University (ANU)

Mr Terry Moran

Secretary, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Ms Mary Murnane

Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Ageing

Ms Jane Niall

Deputy Secretary Beyond 2020, Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

Professor Rocky de Nys

Professor of Aquaculture, JCU

Dr Peter O’Brien

Managing Director, Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation

Steve O’Laughlin

Branch Manager, Procurement Policy, Department of Finance and Deregulation

Professor Norman Palmer

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation, JCU

Mr Tony Pensabene

Associate Director, Economics and Research, Australian Industry Group

Dr Ian Poiner

Director, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Nigel Poole

Executive Director, Business Services, CSIRO

Peter Portmann

Principal, Agriconnect

Dr Stephen Prowse

CEO, Australian Biosecurity CRC

Professor Michael Rayner

Architect, representative of the Queensland Smart State Council

Professor Russell Reichelt

Chair, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Professor Alistair Robertson

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Initiatives), Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia

Professor Alan Robson

Vice-Chancellor, University of Western Australia

Mr Mick Roche

Global Practice Leader, BHP Billiton

Professor Peter Rogers

Chair, Western Australian Marine Science Institute, and Managing Director Lobster Harvest Pty Ltd

Professor James Rowe

CEO, Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation

Dr Mike Sargent

Chair of National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Committee

Professor Louis Schofield

Infection and Immunity Division, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne

Mr Rob Setter

Acting Director General, Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Mr Mick Shannon

Department of Finance and Deregulation

Dr Ray Shaw

General Manager, Technology Energy & Climate Group, Rio Tinto Technology & Innovation

Professor Margaret Sheil

CEO, Australian Research Council (ARC)

Dr Steve Skov

NT Department of Health

Mr Cameron Slatyer

Director, Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)

Professor Keith Smith

Chair in Innovation, University of Tasmania

Mr Mark Smith

CEO, North Australian Technologies

Mr Randall Straw

Executive Director, Multimedia Victoria

Mr Peter Stephenson

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Batchelor, NT

Mr Neville Stevens

Chairman, National ICT Australia (NICTA)

Mr Tony Surtees

CEO, iPrime

Mr Ian Thompson

Executive Manager, Rural Policy and Innovation Division DAFF

Mr Evan Thornley MP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier (Victoria)

Professor Steve Turton

Director, Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture

Professor Bob Wasson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Charles Darwin University (replacing Helen Garnet)

Warwick Watkins

Director General, Department of Lands NSW

Tony Weber

General Manager, Department of Innovation Industry, Science and Research

Dr Judy West

Program Leader, Plant Industry, CSIRO

Mr Mike Whelan

Deputy Chief Executive, Operations, CSIRO

Mr Dean Wickenton

Senior Policy Adviser, Economic Policy and Planning. Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

Dr Glenn Wightwick

Director, Australia Development Laboratory (ADL), IBM Corporation

Mr Michael Williams

Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Mr Andrew Wilsmore

Manager Education & Training, National Farmers Federation

Ms Kim Windsor

Managing Director, Windsor and Associates

Dr Glenn Withers, AO

CEO, Universities Australia

Dr Katherine Woodthorpe

Chief Executive, Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

Professor Ian Wronski

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences, JCU

Frank Wyatt

Managing Director, Enterprising Partnerships Pty Ltd

Secretariat Staff

The following provided support for the Panel and Working Groups during the review process.

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

National Innovation Review Secretariat

Tricia Berman (Head of Secretariat); Helen Atkinson; Krisztian Baranyai; Carol Bellettini; Joanne Bright; Catherine Clunes; Julie Crowe; Jenny Edwards; Julie Glover; Kristina Huynh; Alison Manion; Miriam Morris; Christopher Nedin; Di Redwood; Alex Roberts; Matthew Squire; Martin Symonds; Alistair Taylor; Jenny Taylor; Marilyn Turner.

Collaboration and CRC Working Group

Kris Browne; Jacinta Corstes; Chris Gonzalez; Mark Johnson; Stella Morahan; Cathy McKay; Harvey Perkins; Mary Quilty; Sue Sydlarczuk; Gillian Treloar

External Advisors

Professor Anne Fitzgerald, Queensland University of Technology Law School, OAK Law project;

Dr James Bradfield Moody, General Manager, International Development, CSIRO;

Jane Niall, Deputy Secretary Beyond 2020, Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development, Victoria;

Mike Whelan, Deputy Chief Executive, Operations, CSIRO

Professor Joshua Gans, Melbourne Business School.

Susan Graebner, consultant in higher education policy and governance

Submissions to the Review

In addition to the submissions listed below 20 confidential submissions were received which were not made public. Of those listed below, 8 provided confidential attachments, and those attachments were not made public.

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Collaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference iconA point, which very quickly became apparent to the Core Group and is also noted in several of the Working Group reports (See 1, 2, 2, 5), is the

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Collaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference iconPart two – addressing the terms of reference 46

Collaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference iconTerms of Reference: Article on ‘ Local governance and sustainability ’

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Collaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference iconThe Expert Working Group would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following

Collaboration and Review of the crc program Working Group Terms of Reference iconMembership of the Lsst Science Working Group

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