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Cooling Towers Replacement

Steamtown National Historic Site

Scranton, Pa

October, 2009





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01310 Project Meetings

01330 Submittals

01360 Accident Prevention

01570 Temporary Controls

01600 Material and Equipment

01770 Project Closeout

01785 Operation and Maintenance Data

01815 System Demonstration and Training


03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete


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15500 Cooling Towers


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  1. The work of this contract consists of the replacement of 3 (three) existing cooling towers at Steamtown National Historic Site.

  1. Contractor will be required to provide all labor, supplies, equipment, tools, materials, lifting services, all supplementary or miscellaneous items, appurtenances and devices incidental to or necessary to perform work as follows:

        1. Disconnect and remove 3 (three) existing cooling towers, rated at 600 gallons per minute (each) and all associated appurtenances. The existing cooling towers are Model # 3165, as Manufactured by Baltimore Air Coil (BAC).

        2. Furnish and install new energy efficient cooling tower(s). New tower/towers must be capable of providing required heat exchange to cool 3 (three) existing rotary screw chilled water units. 2 (two) chillers are rated at 200 HP each and 1 (one) chiller is rated at 150 HP totaling 550 HP. Cooling tower/towers must be able to handle water flows rated at 1680 gallons per minute total or 600 GPM individually and provide a 5 to 10 degree temperature differential based on a full load condition with all three chillers running at 100 % capacity. Contractor must provide a breakdown, after award and before installation, of how new tower/ towers will operate more cost efficient than the existing system through the use of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM), i.e. variable speed motors, controllers, etc. As a leader in environmental stewardship it is the desire of the National Park Service to reduce operating costs by lowering its overall energy consumption.

        3. Remove and replace 6-inch steel suction and discharge piping to and from towers along with a 10-inch steel common header pipe connecting the towers. All new pipe and fittings associated with new tower /towers and connected to existing pumps must be schedule 80 “Fiberglass” (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting-Resin) pipe conforming to ASTM D 2996 and adapted to any steel piping or pump suction and discharge flanges that will remain intact under this scope. Three existing 600 gpm (each) circulating pumps shall remain.

        4. Furnish and install new wiring and controls. New wiring and controls for new installed system must be capable of seamless communication with the existing building automation system Manufactured by Siemens Apogee Insight version 3.9.1.

        5. The new tower /towers must be retrofitted to the existing platform on which present towers are mounted. Existing platform is constructed of steel I beams and has a grated walking surface around and between all three cooling towers. The platform is approximately 24’wide x 33’ long and 20’ in height. The ladder /stairwell located in the middle of the platform for access to the towers shall remain as is.

        6. Furnish and install a new access platform from the back door of the plant to the existing tower platform. A new access platform shall include a 16’ x 16’ grated steel deck constructed and supported in a similar manner as the existing tower platform. Deck must have a safety railing around the entire perimeter. The deck shall be 11’ above ground level, leaving about a 10’ rise to upper deck.

        7. Furnish and install a new step unit from the new constructed platform to the existing upper platform where the new tower/towers will be installed on. The step unit shall be a minimum of 4’ wide with safety rails. The existing step unit from back door to ground level may be reutilized in this process. The contractor must exercise extreme caution while cutting or welding metal near a 3000-gallon fuel oil tank located under the existing tower platform.

        8. Furnish and install a new 2-inch copper water line and backflow prevention device that feed make up water to the towers. New installed piping and devices shall be tested in accordance with local regulations. Copies of backflow test results shall be provided to the COR for required records.

  1. All work will be performed under a single contract. Contractor will be required to complete all work within one hundred twenty (120) calendar days after receipt of notice of award. The time stated for completion shall include review and approval of submittals and final clean-up of the premises.

  1. The sequence of this work may be done in any order the contractor deems best for his/her proposal.

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