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nstitute of Radio Physics and Electronics


(April 2006 – March 2007)

Centre of Advanced Study


Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta,

92 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road

Kolkata 700 009

Presented at the CAS Advisory Committee meeting held on March 26, 2007, at Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta

Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta

Status: Centre of Advanced Study

Address: Sisir Mitra Bhavan

University College of Technology

92 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road

Calcutta – 700 009.

Telephone No.: + 91-33-2350-9115 / 9116 / 9413

Fax No. : +91-33-2351-5828


Date of first approval: August, 1963.

Programme last reviewed: March, 2005.

1. Advisory Committee


Professor Asis K. Banerjee

Vice Chancellor, University of Calcutta

UGC Nominee

Prof. T. C. Goel

Director, BITS-Pilani (Goa Campus)

UGC Nominee

Prof. B. N. Basu

Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University


Prof. S. Sen

Head of the Department

Member Secretary

Prof. P. K. Basu

Programme coordinator


Prof. Susanta Sen

Deputy Programme coordinator Professor from Thrust area


Prof. P. K. Saha

Professor from Thrust area


Prof. N. Purkait

Professor from non-thrust area

2. Major Recommendations

Proceedings of the Meeting of the Advisory Committee of

Centre of Advanced Study in Radiophysics and Electronics,

University of Calcutta, held on March 28, 2006

Members present:

Prof. Asis K. Banerjee, Vice-Chancellor, Chairman

Prof. B.N. Basu, UGC nominated expert

Prof. T.C. Goel, UGC nominated expert

Prof. P.K. Basu, Coordinator of CAS

Prof. P.C. Rakshit, Head of the Department

Prof. S. Sen, Dy. Coordinator of CAS

Prof. N. Purkait (Non-thrust area)

Prof. P.K.Saha (Thrust area)

All other Faculty Members of the Department of Radiophysics and Electronics

The meeting started with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. A. Banerjee in the chair.

Prof. P.C. Rakshit, HOD, welcomed the members with an introduction to the Institute – its history and the on-going academic activities.

The faculty members introduced themselves to the UGC-nominated experts, mentioning their specializations and areas of interest.

Prof. P.K. Basu, Coordinator, next made a presentation about the CAS which covered- background of the previous phase, the review process leading to the extension of the CAS into the present phase, summary of work done during 2005-2006, facilities to be established, details of various academic activities including seminars, symposia and workshops.

On the issue of the faculty strength, sanctioned and currently involved, VC suggested that the advertisements for recruitment to various positions be circulated over wider areas to attract high quality faculty. A search committee may look after the matter of finding exceptionally good candidates. He opined that exceptional candidates deserve exceptional provisions in the recruitment process.

There was a brief exchange of opinions on various points raised by the experts. One of the experts pointed out that about 40-50% of the faculty members are in both teaching and research; the rest should be involved in more productive works. The Coordinator replied that as far as organization of seminars/ symposia/ workshops are concerned, every faculty member contributes in some way. He however, agreed that the ‘rest’ should be motivated to be more active in research.

The faculty members then made the following presentations on the activities in various areas:


Prof. S.Sen

VLSI and Information Technology


Prof. S. Kar

Microwaves and Millimeterwaves


Sri A. Das Barman



Sri A. Paul

Space Science

The AdCom Experts appreciated the presentations and the quality of works being carried out.

Coordinator reported that the Network Analyser, the most costly equipment procured from the CAS grant, was yet to be installed by Agilent. Prof. B N Basu suggested that reminder be sent again with a copy to him

Prof.T C Goel advised that project proposals be submitted to the funding agencies with much higher outlays. On the suggestion that procedure for quicker procurement be implemented, Prof. S. Sen, who is also the Dean of Technology, informed that the process has started with the separation of project accounts from the general account of the University.

Prof. Goel noted that at present, barring a few seats reserved for non-CU candidates, all the M.Tech. Students of Radiophysics and Electronics are CU graduates. He suggested that more candidates from other states be given opportunity for admission to M.Tech. in RPE.

On behalf of the Advisory Committee, he offered full support and cooperation in developmental works in the Department.

Recommendations of the Advisory Committee

for the Centre of Advanced Study in Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta

  1. The committee went through the CAS progress report of the Centre during April 2005 - March 2006. There was also presentation by the Coordinator and other teachers summarizing the activities and achievements of the Centre during the period of review.

The committee was impressed by the very high quality of research presented in the term ending March 2006. Some of the activities are highly commendable and truly of international class. During the reported period, 32 journal papers, 61 conference papers and 6 Ph.D.s have been produced. The Centre arranged a number of lectures by distinguished speakers as well as a few workshop/ tutorials for the students. The staff members presented invited papers on a number of occasions.

  1. The committee noted that 3 new teachers have been recruited. However, there still remain a number of vacancies in the teaching positions. The committee requested the Vice Chancellor to consider immediate recruitment to the vacant posts.

  1. The committee noted with concern that the semester system in B. Tech level has not yet been implemented at the Institute. All measures should be taken for immediate implementation of the semester system. Also the method of the teachers’ evaluation by the students of the courses is to be introduced soon. The encouragement of student activities by forming different IEEE socities in the Centre is a welcome move.

  1. The committee noted that the non-recurring grant earmarked for the current phase has been fully utilised. The problem of inordinate delay in the installation of capital imported equipment has been discussed. The committee recommends to the UGC that it duly consider the delay in providing utilization certificate, and release the next instalement of grant as soon as the UC for all other expenses are submitted.

  1. Although the Institute has done commendable research in a large number of areas of Radiophysics and Electronics including space science, microwaves, solid state devices and circuits (VLSI, nanotechnology, etc.), and so on, it is recommended that the programme henceforth should narrow down its activities to only three major areas as follows:

(i) Space and atmospheric science and technology, (ii) Microwave and lightwave technology, and (iii) Solid-state electronics and circuits (encompassing VLSI and nanotechnology).

  1. The committee feels that the Centre has not achieved a meaningful position in the teaching and research in VLSI Design, although the subarea has been identifid as one of the thrust areas. Many IITs and even NITs are offering M.Tech courses in VLSI over a long period. Considering the expertise available in the Centre, an M. Tech course should immediately be introduced in the Department. The Committee requests the Vice Chancellor to provide all kind of support for this.

  1. While the committee feels that the work done by the faculty of the Centre is of high quality, it also feels that there is further scope of projecting the image of the Centre at the national scenario. These include 1) holding of UGC /AICTE/ DST sponsored Staff Development Program, Summer/Winter Schools, 2) Writing books and popular articles 3) publication of B.Tech/M.Tech project reports in journals of education ( IETE Tech Review, UGC Journal of Education, Resonance, EFY, Physics Teacher (IPS), Physics News (IPA), Science & Culture, etc.). The committee notes that though the background and specialization of all the teachers are of a very high standard, the names of some of the teachers do not appear in the report submitted. Teachers who are less active in research should be involved in the activities mentioned above.

  1. The Committee once again expresses its deep impression of the high quality of teachers and wide area of expertise available. It feels that the Centre should accept foreign students as early as possible. This will also enable the Centre to be financially self sufficient.

Prof. A. Banerjee Prof. B. N. Basu Prof. T.C. Goel


3. Details of Sanctions and Expenditure

Grant sanctioned

Non Recurring

68.25 lakhs


31.65 lakhs


99.90 lakhs

Statement of Expenditure

A. Expenditure during 1-4-2005 to 31-3-2006


Amount sanctioned in lakhs

Order placed

Bill submitted


(i) Vector Network Analyser





(ii) Spectrum Analyser


(iii) DSP tool Kit +10 Pentium





(iv) Zero-air and Nitrogen generator

2. 00




(v) Receiving system for Schumann Resonance





(vi) Softwares (Mentor Graphics 5 user)




(vii) Inkjet Printer for B.Tech students Project work (2)





2.(a) Lecture auditorium with modern facilities including LCD projector


Fully utilized with additional fund from CU


(b) Dust-free room (for pollution measurement)


Estmate to be

Submitted to UGC


(c) Reprographic facilities








B. Recurring

1. Contingency @ Rs. 75,000/-p.a




2. Consumables/Chemicals etc. @Rs. 50,000/-p.a.




3. Travel @ Rs. 30,000/-p.a.




4. Visiting Fellows @ Rs. 40,000/-p.a.




5. Seminar @ Rs. 50,000/-p.a. (for two events)



To be utilized in 2006-07


6. Hiring of secretarial/Technical services @ Rs. 30,000/-p.a.





7. Advisory committee meetings @ Rs. 50,000/-p.a.





8. Books and Journals @ Rs. 50,000/-p.a.





9. Project Fellows (4Nos.) @ Rs. 6,000/-p.a.


(5 yrs)




Less 50,000.00 for CODEC 06

= 93,390.00

Interest accrued




Less 96,088.00

(Excess under NR)



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