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  1. Due to the nature and complexity of the work involved, prospective bidders are urged to attend a scheduled site visit and inspect the existing general and local conditions under which they will be required to operate or that may affect the cost of contract performance prior to submitting a proposal.

B. Contractor shall verify all new and existing dimensions affecting the work of this contract and manufacturers’ information before ordering products.


      1. Before beginning any demolition or deconstruction work, survey and examine the site to determine the extent of the work. Take necessary precautions to avoid damage to existing items to remain in place, to be reused, or to remain the property of the Government.

      2. Disposal of removed equipment and materials shall be the Contractor's responsibility.

      3. Where removals leave holes and damaged surfaces exposed in the finished work, patch and repair these holes and damaged surfaces to match adjacent finished surfaces, using on-site materials when available. Where new work is to be applied to existing surfaces, perform removals and patching in a manner to produce surfaces suitable for receiving new work. Finished surfaces of patched area shall be flush with the adjacent existing surface and shall match the existing adjacent surface as closely as possible as to texture and finish.


      1. Steamtown National Historic Site, 150 South Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa 18503.


      1. Construction Camp: The location of the camp will be assigned to the Contractor by the park Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The scope and size of the construction camp shall be defined by the COR.

      2. The work stated in this scope shall be performed at the end of cooling season when the chillers are opened, cleaned and inspected.

      3. The Contractor shall at all times keep the work area, including storage areas, free from accumulations of waste materials. Before completing the work, the Contractor shall remove from the work and premises any rubbish, tools, scaffolding, equipment, and materials that are not the property of the Government. Upon completing the work, the Contractor shall leave the work area in a clean, neat, and orderly condition satisfactory to the Contracting Officer.

      4. The work-site is a smoke, alcohol and drug free area. Smoking is permitted in staging area only and contractor will provide receptacles for cigarette disposal.

      5. All requirements and conditions listed above apply to all Contractors employees and all employees of subcontractors.

      6. Confine storage of materials to an area as defined by the Contracting Officer.

      7. Preservation of Natural Features: Confine all operations to work limits of the project. Prevent damage to natural surroundings.

      8. Consult with Contracting Officer prior to removing any roots or branches from trees that interfere with construction.

      9. Do not fasten ropes, cables, or guys to existing trees.

      10. Existing Utilities:

        1. Contractor shall be responsible for locating and preventing damage to known utilities. If damage occurs, repairs to utility must be performed at no additional expense to the Government.

        2. If damage occurs to an unknown utility, repairs must be performed. An equitable adjustment will be made in accordance with the Changes clause of the General Provisions.

      11. Hauling Restrictions: Comply with all legal load restrictions in the hauling of materials. Load restrictions on park roads are identical to the state load restrictions with such additional regulations as may be imposed by the Park Superintendent. Information regarding rules and regulations for vehicular traffic on park roads may be obtained from the Office of the Park Superintendent. A special permit will not relieve Contractor of liability for damage, which may result from moving of equipment.

      12. Hours of Operation: All work on this project shall occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 07:30 and 1600, unless otherwise specified by the COR. Any weekend work or overtime work shall be verified in writing 48 (forty eight) hours in advance of that work being performed. All work outside the above time period shall only occur with the written approval of the COR. No work will occur at the site on days of the week that coincide with National Holidays or when the park is closed to the public due to weather emergencies.

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