Find the following words and combinations in the text

НазваниеFind the following words and combinations in the text
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John Grisham. The Firm

Chapter 1

Find the following words and combinations in the text

  1. Быть лучшим выбором для кого-то

  1. Частная разведка

  1. Пользоваться спросом

  1. Из любопытства

  1. Взять ч-л под контроль

  1. Вступительная беседа

  1. Пойти коту под хвост

  1. Преувеличивать

  1. Избирательный

  1. Чуть-чуть не дотянуть до номера 1

  1. Играть время от времени

  1. От лица, от имени (фирмы)

  1. Очень гордиться своей компетенцией в технической области

  1. Стать партнером

  1. В среднем

  1. Делать все возможное и невозможное

  1. Жить в бедности

  1. Соответствовать требованиям для получения крупного ипотечного кредита

  1. Платить по высшему разряду

Some terms used in the text

1. Apprenticeship

A system of training a new generation of practitioners of a skill where most of their training is done while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade, in exchange for their continuing labour for an agreed period after they become skilled. Theoretical education may also be involved, informally via the workplace and/or by attending vocational schools while still being paid by the employer.

2. A low-interest mortgage

Низкопроцентный ипотечный кредит. A mortgage is a bank loan in order to buy a house.

3. Associate (at a law firm)

Юрист (в юридической фирме) The lowest level employee lawyer in a traditional United States law firm

4. Partner

A member of a business or law partnership, i.e. one of the people who own a company and share its profits. Usually partnerships provide professional services such as legal or finance advice.

5. Turnover rate

(Коэффициент обезрабачиваемости, текучесть кадров) is the rate at which an employer gains and loses employees. Simple ways to describe it are "how long employees tend to stay"

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

  1. Have you finally made up your mind on a car? – Well, our ________________ is a Peugeot, but not sure we will afford it.

  2. Is his grandmother really a hundred years old? – No, he ______________ it. She really is about 90.

  3. He was ________________ the gold medal but at the last moment was overtaken by a Swiss sportsman.

  4. Our main shampoo brand is ______________, so we should increase the production.

  5. Before World War II broke out, there was an intense fight for information between different countries’ ______________.

  6. Do you still work on contracts with Red Bull? – I do _____________, but for most part I take other companies’ projects.

  7. We should praise his hard work somehow, otherwise he will feel his effort goes ______________.

  8. After you obtain a Doctoral degree, it takes several years teaching to __________ a Professor.

  9. She is rather well-off, and she pays _______________ to decorate her house in accordance with the latest trends and technologies.

  10. You must ______________ of the argument, before it grows into a fight.

  11. This new store has just opened, and though I didn’t really need anything I went there _________________ anyway.

  12. On ______________ our children’s orphanage, I’d like to thank you for the money you donated.

  13. Unfortunately you do not ________________ a driver’s license: your score at the exam was only 16, while the pass score is 20.

  14. _____________, a British nurse earns 12000£ a year, her salary is even less.

  15. I’m extremely ____________ about what I watch on TV: I only watch educational and news programmes.

  16. He takes _________________ his achievements, and he likes being praised for them.

  17. All his life, Van Gogh __________________ as he never managed to sell any of his paintings except “The Red Vineyard”.

  18. All our exhibits are 17th century originals, and we go __________________ to preserve them for future generations.

Translate into English

  1. Когда ему было 16, он проходил обучение на работе в одном из ведущих национальных банков.

  2. Он стал юристом сразу после колледжа и очень этим гордился.

  3. В этой компании ужасная текучка, в среднем за год меняется 70% сотрудников.

  4. От имени нашей компании поздравляю Вас с юбилеем!

  5. Без преувеличения, их семья живет в страшной нищете.

  6. Банк не даст ему ипотечного кредита, он не удовлетворяет требованиям – у него слишком низкая зарплата.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What were Mitchell McDeere’s characteristics and educational background that made him an attractive candidate in all law firms?

  2. What was his family background? Why was he so “hungry”?

  3. What did his wife Abby do?

  4. What was different about the Firm from other companies of the kind?

  5. Why wasn’t Mitch impressed by the Firm at the beginning of the interview? How did his mind change later on?

  6. What preparations had he made before the interview? How did it help him in the course of it?

Chapter 2

Find the following words and combinations in the text

  1. Планировка здания

  1. Состоятельный

  1. Быть обязательным

  1. сурово наказываться

  1. не экономя на расходах

  1. освободить офис

  1. списывать (поездки, долги, недостачи)

  1. список ожидающих очереди

  1. давать займ с низкой процентной ставкой

  1. выгодная сделка

  1. проследить за ч-л, позаботиться о ч-л

  1. иметь зуб на кого-то

  1. выглядеть, как будто тебе совершенно комфортно

  1. неловко улыбаться

  1. быть в ч-л ценовых рамках, по карману

  1. готовиться к экзамену

  1. пройти экстенсивное обучение

  1. получить прибавку к зарплате

  1. соблазнительный, заманчивый

  1. пенсионный план

  1. непревзойденный, самый лучший

  1. (разг. Амер.) предприятие, где приходится очень много работать, или в тяжелых условиях

Some terms used in the text

Tax haven

(Налоговое убежище) A state or a country or territory where certain taxes are levied at a low rate or not at all while offering due process, good governance and a low corruption rate. Individuals and/or corporate entities find it attractive as it gives opportunities to engage in tax avoidance.


A stock in a company with a national reputation for quality, reliability and the ability to operate profitably in good times and bad. Here: blue-chip client – a VIP client.

Bar examination

An examination conducted at regular intervals to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction.


Internal Revenue Service of the USA

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

  1. I got this brand new suit just for 30$! It was a real ___________!

  2. The ________ __ of his flat was simple, it was a large studio which combined kitchen with bedroom and office.

  3. I couldn’t feel quite _____________ in front of so many celebrities.

  4. By 30 he was _____________ enough to afford a house.

  5. It was such an _______________ situation: our car broke down, and they had to wait for us for two hours till we got there by public transport.

  6. Wearing a uniform at work is _____________ if you are on the client interface.

  7. His house was ____________ damaged during the last hurricane.

  8. Mrs.Brown’s schedule is packed for the next month. All I can do is put you on a ______________.

  9. After this project is successfully completed I am supposed to get a substantial _____________.

  10. I used to work at this company, but it is a real ______________. I preferred to find a less busy place to work.

  11. You shouldn’t ____________________ on your outfit; you only have a graduation party once in a lifetime!

  12. He is so unforgiving! Once I stepped on his foot, and he still ________________ against me.

  13. The family ____________ the house and moved to a larger one.

  14. The suggestion to go to St Petersburg is very ___________, but I’ve got an exam on Monday, and I’d better _____________ it.

  15. He is our very special guest. Please _____________ that he is accommodated at a top hotel.

  16. The safety characteristics of our car are __________________, you can be absolutely calm in all circumstances.

Translate into English

  1. Они состоятельные люди и не скупятся на расходы на обучение их сына.

  2. Этот банк предлагает кредиты с очень низкой процентной ставкой. – Это очень заманчивое предложение!

  3. Планировка территории колледжа непростая, и я дважды заблудилась, пока искала свой корпус.

  4. Что мы будем делать с недостачей? – Мы имеем право ее списать.

  5. Проследи, пожалуйста, лично, чтобы ему подняли зарплату.

  6. Экзамены на юриста проводятся раз в полгода. Сдать экзамен и получить лицензию нужно обязательно.
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