Sane Society "Examine what is said, not him who speaks."

НазваниеSane Society "Examine what is said, not him who speaks."
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Thus Speaks

Qadosh Erectus

cover january 2010

Political Thoughts

For a Sane Society

"Examine what is said, not him who speaks."

Arab Proverb

Table of contents





Revision Update Notes




What is to be done?


The Establishment


The Predators


The Mass






Domination: Obsession & Power


Climate Change






Across the Spectrum of Economic Slavery: Marxism and Capitalism


The Origins of Money & the Impact of Usury


Purpose of life


Forward to the Solution


External Affairs




Internal Affairs


Parliamentary & Political Reform






Rebuilding the Economy & Supplying the Necessaries of Life


Natural Resources


The Economy


Wealth Distribution


Nationalisation & Compensation




Land, Buildings & Speculation


Liquid Fuels


Food Sovereignty & Security




Organisation for Impartial Research




Law, Order & Justice


Parents and Youth




Elitism & Multiculturalism


Treaty of Waitangi






Local Authorities


Questions & Answers: August 2007


Questions & Answers: December 2008


Links for articles on White Slavery


Questions & Answers: December 2009


Links to articles


Do you want to help?


Contact details


If you are too much of a coward




Published August 2007

Revised November 2007

Revised December 2008

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Revised October 2009

Revised January 2010

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When I set out to understand human nature the burning question I wanted answered was why injustice and corruption was allowed to rein when the majority of people basically believe in a fair-go.

What I discovered about human nature gave me the answers. Society has developed the way it has because society is dominated by a small Predatory Class – abnormal people who have no empathy what-so-ever towards the majority of submissive people who make up the bulk of a society. Understanding human nature enlightened me as to why a tiny segment of society controls most of the wealth and why globalisation has been a natural consequence from this immoral concentration of wealth.

Once I understood that this Predatory Class has basically dominated most if not all societies throughout history I concentrated on how it would be possible to control or limit the destructive influence of this Predatory Class. On a number of occasions I ran into a brick wall. I found that trying to come up with a solution I was just chasing my tail; I just could not find the answers. It was only a matter of time until I realised that it was my own preconceived ideas and prejudices that were hindering me in finding the solutions I was seeking.

To accomplish what I set-out to do I realised I had to put my preconceived ideas and prejudices behind me. By taking this angle of attack I must admit that I was startled by some of the conclusions I came to. Yes it can be very difficult to embrace an idea or concept that conflicts with the beliefs you have held most of your life.

This doctrine that I developed I have labelled Social Survivalism, a concept that offers a solution to the mess most societies now face; a solution that transcends the doctrines promoted by the orthodox right wing and left wing economic and social philosophies.

Although a number of people have referred to the ideas contain herein as a breath of sanity blown into a rather insane world I do not claim that what I have written is a mastery piece of literature, far from it. Have I done my best, hopefully no. Reading through what I have written so far I have to concede that it could have been written in a far better manner and style and hopefully one day I might get around to doing that. In the meantime this document should be considered a draft copy which I intend to revise from time to time. Eventually, if the interest is there, I will overhaul and rewrite the political philosophy that is evolving into Social Survivalism.

Although I speak extensively about New Zealand in this document this should not defer the reader from outside of New Zealand as most of the problems facing New Zealand are also faced by many other countries, thus the economic and social doctrines that make-up Social Survivalism can be applied to most if not all countries throughout the world.

Remember there are thousands upon thousands of people attacking the evils and injustices inflicted upon the people of the world by the Predatory Class yet these same people who are attacking the evils and injustices, through ignorance, blindly support a system that has allowed this Predatory Class to accumulate their vast wealth which is the foundation of their power and influence. A sad state of affairs really because it shows just how conditioned people are in rallying to support a system that only survives by exploiting them; much like a slave protecting its master because the slave has been thus conditioned.

While most people hack-away at the branches of evil Social Survivalism targets the ROOT upon which this evil has its foundations. Destroy the ROOT of this evil that has seized the world and sanity will be restored and our problems shall be easily solved.


"Ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate."

Wayne Dyer

One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea”

Walter Bagehot (1826-1877)

Revision Update Notes

This latest revision, January 2010, has had a number of typing errors fixed and the addition of a few bits of artwork etc to emphasis a number of points. No doubt I have missed a few typos but hopefully these will be discovered before the next revision is published, which should be before April/May, which should include, if things go according to plan, another Question and Answer section.

There are two major additions to this revision.

One addition entitled “Trade” outlines my thoughts on how many poorer countries can break-free of the struggle hold the international banking system has over trade

The other addition is a “Question & Answer” based on an interview undertaken in late December 2009. This interview deals with the myth of the “population problem” and the promotion by some very powerful people to bring about population reduction throughout the world. This interview, included within this revised edition, has been published as a separate booklet entitled “The Dehumanisation of the Masses: Population Control & Reduction”.

Some of the articles that were included as references in previous revisions have now been removed and uploaded to the Scribd website. The names of these articles are listed after the Question & Answer sections including the links where these articles can either be read online or downloaded.

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