Florida Studies: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Florida College English Association

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НазваниеFlorida Studies: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Florida College English Association
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American Studies

Black and White Masculinity in the American South, 1800-2000

Lydia Plath and Sergio Lussana, 978-1-4438-0596-4

This book consists of a range of essays written by historians and literary critics which examine the historical construction of Southern masculinities, rich and poor, white and black, in a variety of contexts, from slavery in the antebellum period, through the struggle for Civil Rights, right up to the recent South. Building on the rich historiography of gender and culture in the South undertaken in recent years, this volume aims to highlight the important role Southern conceptions of masculinity have played in the lives of Southern men, and to reflect on how masculinity has intersected with class, race and power to structure the social relationships between blacks and whites throughout the history of the South. The volume highlights the multifaceted nature of Southern masculinities, demonstrating the changing ways black and white masculinities have been both imagined and practised over the years, while also emphasizing that conceptions of black and white masculinity in the American South rarely seem to be divorced from wider questions of class, race and power.


Florida Studies: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Florida College English Association

Claudia Slate, with April Van Camp, 978-1-4438-0617-6

This volume contains a lot of variety, an eclectic mix of Florida literature and history by scholars from across the state representing every kind of institution of higher learning. The first section, Pedagogy, highlights essays about employing service learning, blogging, and primary archival research into the classroom, among other techniques. The Old Florida section includes essays exploring the following topics as diverse as the first black general in Florida (1791), poet Wallace Stevens, and the memoirs of colonial Florida women. The next section—Contemporary Florida—contains essays on EPCOT theme park, Florida newspapers, the rhetoric of Carl Haissen, and the stereotyped poor white Southerner. Jim Morrison’s use of Floridian imagery is the topic of the essay in Natural Florida, and the poem “Pineapple Grill” falls into the category Creative Showcase.


Post-National Enquiries: Essays on Ethnic and Racial Border Crossings

Jopi Nyman , 978-1-4438-0593-3

The studies collected in this volume address a variety of cultural narratives of diverse border crossings. Through their focus on various historical and contemporary border phenomena in Europe and the United States, the essays show that the border-crossing migrant challenges the view that people belong to one particular nation-state and culture. The essays in the first part of the volume explore of the problematics of “race” in theoretical and practical border crossings including the theories of sociologist Paul Gilroy, multicultural casting in American theatre, and the fiction of James Baldwin. In the second part the focus is on encounters with whiteness and problems of constructing ethnic identity in the cinema of Elia Kazan, Jewish American fiction, and Toni Morrison’s most recent novel A Mercy (2008). The third part of the volume explores the sites and practices of border by providing case analyses of the Muslim veil in Europe and the Finnish-Russian border. The final part of the volume is devoted to the problematization of borders in the fiction of the South Asian American writer Bharati Mukherjee.



Pursuits and Joys: Great Victorian Antiquarians and Intellects: The Lukis family of Guernsey and their Contemporaries

Heather Sebire, 978-1-4438-0584-1

This new volume is a collection of papers first read in Guernsey in 2006 but more recently updated by the authors.

In June 2006 Guernsey Museums and Galleries mounted a major exhibition on the remarkable Lukis family of Guernsey in the Channel Islands entitled: Pursuits and Joys Great Victorian Collectors and Intellects: The Lukis family of Guernsey and their contemporaries. The exhibition was to celebrate the live and work of Frederick Corbin Lukis and his family alongside their antiquarian contemporaries. Lukis lived in Guernsey from 1788-1871 during which time he created a remarkable archaeological archive, the majority of which is now held in the collections of Guernsey Museums and Galleries. He and his family worked at a very interesting and exciting time in the development of scientific thought in the nineteenth century, when archaeology was evolving into the discipline we know today. The archive created by Lukis and his family, not least W.C. Lukis, covers not just Guernsey and the other Channel Islands but also many parts of Britain and Europe.

To coincide with the opening of the exhibition a short conference on the work of Lukis and his contemporaries in the nineteenth century was held from 2nd - 4th June 2006 at Guernsey Museum to discuss the development of archaeology and related disciplines in the nineteenth century. The keynote address was by Professor Timothy Champion of the University of Southampton who spoke on the possibility for archaeology developing while Lukis and his family and other great Victorian archaeologists throughout Europe were active.

The actor Adrian Lukis, who is the last surviving member of the family and the great, great, great, grandson of Frederick Corbin Lukis visited Guernsey with his family to open the exhibition.

Alongside the keynote speaker Professor Timothy Champion, the other speakers Dr Gregory Stevens-Cox and Dr Darryl Ogier both historians living in Guernsey, Alan Howell, senior Curator at Guernsey Museum, Mark Bowden, Senior Archaeological Investigator at English Heritage Dr Anne O’Connor, formerly Research Associate on the William Greenwell project at Durham University, Dr Corinne Roughley form Cambridge University (also on behalf of the late Dr Andrew Sherratt both representing the AREA project), Dr Stephen Briggs formerly of RCAHMW, Dr Serge Cassen from the University of Nantes, Dr Megan Price of Oxford University and Dr Ana Martins from the Society of Portuguese Archaeologists and Geoff Carver from the University of Dusseldorf in absentia.

The volume, edited by Heather Sebire, formerly Archaeology officer at Guernsey Museum, is a contribution to the growing corpus of work on the History of Archaeology as a discipline on a European front in the nineteenth century.


Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XV – Portuguese (Português)

John T. Burridge, 978-1-4438-0604-6

Uniquely, the present work will present in one place the vernacular names of the almost ten thousand birds of the world in about fifty languages. It should thus serve as a valuable reference work and source of information that has been scattered through field guides, scientific journals, coffee-table volumes and across the internet, often buried under all sorts of other data.

The compilations draw on official or other generally recognized authority wherever possible, and alternates are given where space permits. While the very fact that such extensive lists may, just by their existence, in future carry some authoritative weight in standardization of bird names, that is not its primary purpose, which is to present in a more useful format the nomenclature that is already in use.


Business, Finance and Economics

Marketing the SME: Innovation and Approach

Michele O’Dwyer, 978-1-4438-0575-9

Prior to the recent global economic downturn, Ireland witnessed a decade of unprecedented economic growth. Almost overnight, the country’s labour base was transformed from one where decades-long emigration was the norm to a new and dynamic paradigm incorporating net in-migration. A significant element in Ireland’s economic transformation involved innovative marketing strategies and the role of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs). SME’s were major providers for new jobs and this research addresses the key determinants of their success. This volume investigates a wide range of sophisticated, diverse and market-efficient strategies as adopted by Ireland’s SME’s to ensure global success.


Chinese Studies

Belief, History and the Individual in Modern Chinese Literary Culture

Artur K. Wardega, S.J., 978-1-4438-0571-1

A value system in constant change; a longing for stability amid uncertainties about the future; a new consciousness about the unlimited challenges and aspirations in modern life: these are themes in modern Chinese literature that attract the attention of overseas readers as well as its domestic audience. They also provide Chinese and foreign literary researchers with complex questions about human life and achievements that search beyond national identities for global interaction and exchange. This volume presents ten outstanding essays by Chinese and European scholars who have undertaken such exchange for the purpose of examining the individual and society in modern Chinese literature.


Cultural Studies

Englishness Revisited

Floriane Reviron-Piégay, 978-1-4438-0595-7

What is Englishness? Is there such a thing as a national temperament, is there a character or an identity which can be claimed to be specifically English? This collection of articles seeks to answer these questions by offering a kaleidoscopic vision of Englishness since the eighteenth century, a vision that acknowledges stereotypes while at the same time challenging them. Englishness is defined in contrast to Britishness, the Celtic fringe—Scotland in particular—Europe and the Continent at large. The effects of the Empire and of its loss are examined together with other socio-economic factors such as the two World Wars, de-industrialization and the different waves of immigration. Through a careful analysis of the arts, literature, philosophy, historiography, cultural and political studies produced in England and on the Continent over the last three centuries, a composite image of Englishness emerges, somewhere between centre and periphery, tradition and innovation, transience and timelessness, rurality and urbanity, commitment and isolation. Englishness is thus revealed as a protean concept, one which, whether it is a historical or political construct, a genuine emanation of a national desire or a simulacrum, retains its fascination and this volume offers keys to understanding its diverse expressions.


On and Off the Page: Mapping Place in Text and Culture

M. B. Hackler with the assistance of Ari J. Adipurwawidjana, 978-1-4438-0568-1

This collection of essays, comprised of research first presented at the seventh annual Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture, explores one of the most pervasive, vexing, and alluring concepts in the Humanities, that of place. Including essays which encompass a broad range of research fields and methodologies, from Geography to Cybernetics, it presents a cross-section of approaches aimed revealing the complex cultural machinations behind what once may have seemed a static, one-dimensional topic.

Investigations into the function of place as a force in contemporary culture inevitably reveal a long history of the interplay between place and cultural product, between 'context' and 'text'. Just as traditional cultures mythologize sacred spaces, so too has Western culture sanctified its own places through its literature. Imagined places such as Faulker’s Yoknapatawpha or Joyce’s Dublin become the focus of conferences and festivals; authors’ homes, birthplaces, and gravesites are transformed into sites of pilgrimage; locales created for television shows and movies become actual businesses catering to a public for whom the line between fantasy and reality is increasingly blurred; and persisting through the great cultural shifts of the past two hundred years is the popular and romantic notion that words, performances, narratives, and even national identities are always in some way an expression of the places in which they are created and set. With the idea of place foregrounded in so much contemporary discourse, this collection promises to enter into an already lively debate and one which, due to its relevance to where we live and how we make sense of our own “places” within them, does not show any signs of flagging.


Recounting Cultural Encounters

Marija Knežević and Aleksandra Nikčević Batrićević, 978-1-4438-0566-7

Contributions reprinted in this book highlight some of the wide ranging ways in which the issues of culture and identity can be approached in a literary text, while focusing on the ways in which cultural encounters have been changing both the world and its reflection in literature. The beginning of the twenty first century is an appropriate time to repay careful attention to these issues. Understanding how our perception of the Other changes with the concept of the world we inhabit, we want to emphasize the rising importance of fostering cultural pluralism and global understanding.

Having based their research on widespread readings in academia, such as deconstruction, post-colonialism, post-modernism, new historicism, and narratology, the authors of these papers proceed by addressing the metaphor of travel as one of the strongest metaphors for the evolution of mankind, especially if considered under the light of the historically and politically imposed opposition between the progressive western and the static eastern or African societies. However, as the end of the imperialist era brought about poignant awareness of cultural relativism, as well as deconstruction of the great narrative of progress, facing the Other as an unconceptualized entity became a major moral concern of a modern traveller. It is pronounced that this concern should be textually testified to dramatize the human inability to avoid verbal appropriation of the other. The final question we seek to answer is whether the era of advanced technology and globalisation, along with a post-modern ironical attitude to hyper realities and textual transparencies, has rendered the sphere of the text the only available point of concern of contemporary literature and thought in general.


For its argumentation strongly founded in recent literary studies and humanities in general, its interdisciplinary nature and its focus on the actual global problems of abrupt cultural change and exchange, its heightened understanding of the necessity of coexistence of differences in a changing world, its spirit of tolerance, and its international spirit in general, we assume this collection will not only attract academic literary scholars but will also appeal to the general reading public.


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